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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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a diversity with full mines ah ah, this is dw news, lying from berlin and being un secretary general says ukraine's energy belongs to ukraine, antonio terrorist calls on russia, not to cut the stuff or reject nuclear plant from ukraine's power grid. something keep says moscow is planning to do. also coming up,
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chancellor will have shots testifies to add an inquiry to germany's biggest tax scandal, but says he can from member, crucial detail. plus, germany sends new troops to molly to help with peacekeeping, but there are attentions over the host nation to hiring russian mercenaries to battle and surgeon. and finland's prime minister says she did nothing wrong partying with friends now. she's taken a drug test to prove her point and silence her critics. ah, i'm nicole ferla, she's good to have you with us. a top level visit to ukraine and a stern warning to russia. the head of the united nations has restated concerns over the safety of europe's biggest nuclear power station. antonio terrace, calling for a safe zone around the russian occupied upper regia,
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nuclear plant. each side accuses the other of shelling the plant cave also claims. russia is planning to cut electricity produced at the facility from its power network. visiting the port of odessa goes, cherish had a clear message to moscow. obviously, the electricity from some photos here is ukrainian electricity and the, it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these people must be fully respected. and with all eyes on supper regia, i asked our correspondent young phillips shots to give us the latest on the volatile situation at the nuclear power plant. well, after a days of horrible news, there are some potentially good news. so during a phone call with a friend president my call hootin agreed to a mission of international inspectors at the power plant. this is remarkable
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because he seems to agree to ukrainian demands to let the inspectors travel through ukrainian or controlled for territory. so this is a huge, a step forward. of course we have to see if he will really stick to this announcements. there have been very many misleading announcements in the past. and in the meantime, a situation at the power plant remains highly dangerous. a lot of international experts say that it's not only the shelling of the plant that is so dangerous, but also the increasing risks are increasing risk of potential. how are cats that could lead to a serious over heating of the reactor? swear for disastrous consequences. let's not forget the real reason, the terrorist visit and odessa grain. millions of tons remain stuck in the port city. our shipments starting to pick up pace. yes,
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there's also some good news in this regard. the grain deal seems to be holding a more or around. $230.00 ships have left the ukrainian parts so far and more ships will leave the ports in the coming days. it's actually a big success for the secretary general gutierrez, and during his visit at the parts of odessa, he made it clear that he is very proud of the united nation. so a contribution to it. he says that odessa is actually a symbol of what the world so it can she, for, when it's working together for a common good and good terrorist. when that deal was struck actually said that it might have been the most important deal of his career, the u. s is announcing a new military aid package. what can you tell us about that? yes, the pentagon just announced another $800000000.00 aid package. it's basically
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a package of military assistance. it includes ammunition, how with service, drones or equipment against my and a lot of military equipment. and it comes at a time when a lot of military experts say that the war has reached a strategic debt law. and so russia has serious problems with amunition were vis you package the united states have contributed more than $10000000000.00 us dollars in military aids to the ukranian war. answer to the fights here in ukraine. young fell of shouts with the latest from odessa. thank you. it's a tale of tax fraud worthy of a hollywood fil a multi $1000000.00 come ex scheme enabled many to get rich by
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falsely reclaiming tax rebates. that was until authorities and germany got wind of it and close it down years later, questions are being asked about what now to answer all of shots new. when he was mayor of hamburg, he's been giving evidence and a hearing in the city today. schoultz has been facing some difficult questions. lo maker is that the inquiry in hamburg, want to know whether he helped a local private bank avoid paying back millions and taxes. when sholtes was deceit is mer him at officials from var bog bank, which old the city 47000000 euros for claiming refunds on taxes. it never paid. after those meetings, hamburg authorities dropped a payment demands. at 1st, shoulds claimed he never met with the banks representatives. this was later proved to be wrong. now he says he cannot remember what was discussed and stresses. there
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is no connection between his meetings and the cd. back in down. it is unlikely that he cannot remember anything from this meetings during those meetings or phone calls. it was about nearly $50000000.00 euro for his city in tax revenue. the whole aspect of working here with this alarming tactic of just admitting what he has to admit and once more has been proven, you will admit more means that much more doubtful that there is no memory at all. prosecutor stressed the chancellor is not the target of the investigation. speaking after the hearing shots had he acted appropriately, he had them off. i admit i had prepared myself for it to take longer than now. but the fact that it was done quick and speedy, also speaks for the fact that everything is now on the table on the and one can also draw the clear conclusion. there was nothing. there was no influence kind of
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interesting on the game. turned on. this was the chancellor's 2nd appearance before the investigators. his political opponents already seen. it shouldn't be the last archie of political correspondent melinda crane told us more about what shells had to say in hamburg. well, he said essentially what we have heard from him before or both at the prior of meeting of this committee at which he also testified. and also in various comments to the press, including out his summer press conference, essentially, that there was no political influence on the decision of the financial authority in hamburg, when it essentially allowed the vot warburg bank to get away with not repaying over $40000000.00 euros in tax liabilities that it had had not paid. and he said that of all of the
