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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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mm mm mm hm. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russia accuses ukraine of an assassination near moscow. but keith has denied any involvement in the explosion that kill the daughter of an outspoken supporter of the russian invasion of ukraine. also coming up german chancellor of shawl to visit his canadian counterpart in montreal. both
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say they're committed to renewable energy and fighting climate change, but need to boost fossil fuels for now and dependence on russia. and pakistan's or former prime minister, iran can charge with terrorism. but it's supporters rally outside his house to prevent his arrest. ah, i'm told me your logic well, welcome to the program. russia's federal security service has accused ukraine of carrying out a car bombing that killed gentlest. daria beginner, the daughter of a well known russian nationalist and close put in ally care has denied any involvement in the blast near moscow on saturday. the allegation comes amid speculation within the ukraine that an unknown group inside russia could have been responsible. this video shared by russian security services claims,
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a female ukrainian special services contractor was behind a car bomb attack that killed jonas dire to kina on the outskirts of moscow on saturday. they say the alleged ukrainian women moved to russia last month and had followed mister keena in a mini cooper. she then escaped to estonia after the blast, but ukrainian officials are denying the accusations as propaganda. good, richard agrees. the shoe crown shirley doesn't have anything to do, was yesterday's explosion because we're not a criminal state. we're not a terrorist states speech, not this role. but miss deacons, killing has also sparked wider speculation. the national republican army, an unknown group, is also claiming responsibility for the attack in a statement read by a former russian law maker and now host other ukrainian online news show. the group threatened more attacks on people with connections to the kremlin. daria dicky now died at the scene after an explosive device installed in her toyota land cruiser
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went off and the car caught fire at us. believe her father, alexander dubin may have been the target. alexander deacon was meant to travel in the car, but reported it later, changed his mind. both duke and and his daughter were on their way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival spread. alexander, duke, and is a staunch and i of russian president vladimir putin. and a far right philosopher and older, his daughter was also a prominent member of the ultra nationalist movement supporting russia's invasion of ukraine of his work. he called for genocide, healthy grainy, and she called ukrainians as some human race. she called for public, ah, public killings all for ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's good against daughter bought. she is, 1st of all, a very active member of our russian a fall right nationalist, new nazi our influential seem. meanwhile, president putin has paid tribute to mister keena, calling her death
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a vile and school. earlier d w. 's, russia analyst, constant in aga, spoke to us about how much credibility there is to the accusations coming from the russian authorities. well, there is none and the as experience taught us, as those who worked in russia, you have to take anything that the russian officials are saying with a very big pinch of salt, are the details that were provided by the f b, the russia security service about the assassin, amazingly, ob, sort of careful, a barrier my, the fact that there is just one day since the death of a misdemeanor. and frankly, speaking a someone who watched russia for 30 years. i, i always take, will they say, with a very, very big doubts bought at the same time and has to say that the circumstances,
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of course, a tie is killing to the name of duncan. there is no doubt in my mind that this is related of the question is, who benefits from this assassination? i will see it very soon. if the criminal wants to use it, he will not be shy at showing it. i don't know. clamping down on the remainder, russian opposition. oh, jacked up a tax against you crying. and i think that there are several, at least there are several theories about it. but there's one thing for sure. if putting wants to go for the real sort of conflict or if this conflict that we have, today's not real enough, he doesn't need to kill dig in to do it. however, in terms of the internal grammar struggles that maybe maybe a forced leg operation, a to exacerbate artificial, exacerbate townsend tensions inside russia and provoke the authorities into more
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clam downs. we'll see very soon if this is just a one off thing of if this is a beginning of something new dw, russia analyst, constant in agate. so john chancellor, olive shoulds is in canada, meeting his counterpart who says his country is looking at delivering liquefied natural gas to europe. shoulders on a 3 day visit to canada, hoping to find new sources of energy as berlin tries decreasing its dependence on moscow. speaking in montreal, the leaders said rushes war in ukraine demands a short term boost to fossil fuels, even as they remain focused on renewable energy and fighting climate change. a short highlighted the similarities, germany and canada share that help them work together. there is a special cooperation between canada and her and germany in all the questions that
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are related to the future. so both the countries have the idea of becoming 6 of successfully fighting against climate changed. and so there is a lot of economic and technological corporation which benefits the 2 countries because our industries, our business sectors and our political risk representatives are working together to make this happen. and when we now see that the various dis rushing the aggression against ukraine and in the end to the rest of the world, it is absolutely necessary that we accelerate these processes. but will the chancellor's efforts to secure canadian energy mean that people in germany can breathe easier as a possibly long cold winter approaches? would put that question to d. w. 's political correspondent in a has a who's traveling with all of schultz? yeah, canada is not going to play
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a role in helping germany overcome are those shortages that are being caused by, of course, the lack of russian gas applies this winter. this is something that nobody is raising any expectations for. but what's important is to i intensify already existing bonds and assign memorandums of understanding so that both countries agree that they will work together very closely when it comes to that transformation of the industry when it comes to making that green. and this is of course, a medium to long term prospect, but germany hopes that a can convince canada to use some of its untapped potential and also explore liquids and natural gas on the east coast and then hopefully export that to germany . so, and also much more importantly perhaps use and the hydrogen potential in the country . and there is the hope that in 3 to 6 years time, perhaps the 1st hydrogen can be exported from canada to germany.
