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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah, 3 years that will change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world. sports september 7th on d. w. ah ah . ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. russia agrees to allow international inspectors to visit ukraine, chaper asia, nuclear plant. moscow says atomic officials can assess the nuclear station occupied by its forces back to the resident, stuck up on iodine pills with both sides, accusing each other a fighting near the facility. also coming out explosions. rock of an issue is
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militant place each to a hotel. at least 8 are killed with gunfire and cargo attack tests, somali as to bill a see under a new president and gas promenade, a 3 day shut down of been north stream gas pipeline. european customers turn down that heating and cities switch off the lights to save energy for the winter ahead. ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. thanks for joining us. russian president vladimir putin says that he will allow inspectors to visit the shop parisian nuclear power plant and a call with france as president and manuel back home be your russian leader, said officials from the international atomic energy agency will be allowed to assess the situation on the ground russian troops est and at the plant,
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which is 40 kilometers from japanese asia and ukraine's east. both moscow and keith have accused each other of firing near the facility, which is the largest of its kind in europe. nearby residents are increasingly concerned about possible disaster and i'll prepare and for the worst the demand is skyrocketing every day, pharmacies ins, parisha, so iodine pills to residence. they're anxious about the russian occupied nuclear power plant. only 40 kilometers away. merchants thrust new. yes, of course, it worries us a lot. we all still remember chernobyl hills to, we're afraid, and we worry a lot. a humanitarian center here, hosts refugees from a nevada, where the power plant is located. a former employee he wants to remain anonymous, describes the situation. there is b, mature. they beat up the head of the department. they took him away and beat him.
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why they don't explain it, they just take people away and mistreat them again and again, the size of the nuclear power plant comes under artillery, fire, russia, and ukraine. both blame each other just across the river. in the town of nico po, people live in fear not only from the daily shelling, but the risk of a nuclear disaster was laid, alarmed when we go to bed at night, we always say good night, i am. but now we don't know whether there will be a tomorrow or the only god. no. residents are hoping the united nations can help. they say that what's unfolding here threatened not only them but the entirety of europe to somalia. now where at least 8 people have been killed by islamic militants in an attack on a hotel in the capital market issue. the group also bob, which is linked to al qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attacks on the hyatt hotel,
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popular meeting venue, politicians and government officials now too bad has been fighting to talk all the somali government for more than 10 years. friday's attack, as the 1st major assault molly, a new president took office in may. and earlier i stopped by phone to journalist his same mohammad. he was outside the hotel in mogadishu, where the siege between alger, bob, militants, and authorities still going on. yes. you have permission to go in front of security forces. i'm sure we have completed the building on this was some time. so we've come to the explosion. fire
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forces. we saw this hotel, we know is popular with government officials. what do we know about the victims of this attack? yeah, one of the victim in the middle of the hospital. he's been a lot of man. that is also people who are including when trying to with people. if i thought the last 2 months now we know more issue is not to say 50, but is an attack like this unusual i'm sure i've often the kid is out like that. that doesn't show up on like if you started chung from people and if they don't pay them,
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then ended up happening is somebody visually journalist to say mohammed in mogadishu, thank you so much. ok, let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines today. at least 14 people have been killed and doesn't wounded and a rocket attack on a crowded market in the town of above and north. syria. the area is controlled by turkey, backs opposition fighters, the theory, and serve a trace of human rights. the syrian government forces were behind the attack. mexican authorities have arrested a former attorney general in connection with the 2014 disappearance of 43 students . says it was mario koran, stamp accused of mishandling an investigation of the student suspected abductions. it's been charged with force disappearing, torture and obstruction of justice. statement from maria, her policy will be arrest politically motivated police and then co have rated the
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home of a prominent roman catholic bishop, him and other priests on the health arrest. rinaldo alvarez, the well known critic of president daniel ortega detention, has been condemned by rights groups and comes as tension, has been growing between the church and the government. our russian energy company gas from says it will shut its nord stream one gas pipeline for 3 days. starting on august the 31st. it says the closure is due to maintenance on the pipeline which runs between russia and germany. the unscheduled world could effect plans by european countries to fill a gas reserves before the winter. gas prompts that deliveries would resume after september the 2nd, but only at 20 percent of the pipelines full capacity. ukrainian, president low to mid zalinski said moscow was using the pipeline as blackmail and urged you countries to end their reliance on russian gas. and for
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more we can bring and d, w a political correspondent, jared read. hi jared, a. can you tell us why is guys from holding gas deliveries so abruptly now? because that just has been maintenance work of the pipeline, hasn't there? hi, i know exactly. we have to kind of look at this in a bit of context over the last month or 2. so in july, guys from had a 10 day maintenance of north street one and shut down the pipeline. and when it came back, online supplies were supplies were below what they were and then got from reduced them again. and so what it's saying is that this is due to maintenance issues with it turbines and the issues and problems are a result of distinction that europe has put on russia as a result of its war in ukraine. but of course you later, the not buying,