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witnesses that the committee has heard of all of the various documentary evidence that has been produced. none of it had provided any indication that there had been political influence by him or others. and he said that in multiple formulations in the course of the inquiry. and then said that basically any claim to the contrary represented just pure allegations and presumptions. and that he very much hoped that these could now be laid to rest. let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. rush us gas from is switching off gas deliveries to europe through the north stream. one pipeline for 3 days from the end of the month, the reason it gives maintenance. the announcements and gas prices soaring. moscow has blamed problems importing a repair turbine for a recent cut and supplies. according the united states has sentenced
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a member of an islamist murder sell to life in prison for the death of 4 american hostages in syria. l show fee l shake is part of the so called islamic state group dubbed the beatles by their captives because of their british accents. police say gunmen have taken control of a hotel and the somali capital mogadishu, following car bomb blasts, and gun fire al qaeda linked to al shabbat group is thought to be behind the attack on the hyatt hotel. it's a popular venue with lawmakers and other government officials, germany ascending fresh troops to molly following a dispute which sa, german aircraft turn around mid air. berlin, suspended as peacekeeping operations. when molly's military government refused to access, still doubts remain over the future of the mission. as molly is using russian mercenaries to fight a g hondas insurgency in the country. the french may have left,
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but international troops are still in marley. among them around 1000 germans, part of the u. n. backed me know, sma peacekeeping mission. there are mixed feelings about them being there in this melons, me know, smith brought us nothing but problems. it would be better if they left very little whenever you got it on the yeah. marshal. they have assisted molly and training and on many levels, including financial and moral support. for this, it looks like we cannot say. there are no benefits this corporation has been a win for all parties. tensions between germany and the military junta and molly have been growing mainly because by macros use of russian contractors, german foreign minister bab, grace this during a trip to marley in april duffer my i'm giving this was my urgent appeal.
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why it's so important, including for the protection of civilians in molly that there is no co operation with russian act as here on the ground here for what it is putting on the driver, the regime. and molly has been criticized for working with the russian wagner, mercenary group, which is being accused of atrocities against civilians. my lira troops and russian uniform all of a marley. so when you fall, it is clear that marley is changing it strategy was the retro mercenaries want to get there. they have father interests, they want to get the mineral resources and then let themselves be paid in doing what the government wants. well, the russian government has confirmed that wagner personnel are in molly. the maryan government still claims that they are instruct us from the official russian military. but these contradictions are further undermining trust between berlin and by michael. and they are making a complete pull out by german troops more likely by the day. and yoga lead by yoko
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as the chair of the african security sector network. and earlier we asked her what it would mean for the un peacekeeping mission of germany followed franz. and pulled out of molly entirely. i think that desert means my you when you smile is a very for giles mission because there renegotiation of his mandates. in last june, i decided a number of provisions which as the man authorities have immediately indicated that they will not agree to implement their been. and then she didn't also, which had involved a german troops at which is related to zip for t 9 either and soldiers, which were supposed in the framework of national supports ellen to protect. thus german troops which is also annals of problems. but if the old,
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those international troops, including not only a german but also education, also as suspended as they operation on the ground. i'm not sure it will make a difference in the eyes of the 1000000 public opinion as shown in the you are very good reports, we guess is or is that there is lots of sick g season among public opinion, because all those international actors are seen as not having been able to change the deterioration of the situation on the ground, especially as regards that city it's that was me. i got leave bug yoko, chair of the african security sector network. just when the world was getting a handle on the cove at 19 pandemic, along comes another new medical puzzle. 90 countries have reported monkey pox cases so far with over 30000 confirmed infections. while this does not spread as easily
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as the corona virus, governments are concerned and demands for vaccine are rising. india has seen very few cases as of yet, but hospitals are preparing as dw madeira chandry reports from delhi. this hospital in delhi was at the center of fighting the coven. 19 fun to me. it's now become the center again. this time to battle, yet another virus. monkey books. thousands of cases have been detected in dozens of countries around the world. but just in cases have been officially reported across india. so for some exploits suggest more maybe spreading unchecked. dr. serena kumar is the medical directors you he says the hospital is fully prepared to handle infected patients. yeah. dedicated to isolation, work treatment facility,
