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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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a success in our weekly coping, $900.00 special every thursday on d w. ah, this is the w is live from berlin, the palestinian president sparks outrage in germany accusing israel of committing 50 holla course against his people. on german chancellor, olaf shoulds face his heavy criticism for failing to respond quickly to the comments. also on the program can use president elect william router says if that
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are legal challenges to his victory, he will follow the rule of law for members of the country's electoral commission. objects to the results. ukrainian president vladimir savanski has suggested that the russian bungling is the cause of explosions that a military base in russian occupied crimea. moscow play a local russian commander says they are hunting for the people responsible. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. german chancellor, olaf shalt says he is disgusted at what is described with outrageous remarks made by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas during a visit to berlin. speaking at a press conference with the german chancellor on tuesday evening, mister bassett, israel had committed 50 holocausts against palestinians,
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sparking an outpouring of anger here in germany. it was this moment at the very end of the press conference that cost outraged. oh, come on in. since 1947 for to come back to the present day and feel is real, hasn't hurried out. 50 massacre in the for the for me in 50 palestinian village of the a lot from flora. 50 massacres. 50 holocaust you and until to day every day, every day our people get killed by the israeli army. germany is needing tablo bait caught as a holocaust scandal at the chancellor's office. but it wasn't only abbas comment that spite outreach. it was also this reaction from olaf choice. the press conference was concluded as planned with no visible attempt specialists to contradict are bad. he should have told him to leave tweeted,
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conservative opposition, lead ethnic mat. you shouldn't go into a press conference visit us without having sought before about publications of this kind which should be expected. and then you know that you have to react because it's berlin, it's a german chancellor. and as a german chancellor emmett, growing pressure shows responded with his own tweet for us germans in particular, any relative i zation of the singularity of the holocaust is intolerable and unacceptable. during wednesdays press conference showed spokesperson took the blame for the lack of immediate reaction and made it clear there would be consequences. there was ever that the german chancellor expects the palestinian president to recognize the singularity of the holocaust without any qualification his gaff yesterday. costs
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a dark shadow over germany's relationship with the palestinian authority. mackwood abbas turned down his message in a new statement that his holocaust remarks have already strained german palestinian relations. or the w. a political correspond that neither has a talk me through more of a german reactions to the statement where yeah, the reactions have been very strong indeed. how many politicians have called about his comments, outrages. some said it was the biggest derailment at the chancery in history. even angler mac or we'll remember her, the former chancellor who's been keeping a low profile for the last year published a statement saying such relative a zation of the holocaust was something that germany would never tolerate. but yes, a lot of the outraged today was also directed at how the current german chancellor shows handled the situation. i was at the press of phil and there were 2 moments where we really held our breath. first, when our boss spoke of apartheid in his country now, so as quickly distance himself from that. but then later ron, when he made this holocaust comment,
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everybody knew that was the last question. an answer, but the word holocaust lingered in the room and so they begin to frown. it look to me and to others as though he wanted to respond. but then he didn't. and his spokesperson ended. the presser showed, shook hands with our boss and left. so he should definitely have responded there and then right i, when we've, we've out on that booster. so government spokesperson, who's taking the blame for ending this press conference? so abruptly i'm, i'm guessing that it's not gonna do anything to dispel the pressure on the chancellor smile. in actual fact, his spokes person, stephanie was tried, went on the record to day repeating what he told us on tuesday after the presser. so when he came back to us journalist yesterday after the press a he said already that his boss was upset with him, that chose was angry, that he resigned, had ended the precedence soon and that he wanted to say something. but of course, many are now saying that the german chancellor can, of course, always overrule his own spokesperson. in these situations, the chance would have been there, but shorts didn't. right. you,
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perhaps you could explain why these comments are provoked, such a strong reaction here a germany well, when ever there is a debate about holocaust. people here in germany are extremely sensitive that has to do with our history. and of course, there is a difference between legitimate criticism of some of the actions israeli government stands for on the one side. and using was that relative eyes? what the nazis here in germany did during the 2nd world war? that is just a no go and germany and everybody, every diplomat knows that around the world and relative isaac in world war whole, the cost is even illegal here. so the feeling is that my, what about strategically used the political stage here? he must have been aware that it was going to be a tremendous provocation to use that word for israel's actions at the chancery. and of course, it's not going to do is cause any favors to provoke the chancellor like that relations are going to be strained. and the other is of course, the other scandal that choice didn't immediately challenge this undiplomatic
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language. i thank you for that. i needed nina. honda and he w, corresponded tanya kraemer in jerusalem. talk me through these writing reaction while there was clearly also shock and outweighed here and in israel, among you know, is very politicians across the political board about the use of the holocaust. and the statements made by palestinian prison mahmoud abbas standing there alongside the german chancellor. olaf shoals searches too. and you know, aside a crow to few now prime minister, your ill a pete said in the statement on twitter that while, and that's a quote sending on german soil. it is not only a moral disgrace, he said, but a monstrous lie. and he added also that history will never forgive him. defense minister benny guns, who had actually recently met with the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas and said that abbas words are despicable and false. a. his statement
