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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin. german chancellor of shoals visits his canadian counterpart in montreal. both say they are committed to renewable energy and plotting climate change, but need to boost fossil fuels for now and dependence on russia. also coming out, russia blames ukraine for the car balding that killed doria debina in the daughter
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of a close booty. now i can't keep denies it had anything to do with her death. a russian resistance group is claimed responsibility and the daily struggle to get water in south africa. the country faces severe water shortages due to an ongoing drought and leaky pipelines make the problem even worse. last record rainfall and parts of the united states causes severe flooding with many drought stricken regions, being it hardest. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. sherman chance with love schultz is on a visit to canada with the goal of expanding berlin's energy partnership with ottawa, germany is trying to end its dependence on russian gas as part of efforts to stop funding the crime one's war on ukraine. canada currently supplies little of its
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fossil fuel energy to europe. in the long term, germany is hoping canada could become a major source of a new type of renewable energy, green hydrogen. he's on a shopping trip, but there's nothing here to buy. at least not yet. chancellor olive shows is in canada, looking for new energy suppliers, as germany reduces its reliance on russia. we are working hot to become independent of disgust supply, and we are doing a lot of investments to make it happen. and we are doing it as fast as ever possible. never such an infrastructure has been built in germany and that a short time and other. so canada has lots of natural gas, but currently few ways to exported to germany or prime minister just intruder only promised to remove regulation to speed up for a future gas exports. so we are in
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a situation in the short term where we will do what we can to contribute to the global supply of energy by increasing our capacities in the short term and explore ways to see if it makes sense to export l n g. and if there's a business case for it to export l n g directly to europe. so no gas for now, but may be later. another option, the chancellor is chasing, so called green hydrogen canada is renewable power, could be harnessed to create it. the german latest to it will continue with a visit to a remote town in canada as far northeast where green hydrogen technology development is underway. for more joy now by the w as chief political correspondent, belinda crane lender on the face of it, it looks like germany's chancellor and vice chancellor have gone to canada, pleading for gas to get germany through the winter and failed to secure it. is that
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what just happened? that's pretty much the bottom line. although prime minister trudeau didn't say a flat out, know we heard him, they are saying very politely that canada would look into it. but that certainly doesn't solve germany's short term problem. as you said, the government has been working, especially the environment and economics minister, tirelessly to try to find alternative sources to rush and gas. and amongst their efforts is as the chancellor said, now commissioning new infrastructure floating terminals to receive liquefied natural gas on germany's northern coast. but where is that gas to come from? this is now the 3rd in a series of gas diplomacy, visits that included, cut, tar, norway and now canada. and in all 3 cases, the german government has essentially gotten a rush off. and this is
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a very crucial problem. for germany, not simply the question of how does it keep it citizens warm in the coming winter, but how does it fuel its industrial power house? many of germany's big industrial companies, companies that account for a lot of this country's exports do rely on natural gas as the source. so this sa gas diplomacy is critical, but certainly the short term problem is not solved yet. ok, guess is one part of this saw berlin and ottawa though are also looking at long term energy projects. later today, transfer sholtes and prime minister trudeau will visit a proposed hydrogen production site in new foundland. what is germany hoping for their melinda? well, many people see this green hydrogen, which is basically hydrogen produced with renewable energy sources like solar, wind as a possible alternative to gasoline. that in the longer term here to there are major
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infrastructural challenges that need to be solved by the way. that of course, was what friend minister to those cited in saying that sending get gas from counted his west to the east to export it to europe is probably simply too expensive. well, certainly in the case of hydrogen as well, the infrastructure is complicated and expensive. some gas infrastructure could be re purpose to transport hydrogen, but we're looking at a much longer term solution. the so called energy partnership for the future that canada and germany will agree today to today would not even begin to activate until 2025. so again, it's not a short term problem, it may be a very useful longer term way to de carbonized these countries economies. but again, chancellor schultz has some other big, short term challenges he needs to solve. my new, thank you very much. our chief political correspondent,
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melinda cray. no rushes federal security service has accused ukraine of carrying out a car bombing that killed dario debina, the daughter of a well known russian nationalist and close puting ally, care of his denied any involvement in the blast which happened near moscow. on saturday, the allegation comes amid speculation within ukraine that a group inside russia could have been responsible. this video shared by russian security services claims a female ukrainian special services contractor was behind a car bomb attack that killed journalist darya de geena on the outskirts of moscow on saturday. they say the alleged ukrainian woman moved to russia last month and had followed miss gina in a mini cooper. she then escaped to estonia after the blast, but ukrainian officials are denying the accusations as propaganda. good bridger ukraine surely doesn't have anything to do with the explosion that because we're
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not a criminal state and not a terrorist state regional gazelle. but mr. gain is killing has also sparked wider speculation. the national republican army, an unknown group, is also claiming responsibility for the attack. in a statement read by a former russian lawmaker and now host of a ukrainian online you show, the group threatened more attacks on people with connections to the kremlin. daria to gain a, died at the scene after an explosive device installed in her toyota land cruiser went off, and the car caught fire analyst, believe her father alexander duke, and may have been the target. dugan was meant to travel in the car, but reportedly later changed his mind. both doogan and his daughter were on their way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival. alexander jogan is a staunch ally of president vladimir putin and a far right philosopher and author. what his daughter was also a prominent member of the ultra nationalist movement to supporting russia's