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and dedicated staff for them on keyboards here cleaned our doctors, nurses definition better medics for this class. because this where this is new, in our reason, in our country because these patients are pending, these patients are ready to poke their out. com. so we have a dedicated counseling unit. also. the out of the world health organization declared monkey box of public health emergency. last month or to the indian government sprang into action. first. the government has constituted a task force and release a host of guidelines to check the spread of the spiders. and according to report, at least 8 pharma companies have expressed interest in developing a vaccine for monkey box. this of every biologist get in there as to hon says, more box vaccines are effective against monkey boxes. but the country does not have stalks on hand. and he asked that it's important to be cautious and ready, but ruby neither works either this food or not. i'm not really sure because
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a cell resolving infection is it's doesn't spread very fast. mortality, these are very ready law. so i don't do mos vaccination for, for a monkey box or something we should be looking at right. the monkey pox virus is not perceived as a serious threat at the moment. but having recently emerged from dead leaves of cor, with 19 and dealing with rising cases. yet again, the country can not afford the good lax when it comes to a potential health imaging. and let's take a look at some more news from around the world. now, indonesia says the leaders of russia and china are planning to attend the g 20 summit in bali in november. the hosts have been under pressure to exclude russian president vladimir putin over the war. ukraine's leader is also invited. australia has criticized indonesia decision to reduce the sentence of a terrorist convicted over the 2002 bali bombings. the man could be released on
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parole within days, over $200.00 people. many of them australians were killed when militants attacked a tourist district in bali. a massive blaze in eastern spain is gathering peace despite heavy rainfall. a fire in valencia has entered its 5th day and has scorched almost 20000 hector is of land. strong winds are fanning the flames. spain has recorded almost 400 wildfire so far this year alone. and torrential rains have battered new zealand south island for a 4th straight day, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. roads and schools are closed and a state of emergency is in force. more rain is forecast. a raging torrent and massive landslides, roads in many places across new zealand are submerged, and homes covered in sludge. the worst had cities so far as nelson in the north of
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the south island, with the initial down poor over people are now returning to their homes, only for some to discover their uninhabitable top broky. i am all the way through the house and it's just my i'm squelching mud everywhere. the cars is pretty much right off. i feel walkers. okay. so that is fantastic. um yeah. even the bath, his mud and i've never seen anything like it before. quite amazing. it all happened in the course of a few minutes. gardens have been transformed into murky pools and parked cars, locked in mud. officials say it will take a long time to repair the damage. i
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think that were years away. sorry from, from a recovery. and the, the point was that and as we were driving and there was slips falling everywhere and to be honest, i don't know what that assistant will be. we still in the response mode, we will have to assist that. and that will be part of the recovery, and i am, i just don't know at the moment. nelson's pricing itself for more chaos. further downpours are expected at the weekend. i'm forecasters are also predicting more heavy rain and parts of the north island. new zealand has already experienced it, sweat, it's july on record, unsigned to say, climate change is likely playing a role. valence prime minister santa marin has defended her right to
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a private life. after a video of her partying with friends was leaked online. the video showing martin with well known influencers and artists has brought accusations of reckless behavior. marin says she did nothing illegal and has taken a drug test to prove it. ah, an innocent night out with friends or dereliction of public duty. finland's prime minister santa marine, is it pains to prove it was the former, after this video showing her partying and speculation about drug taking went viral, opposition parties demanded proof, sheed not consumed and illegal substance saw it on either through lexia. i consider these accusations very serious, and though i think the demand for a drug test is unreasonable for my own legal protection. to clear up dates, i've taken a test to day if i that the results will come in about a week and full of de la knowing vehicle ortho marines behavior have divided the
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finished public. some have defended her right to enjoy her free time as she pleases, like anyone else. others have called her behavior inappropriate, and say she was naive to allow the filming. she was on duty as p. m at the time, but said she had no imminent appointments. i didn't have any work meetings planned for that week and they are confirmed usually beforehand and i didn't have any meetings for example, saturday or sunday, but we didn't have any government meeting during but week. and i, what time of fund on spent at white with my friends and did nothing in legal still how critics question whether she could have made decisions in a sudden crisis in her condition. marine has the support of her social democratic party and intelligence experts say the incidental did not risk national security, but they won't. it could be exploited for propaganda purposes. for example,
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by russia, mccarthy lack will be armina me or less than the others. thank bye. get that and you have to be prepared for the fact that all material that starts circulating the can be used in the wrong weight on batting santa marine became the world's youngest serving government leader in 2019 age just 34 percent. he has since been criticized for letting her head down at parties at her official residence. and last december, she apologized after it was revealed she'd gone out clubbing till 4 am after being exposed to coven. 19 i asked our correspondent, terry shelton, brussels whether santa marvin's behavior is really any kind of security risk. while nickleby actually come out intelligence officials and said there. 2 was no security risk from santa martin's behavior, and we should point out that there is no evidence that she did anything wrong.
