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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah respects ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine prepared to welcome turkish and un leaders to discuss diplomatic solutions to the war. as officials in the country 2nd largest city report, fresh russians strikes on civilian areas. also on the program in france, the river law has all been banished in the current european. he played with
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devastating side effects for the regency comp plus were the biggest pop stars in the world. be forced to put a pause on their careers and swap microphones for rifles. ah, i'm glad elf as well come to the program. ukrainian authorities say russian shelling has killed at least 7 people in ukraine's 2nd largest city hoc. if the regional governor said at least 16 people were injured to the attack on the suburb of salt, difficult rescue workers are searching for in the rabble for victim soon to. cranium. president vladimir zalinski said the attack destroyed a block of flats and called it a cynical strike on civil well, saltisha is a large district in the north east of archives,
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close the front line and as the target of russian shelling nearly every day, the mayor of hockey says 1000 civilians in the city have died since the beginning of the war. our reporter, bigger shook was in south. we've got just days ago before the latest round of attacks. and she filed this report. ah, greg shops bombed out schools. no gas, no water. this used to be a vibrant neighborhood. months of attacks as the russians tried to smash hockey into submission have left south africa district like this. since the start of russia invasion felt if guy has borne, the brunt of moscow's relentless shelling were taught. 90 percent of the inhabitants have fled the neighbourhood. he has certainly feels like a ghost town. it's often the weekend poor who remained in during months of her tax . leona had tatiana boscoe are the only people still in their block? them miss?
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how life used to be i lost the game. there were many children running around it. it was fun living here. there we go. yes, we are many kindergartens and schools. everything was there. we were there doing what they can to prepare for winter and use this basement to high killing air raid alarms, why we're down there. we're shelly in the distance earlier with i istation of my biggest fear is still that the russians could come from as best number to show on the weekends or by with no water, with no electricity from when you should. but this shooting the rockets hitting us the bullet that frightens me. despite the fear, life is slowly returning to south africa. next off workers fixed water pipes for the least them at apartments and patch up the smashed windows to prevent rain and snow making the damage worse,
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but they're not ready to start. full renovation. a member of harkey housing committee tells me the boat because it needs to jousting at some whistler. there is no sense in doing it now because the war is still going on. most human hockey is being shelled every day again. and if, for example, we were to replace the glass on the windows, we could even humpy born and attack jesus joke running the bulletin. i'm all during your with reduce. but for ego or saddle harshly, even basic repairs are a sign of hope. he invites us to his home, after weeks living in the metro station he and his wife all in our in need to be bag. even though they have no windows, all running water. with me as we don't know what will happen in the winter, and we hope there'll be some heating or we have to put more plastic in the windows . nothing eager says he's lucky. he's still being paid. as a professional football coach, he proudly shows as tedious. nobody moves which
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a lot of them are gone abroad or are now in western ukraine. they promote only 6 of the kids have stayed here, which is i missed them so very much. i really hope they come back soon. and so then he and the others we met here in south africa will concentrate on surviving a dealer hoping the front keeps being pushed further away. bracing for the coming winter. present zalinski is meeting un secretary general. good cherish and turkeys are president avalon in la v later for another round of negotiations to and the warm are corresponded but he has building a isn't living mathias. what can we expect from this meeting today? these are the 2 men who broke it. the grain deal, the a deal that allowed ukraine to ship out grain from their ports and that was a very fragile or very difficult understanding between russia and ukraine. and edwin has said that he wants to continue brokering between the 2 countries. he
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wants to eventually be the person who will close at this deal with both sides and probably testing the waters for that. now, the turkish side says it wants to focus on ways to end the walk through diplomatic channels. how much sense does that make without any russians on the table? i don't think it's the phase where the negotiations are starting. it's just now talking to both sides. it's probable that he will talk to the russian side after that, or that he has already may be conveying a message. we don't know that about the question is, of course, whether any such deal it could be closed any time soon or whether both sides are ready to negotiate at all on the end of the war. now for now, zalinski has said he's not ready to give up ukrainian territory and that's their mood here in ukraine. i don't even think he would be able to on the other side,
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russia has made it very clear that there conditions amount to a surrender of the ukrainians, and that certainly also not on the table. so boss has a very far from each other. it's not really something that's on the table, but add on is saying that he wants to try it. now the situation at the nuclear power plant in japanese. yeah, we'll probably be on the agenda as well. right? it's quite probable. i mean, the one thing that the un has been trying to do is to get access for their, for the members of the international atomic energy authority. and job that are still hasn't happened. it's a difficult there, there are some difficulties to solve. for example, what way they would travel, would they travel by a russian territory which ukraine is opposing of? i in the front line, ah, and a few other things about axes, about information, et cetera, et cetera. so it's quite probable that we cherish. we'll talk about that as well.
