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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of europe's wicker breaking sights. and now also in book form. with v w. news my from berlin, ukraine's vladimir zalinski holds talks with the leaders of turkey and the un turkeys reggie typo and warns against another to novel with the safety of europe's largest nuclear power plant had stay also on the program. forest 5 kill dozens in
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algeria and hundreds are moved to safety. officials war that hot winds could spread the flames for bombing at a mask in the afghan capital kills 21 people and wounds dozens more. if the latest attack since the taliban seized power a year ago. ah, i'm so gay. welcome to the program. the leaders of ukraine, turkey i'm united nations, have ended that meeting in the city of live in western ukraine. top of the agenda was finding a resolution to the war. the 3 leaders also talked about the safety of this apparition, nuclear power plant, exchanging prisoners of war and increasing grain exports. millions of tons of wheat and mays are still stuck in ukrainian ports. join d w correspondent, misuse. a bullying her who was at that news conference following the talks. welcome
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mathias, what can you tell us? yeah, there were 3 main topics. basically. first topic was, as you have mentioned, the nuclear power plant ends up or asia, a zalinski and also the un secretary general gutierrez, called for russia to withdraw its troops from there to demilitarize, basically a power plant. and the u. n. has said secretaries has said that you would be ready to start emission by the i e, a, the international atomic energy authority to that power plant from ki, if, if there wouldn't, would be an agreement on how they would proceed across the front line. there was a, were talks also about speeding up the grain shipments this great deal that has been closed by these 3 people who are or by, by the 3 sides that will be presented here, plus russia. and there is the hope that this can be sped up,
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that more green can leave ukrainian pause than is actually doing at the moment. and the one are also important message that the un secretary general send was that chair, they will, they have designated an investigative mission to they will in if got prison facility where these, that, that was, that, that exploded and where these soldiers were killed are these, this is the ukrainian soldiers were in captivity there and he has demanded russia for full access for this mission. and there was an offer from the turkish president to help a broker an end to this war. how did president zalinski respond? yeah, the turkish president has said that he would really want to instigate a peace process, but zelinski has said that he doesn't see where the trust should come from a. he says as long as i says, sending guided missiles into the residential areas in ukraine,
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there can be no trust that they, i, anyhow, interested in peace. and he said basically as a precondition to p stokes, he would see withdrawal of the russian forces from ukrainian territory. so that's probably more of a hope that to add to on has or inhibition that and on has then a realistic possibility. and russia, of course, was not at these talks, so what can they achieve without that, the russians being that what the peace process doesn't start with putting everybody at one table and then see what everybody has to say. there's of course, some chuckling, going back and forth in the beginning, edwin has said that he would visit putin next and talk to put in about the outcome of this meeting but off. but as i said, there is no prospect for full piece talks right now. it's more about solving the problem about around that up or easier, speeding up the grade shipments and this mission, this investigative mission to america, rather than
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a full piece process. thank you much years, which is bullying a living in western ukraine. take a look at several stories making headlines today. estonia says it has repelled the most extensive cyber attacks. for more than a decade. the russian hacker group kill net says it blocked access to more than $200.00 state and private institutions. histone you recently removed soviet monuments from a region with an ethnic russian majority. security forces, incident of use tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrators calling forth civilian rule. the army staged the crew last year and military leader, abdullah fatter al bore han has pledged to step aside for a civilian government, but protest as don't relieve him. a storm has caused severe flooding and parts of new zealand, south island, hundreds of families who had to leave their homes. the state of emergencies now in force of rivers have burst their banks and roads washed away. more rain is forecast
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for the next few days and some of europe's most famous rivers are running out of water as the hot dry weather takes its toll. the river, why and france the tracks visitors from all over the world. but this year there isn't enough water for the flat bottom barges to fairy taurus surround bill awhile river and france is famous for the historic castles dotted along its banks. it's also famously a shallow river, but with water levels at mere record lows. even the locals are shocked with m m y m, at least it makes me sad my place because it makes me sad because i grew up in the village. i music and i had never seen the river like this toy dog. we used to go to the water holes over there with the children and fish, because the water wasn't too high. and they did, but they should met no one yet. now there's just algy and frogs laughed dal d, d conroy. the production and water has been disastrous for much of the areas
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ecosystem. many islands i now connected to the shore, cutting off various waterways. fish have been robbed of the space they need to survive and reduced to living and pawns. scientists say the current low water level is something of a wider wake up call. it charged underneath, under the low water level this year is quite exceptional. it's due to a major deficit and rainfall that began last winter g. it's led to many small tributaries of the lower to dry up on jessie roland dickory, more with france currently facing severe droughts and several regions. interracial rain and flooding in others. many experts are calling for a rethink when it comes to the use of essential natural resources. as monkey magic it on climate change is underway, and it's undeniable, and it must encourage us to reflect on our rules for sharing water resources. we