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invasion of ukraine. meanwhile, president pierson paid tribute to miss gina, calling her death a vile and cruel crime or short while ago i spoke to dw corresponded roman, gone to rank up in key of i asked him whether it rushes allegations, blaming a ukrainian woman for beginners, killing were credible well, one should be very careful with any information coming from russia, especially from russian. i secret services and am, if we are talking about the speed of the investigation. this is something which is very astonishing. we haven't seen in the recent years, maybe am crimes in russia being investigated just within ours. and i'm evidence presented on russian television. so um, it is still very on side of the host. the whole case seems very strange. i'm from here in key. if no russia is accusing you are crying a country which is at war with and am russia is presenting so possible evidence.
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ukraine is denying and dragging himself the father of the victim is calling for vain calling for victory over ukraine. the next strange thing is how of quick president putin reacted he. m m sent his condolences and awarded a metal to the victim saying she was a russian patriot. and the russian propaganda is also, i'm running hyde to call for strikes against give and this is something which also struggle. a looks strange for observers. here it would be very advice of ukrainian government if ukraine is behind this to do such an attack on the eve of the ukrainian independence day, which is on august 24th. so or ukraine would know that russia would, could retaliate for that and, and bring many people in danger. and it is very unwise to kill such a person a just a few days before you. you mention it about the possibility of retaliation. how
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concerned is the government in kia that russia may indeed use his version of events surrounding to get his death to strike ukraine? well, those concerns are growing by the hour. i'm just a few days ago. you can in president zalinski warned that russia might be up to something bigger than before. ah, we have a report that the government officials are urged to stay home not to book in the government quarter. the public transports the will run only until 21 hours or there will be no celebration. electro kenyon used to see in the past 31 years on this day, which is very special. so there are grave concerns that concerns and there are also reports in the media that western media than russia, that russia might strike the ukrainian capital key of something we haven't seen for many, many weeks. and the government quarter was not under attack since the russian invasion began. so it's very tense, extremely tense situation here, here in key if you can really feel that india roman,
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thank you very much. shar correspondent, roman daniel ranko. they're in kia well situation inside russia is becoming more tense for a high profile. opponents of the war and ukraine. intellectuals, artists, television presenters, who speak out had been targeted by authorities. musicians are banned from giving concerts and some have been forced to leave the country or refused entry back m. d . w correspondent, yuri rashonta, caught up with a ukrainian pop star who used to pack concert halls in moscow. ah, a sea of lights, monks to the audience in riga, we have come to see ukrainian singer svetlana lobo done what he's doing in my homeland ukraine is currently going through a big, dreadful, unjust war. ah,
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in the svetlana labord i used to live in moscow. she had millions of russian fans, but at the end of february, she publicly spoke out against russia swan ukraine and turned head back on the country. yet i want to be on the right side of history under sight of good and truth. moscow's response was swift lobo. dar was prohibited from entering russia for 50 years. that is just one of many examples of how moscow punishes prominent people, who publicly criticized the posters of the kremlin. singers actors and divvy hosts had been forced to leave russia. the folks who stay at risk persecution or harassment like a lawyer vera from you. katerina bork, with the bens, the singer, vera marcell on the used to be married to
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a well known rational position politician who's currently in custody because of his open anti war stance. sheep herself has publicly protested against moscow's policies and is suffering the consequences. ah, internet said the last night, our concerts are being banned. we get suddenly removed from the festival lineup. sometimes people just ring up a few hours before a performance and tell us that we can't play with the more serious the political situation. and russia becomes the more openly the authority's been our concerts designated and said, no one is officially blacklisted. but the names of musicians seen as undesirable a tear in the media, rushes low house of parliament is now going wants to her that it plans to punish officials who employ or engage such critics as they even included the hat of russia . channel one and the ball size direct on jewelry. the civil servants are on the
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wrong side of history. we want to bring them to reason with the atlanta local. die is convinced that she's on the right side. she thanks her fans into europe for their support. what, what about half hands in russia last year? the still not catherine. russia has gone badly astray or knew what she knew, what she was at a town is a man who led the country in the wrong direction for i did the thought and as long as people there don't grasp, that is nice. nothing good will come of this country with this thing until then performances like this will only be possible outside of russia. ah, sketch up on some of the stories making headlines today. former us present donald trump has asked a federal judge to temporarily block the f
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b i from reviewing material it seized from his florida estate. he's asking for a special appointee to oversee the review, the f. b. i. a search of the mar logo resort was part of an investigation into whether trump illegally took classified documents from the white house. finish. prime minister, son amarion, has tested negative, been a drug test, which she took to end speculation over her private life. marine defended her right to enjoy her free time after the publication of a video showing her celebrating at a private party. yeah, she said her capacity to work at not been impaired. my son, italian coast guard has rescued the crew and passengers of a luxury yacht which sank in the mediterranean of the coast of catanzaro marina. the yacht came into difficulty 15 kilometers from the coast. all 9 people on board were saved. it's not immediately known what caused the gold to sing.
