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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin, who is behind high profile killing in russia. daria de geena, the daughter of a close, putin allied, dies in a car bombing near moscow. her father is a famous ultra nationalist who supports russia's invasion of ukraine. kip says it had nothing to do with her death. also coming up german, chancellor of sholtes,
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takes a trip to canada. he's looking for energy deals and some help winning germany, all russia and gas. and in the buddhist league, who can stop by and munich, the reigning champions are having their best stark to a season ever. after 7 mill thrashing of plus good news, sports game of thrones fans after a controversial end of the fantasy series. 3 years ago, the highly anticipated pre cool house of the dragon makes its debut. ah hello m terry martin, good to have you with us. it crane has denied any involvement in a car bombing near moscow, the kill the daughter of a prominent russian nationalist. daria de guinette died in the blast. both she and her father alexander dugan, have publicly supported russia's war on ukraine. russia's poor ministry speculated
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that kia might be behind the bombing, but an advisor to ukraine's president said his country was not a terrorist state. investigators sift through the remains of the s u. v. driven by daria do geena, they say an explosive planted in the vehicle killed the 29 year old t. v commentator. the power of the explosion was evident parts of the toyota land cruiser. were strewn across a large area. her father, alexander doogan, may, however, have been the target of the attack. russian state media said doogan was intending to travel in the vehicle, but changed his mind at the last minute. both doogan and his daughter were on their way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival. alexander do again is one of the staunchest allies of president vladimir putin. and
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a far right philosopher and author. he has been pushing for a revival of the russian empire. his daughter, although less known, was also a prominent member of the ultra nationalist movement supporting russia's invasion of ukraine on the piece of work. she called for genocide of ukrainians. she called the grading so soft human race. she called for public or public killings of ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's against daughter bart. she is, 1st of all, a very active member of our russian, a fall right national, his neo nazi are influential seem a spokesperson for ukrainian president, followed him. his lensky has denied keith was involved, but pro russian separate her say ukraine was behind the blast, and rushes foreign ministry spokeswoman maria's or her over said if the investigations trail lead to ukraine, it would amount to state terrorism. did obviously russia to his following
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developments and the story from the life in capital rieger. i asked him if there's any more information on who was behind the attack. well, at the moment, sir, tara is difficult to say who is really behind the debt of daria dugan. but as there are many ru morrison speculations, depending on which political camp they come from, are to support us of russia, so called special military gratian. ukraine blamed kia from wild critics over the kremlin suspect thrush, us own intelligence service or the pro ration separatists from douglas. ah, margarita c manion. as a hat of russia state finance to broadcast a r t. blame to crane and cold for attacks against keith. as the an arguably most well known theologian and former priest andre cry of supposed to thrash us intelligence service murder to darya, jogan. fearing that she might have made too much competition for the established parties in his opinion of the kremlin, has more to fear from these so called radical patriots, than liberals and i am alone evoke of the fellow of the imprisoned thrashing
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position of political politicians. and have only he presumed that this car bumper would even legitimate a new wave of terror in russia. okay. ah, the father of the victim of alexander dugan has been described as putin's brain. how much influence does he really have on the russian president? well, nobody knows how much influence alex and a dog and really has on vladimir putin and some political experts assume that his influence might be exaggerated. i anyway, mister dorgan developed an extreme right wing of view on russia's place in the old i. he stands for an anti western philosophy and philosophy, and he is seen as a kind of ja intellectual father of vladimir putin. st plans to restore the russian empire. his daughter darya dog. dinner was not only fall off his philosophy, but also a candle for his secretary. she did her father's business, and she was a political scientist. dia dog, and i gave comments on to propaganda media and russia. she def definetly,
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supported president putin at moscow's foreign policy. and in june she visit the dung boss, particularly the ass off style plant in mario paul, what does the killing of doria took in a mean for the kremlin, particularly in the context of russia's war against ukraine? uri. well, i think incidents like this, terry, as well as several explosions in different places in russia close to the ukrainian border in recent days. whoever might be behind them. all these incidents are under mine, a definitely the kremlin narrative about security and stability that vladimir putin supposedly stands for our thrashing president, built his reputation on stability after the terrible and 19 nighties at one deadly attacks were commonplace in russia. and it's clear that they have warned ukraine has now reached to the russian capital moscow with this explosion, moskowitz expect at least more dead identity checks, more police on the streets. it does seem remarkable how is the frequency of attacks