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is an attempt to distort and rewrite history. we also heard from the head of, from donnie diane, the head of the a holocaust memorial. yet for sam and gruesome who also called you know, his statements to speaker and appalling. and we understand or seen reports in the israeli media that the are caretaker government here would expect an apology from the posting and president, and the palestinian president has indeed issued another statement. now in response to the criticism, what's he been saying? that's right. and d, r after the backlash. now the r palestinian authorities officially off a news agency carried that statement that was released by the palestinian presidency. our clarifying darts are the holocaust is the most heinous crime. that's also quote from that statement in modern history. and that a boss was stressing that his answer was also, quote,
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not intended to deny the singularity of the holocaust that occurred the last century and that he was condemning it in the strongest terms. he also stressed however, you know that the crimes he was referring to are committed by israeli forces that were crimes committed since 948 since at the foundation of the state of israel. that a statement came out, of course, a couple of hours later after this backlash from ramallah here in the morning. okay . thank you for that to tonya tonya kraemer in jerusalem. but some more stories are making headlines around the world are better knew as politician lis cheney has lost her seat in the republican primary to a trump supporting lawyer, harriet hagaman, i miss chaney has been an outspoken critic of the former president and was one of a few republicans to vote for his impeachment shlang has formed, president got to buy a roger pack, so it will return to the crisis stricken country later this month. as according to
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shrunken media, he fled the country of to tens of thousands of anti government protesters overrun his official residence last month. protesters of demanded that he and his family are investigated for corruption. now the chair of kenya's electoral commission has issued a statement regarding the legality of the disputed election result. a fuller trouble . katty says he's confident of the result and of his actions in announcing that william router had one president elect router says he's now ready to move forward. following his victory runner up. rather, a dinger says he's, he's going to challenge the results legality for of the country. 7 electoral commissioners have said they cannot support the outcome. let's join felix marina in nairobi. welcome felix. so are what we learned from before the chapel. kathy's comment. good evening field saw what fletcher would cut his
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foot earlier on today. and he said that 4 of the commissioners who he should have pressed it meant and they said that they were not confident with that is all that was released. they are full, legible, cathy or their presidential result. that was the truth released to their country. but fletcher broke out, he said that these particular commissioners had wanted him to chin's, there is also that it would kenyans would go for iran off that day. and they to candidates all day tie. and eventually kenya's would go to iran off. he said that he was very confident in the result of that hughley he released. and he said also that if any of their parties feel aggrieved, then they should pursue legal and legal redress in their justice system. but from a foolish a book at his desk, it's all systems go and he says he's very confident of the results that he released and it was the legitimate result of the canyons i had wanted. meanwhile,
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the president elect willing router has been talking about the election. what seaborn, st. so president elect william brutal had a meeting with all elected members under his political coalition. and he said that it was all systems go for his government. he asked the members of parliamentary from now start getting ready to deliver on the more on the more pressing needs that the country has right now. and he also asked that members of parliament and on his team to also get ready to deliver on the manifesto, to ensure that these food security in the country to ensure that young people are getting jobs and to ensure that service delivery is getting to their list. pos on, on the ground. so for president elect really m router, it's all systems go. but he also mentioned that should there be caught processes instituted by their opposing team, then he's ready and willing to go through the judicial process. ok,
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thank you for felix felix. marina. in nairobi, a russia has replaced the commander of its military fleet and the black sea a day after the russian held the crimean peninsula was rocked by explosions. no one is claimed responsibility for the massive blast or weapons depot, but ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has blamed me russian incompetence moscow . however, however us as the attacks of a work of an identified saboteurs. russian appointed authorities in crimea, se fires at the site are still burning. i asked our correspondent in key for young phillip shots, why ukraine's president is so sure the explosions are the result of russian incompetence. well, it's definitely part of a strategy. it's part of a strategy to spread so confusion, residential and scared repeatedly urged his senior officials not to reveal too many details about military operations. nobody here really believes that it has been
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a strange series of accidents on the russian. cy, it's a lot of different explanations are discussed at the moment, and some of the salenti presidential advisors have also hinted at some form of ukrainian involvement. even the involvement of some kind of special forces have been discussed here. but it's all speculation at the moment. the russian side even claims now that it has broken up some cell offer local islamists route that might be involved in the attack. so there are, there's a lot of confusion, probably a lot of wanted confusion around. so the topic and a lot of russian tourists actually currently leaving the region and flipped sholtes . and keith is reminder of our top story. this. our german chancellor, olaf. chelsea said he is disgusted by comments from the palestinian leader mahmoud
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abbas during a visit to berlin. mister abbas accused israel, of committing 50 holocausts against his people coming up in just a moment in news. asia. why is a mysterious chinese ship packed with an actual nick stopped in sri lanka, despite protests from the u. s. and india willis. the channel will have out story. i'm the more in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the departure to the today. this means flying to a foreign planet in the 16th century. it meant in a captain and setting sail to discover a route.


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