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not people like all the, all the german chancellor look on line. you commission president and critically the energy minister of germany robot high back. they are all saying that there is no technical reason and ground to reduce the flow of gas from russia to germany. and they are accusing vladimir fusion is using energy as a weapon to basically punish europe for these sanctions and to drive up fear and uncertainty. and prices ahead of ahead of winter, and also i guess, to drive a wedge in support and full a darcy for ukraine. so what e u countries have been doing is that they have been trying to work out ways to reduce dust, what, how much gas they import. and recently they agreed to a 15 percent reduction in gas from russia that would become mandatory if, if the kremlin dog turned it off. now all of this is, of course, really increasing the pressure on consumers here in germany here in berlin. efforts
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already under way to save energy for the winter. let's take a quick look at how and then we'll come right back to you after that. jarred berlin's landmarks are going dark authorities of pulling the plug. now, in a bid to help said gas and energy for the cold, dark winter ahead, it's part of a raft of measures announced by berlin's mare in order to reduce energy consumption, missed assignments. he's at some to an objective that sets a minimum target of at least 10 percent swollen via we want to say a good example in damage. we're also discussing how citizens can contribute to saving on energy and heating costs in agi to spam had questions. 12 questions which bargain? son bellingers are already doing their best to help. i'm not really that much at home, so i don't. i don't watch tv. i don't use my her. what's called radiator. oh yeah.
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i don't really use electronic stuff only my laptop name as of i don't leave as many things on standby as my husband does. more than me to save energy though, if i'm honest in, in spite of course, i've turned off my 2nd refrigerator here. that was hard for me. it's my beer fridge . oh, well guess i'll just put it in the other fridge. household energy bills are already set to leap this winter, and germans are being urged to reduce gas use at home. authorities of warned shortages and even rationing a looming ahead. if russia keeps squeezing supplies. so berlin and berlin as actively trying to save power. can you tell us, jarrett, what is germany doing more generally to diversify its energy sources? will. and yet the dependence on of germany on rushing got to live politicians really scrambling a bunch of things that they are doing. they are trying to secure
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a new impulse partners for oil and gas. they're trying to speed up the expansion of solar and wind energy. they are extending the life than of germany, coal plants that was g, or they had expected to try and face that out by 2030. and there is talk of putting a pause on the countries plant nuclear phase out. what they're also trying to do is really rush up and build up the liquefied natural gas infrastructure ahead of what as we heard in that report is expected to be a tricky and worrying winter. kara, thank here and that was the w political correspondent, jared read. now finland's prime minister, santa marin, has defended her rights to have a private life after a video of her partying with friends, with leach online. the video shows maria, and celebrating with well known influences and artists are in that she did nothing illegal and has now taken a drug test to prove it. ah,
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an innocent night out with friends or dereliction of public duty. finland's prime minister, santa marine is at pains to prove it was the former, after this video showing her partying and speculation about drug taking went viral opposition parties demanded proof sheed not consumed an illegal substance. 4 bought it on either through lexia. i consider these accusations very serious, and though i think the demand for a drug test is unreasonable for my own legal protection and to clear up dates, i've taken a test to day if i that the results will come in about a week and got full of de la, knowing be accountable ortho marines behavior have divided the finished public. some have defended her right to enjoy her free time as she pleases, like any one else. others have called her behavior inappropriate, and say she was naive to allow the filming. she was on duty as p. m at the time,
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but said she had no imminent appointments. i didn't have any work meetings planned for that week and they are confirmed usually beforehand. and i didn't have any meetings for example, saturday or sunday, but we didn't have any government meetings during the week. and i, but time all fund on spent at why with my friends and did nothing in legal still how critics question whether she could have made decisions in a sudden crisis in her condition. marine has the support of her social democratic party and intelligence experts say the incident law did not risk national security, but they warn it could be exploited for propaganda purposes. for example, by russia mccarthy, like we are being a mere less than younger spunk bite. get that line and you have to be prepared for the fact that all material that start circulating can be used in the wrong weight on that in santa maria, in the world's younger, deserving government leader in 2019 age just 34 high presents. he has since been
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criticized for letting her hair down at parties at her official residence. and last december, she apologized after it was revealed. she had gone out clubbing till 4 am after being exposed to coven 19. and with that, you are up to date sports life is that lex tackling the topic of equal paid in full . i monica mckennon from me and the entire youth team like fortune did only 3 people in trucks injured while trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border families plain bomb attacks, inferior to the current owners. we learned in the strait of.


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