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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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really motivated to lose my same sex marriage is mean legalized in more and more countries, discrimination, quality or part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind. d. w, need for mines. this is did up in years asia coming up to date back to school in the philippines. some 28000000 students have returned to in class in classes in the country after 2 years of gov closures. but they're all to returning to huge challenges including infrastructure issues and none in gaps. waited manila for mall bluff tab on the government wants people to know where the nearest area shelter is in the event of a chinese attack. the problem is not everyone thinks those shelters are adequate
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and as part of china suffer, severe drought, we look at one plan to make it brain. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to the dublin news. asia ledger could join us school students in the philippines have returned to plaza for the 1st time in 2 years. schools had been shot so far due to the coven pandemic. still not all schools have reopened. only about 46 percent of public schools have been able to resume operations. the rest can follow a mix of impasse in an online classes till the 2nd of november. when all schools are required to bring students back into the classroom. it's the 1st time in 2 years, they have set food in a classroom. when the cove at 19 pandemic hit schools who shut their dolls and
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switch to remote lessons on zoom. now students are returning for face to face lessons and they're eager to learn. here and actually enjoy learning and actually the person c, c and zill glasses and the when you're learning online, it's just it's just, it doesn't feel like fun. but as lessons resume old problems are emerging, large class sizes like of infrastructure and poverty are all contributing to an alarming illiteracy rate among children. now teaches fear, classroom closures have made the education crisis even worse. either both included in the 2 years they were studying online and they had very limited time to study since it's just 30 minutes per subject. okay. 30 minutes lang,
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very subject matter my body in a face to face class, there's a longer time for studying where they can learn different skills and competencies if scares and competency is at my from high bank i the lack of ada despite the clear advantages of in person classes, less than a half of the country schools have fully reopened some like classrooms. others are affected by natural disasters. teachers at this school, i'm glad they're among the lucky ones. i need them. i was so happy when i saw them . yeah. i think especially when i saw the joy on their faces. yes. a mom behind the la tampa. this is our chance to give them our best as teachers and focus on teaching them. because we know how difficult it was for them. and for us, during the pandemic and any lab in the island, i made no by no, no, by them yet. adjusting to life in the classroom won't be easy for everyone. but the
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teachers at this school hope they'll soon limber up to learn a lot this year. the kids are certainly happy, but there are a number of concerns here as well. let's get more from journalist alex, uncle in manila, alex schools have been shot for 2 years, but still only about 46 percent of them have reopened. why is that? aside from the slow vaccine rollouts and it needs anything to elections? i mean there are some schools that are damaged by the calamities that are happening in the philippines, like the facial and sunday recent earthquakes. so these schools are transitioned to either blended learning or are still continuing their distance learning. that's just the moment i listen, the midst of all of this, the units are philippines is wanting of learning poverty amongst her children essentially were due to school clothes, as many children aren't able to read and understand simple text to the age of 10 years. how does the philippines government plan to tackle this
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or vice president also, our secretary for education has mandated that all schools private and public must go back to in person learning by november to they are. they have also mentioned to the senate that they are studying the possibility of institutionalizing blended learning as a permanent mode of instruction in the basic education and a hustler covered pandemic in general. also, given the government pause to actually consider the priority it gives to education or the department of education is given parity in the annual budget. but because of the pandemic, it has exposed gaps a wither access the internet, our technology, and even i'm structure. and we still are facing problems, lake, lack of classrooms, a teachers and our school model still needs to be updated as well. and these are
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decades old problems that are still currently being addressed. we'll leave it there . thank you so much for joining us today on the subject. alex on carl, speaking to us from manila, thank you so much. and just to show how difficult the situation can be for school kids in the philippines just a day after classes restarted, many of them were cancelled again because of a ferocious tropical storm. the strong wind and rain wanted the government to shut down schools and public offices in the capital manila, an outlying provinces. yes, hoping the school closures won't continue. as long as the last one ah, to taiwan now an island living under the constant threat of invision. china claims the island as part of instead a tree and has vowed to seize it one day by force. if necessary, this month,
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china made of that thread clearer. than ever staging its log stover comrades, rules in the sea and a space around taiwan that show of military might was in direct retaliation to what be jing sees as stepped up. you are support for taiwan following a high profile visit by us. how speaker nancy pelosi as since then, more us lawmakers and officials have made their way to to b. after receiving the governor of indiana on monday to day time when he's president saying when welcomed another u. s. delegation and she had defiant words for them. taiwan has fought off china before and we'll do it again. destiny changed at 64 years ago. our sued uses civilians made sure we have our democratic taiwan today. hey, why always i get that battle. show the blow that no threat should shake the taiwanese people's resolve to defend themselves and not now and not in the future. yeah. she was referring there to china shelling of ty, ones, kenman, and matt, so islands in 1958 and those battles. and the recent civil rattling from bay jing