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or let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines. the top us infectious disease official, dr. anthony fall. she says he'll step down in december. for she was the face of the government, the coven. 19 response. his efforts to fight the pandemic made him a household name and one praise from health experts. the 81 year old has spent more than 5 decades in public service and advised ross 7 president statement this. the south korea and the u. s. have kicked off their biggest combined military exercises in years before day drills are seen as a response to more frequent and threatening missile tests by north korea. and he war protesters in sol held a rally in opposition to the drills after they were announced. finished prime ministers and m marine has tested negative in a drug test, which she took to an speculation over a private life wherein defended her right to enjoy have free time. after the
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publication of a video showing her celebrating at a private party, she said her capacity to work had not been impaired. full of delay, 20 from pakistan, ousted prime minister in round can, has lashed out against the countries judiciary in response to territory terrorism charges. these were filed in response to threats. he made in a speech on saturday to sue a police officer and a judge. pakistan's parliament forced him from office in april and can, has been holding rallies to be reinstated. the new charges could lead to his arrest . him run con, defiant as he received the heroes. welcome by his supporters. a i called for legal action against them, and the government registered a terrorism case against me, and they have done the wrong thing with when we say we will take legal action.
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but they register a case against me because i take out an arrest warrant against me. what does that show that there is no rule of law in our country. oh, come on in the on the pakistani law, the former prime minister will states arrest if a judge confirms the charges brought against him. hundreds of his supporters gathered at his home to stop that from happening. ah, a police will have to pass over us before they can reach khan to arrest him. i believe they cannot do it. it is impossible. i think this is all media hype . physically, they are not even capable of getting here. i believe it has become the mission of our lives to save con feldman here. oh wow. con can count on the loyalty of his supporters. he also cuts
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a divisive figure on the already volatile pakistani political stage. as prime minister, he was accused of economic with management by the opposition. he was housed at falling months of political chaos. and he had alienated the countries powerful military by accusing it of plotting against him. arsole and her lead journalist in islamabad told us if this him ran canvas as the government situation could lead to civil unrest. cotton enjoys popular fort anna, this support is off the you focused on the war, charged on. and they're ready to do anything for con and yesterday, with, you know, there was this used at least might and arrest con, the workers would want to georgia and the leadership of his political party made it very clear. and they said that they're going to take off with the capitalist law if any arrest is me. so it's not that easy for the proceedings to happen. and it's not
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easy. or to calm down is the populace or that he's enjoying right now? so things are going to be bit tricky. it's back to school tiles many children around the world in the philippines. the new school year is significant, as it's a 1st time in the go. with 19 pandemic, the students are allowed back into classroom. going back to school after a long summer break can be hot at the best of times. but for kids in the philippines, it's the 1st time in 2 years, they've set food in the classroom. when the coven 19 pandemic hit schools here, shut their doors and switch to remote lessons on zoom. now students of returning for face to face lessons, and they're eager to learn. oh, here it can actually enjoy learning. and actually that person, c, c, n, zill glasses. and the, when you're learning online, it's just it's, it's,
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it doesn't feel like fun for the teachers to back in the classroom is where they want to be. i can, he never was so happy when i saw them, especially when i saw the joy on their faces. yes, a mom behind me temporary. this is our chance to give them our best as teachers and focus on teaching them. because we know how difficult it was for them. and for us during the pandemic and any lab be like the island i made no by no, no by name, yet. adjusting to life in the classroom won't be easy for every one of the teachers at this school. hope though soon, limber up to learn a lot this year. quick look at the sport now in tennis world, number 2, alexander spur of has withdrawn from the us open as he continues his recovery. following ankle surgery, a 25 year old underwent surgery and june after damage in ligaments,
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in his ripe and culture. in this years, french open semi final against raffle nadal. the german was the runner up of the 2020 us open while he lost a nova joke of age and 5 sets. the semi final in 202150. his final grand slam gets underway next monday. well, that's all for me for now, but after a short break, janelle de milan will be here with the business need to watch d w. news live from by then i'm told me all medical joining us with nico is in germany to learn german louis pinnacle. why not learn with him? t w's e learning course. eco's fake. ah william, how to think on it. gonzalez will i and i had.


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