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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2022 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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the device also coming off a massive outflow of capital, thanks to rising interest rates of more on the difficulties. emerging economies are facing a tighter monetary policy in the us, britain and the euro. and oil major shell cuts output at ryan land refinery as an ongoing drought pushes water levels on germany's most important waterway to dangerous loads. will take you there. chris over welcome to program apple as warned of a major security flaw that could allow hackers to take complete control over devices. users of i phones, i pads and i imacs are being advised to update their software among them the i phone s and later models as well as 5th generation. and later i pad models. apple has not revealed how many of its customers are affected by the issue.
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all right, let's take a closer look at the matter with while as counter he's a project developer, add tactical tech walk, come to the w. apples. explanation of the vulnerability means a hacker could quote, get full admin access. that doesn't sound good, does it know it sounds as terrible as it does well. axis means that they are free to control your device. as you know, gather your data and exploit it and then use it in whatever way they see fit, which doesn't just expose users, but there are context their messaging. and so it's kind of a bit more than just the normal user. it's their entire network with this kind of control, right. and to avoid that obviously yours was our advice to update their devices. do we know anything more on how apple got behind the issue that there is a problem?
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well, the, there is always the citation that there's an anonymous researcher, we don't really know how they got behind it or how they, how they discovered it, whether it's internally or externally. but that is the main problem with opaque systems that everyone uses where people don't have access to check continuously. the source are auditors check problems. and so therefore, we just have to trust apple with whatever they tell us. because if we look at the gadgets affected here, i mean, we're talking about i phone models, i phone 6 and later, i mean that is a, a range of products. yeah, that is a huge range of products with a huge user base. and which means that a great many people will be affected and we don't really know who has exploited this ability so far. and we don't know which,
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how many users have been effective, but we can expect for a large number to have been effective for it to, to kind of make these up to make this announcement. well, let me ask you how big of an issue is this for apple, a company that has gone head to head with authorities when it comes to the privacy of its users? well, it's, we will, we can see the significant problem. but at the end of the day, there isn't a lot in the current structures that can happen, that can change things because there is a huge dominance of apple in the market. and there's very little oversight on what companies do. and, and sometimes the company companies seem to monopolize the market in some way or another bad where the backlash is not as great as we would imagine when we're where people can plot different choices. i think a lot of like a lot of people are kind of loyal to, to the actual line of products. the question is not whether they will be affected,
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but how can we ensure that they're more on top of the security flaws and how people can be more secure as well as kinder product developer at tech, tech tickled tech. thank you for thought. the federal reserve in the united states high interest rates by 75 basis points in june and july, not higher interest rates mean higher yields. but they come at the expense of emerging markets. countries like argentina, egypt gone on pakistan and turkey are more than ever at risk of going broke. according to the institute of international finance, as global investors withdrew nearly $10000000000.00 us dollars from so called emerging economy's $9000000000.00 from their bond market and $1000000000.00 from their stock market. now the funds mostly went to the united states because the higher interest rates, and because the u. s. dollar is regarded a safe haven and times of increased uncertainty in the global economy. earlier i
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spoke to roger biz, wass asia pacific chief economist at s and p global market intelligence. and i asked them what the real life consequences for these emerging kind of bizarre when interest rates in the united states and other industrialized nations rise. where we do see differentiation amongst our in the emerging mark, its investors are differentiating between the different countries. those emerging markets which have strong external account positions. ah, strong current account balances and low foreign debt have been much more resilient . despite the volatility that we're seeing in global capital markets and foreign exchange markets. however, they are a growing number of emerging markets and developing countries that have week external account positions. and what's all sorts of that which are those which are those particularly affected? very large number of countries. so you know, we've, we've, we've sat listing,
