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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah ah ah this is dw news line from berlin. the un secretary general says ukraine's energy belongs to ukraine. antonia good tatters calls on russia not to cut those upper region nuclear plant from ukraine's power grid. something here says moscow is planning to do. also on the program, germany sends new troops to molly,
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dealt with peacekeeping. but there are tensions over the host nations hiring of russian mercenaries to battle and surgeons and an ancient city facing a modern problem. climate change means athens is getting hotter and dryer, but the gree capital is finding ways to adapt to rising temperatures. ah, i'm here and talking to berlin. it's good to have you with us. a top level visit to crane and a stern warning to rush up. the head of the united nations has reiterated his concerns over the safety of europe's biggest nuclear power station. antonio winters is calling for a safe zone around the russian occupies apart asia nuclear plant. each side accuses the other of shelling the facility key of also claims. russia is planning to cut electricity produced at the facility from its power network. visiting the port
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odessa gutierrez had a clear message for moscow. obviously, the electricity from suff audits. ja is ukrainian electricity. and the, it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these people must be fully respected. well, concerns over to noble like accident or worse is spreading fear among the local residents, while still under ukrainian control, the cities parisha is alarmingly close to the front line and the nuclear plant. the demand is skyrocketing every day, pharmacies ins, parisha, so iodine pills to residents. they're anxious about the russian occupied nuclear power plant. and we 40 kilometers away notice thrust was gay. yes, of course it worries us a lot. we all still remember chernobyl to we are afraid, and we worry a lot at humanitarian center here, hosts refugees from a nevada,
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where the power plant is located, a former employee he wants to remain anonymous, describes the situation. there is b, mature, they beat up the head of the department. they took him away and beat him, be why they don't explain it. they just take people away and mistreat them again and again, the size of the nuclear power plant comes under artillery, fire, russia, and ukraine, both blaine, each other just across the river in the town of nic oppo. people living fear not only from the daily shelling, but the risk of a nuclear disaster was life alarms. when we go to bed at night, we always say good night, i am. but now we don't know whether there will be a tomorrow. i've only got no residents are hoping the united nations can help. they say that what's unfolding here threatened not only them but the entirety of europe
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. well, with all eyes and separate asia, we asked our corresponded young philip shaw. it's to give us the latest on the volatile situation at the nuclear power plant. well, after our days of horrible news, there are some potentially good news. so during a phone call with a friend president my call hootin agreed to a mission of international inspectors at the power plant. this is remarkable because he seems to agree to ukrainian demands to let the inspectors travel through ukrainian or controlled territories. so this is a huge, a step forward. of course we have to see if he will really stick to this announcements that have been very many misleading announcements in the past. and in the meantime, a situation at the power plant remains highly dangerous. a lot of international
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experts say that it's not only the shelling of the plant that is so dangerous, but also the increasing risks are increasing risk of potential power cuts that could lead to a serious overheating of the reactors with disastrous consequences. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines. at this hour, mexican president, andrea manion lopez over her door, has called for any soldiers and officials involved in the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 to face justice commission has said that military personnel bear responsibility either directly or through negligence at least 14 people have been killed and dozens wounded in iraq at attack on a crowded market in the town of albano in northern syria. the area is controlled by turkey, back to opposition fighters. the syrian observatory for human rights says, the steering government forces were behind the attack. police in nicaragua have
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rated the home of a prominent roman catholic bishop and put him and other priests under house arrest . rinaldo, over as is a well known critic of president daniel to go. the detention has been condemned by rights groups and comes as tensions have been growing between the church and the government. delisa gunman have taken control of a hotel and the somali capital will get issue falling. come a car, car, bomb blast, and gunfire. the l. k. the link to al shabbat group has claimed responsibility the attack on the the attack rather the cleaners on to booty. rather for the attack on the hyatt hotel. it is a popular venue among lawmakers and other government officials. germany has sent fresh troops to molly following a dispute, which side german aircraft turn around in mid air. berlin suspended it's peacekeeping operations. when molly's military government refused access,
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still doubts remain over the future of the mission. as molly is using russian mercenaries to fight a jo, hottest insurgency. the french may have left, but international troops are still in marley. among them around 1000 germans, part of the u. n. backed me know sma peacekeeping mission. there are mixed feelings about them. being there melanie minas, mom brought us nothing but problems. it would be better if they left that very little whenever you got it on my yeah, my feel they have assisted molly in training and on many levels, including financial and moral support for like we cannot say there are no benefits. with this corporation has been a win for all parties. tension between germany and the military, junta and molly have been growing mainly because by macros use of russian contractors, german for a minister babel grace this during