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our report mathias bellinger there. thank you. very much. mathias bella valley is a unesco world heritage site, attracting visitors from all over the world to france. but this year, even it's flat. bottom barges can't ferry tourists around thanks to low water levels where the flow is at less than a 20th of average. annual levels. below our river in france is famous for the historic castles dotted along its banks. it's also famously a shallow river, but with water levels at mere record lows. even the locals are shocked. then a man was some, at least it makes me sad in my place because it makes me sad because i grew up in the village. emily and i had never seen the river like this, he told dog we used to go to the water holes over there with the children and fish, because the water wasn't too high in it. but i should let no one. yep. now there's
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just algy and frogs laughed. does al good decline? the reduction and water has been disastrous for much of the areas ecosystem. many islands i now connected to the shore, cutting off various waterways. fish have been robbed of the space they need to survive and reduced to living in pons. scientist say the current low water level is something of a wider wake up call. it yes, no, don't even under it at the low water level this year is quite exceptional. it's due to a major deficit and rainfall that began last winter g. it's led to many small tributaries of the lower to dry up on jessie roland dickory, more with france currently facing severe droughts and several regions. interracial rain and flooding and others, many experts are calling for a rethink when it comes to the use of essential natural resources. as monkey magic
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it on climate change is underway. it's undeniable and it must encourage us to reflect on our rules for sharing water resources. we must understand that we're all affected and 70 and with extreme weather events only set to increase in the future . the issue is not going away any time soon. let's get up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines today. it is 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a bomb blast at a mosque in the afghans capital of kansas dance capital. cobbled. the attack took place during the evening prayers when their moss was crowded with worships thousands of protesters descended on the streets of when, as iris to demand government relief for a cost of living crisis. argentina is battling one of the world's highest annual inflation rates of around 70 percent and nearly half of its population lives and poverty. demonstrators are calling for wage heights and more social spending.
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human remains have been discovered in a lake near las vegas as a result of receding water levels. authorities say this is the 5th set of skeletal remains found in the lake mead reservoir, which is shrinking due to an unprecedented drought. and the western united should celebrities get special treatment from the state, like the members of the world famous k pop group bts. arguably some of south korea's greatest cultural ambassadors these days a nation mandates 2 years of military service for young men. so the boy bend could be heading out of the limelight and into the barracks soon. wonderful. one was elevated and a parliamentary debate insole on a key matter of national defense. a policy issue close to the hearts of pop fans in south korea and beyond. if k pop boy ban bts are required to do their military service, will they be confined to barracks and disappear from view?
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well, there's a chance, it might not happen. what is the youth about him? he'll even if they join the military, knew there be a way to give them a chance to practice and perform together if they're scheduled concerts abroad. and that was good news for the fans. all young physically fit, sat korean man must do 21 months of military service. a legacy of the korean war, which ended nearly 7 decades ago. technically south or north korea signed an armistice, but never a peace treaty. the korean peninsula remains heavily militarized. re oh, the idea of the pop stars, a soldier has a long history in popular culture. when u. s. rock'n'roll legend, elvis presley entered the army in 1958. the day became known as black monday. but the king of rock'n'roll service did much to boost the public perception of the military. bts could even benefit from taking up arms. south koreans who do their
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military service are very popular. people, highly value are to serving in the military. this may boost their popularity completely upon in 2011 south korea's modern day, elvis counterpart reign made a public display of his loyalty when he was forced to join a 29 dodging the draft certainly doesn't go down well with the public. meanwhile, there are special rules for sports stars. tottenham hotspur, footballer, son young men was exempted from service because he had won a medal at the asian games. but he still had to complete 3 weeks basic training which he did in 2020. during the english premier leagues enforced highest during the covert, pandemic locked down with bts. the issue was coming to a head. the oldest member of the band gin is turning 30 in december. this year legal revisions and 2019 allowed globally recognized k pop stars. to put off their service until 30 that said the rigors of military life might prove a challenge for
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b t. s. in june, the 7 member band and as to break from group musical activities to pursue solo projects, pleading exhaustion. power boarding, there's an increasingly popular way to exercise and get in touch with nature, but sometimes well, nature can come a bit to close us. 2 pebble borders in argentina found out death of the coast of monte m. o. so there was suddenly surrounded by about a dozen whales which swam right up to one of the paddlers, even received a very friendly little fist bump from one of the whales. and maybe there was a bit over enthusiastic, but paddled orders. valentin biloba and a digger shall say the unexpected encounter was fighting. and on foot or more,
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you're watching the w news. his remind off the top story we're following for you. ukrainian authorities say russian selling us killed at least 7 people in ukraine's 2nd largest. didn't have to use the regional government said at least 16 people were injured in the attack on the suburb of salty stuff for a new president, vote him as a landscape cold. it is cynical strike on the civic that said from me and the news team up to date, don't go away. my colleagues didn't bids leads up next week at the latest headlines . wealth of business don't miss them with is increasing every year many im gonna working on landfills with holiday destination address.


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