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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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it allows them the so i'm like, they're all gone now. i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the world should not forget the long shadow of the 1972 olympic massacre. start september 3rd on d. w. ah ah ah, this is dw used live from berlin, german chancellor, all of schoultz visits his canadian counterpart of montreal. both say they're committed to renewable energy and fight climate change, but for now need to boost fossil fuel supply. as energy prices skyrocket, partly due to brushes, boring ukraine, a correspondent is there with the latest. russia blames ukraine for
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a political killing in moscow. the weekend car bombing killed a prominent ultra nationalists daughter. a father is an ally of vladimir putin and supports his invasion of ukraine. keith says if plato pot and canyons defeated presidential candidate by their dingo, formerly appeals the outcome for the extremely close election rights. ah, i've been phys orlan. welcome. in hosting german chancellor, all i've sholtes canadian prime minister just introduce said his country. we'll explore the business practicalities of delivering liquefied natural gas to europe, shelters on a 3 day visit to canada, hoping to find you. sources of energy as the country looks to decrease its dependents on russia. speaking in montreal, the leader said that russia's war and ukraine means short term need to boost fossil
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fuels, even as they remain focused on renewable energy and fighting climate. change it a joint news conference, sholtes highlighted the similarities, germany and canada share that helped them work together. is the special corporation between canada and germany in all the questions that are related to the future. so both the countries half the idea of becoming a 6 of successfully fighting against climate change. and so there's a lot of economic and technological corporation which benefits the 2 countries because our industries, our business sectors and our political risk, we presented as a working together to make this happen. and when we now see that very stas, rushing aggression against ukraine and in the end to the rest of the world, it is absolutely necessary that we accelerate these processes
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our cars on a nina has or is travelling with the german chancellor and joins us now from montreal, where she attended that price conference in a what stood out to you. well, here are 2 leaders of, of world wide importance who really want to send this message out to the world that they are friends and that the russian president will not succeed in dividing them despite all the minor differences or sometimes major differences like canada and germany might have in terms of how to reach that phase of transforming the industry and make it become carbon neutral. so all of sorts and just introduce both stress. the fact that canada and germany are essentially moving even closer together. germany sees canada as a vital of potential supplier of energy sources and canada as he's germany, as a very reliable partner in the fight for liberalism around the world with which each has values all i've shown is not known as the most emotionally skilled person
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in public politician have but when he says, just introduce is my friend, this is something that does stand out. you know, what sort of pace are the 2 countries moving together out? because germany is looking out towards a possibly long, cold winter without and all that russian energy that it's used to being delivered yet, canada is not going to play a role in helping germany overcome are those shortages that are being caused by, of course, the lack of russian gas applies this winter. this is something that nobody is raising any expectations for, but what's important is to intensify already existing bonds and assign memorandums of understanding. so the both countries agree that they will work together very closely when it comes to that transformation of the industry when it comes to
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making that green. and this is of course, a medium to long term prospect, but germany hopes that it can convince canada to use some of its untapped potential and also explore liquids, natural gas on the east coast, and then hopefully export that to germany. so, and also much more importantly perhaps use and the hydrogen potential in the country. and there is the hope that in 3 to 6 years time, perhaps the 1st hydrogen can be exported from canada to germany. just so green are all these deals though. i mean, we heard from or just introduce their about minerals, hydrogen, nuclear even. um and from schulte about ellen gee, and green hydrogen. but so he has made a promise to transition germany, hasn't it? absolutely. and so has just introduced inter joe is facing a lot of criticism in his own country. many people here are asking,
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why are we extending essentially gas exploration, just because the europeans got themselves into a mess. but both to go and show stress here at the press conference that the russian president essentially force both countries to look into just which other sources of energy they can use for that transition period. but they both made very clear. they consider this to be a transition period, which is why they're putting a lot of effort at the same time into making green hydrogen production possible. t w's need a. thank you very much for covering that visit by the chancellor to canada. a quick look at some other stories making headlines. pakistani police have filed terrorism charges against former prime minister iran con avita, who was ousted in april, accused the police and judiciary of torturing a personal aid allies of the cricket, or turn politicians say that arresting. com would cross a red line south korea and the u. s. have kicked off their biggest combined
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military exercises in years. 40 drills are being viewed as a response to more frequent and threatening missile tests by north korea. and he will protest as in sol held a rally in opposition to the drill russian security services claim. ukraine is responsible for a car bombing in moscow. the attack killed daria. do you know, the daughter of an outspoken russian hotline? nationalist said to be close to vladimir putin, both dog and i, and her father publicly supported rushes or in ukraine. keith has denied any involvement, but an obscure russian group now says it was behind the attack. they call themselves the national republican army and non non groups. that is now claiming responsibility for the killing of daria took enough blood, which in a video statement read by a former russian lawmaker, the group threatened to more attacks on people with connections to the kremlin or but there are doubt that an improvised movement could have carried out such