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it could take quite a long time, but up, oh, i'll give you some examples of some of those countries. so basically when we look at the world of emerging markets, though, a set of weak external account positions, high foreign debt, low foreign exchange reserves, and large current account deficits. they face more stress in this environment. so there's a mixed kind of picture where some emerging markets, which are exporters of energy commodities such as the gulf states, saudi arabia, u, h e. and also in asia, indonesia, which is also an ex border of coal and natural gas. our benefiting from these strong gains in commodity prices, but in untrusted a lot of emerging markets that are highly dependent on energy imports and they're facing rising stress in the asia pacific region. for example, sri lanka,
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and puck stone have been already fragile even before the latest surgeon inflation job, because they have very high foreign debt levels, very low foreign exchange reserves. and now with the surgeon energy import costs, they're facing a lot of pressures. oh, i'm a current account balances and they have such low foreign exchange reserves. they're unable to even pay for some of these imports. it's a similar situation in laos in the asia pacific, which is also facing severe problems due to low foreign exchange reserves. so in a, around the world, many emerging markets are facing varying degrees of stress because of higher energy prices. and also higher food costs are affecting some of the countries and, ah, north africa, for example, some in sub saharan are that are lodge importers of food commodities. such as brains,
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and because of the russia crane war with the very large increases in the prices of certain grains such as wheat. so some of these countries are right in. it's your stress. roger, this was the asia pacific chief economist at s a b global market intelligence. thank you for your time robin. thank you. now here in germany, oil major shell says it cut output at its ryan land refinery. the facility makes fuels heating, oil and country chemicals, but low water levels on the river rine have made the transport of goods wire. germany's most important waterway. a big challenge, not just for vessels servicing. the chemical sector. patrick, misty, is his ship. the colors still down the rhine river to a cool fired power plant, a little it sailing down
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a narrow passage south of coal blends with such little water in the river called the nation with on coming traffic is essential food, acquiesced tony, coming down streams a bit bigger is sitting deeper into water. boy, he asked if we can slow down it so i don't move too much water to ensure a safe passage for him. the other by the thought girl either. patrick grew up on the water. his father and grandfather also sales carrying grain, fertilize and coal. but this summer presents a new challenge with either of our grandma. i have to go slower than usual now because there is not much water that. i mean, you can see did that sound to work? mm. hm, um, it goes up and down, sometimes 50 centimeters and 2 and a half meters. patrick not only has to sail slower in order to keep the ship sitting high end the water. he has to take less cargo with them. this looks like
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a lot of coal, but the ship is 2 thirds empty, and that's the real issue. rail and road freight. i at the limits not a lot can be transported and economists expect a drop in production. the rights water level has struck to historically low level due to the lack of rain all summer and its expected climate change will accelerate the situation in the future. these satellite images show the difference between 2021 and today the skippers passing through a narrow passage at cobb. but the river's starting to dry up here. rain is forecast for the coming days, but this will only provide short term relief while that if the, because the bank is not really dry and the sediment is cracked. so the current doesn't absorb the water as quickly when the water, his to sediment. it's simply runs off the top and runs directly into the remaining regular and away. we might have a few days of high water levels and if you ship captains might be pleased,
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but then we'll be back again to where we are now. the ryan is subject to the forces of nature, says patrick, this little he can do to plan, but he wants to keep going. as long as he can now thundering gas powered muscle cars ever decades, been a fixture of american culture, with automaker dodge proudly among the flag bearers. and it still wants to be only bit differently. now, dodge unveiled a battery power charger, the toner, s. r t concept car, which the company says is close to one that will be produced in 2024. as the sun is setting on some gasoline powered models, current companies dilantin says it'll stop making most of its gasoline power muscle cars by the end of next year. fans of roaring engines don't need to worry though. a sound system is to provide the distinctive sound
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and he is a reminder of the top of business story we are following for you at the sour apple has warned of a major security flaw that could allow hackers to take complete control over devices. users of i phones i pads on imax are being advised to update their software and that's are shown for more as usual. you can check on a website at dw dot com slash business, and the d. w. news through to channel. i'm chris kolber in berlin. thanks for watching. enjoy your weekend. ah ah, with
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forever. my jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. ah . this is d, w. use lie from burly in the un. secretary general says ukraine's energy is you crites antonio of the terrace calls on russia not to cut the separation nuclear power plant from ukraine's power. great. that's at least moscow's plant, according to keep chance. hold up.


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