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must understand that we're all affected and 70 and with extreme weather events only set to increase in the future. the issue is not going away any time soon. a tree is one of our main climate protectors removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen and calling our cities. but europe's intense heat waves and droughts this summer ha put trees under severe strain. he w sophie, kirby reports now on efforts to save them here in the german capital. brown crumpled up and blanketing the ground. many trees in germany's capital berlin are losing their leaves or are about to in some parts of iffy it looks almost as if autumn has come early. except it happens. but in this department for the environment told me the trees here suffering from climate stress. that feeling the effect of the extreme heat of recent summers and the ongoing grounds. and they're
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not the only ones. it's a similar story all across europe. even in typically went to places like england. find to say this is climate change in action is a high probability. we haven't exceptional drought now because of the, the effect we have had a good climate change that we have. trees are responding to that drought by dropping leaps because without a squire or 2, they comfort a single fresh. i'm so so the leaves are useless. it's an emergency response to protect themselves against against the arbitration. the consequences with julie loosely as an ecologist, living in berlin several years ago, she noticed the trees looking sick and decided to help them. i realized how much they needed water, how dry the summer was. and i know it's supposed to be raining way more, usually,
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which is it's nice to have a sunny weather for the murder. but for the trees and the environment, it can be very hard for them to sustain this type of weather. over the years. she uses an open source app that maps out nearly all the trees in the city, some 800000 of them. it gives volunteers an overview of what trees have been watered and how much they still need. so just looking at this is incredibly detailed, i guess both and make his and the uses of this app. really appreciate how important trees are for us. yes, i think we're all realizing how important they are. they provide shadow to help cooling down the streets and also for pumping out oxygen deoxygenated. we're breathing. they also help absorbed the carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide, of course, being one of the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming. yes, yes. i think there are many engaged citizens in berlin,
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but unfortunately no where near enough the watering the trees, the authorities also don't have the capacity even during mile to summers. that ins department for the environment is looking at ways to support trees and the longer term they include making better use of rain water, planting more climate, resilient species, and working to boost public awareness of just how important trees are for our existence. so that more people start to look after them a forest fires and algeria have killed at least 30 people that are injured. and many more. hundreds of people have been moved to safety and dozens taken to hospital with breathing difficulties . helicopters are being used to put out the fires as officials warm, but hot winds could spread the flames. hello, i to afghanistan. wear a bombing at a mask in the capital. kabul has killed at least $21.00 people, including a prominent cleric, dozens more wounded, and there's been no claim of responsibility. the so called islamic state has
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carried out a series of attacks in afghanistan since the taliban returned to power a year ago. oh, the mosque was crowded, and the bomb was powerful. dozens died and several children are believed to be among the wounded casualty. numbers are expected to rise. security forces have now sealed off the blast seen. but this neighbourhood is still in shock island. i thought the due of the check, i lost my cousin. he went to the mosque and then the blast happened. we only found out at midnight that he had lost his life. i've gone, austin has been hit by regular attack since the taliban seized power in august last year. many of them have been claimed by the islamic state last week. the group claim responsibility for killing a permanent telephone cleric at his religious center in kabul. but so far,
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no one has taken credit for this attack. at the hospital, the families of the victims are waiting for news very that alfred better marja for so many people were killed all the amount of the margaret. some were even thrown out of the windows of the most. i've ever been bought on that with mama resort about the those were brought to my family members. here up was they were injured and the blast we are going for we le mars go venza. the islamic state has primarily targeted minority communities such as she ight su, fees, and seeks. but their focus now it seems to be widening just as the taliban celebrate their one year in power. of this week also saw the 1st anniversary of the taliban takeover of the country. i asked journalist alley latifah kabul if people are reading anything into the timing of this attack on. not necessarily because
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even leading up to the timing, there were there was a killing of another religious leader. i think what it does prove is that this long the camera is having as much of a problem as the former small republic. in taking out an insurgency. the former song republic had to deal with the taliban when they were lids. urgency, as well as the so called a slum ec state. and now the amaris to add the tall, a bon, you know, is only left with this so called to some extent. but they too have been unable to take on this group because even if this specific instance isn't them, the truth is that they still pose a threat and that they are the biggest. they're the biggest threat remaining in the country at this point. it's jealous, stuffy latifah, in cobble though a lighthouse in the german 4 to bremar, half on his tilted sideways, and the official se could topple over the completely part of the pier. what is located is sinking authorities of band ships from entering the guest at river at the port because of the risk from the lighthouse, which is one of gram hoffman's best known landmarks. his reminder of our top story
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greatly president vladimir zalinski has been holding talks with turkish president reggie of time on un secretary general. antonia cherish both urge caution over the safety of this apparition. nuclear plant in southern you cried 3 lead is also discussed increasing ukrainian grain experts use asia with melissa china is next and i'll be back at the top of the other day with what people have to say matters to us a.


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