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have made preparing air read shelters, a key part of tie one civil defense strategy. but as did our blues, jerry chan reports. not everyone thinks those shelters are adequate. these yellow signs everywhere across pie pe. they show the locations and the capacity of thousands of arrow shelters where people can hide in case of an attack. now, a smartphone app has been launched that shows a real time map. so uses can quickly find a nearest shelter of his so swan to residence, to get familiar with these spots in subway stations, compacts and the ground shopping malls, and even basements of private properties. this is one of the many capacity in the city that can also serve as an airy shelter. however, we cannot see any signs of water or emergency supplies. and that is the problem
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advocacy group, say many of these shelters a very poorly equipped so you'll know who the woman northville taiwan is hot and humid and car parks don't have any air conditioning in the room sanitary facilities . it's not suitable to serve as a long term shelter when the was and so they all cardiac leads to super defense efficacy group militia, taiwan association, his organization regularly hose, 1st aid and self defense classes for the public go apart from the lack of facilities. g is worried about the reliable ss to these shelters move on to other, what have you thought? many basements in these residential buildings are occupied? there might be use the storage space and the not properly maintained, or could even be blocked away with some lessons. this is of a formal says on call of what will happen in the worst case scenario. if china attacks and analyst at a government fund institute of national defense and security research told us these shelters at different from what many people expect. how to say do things ago,
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cuz they are supposed to provide temporary protection when an air strike occurs with the funky things that the county of missile attacks are usually over a very short time. is the 3 to 4 minutes to do it use among white is they might also go on for a couple of hours. so for the so, so it, so facility such as ventilation either or drinking water supplies are usually not part of the shelter designs. she says the po, since i woman franconi notice for the week of the me, the most important thing is that people know where the shelters. ah, chen said. but many taiwanese people have grown numb to bay. jane's repeated shows are false over the years. so now the government not only has to maintain security facilities, it also faces the challenge of keeping up post vigilance. ah,
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china says if and try to protect its green harvest from intense drought by using chemicals to generate rain. the country suffering a severe water shortage after its hottest and dry st summer since the government began keeping room for records 61 years ago. but can china or any one really changed the weather? firing rockets into the clouds and hoping for rain. he's meteorology workers in china's hu bay province, or participating in a 3 month project. i'll show you, hoping to save this year's grain harvest people around the world have been trying to seed clouds for decades. but it's not clear whether it really works. what is clear is that southern china's farms need water badly. as a lawyer, homemade a situation is like this every year we, somebody, we will have to find new solutions to a guy that they along like for example,
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we will build up natalie, to block the sun, one guy who can and irrigate every day with him without and we will install automatic spray systems to reduce our loss anason who's lee lee. and i guess our little since the muck. one way to get water to the fields is to divert rivers and reservoirs using heavy duty pumps. rice paddies require a huge amount of water and are especially sensitive to drought man without timely irrigation. the rice would buckle which would lead to crop failure, hunger, but reservoirs are already depleted by the hot, dry summer. oh yeah, that's why authorities are trying everything to save the harvest. why that the technology is proven or not? and before we go more effect of the drought in china, the giant lashaun boot dust i true of the conflict of the mean and da da rivers can have water lapping around its stores. but right now, this safety dry with the river at its lowest level in recent memory,
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will leave you with that and see you tomorrow. but ah hold 50 years ago, the international gathering of peace and co operation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrace armed with sub machine guns, went to headquarters of the israeli team, and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last time i saw him like a wars fears realized tonight,
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they're all gone. how i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this, the world should not forget the long shuttle. the 1972 olympic massacre starts september 3rd on d w. if someone else to the hard work t v highlights selected for you new every week in your inbox, subscribe now with ah, there needs to be a business case for it. canada's prime minister says about sending liquefied natural gas to germany. we'll get expert analysis on how likely or unlikely these deliveries off. also on the show hitting a 20 year low and revisiting parity with the u. s. dollar. we'll take a look at what's driving down the euro and what's a store for the common currency in the coming months and dare to step. and one of
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these will show you the prototype of a flying taxi, who's makers believe it could soon be swarming above our heads. chris kolber, welcome to the pro rep. could canada become a realistic supplier of much needed natural gas to germany? the question today, as the german chancellor shawls continues his visit to the country, prime minister just introduced greeted shots on monday. his country currently ships all the fraction of its gas and oil to the you. but most relaxed terminals for liquefied natural gas on its east coast. still germany hopes canada could free up some capacity for it. and ellen g, shipments in the short term now and green hydrogen to raise in the long run. i offer mallerson trudeau didn't make publicly any promises about l n g. but said he would take a look at the possibility we are in a situation in the short.


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