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a sophisticated attack, quite similar investigations over the death of doris doogie. now continue, the russian investigative committee says an explosive planet in the vehicle kilter 29 year old t. v commentator. the power of the explosion was evident parts of the toyota land cruiser was strewn across a large area. her father alexander duke in may however, have been the target of the attack. brush and state media said login was intending to travel in the vehicle, but changed his mind at the last minute. both dugeon and his daughter were on her way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival. not to be sure, alexander doogan is one of the staunchest allies of president vladimir putin in a far right philosopher in author. he has been pushing for a revival of the russian empire. his daughter, although less known, was also a prominent member of the orchard. nationalist movement supporting russia's
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invasion of ukraine. e on the piece of work that he called for genocide of ukrainians. she called greg in so soft human race, she called for public or public killings of ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's against daughter bart. she is, 1st of all, a very active member of russian, a fall right nationalist, neo nazi, our influential scene. rushes federal security service is now accusing ukraine of being behind the blast as spokesperson for ukrainian president follow dimia. so lensky has denied keith was involved. i'll keith correspond it. roman con sankoh told me it's so far unclear who may have been behind the attack. well, it is still not quite clear if that organization that claimed it was responsible if or if it was, it was real or receive help more questions than answers and we have no official
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confirmation for or no confirmation from independent sources that it exists that such an organization, underground organization. it is not why a clear why now, 6 months after that, and after the rush invaded ukraine, not clear why such targets. i'm because i'm doing himself was well known, but he's not a was not i'm, they were active in that war, but on the propaganda front, i would say and, and if you read that letter that that organization published. ah, and it is written in a very, very pathetic language. some experts here say it is maybe too pathetic to be true. okay, so what were you saying is that sounds very amateurish. what, what's the likelihood of ukrainian special forces then being behind the attack? will it is possible, but i would say it is rather unlikely because it will,
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it will be very, untypical for ukrainian special forces. let's remember in the coming in the past months, ukrainian forces tried m, m at recess and h, a separatist leaders, some military men, some ukrainians in the south, and in the east territories under russian control. people, cuba collaborating with the russian forces was russian. i'm the military administration, there were assassinations, but there were no. and no such killings on the russian territory. no killings of women. this is something completely new and i don't see why ukrainian forces should do it. i'm just a few days a few weeks ago. ukrainians, presumably they did not say it officially, and he'd some military targets on the russian occupied crimea. and this makes sense because it's, it was, there was military targets. this is a completely different story. and in that letter of that organization, it claims at the it will not hit civilians and daria duncan and i was a civilian. she was not part of the military. can you tell me what sharpe hooton's
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reaction has been? well, we've heard some reaction a, he's a, he's a press service, a said that he sent a telegram of condolences presumably to dugan himself, to the father of the victim, saying that she was a victim. that it was a ah vile act and saying that she was a patriot of russia. so very short, a short letter of condemnation by president booting, which is also a rather unusual anomaly. it takes time for russian president to react this time. he reacted after the russian secret service f as be claimed, or there was a ukrainian woman who killed at daria tonight. so it all happens very, very fast, very fast investigation, very 1st foster finger pointing towards ukraine and very fast reaction by the russian president. there was also reaction by duking himself. he will shad i'm that
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it was a no terrorist attack by ukraine and that he would like to see not just revenge, but he would like to see a victory over ukraine, a reportable ankle in keith. there can years opposition leader, right. oh dingo has formerly challenged the results of the presidential election claiming voting. irregularities, accompanied by a crowd of supporters he arrived at the supreme court in nairobi, filing a petition, demanding a recap. but inc, as rival william brutal was declared the winner of the recent vote. but several election commission has half refused to verify the outcome. see, this is or ding as 5th attempt to win the presidency. he's blame several of those losses on boat breaking the presidential election results a note last week, slip was sent that a continuous travel, fitting the forces for democracy and a good governance against the corruption cartels that are so determined that
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they will stop at nothing to take control of the government in this country. some all he is al nairobi correspondent felix ma, hang up as a mule leader, a loading guys finally made his threat. group italians that presidential election, but he thought that was announced last week. so he got to the supreme court down to 12 30 pm, east africa on time, land by some of these follow us who us feel singing and dancing in solidarity with you guys definitely buy a pass for there's a proof. got pieces of that time, the trailer being guy is challenging the presidential petition, presidential results in printed that in the challenge and the kids were thrown out in 2017 italians and the country went to i read. and now this particular day, it will take just about 14 days to know whether that country will be going to another good fresh presidential election in the next 60 days or the country will
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swear in the president elect william some way to talk. so they said that some of you supports as who came in to sending somebody down to do with him. they've been calling for electoral justice and i think that they need just the support a loading dock. i watching dw used life from berlin. i've been fizzle and i'll be back next hour and we'll see you then. otherwise had to i was, i think, i mean you don't count as you started. you should also have a great a.


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