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and rush on russian territory has increased in recent days, and these could in fact, be as signal to the russian leads to the kremlin. uri. thank you so much for now. our correspondent, uri rochette, are there. the story of course, is also being closely followed in ukraine. earlier we asked w john philip showed cynthia what ukrainians make of doria to gain his killing. one often to lend case top advisors went on t v and said that ukraine has nothing to do with the bomb being said ukraine. it's not a criminal state and does not use such a method. instead, he blamed internal power struggles in russia. of course, the suddenness of running the death of duty is quite limited in ukraine by many people. she was considered an enemy of the state, and she was also the target of western thanks. and of course, because of her lies about the war in ukraine. at the same time,
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there are fears that the bombing could be followed by some sort of revenge. and as we heard before, they have already been caused by prominent figures in moscow to have some sort of retaliation that takes on here. now talk to his young philip about the latest developments in the war there in ukraine, where do things stand now on the battlefield? once again, some of the most worries, some developments have to do with the famous a nuclear power plant and separate asia in the city. of nico po, which is just across the river from the plant, there have been at least 5 different attacks in the past hours. and as you know, the russians are accused of using the nuclear power plant as a military basis to launch a text in the region. they have also been more at tags in the south and in the east of the country, especially in the region of iran. odessa and in the danbury region as well. and so
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what worries a lot of ukrainians at the moment is that there are reports about intensive fight attacks in the coming days. because on wednesday, it's ukraine's independence day and said, president zalinski has already warned ukrainians that moscow could plant something, especially cruel in the coming days. young film, thank you so much. our corresponding young, philip sholtes, the innkeeper sketch up on smother stories making headlines around the world to day former and be a champion, dennis rodman says he will travel to russia to seek the release of fellow basketball store. brittany griner rodman has a history of dabbling and geo politics, including a long running friendship with north korean leader. kim young own greiner has been sentenced by a moscow court to 9 years in prison for drug possession in lebanon. further parts of grain, silos and bay roots port have caught fire and collapsed 2 years after they were
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damaged in a huge explosion. the towers were among the last remaining trunks of the structure . more than 200 people were killed in 2021. fertilizer ignited in one of history's biggest non nuclear explosions. pakistan police have filed terrorism charges against former prime minister imran khan after a speech he gave the weekend in his remarks con, threatened to sue pakistan's, police inspector general and a female judge. countries media watchdog has since band channels from broadcasting alive, addresses by con, accusing him of hate speech. german chance all of schoultz has arrived in canada for his 1st official visit there. schultz is expected to assign a new deal. establishing hydrogen supply change with canada is traveling with his economy minister of a hobbit and business delegation. they're looking for energy alternatives and ways
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to speed up germany's clean energy transition. berlin is also looking to secure alternatives to russian gas supplies. this gas turbine has become something of a political football refurbished in canada. it was sent to germany, ready to return to russia to boost gas flows through the north stream pipeline to europe, chancellor, shelter his photo op, standing in front of a couple of weeks ago was intended to show. there's no reason why that can't happen immediately. but the turbine is also a symbol of close cooperation between gemini and canada. the 2 countries have been singing from the same hymn sheet, especially on the war in ukraine and on climate change. not only do we both have a price on pollution at home, will both be driving this work on the world stage to canada and germany are also $2.00 of the world's biggest economies. so when we stand united on something,
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it matters. increasingly, germany needs canada help with the energy crisis to earlier this month. german foreign minister and alina barebones visited her counterpart in canada, making it clear moscow's war has brought the 2 countries closer, react. we are totally facing out, offer russian gas supply. and this is why it's also so important for when we're talking about new energy projects now in the future that we are not only looking where the cheapest price we can go also for l n g. but that we are making crystal clear that this partnership has to rely on common rules, common standards, and this is why for us canada is one of the most important partners. canadian liquid natural gas could be a transitional fuel, but it does not have a long term future because burning it is bad for the planet. so chancellor shalt and energy minister hardback will focus on climate friendly, green hydrogen,
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which could eventually power everything from ships to cars to planes. there is amazing potential between for green hydrogen between canada and germany. again, canada has has what jimmy needs. germany. one, what canada has, all lights are green for green hydrogen. and of course you do have like everywhere in the world, there is a bit of not in my backyard during g 7 talks in, gene prime minister treat vowed to assist europe by expanding canada's energy infrastructure. and germany is building the terminals. it needs to import the gas that can keep its industry's running. the challenge now is to make energy co operation work, but both partners and to do it quickly. d w political correspond, nina hossa is travelling with chancellor schultz. she sent us this update. this