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dancing is not illegal in finland, drinking alcohol as an adult is not illegal. and she does not appear even in that video. and i've watched it many times to, to seem incapacitated in any way. but the truth is that in a country like finland, which shares a border of 1340 kilometers with russia, national security questions are taken very seriously and are discussed quite transparently and public. and that's what this is really coming down to. and in the end it's, it's not so much whether she would have needed to take a decision at that moment that she was dancing in front of her friends camera. but whether the video itself can be used for propaganda. and as you heard, expert hannah smith say, there are already signs that russia is trying to exploit this video. this was, of course, meant to be a private video though. do we know how it was leaked? we don't know, and i've just checked with finished friends again in the last few minutes to make sure that we haven't seen any evidence about who leaked it. and this,
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in fact might be a bigger security question, nickel because of course, my son amarion and, and everyone there will know who was behind the phone. but if that person, and i would expect that someone in that close circle would not purposely put it out, perhaps there is a lack of security in their phone system in, in the, you know, the people in networks close to santa martin and that might be something that really is worth more of a more scrutiny when it, when it comes to security. if these phones can be hacked so easily that this video could be put out. and i would expect that people are looking at that very closely. now, this entire thing has triggered a heated debate about whether a video like this would have caused the same stir in the prime minister. we're an older man is martin under a particular scrutiny in finland for being young and for being a woman. i think she is, and i lived in finland for 8 years and i study the country quite carefully. you
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know, finland has had a lot of leaders who have done things that might not be considered so publicly proper. they were drinkers, they had mistresses, they had quite close relationships with soviet leaders. and you don't hear so much about that. of course there wasn't twitter there. what weren't social social mobiles videos that could be disseminated into the public. and so they got away with a lot more. so now you have this extroverted, beautiful young woman, seeming to have fun while on the job. and there's something about finland that says, you know, perhaps us just a bit much. they aren't so light hearted at time. and i think they might be a little bit uncomfortable with it, but of course you have seen young people also cheering her on and saying have a good time when you're off duty, madam prime minister. thank you very much. the bill your correspond and terry schultz from brussels. and before we go, here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you at the sour, un secretary general. and when you go,
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terrorist has called on russia not to cut the upper region nuclear plants from ukraine's power grid. keith says russia is planning a provocative act at the installation. don't forget, you can always get the w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world. 1 as well as the push notifications for and the breaking news with for now you're up to date on the latest news stick around though. i'll be back after the break. take you through the day of if you then mm hm. ah,
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with blue with what's making the headline to stand what's behind them? dw news africa the show that faculty issues shaping the con life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. ah, well, the streets to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars funding was on the
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ground reporting from across the continent. all the trend stuff. my talk to you in 60 minutes on d. w. o. departure into the to day. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand of magellan expedition. now then became a scientific expedition. as many new things were being discovered, it was in fact an adventure in the end part of a race for weren't power between spain and portugal. a race linked to
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military interests, erase, linked to political and military facilities, but also linked to many financial interests and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world forever. let jones journey around the world. starting september 7th on d. w. with as the war in ukraine rages on pinprick diplomatic successes aimed at averting a catastrophe. the french president says, lottery bottom has agreed to an independent inspection at europe's biggest nuclear power plant, which is currently under russian occupation in the middle.


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