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it's world water weak and unprecedented droughts and heat waves have put water scarcity in sharp focus. worldwide. more than 2000000000 people lack access to clean water and water. scarce regions suffer from acute hunger, poor sanitation and disease. south africa is on the front line 4 years ago. cape town feared it's water would run out. but now another city further east is facing that problem. our correspondent, every increase reports from tobacco, formerly port elizabeth in eastern cape. it's going through an extreme water shortage. not a drop in the tap in simple kazi tim bonnie's house for 7 months now, the supply has run dry. the arrival of the water truck bring some relief, but tim bonnie knows that it also spills hot water. she
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has to carry the water all the way home for herself and her 4 grandchildren. yet goose, let her know you're getting sick because of carrying this water every day. my joins heard. i have body pains, i have to take painkillers to sleep or go to the clinic. especially 1st elderly people. the situation is painful. said he thank 150 that is does that include this damn should provide water for her home, but it's almost empty. it's only filled to less than 15 percent of its capacity. only 4 percent is usable water rainfall is getting more and more sporadic and it isn't as heavy as it used to be. for 7 years, the area has been in the grip of a historic droughts. but while climate change certainly plays a role mismanagement, decaying infrastructure and a lack of maintenance, certainly due to it, is estimated that about one 3rd of the water supply our lusts due to leaking pipes . the scale of the problem is clear to see all over town.
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residents report about 200 leagues every day. the city has employed additional staff for repair works, and new wealth are being drilled, ground water supposed to help black the gap that the missing rain water has left the head of what a distribution for the municipality says. but why didn't all this happen much earlier? the, quite a number of reasons. some of them in financial arrangements are obviously from the study, the point of view. we've got competing priorities from a service delivery perspective. and in some of these m a vs financial resources, we're directed to other projects. a lot of people we talked to actually blame luminous of healthy for the current situation. at this point in time, my focus is to be able to deliver the metro and push the day 0 and our efforts, you know, i'm a going towards that day 0. that's the day when all water reserves will be used up,
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the worst case scenario. to avoid it, each resident is supposed to use no more than 50 liters of water per day, with a municipality threatening to impose strict controls. in the poor neighbourhood of simple kazi, tim vonnie, people feel they have been given empty promises for months. even the water truck that is a lifeline for so many isn't organized by the municipality. it comes from an 8 organization called gift of the givers implant municipally at lemme the municipality, but asked the politicians when it is time to campaign for votes. you find a lot of them here asking for votes, but when the time comes to deliver services to the people they are nowhere to be found. when we need water, they are nowhere to be found like are called people cause it and bonnie has given up hope and politics. her only remaining hope that rain may fall soon, so she will get a break from the hard work of fetching water. for more enjoy now by law
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one, ellen sun, she's a researcher of the sa home resilience center where she studies the role of water for the world ecosystems. thanks for being with us. felt she won't need water as to all living things. do you think it's possible though, for us to continue using all the water we need in a sustainable way without wrecking the planet? yes, i think the question, i will turn it around. i think we tend to think a washer as to what we use for drinking or washing, but human needs water. beyond that, we need water cycle to keep our agriculture going. when is a water to stay in the same ways? with our infrastructure design, i can keep that way and we also need the land system to continue to absorb carbon and not release it. so all these needs must be balanced. ah, we know ways to use water without degrading or producing heat. and we has a means to stop destabilizing, what does that go through climate change and deforestation?
