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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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a 3 years that wouldn't change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d. w. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a high profile killing in russia. the daughter of a russian alternation listed dies and a suspected car bomb attack. daria dina's father alexander doogan is an advisor to russian president vladimir putin report suggests he may have been the intended target. also coming up. much of the world currently face is drought conditions.
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china is worried, the lack of rain can weigh on its brain. harvest now is planning to see clouds to generate rain and good news for game of thrones fans after a controversial end. the fantasy series, 3 years ago. the highly anticipated prequal house of the dragon is making its debut . ah, i'm nick spicer, welcome to the program. the daughter of alexander, duke, and a close ally of russian president vladimir putin has been killed in a suspected car bomb attack near moscow. her father, alexander, duke, and may have been the intended target. he's in our ultra nationalist, whose ideas have influenced the government's policies, including the invasion of ukraine. russian foreign ministry has speculated that he
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may have been behind the bombing. alexander dugan is believed to have been the target of the attack. his sin in this video circulated by pro government media minutes after his daughter was killed in the car explosion. they suggest the vehicle belong to do again, but he was using another one at the time of the blessed fairly in the morning, as investigators continued their work, the power of the blast became evident. parts of the toyota land cruiser were strewn across the large area. a burned body was reportedly found in the vehicle which sleet of the road. both duncan and his daughter derrier were on the way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival. not to be alex under dugan, is one of the staunchest allies of president vladimir putin. and at the far right philosopher and author, he has been pushing for a revival of the russian empire. his daughter, although less known, was also
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a prominent member of the ultra nationalist movement and supporting rushes invasion of ukraine. e on the be the word that she called for genocide of ukrainians. she called the pregnancy sub human rays. she called for public, ah, public killings of ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's a deacons daughter, bart, she is, 1st of all a very active member of our russian fall, right nationalist, neo nazi, our influential scene a spokesperson for ukraine and president involved him. a zalinski has denied keith was involved, but pro russian separate his se ukraine was behind the blast and rushes foreign ministry spokeswoman murray. as a heroine said if the investigations trail lead to ukraine, it would amount to state terrorism. and this is how did up is russia and less konstantin eggers. describe the situation, the, pardon the reaction to dairy to gain his killing in russia. well, when i woke up this morning, i saw the russian twitter sphere,
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the russian sort of social media, really exploding with this news and predictably those who are support a president, putin and his war was saying, this is an act of terrorism. and those who oppose him and a lot of ukrainians was saying, serves duke in the right. even basically, if he was the target of this or a parent assassination attempt, although frankly what i've seen in the last 23 hours is quite interesting because a new report of servicing that the car in which her daddy, our duke in our travelled, ah, was really a her car and not dugan's car. so now a new version is that actually she was the intended victim of this hit. if this wasn't it hits, but it seems like it was, are certainly in that would appear to be a, but just to help us understand
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a little bit more about the man at the center of this, the survivor and the father, alexander doogan, who is the how much influence does he have with president putin? no one knows he is 60 years of age, are met him a few times and interviewed him in my previous job. he is a very brisk man who doesn't suffer contradictions lightly. ah, he modeled himself very much on the early 20th century authoritarian philosophers, especially the italian yulusef allah, who was one of the fathers of italian passion as many claim about at the same time, he was very much a personal. he is very much a person with a specific russian imperial nationalist twist. he actually thinks that are the soviet union or the russian. why should be kind of re composed and no blood should be spared in a, in the quest for this goal, he sees the united states and generally,
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i think the west as eternal enemies in russia. oh, with whom there could be there could be no compromise or as force he's in. no one really knows because he's great at south p r, but no one has seen him are together with president putin. he doesn't hold any official positions of the criminal. although one has to say his project in the sphere of social media lectures and stuff like that, a pretty well funded and just briefly, if you don't mind, is there any way you can see this effecting rushes war in ukraine? well, i think there's going to be a propaganda fact, and of course, if it was indeed a hit by some kind of ukrainian connected entity, this is a signal to a lot of other people in moscow, but i do not think it's going to be something like a turning point or something really dramatic, the battlefield remains the main focus for us. okay. w's russia analyst konstantin egger. thanks so much. and earlier our correspondent jan phillips schultz
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in cave, explained the reaction to the death of daria davina in ukraine. amend has immediately denied any kind of involvement, a top adviser to president lensky. immediately went on tv and said that ukraine has nothing to do with the bombings in. instead, he, he blamed internal power struggles in russia. of course, the sadness regarding the killing is very limited. here in ukraine is considered the top and then me by many people here in ukraine, and many western countries sanctioned her because of because of the lies. and she spreads about about ukraine and the war in ukraine. at the same time, there are fear sierra of ed, so the bombing could be followed by x of revenge. and as we heard before, some prominent figures in moscow have already called for some sort of retaliation