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a trip to marley in april dasa my. i'm doing this was my urgent appeal. why it's so important, including for the protection of civilians in molly that there is no co operation with russian act as here on the ground here for what it is clicking on it of the regime. and molly has been criticized for working with the russian wagner mercenary group, which is being accused of atrocities against civilians, marlboro troops, and russian uniform, all of a mildly uniform. it is clear that molly is changing. it. strategy was the russian mercenaries want to get there. they have father interests, they want to get the mineral resources and then let themselves be paid and doing what the government wants. while the russian government has confirmed that wagner personnel are in molly, the maryan government still claims that they are instruct us from the official russian military. but these contradictions are further undermining trust between
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berlin and by michael. and they are making a complete pull out by german troops more likely by the day. well, just when the world was getting a handle on the cooper 19 pandemic along comes another new medical puzzle. 90 countries have reported monkey pox cases so far with over 30000 confirmed infections. well, this is not spread as easily as the corona virus. governments are concerned and demands for vaccine arising in d has seen very few cases as yet, but hospitals are preparing as did abuse. marina chowdhury reports from delhi, this hospital in delhi was at the center of fighting the coven 19th. and to me it's now become the center again. this time the battle get another virus monkey box. thousands of cases have been detected in dozens of countries around the world. but just then cases have been officially reported across in the us so far. some exploit
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suggest more maybe spreading unchecked up as the racial mar is the medical director here. he says the hospital is fully prepared to handle infected patients. we have dedicated to isolation, ward treatment facility, and dedicated staff for the monkey box here cleaned our doctors, nurses technician paramedics for this virus because this virus is new in our reason, in our country because these patients are pending. these patients are ready to book their outcome. so we have a dedicated counseling unit, also. the our, the world health organization declared monkey box a public health emergency last month or the indian government sprang into action. first, the government have constituted a task force and release a horse of guidelines to check the spread of the spiders. and according to report, at least 8 pharma companies have expressed interest in developing
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a vaccine for monkey box. this of every biologist been in there as to hon, says more box vaccines are effective against monkey box. but the country does not have dogs on hand to free. he acts that it's important to be cautious and ready, but ruby neither work. see that this stage or not, i'm not really sure because her self resolving infection is it doesn't spread very fast. mortality, these are very ready law. so i don't do moss or vaccination for for monkey box is something we should be looking at right. the monkey pox virus is not perceived as a serious threat at the moment. but having recently emerged from deadly beads of cor, with 19 and dealing with rising cases, yet again, the country can not afford the good lax when it comes to a potential health imaging. well, there's been little light up in the heat wave that his crypt europe for the last several weeks. temperatures have top 40 degrees celsius in several countries so far
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. in our next report or corresponded corner corner travels to the greek capital athens, to see how authorities are dealing with the extreme heat. alaneese mirror really always has her water bottle with her in summer. she's used to the dangerous heat waves in her home city. she is the 1st chief heat officer in athens and across europe. it's her job to get the greek capital fit to face the challenges of climate change. she is on her way down into the depths of the city with someone from athens waterworks. it's also a journey back in time. the subterranean tunnel, almost 20 kilometers long, was built by the roman emperor hadrian. in the 2nd century, mira really is planning to have water flowing along hadrian aqueduct. again, engineers are already working on her idea. they are planning to creep 20 specific
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points where the, where they tap into the water, into the green new parks. a green belt across athens is intended to make the city cooler and low pleasant, mere villi. once more parks. she's particularly proud of these japanese style space . she is friends with the landscape gardener who created it. we don't have a lot of barks and, and green spaces and we have a lot of old people. the fact that the surfaces are we have a lot of surfaces that plan to heat up. we have a lot of cars that produce even more heat and air conditioning and produces even morrissey. so it's actually a pretty deadly mix enough in greece, it's stream heat. waves with highs of over 40 degrees are almost always accompanied by forest fires. and they also threatened the capital. in mid july fire reached
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athens and more than city limits, thousands of homes with gutted experts feared that large parts of the city, home to 4000000 people could be an in have school in a few decades. studies already showed that heat waves are responsible for a rise in mortality among the elderly. in particular, the chief heat officer is seeking advice from the red cross, red cross representatives from australia explain, they have their own emergency plan. when temperatures reach up to 50 degrees, we are preparing people to be able to help her people before they get really sick. so that we can tell them what to do and if they start having symptoms, some of these there that can answer a phone or can be next to them to help them. so they don't end up in the hospital. but not all athenians see it as a life threatening problem and they spend almost if i feel dizzy or think i'm going to vomit. i just stick my feet in cold water. oh, carry on at all. but it happens is more and more unbearable in summer. we don't
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have any rivers and the surrounding area has usually already been scorched. near valley is planning to stick by her home city. after all, she says it's hardly the 1st crisis that the city has faced in its practically 4000 year history. all right, you're up to date, but please do stay with us. d w business with stephen beardsley is up next and remember, you can always get all the latest news and updates on our website. that's d t v dot com. mary took in berlin for me and the entire news team. thanks for joining us. people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families played on the tax in syria to the credit on.


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