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trip is not about delivering any short term solutions. this trip by the gemini chance landa, his deputy really says to intensify something bigger, something more long lasting. the message goes beyond the import and export of raw materials and energy sources. canada and jim. they are really sending the sign year that they want to move even closer together. and this is a time why canada appear to be one of the last truly reliable partners outside of europe, which germany, things it can properly count upon over the next couple of decades. eat in the field of energy all when it comes to being faced with geopolitical challenges. singapore will repeal it's colonial era, a law banning gay sex effectively. d criminalizing homosexuality. prime minister lee, she and long made the announcement of the annual national day rally saying that society was more accepting of gay people and the others that he hoped this would provide some relief to gay singaporeans. however,
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the prime minister stressed that there would be no change in the legal definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, singapore, and so have deferring views on whether homosexuality is right or wrong. but most people, except that a person's sexual orientation and behavior is a private and personal matter. the government will repute section 3778, and decriminalize sex between men. javan one is a social worker and activist, based in singapore. earlier we asked him why this law was being repealed now this is because of the past 10 years or so. that's because he writes because it's getting very strongly for homosexuality and quinn to be normalized society. so i see this as a result from the smoking. how are singapore eons
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reacting to this announcement? i think singapore, in general, in general, our goal find this to be controversial because what people do in their own bed, something which is private. and it doesn't cause any harm to fight. so by and large singapore, in, within 5 to be controversial. so okay, let's get down to the bottom is sex between men is being de criminalized in singapore. but it turns out that the government is planning to amend the constitution to ensure that the same sex marriage will never be allowed. why this massive counter move? yeah, so this is where it become very content just because the church, the religious lobby is very strong and thing for the bite wings merchant and were
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initially against the repealed because they were afraid that it would be 2 more changes. and what particularly concerned about the definition of marriage changing and that it might start mounting challenges to change the definition of marriage. so in that case, the religious licensing for the government has decided to enshrine the traditional definition of marriage in the constitution. and the implications of this are actually quite see that because what the government has done is to save that discrimination against elegy, dc to both if acceptable financing discrimination in the supreme law has huge for other other kinds of life. and other
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policies which people tell about. thank you very much for talking where the sub was jo lavonne, one in same port. ah, the bonus laker season is only 3 games hold in already there seems to be no stopping by and munich. they bothered borkam 7. neil on sunday with 3 winds from 3 and a goal difference of plus 14 means by an have made their best ever start to a bonus league campaign. ah, last season buck homes, fans, boston the glory of a fool to victory over by and then they stunned the champions with full fast half goals, but they soon find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a humiliation by and wasted no time in taking the lead, a sleek passing, they've started and then finished by leroy santa fe santa was making his 1st start
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of the brand as league a season. it was also a good start from its highest elect, the defender, assigning from italy's you've been just heading in on his full day, being the video assistant said there was no handful. and so it was to nail with just 25 minutes gone. but by it was still no way near don kingsley come or added a 3rd with a generous assist from boykin's defense before the inevitable force came on the stroke of half time, courtesy of sadie manet, do i stop at milly equaling what your opponents did she last season goal number 5 was a man a penalty. and yes, conceding this much really hurts by and 6 went down as an own goal for the happiness christian gamboa. proving it really wasn't buffer miss day boss. at least that misery ended with goal number 7. that one was by substitute,
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so can every not missing out on the fun, despite and injured wrist 7 kneel by and the final school, the raining champions looking as imperious. and my to this as ever. also on sunday, frankfurt in clone battle to attend one. all draw. frankfurt are now windless and 11 boon is lea a matches there. japan, international die cheese. come out, i bashed in a free kick with 71 minutes. gone, replay shows its deflecting shows, deflecting of the defenders head. but cologne responded 11 minutes later when john tillman all laid in from long range to secure a point for the billy goats, and keep them unbeaten in this seas. check on some other stories in the sports world. germany's 4 by 100 meter relay team, one gold at the european championships and munich on sunday. the bucket house held on to germany's lead in the final stretch across the line in 42.3 seconds ahead. of
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poland and italy, it's the german cortez, 1st gold in the event in 10 years dutch athlete fem kibble completed an incredible hat trick in munich. she anchored the netherlands to their 1st ever 4 by 400 meters relay title. old left the competition behind adding to her individual golds in the 400 meters and 400 meter hurtles. while great britain claimed gold in the men's team gymnastics, it's there 1st european title since 2012 written score, the most points in the horizontal bars, parallel bars, bolt and floor exercise may finished ahead of italy and turret fans of the tv series game of thrones have been treated to another slice of their favorite fantasy world as the pre cool series house of the dragon hit the small