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of checks on keith. and here's a quick look at some other stories making headlines. u. s. president joe biden has joined the leaders of the united kingdom, france, and germany, and a call to address safety at nuclear sites in ukraine. they welcomed the international atomic energy agencies mission to the jap region nuclear facility. russia and ukraine have blamed each other for jeopardizing safety at europe's largest nuclear power plant. to albanians, soldiers were injured in a suspected espionage incident that a military plan. the soldiers confronted to russians and the ukrainian attempting to enter the plant, who then attacked them with the spray. the suspects were taking photographs of the facility soldiers were treated in hospital for their injuries. a bloody siege in somalia has come to an end. somali forces overcame islamist terrorists who stormed
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a hotel in the capital, mogadishu, the battle with the al qaeda, lincoln al shabba militants lasted 30 hours and left at least 20 people dead. any others were wounded in the siege. heavy flooding from seasonal reigns has killed at least 9 people in afghanistan's eastern province of low gar. officials say thousands of homes have been damaged and the region urgently needs basic aid. it comes a week after flash floods killed more than 30 people in the north of the tetra. wow . china says it will try and protect its green harvest from intense drought by using chemicals to generate rain. the country is in the midst of a severe water shortage after its hottest and driest summer since the government began recording rainfall 61 years ago. but can china or anyone really change the weather? firing rockets into the clouds and hoping for rain. these meteorology workers in
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china's hu bay province or participating in a 3 month project. not sure, hoping to save this year's grain. harvest people around the world have been trying to seed clouds for decades. but it's not clear whether it really works. what is clear is that southern china's farms need water. badly. hello, are you home? media situation is like this every year with them, but we will have to find new solutions to a guy that's way along that. for example, we will build up natalie to block the sun one guy pendleton, and irrigate every day with him without. and we will install automatic spray systems to reduce our loss of excellent, loosely, clearly against our level. so it's the mock one way to get water to the fields is to divert rivers and reservoirs using heavy duty pumps. rice paddies require a huge amount of water and are especially sensitive to drought. any man without timely irrigation, the rice would buckle, which would lead to crop failure on that. but reservoirs are already depleted by
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the hot, dry summer. oh, yeah, that's why authorities are trying everything to save the harvest, whether the technology is proven or not. ah, in the buddhist league, byron munich have demolished vocal by a score of 7 nil staying at the top of the table. and on saturday, liver cousins suffered their 3rd loss in the new seasons. first, 3 games losing 3 nail to half in home. things turned bad for liver cruising already in the 9th minute. when christoph baumgartener back healed into the net. to open the scoring for half and time. take a look at how he was surrounded by multiple defenders that still managed to score. this is lay recuz's worst ever start to a bonus lea, a campaign ukrainian boxer, alexander is sick, has retained his heavy weight titles after a thrilling re match with anthony joshua in saudi arabia. music paid tribute to the
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ukrainian military after his when 35 year old was fighting on the front line in chief until march, but left his country to focus on his match against joshua, who seek one on a split points decision. after the pair went the full 12 rounds, he has now called for an undisputed heavyweight world championship clash with tyson fury. those fighters were emotional after the fight. here's what they had to say about the re max is while a bull, thanks to god. i'm the belt is going back to ukraine. the victory is with us, and ukraine has one. is really, really hard for me to sound proud of myself. um, i don't feel anything. i'm just, well, i'm upset. really deep down in my ha, ha ha. would continue with her. forgive me sports dutch athlete them k ball has completed a unique hattrick at the european athletics championship in munich. the olympic
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bronze medalist anchor the netherlands to their 1st ever 4 by 400 meters. really, title bull was in a league of her own and she left the competition, trailing behind. relay victory adds to her individual goals in the 400 meters and the 400 metre hurdles. and staying in munich, great britain claimed gold in the men's team. gymnastics. it's their 1st european title since 2012 britain scored the most points in the horizontal bars, parallel bars vault and flor exercise finished ahead of italy and turkey. fans of the t tv series game of thrones are set to get another slice of their favorite fantasy world. as the pre quail series, house of the dragon hits the small scream. the hotly anticipated tv show premier's on sunday, around the world. ah, he's a full set roughly 200 years before game of thrones. the house, the dragon promise,
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is more of the same intrigue and politics. how many battles and bloodshed and of course, even more dragons the series focuses on the white head dragon riding house of ta gary ins, full into civil war down here some 3 years after its predecessors, much criticized final episode, the new cost and crate is happy. the weight is almost over, but it begins just to relate to get it out now and let the world say it is come under so much judgments and scrutiny. i'm on very, very excited about the idea of this being on it being out and it is out in the world and then you don't have to, there was one study more right now i feel like i'm talking about maybe and keep telling them that is going to be good and then i'm wondering if you're going to be good. having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the series already us tv network, hbo is no doubt hoping the answer to that question is yes. earlier of you seem
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largely positive loading house of the dragon as darker and more sophisticated than the original. but viewers will have to see themselves if it ignites their interest . and you're now up to date sports. life is next tackling the topic of equal pay for men and women in for both us after a short break. i'm next visor, thanks to wash ah, [000:00:00;00] a


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