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so say that we're not competitors with a pin at planet. we're living in the office and our fate is so tight, the planet that we, we simply cannot fulfill our knees if we rack the planet. so it goes hand in hand. you warned though that human interference in the water cycle like we're seeing now could result in the biosphere losing its resilience. what does that mean? exactly? yes. so for example, we see that in the amazon, that is becoming increasingly dryer. so the trees that are dying and dry and that very bad generating bang for it and capturing carbon missions. so they are, are so to speak, stocks or been carbon and instead of making within the next 2 decades. and this is happening, fax, them, a period of sources, is a very good example of a biosphere, losing its resilience in less academic language. we could perhaps say that ecosystem, the loser. resilience are similar to people that have a worsening health. so they've become more vulnerable to perturbations such as
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a bad drought or bad flu than human case and less capable to recover after such an event. ok, so the water cycle is absolutely essential to maintain. do you see sufficient action there being taken by humans to sustain the water cycle as we know it? shut down, sir. unfortunately not our we're still had into was this free degrees warmer word which will rack on the earth. what a cycle, for example. um, so we need to clearly do much more to face out the greenhouse gas emissions, prevent deforestation, and protect our ecosystem that to help maintain the waterside. go and serve us well in many ways. so what would you recommend right now that the world needs to do most urgently to address this problem? yes, there are not one thing, but we need to act on all this human pressures quite quickly, both on climate change and ecosystem protection and our management in agriculture,
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we want to move fast since we don't treat the kind of self amplifier feedback to proceed in the amazon, for example, the wind i mentioned we want to it's how is it for us to continue to help absorb carbon by thy release in it so that the quantity be all friends right on our foe. that will be devastating. ok, thank you so much. that was line one l insulin researcher at the stockholm resilience center. while some parts of the world struggle with a severe lack of water, other regions faced the devastating effects of too much water brought on by extreme down pores in the united states. heavy rain and flash flooding have been causing chaos, and parts of the south and southwest, with hundreds of people forced to evacuate. the state of texas has been particularly hard hit with record breaking rainfall in dallas from a historic drought to flash floods. the united states southwest is seeing
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a dramatic shift in extreme weather here in utah, muddy water, inundated straits and shops, while in new mexico national parks were evacuated, texas. so some of the heaviest rain flooding downtown dallas firefighters battled the raging water to rescue trap to residence there. got a hold of me, come and rescue me or took, took a lot, have a how to do it with the current. so from going out my home, you can walk away parts of the u. s. have been in a prolonged drought, but sudden down paused, don't help. the water runs off the hard, dry ground, often making flooding even more severe. climate change is making these extreme weather events more frequent and the u. s. government response to recent natural disasters has been repeatedly criticized as inadequate. already,
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inundated the southwest states are bracing for more rain later this week. scientists at nasa hybrid least, new images of the planet jupiter. they are describing the pictures as providing never seen detail of the biggest planet in the solar system. they show jupiter's famous, great red spots shown here in white as well as faint rings around the planet. images were originally photographed and infrared, and then colorized. afterwards, they were taken by the james web telescope, which was launched into space last year. you're watching dw news from berlin, just a reminder, the top stories were pulling for you this. our german chancellor. all of schultz is in canada, meeting with his counterpart to discuss expanding 3rd countries energy partnership . germany hopes to boost gas supplies and trust. and it's dependence on russia
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and russian security services alleged ukraine was behind a car bombing and moscow over the weekend. the attack killed daria vienna, the daughter of russian hard line nationalist post again. and her father had publicly supported brushes your in ukraine. key of his denied any involvement in the blast. you're watching dw news from berlin up next kickoff hes all the action from the 3rd round of the german put his leg. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah. with
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who a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's only about to perspective culture
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information. this is dw and d, w made from mines. eco, africa, clean drinking water. a hard to come by, come odyssey in the slums of ne robi, a possible solution vending machine full walks. i have, they are designed to give people access to the precious resource in an easier and more affordable way with everybody is becoming more africa with 60 minutes on the w with music 50 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of
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a horrible tragedy, arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team, and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last one was stolen, life or worse, fears realized tonight. they're all gone. how i witness is experienced the terrible events and this the world shouldn't forget me, the law shuttle, the 1972 olympic massacre. start september 3rd on d w. ah, ah, we.


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