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screen. the hotly anticipated tv show premiered on sunday, around the world. ah, he's a foot cit roughly 200 years before game of thrones. the house, the dragon promise, is more of the same intrigue in politics, harmony, battles, and bloodshed. and of course, even more dragons. the series focuses on the white head dragon, riding house of ta, gary, and full into civil war, down us some 3 years after its predecessors, much criticized final episode, the new cost in craters a happy the weight is almost over, but it be gauge is the relief to get it out now and let the world say it is common to so much judgments and scrutiny. i'm on very, very excited about the idea of this being and being out and that is out in the world. and then you don't have to do was one's many more right now i feel like i'm
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talking about maybe and keep telling them that it's going to be good. and then i'm wondering, is it gonna be good? having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the series already us tv network, hbo is no doubt hoping the answer to that question is yes. earlier of you seem largely positive loading house of the dragon as darker and more sophisticated than the original. but viewers will have to see themselves if it ignites their interest more. let's bring in scott roxborough from d w culture. so scott did the 1st episode of this saw house of the dragon live up to the hype? yeah, for me actually, it did. i mean, i'm not sure if you were a fan of the original show game of thrones. i admit i was no, no. okay. well then for those of us who were a big fan, i think we've been jones ing for a of yours now waiting for another dose of the sort of west rose fantasy world. and this definitely livers on that front. i mean, it's got all the stuff that you expect from a game of thrones. you know,
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the iron thrown the internal battles, lots of sex and violence, and lots of dragons, lots and lots of drags in this show. it'll be interesting to see though, because it does do a few things differently than game of thrones. so it'll be interesting to see how fans respond under the show. i think it depends a lot on what you really liked from game of thrones. and what you did like is it double downs doubles down on certain aspects of the show and that world and leaves out leaves out. ok. ok, it's just getting started with. there's one episode this out of the, of course people are going to be comparing this to game of thrones. you've seen game of thrones. you've seen now house of the dragon. how does it compare? yeah, i think it's interesting the a what the show is quite different. i mean, is that in the very same world that are almost 200 years before the, the events of game of thrones. but what it does a bit differently, a game of thrones is really a story of like of these huge a families fighting each other to try and conquer of
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a world of western osa do call grid the kingdom. this is a different story. this, you have one family, the cag areas, which are the platinum blonde, a dragon, a rulers. they run the whole whole show. they're completely dominant in this a series. but they have internal conflicts and it's basically a story, a succession of an aged and sickly king who is going to die and who is going to succeed. him has leader on the iron throne and that's the sort of center conflict. and so it's much more of the sort of huge battles of between kingdoms. it's much more an internal civil struggle, a bit more like a palace injury. i think there's a little bit more downton abbey, a little bit more the crown in this series than, than what we know from game of thrones. so it depends if you like, that type of stuff you'd like to sort of palace, intrigued internal family complex. you're really gonna love the show if you want more huge armies battling each other. maybe this is not quite the thing for you. well, this seems to be some appetite, at least in the u. s. i understand that demand for this 1st episode was so high
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that it created problems for hbo. yeah, it feel max's streaming service, which is the online version of how you can watch the show crashed for a lot of people. what you've seen happen before. we saw it happened with the finale of stranger things on, on netflix, you seen it happen even with this show, with game of thrones. the final episode of game of thrones. you saw some crashing. i think this is going to be a problem going forward. we're much more people are watching the shows on line on streaming services than a traditional on traditional television. and maybe infrastructure won't really hold up. well, big, big deal. scott, thank you so much. scott rosmer from the w culture. you're watching d w. those. just reminder, all the top story we're following for you this, our ukraine has denied involvement in moscow. car bombing that killed daria debina, the daughter of a prominent russian nationalist. both she and her father, alexander duking, have publicly supported russia's war on ukraine. you're watching
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dw is coming to live from berlin up. next we've got our sports magazine for you. sports life. it's tackling the issue of equal pay in football. i'm terry martin from me and all of us here at dw, thanks for watching. mm ah. ah with
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ah the science of urban evolution, a fish choosing kitchens,
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my he surviving fast food in most accustomed to night. the things that are on getting in the sit darwin would have been totally amazed in 45 minutes on do with tended, glistening place of longing. the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and to far a dual career drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the editor rainy's ready to lead journey this week on d. w. mm
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hm. ah i oh oh oh oh oh kelsey women and healthy men both won their f a pop semifinals healthy women, 15.


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