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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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journey around the world, september 7th on d, w. ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. ukraine balance to take back crimea, president, florida lensky says he won't stop fighting russia until the annex territory is back in ukrainian hat. western lead is bound to support him. germany's chance, oh la sholtes is in canada to get access to new energy sources. berlin is trying to win itself off russian oil and gas before winter about this won't be a quick fix. and vote is in angola, said to head to the poles,
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long time governing party faces serious competition. ah, i've been physical and great to have you along. world leaders have joined ukraine's president vladimir zalinski to discuss the future of the annex quite me and peninsula zalinski promised to be everything possible to recover crimea, which was illegally annexed by russia in 2014. other western leaders expressed their support during the summit in germany's chancellor off sholtes as pledged additional military aid to the june of $500000000.00 euros. let's hear what some of the attendees had to say when the russian regime blames sanctions for the food crisis around the world. they're engaging in disinformation. we need to continue fighting russian dis information. that's why canada will create a dedicated team to help increase our capacity to monitor and detect russian and
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other state sponsored different dis information. the international community also has to engage actively in the long term reconstruction of ukraine. rearing in mind the size of the challenge, we need to accelerate the work that we started the new run in support of this process, like capacity as president of the g 7 and to gather with the european commission. i will host an international high level expert conference for reconstruction and dawn and october. we will never recognize the illegal annexation of crimea and save us to poll by the russian federation. we are deeply concerned about the human rights violations in the crimean peninsula. the disappearances, the torture killings. the persecution of crimean talked ours, the intimidation and incarceration of journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders. this is the dark reality of put in such
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a patient. the european union will tirelessly work with the ukrainian authorities and our partners to expose these via nations to hold those responsible, accountable, and to support the victims. we are with you while ukraine is on high alert on the eve of independence day, there are concerns about russian attacks on civilian targets. the warnings coming as moscow claims ukraine was behind the killing of daria davina, the daughter of russian nationalists, alexander dorgan keefe, denies any involvement, but expects an increase in the tax following the killer. most of the hosting the national flag, i had a few cranes independence day, a usually festive commemoration, but not this year as it also marks 6 months since rush us invasion mccauley. now his name,
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he will never recognize any one's flag of our london in our sky. navy is as we are always ready to defend our blue and yellow colors. see, i ask you now to commemorate with a moment of silence the heroes who gave their lives so that roy, gears and secretary, dully ukraine, his band, bigger celebrations, of a fear of fresh rush and strikes in keith, whatsoever. not every one shares that concern your past. you are with joy. we do feel a bit tense, but it doesn't disrupt our lives. this is our reality. and then the wire, the call. no, i have no feeling of insecurity. i come from her keith, it is dangerous there. and keith, i don't have this feeling. i've been living here for a month. no, no insecurity. vietnam weird of course we know that there can be attacks. but when we are worried, we can hide, tell them what, who yeah. dorski. yes, you can feel the tension a big that's just too much information about it. and that has an effect on you.
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otherwise everything else seems to be working, business and transport. or even for watson, i'm a suburb here. ah talk. what else can you do from to your cities the to whom you can't hide in the basement for amazon football season is precious. life has to go on. here we move to finish. i spoke to our correspondent in keith roman conchar, contrary ankle, and asked him about the likelihood of russia ramping up a tax on ukraine following talking is killing. well, it is possible. what is a striking is how fast the russian authorities, the russian investigators have found the culprit and pointed towards you crying, saying it was key of who has done it. and the russian president also was very quick to send his condolences or just a few hours after that information came. and he also awarded the the
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victim and metal. so things are moving very quickly and just a few, a few hours before your current celebrates in finance. this is the speed which makes us so peculiar and the russian attack possible. because we are also hanging, hearing a cold from russian, propagandistic from, from the father of the victim himself. mister doing, who, who asked for revenge and for victory over ukraine. so strange that these investigations have reached the conclusions are quickly and i guess a lack of evidence does keep expect more strikes as well, considering tomorrow is independence day. well, yes, of course. and it's not just an independence day. it's a very special day because it ukraine has been celebrating its independence day in the midst of war for 8 years now since 2014, after the annexation of crimea. and since the war started in dawn, boston east eastern ukraine. but now there is
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a full scale invasion invasion of russia and which is exactly on these day 6 small months ago, this invasion started. so it makes it double special for ukraine. and this year ukraine decided to to have no big events in the capital. keith, for security reasons, there will be no parade, something which ukrainians have been looking forward to. instead of there is a kind of a parade over over a shut down russian tanks or i'm heavy, heavy and ammunition on the central boulevard. trish attic and there are a lot of people going there watching those tangs touching them. people saying that they are very moved by the picture. ah, those tanks were captured during the fighting for key of 6 months ago. and keith was not captured at that time. and this is something that gives people strength here. i'll keep corresponded bowman gunter, ankle a quick look at some other stories making headlines. brazil's fall right, president valuables and adel has tried to allay fees. he'll try to overturn the
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results of october. presidential poll if they don't go his way, he said he'll respect the outcome as long as the voting is clean and transparent. fi fight is in portugal captured a phenomenon on camera as they battled a wildfire in the north. fire tornadoes like this can dramatically worse in serious places, making them spread rapidly, like several european countries, portugal, as seen, an increased number of wildfires this year john chancellor, olaf shalt said the canadian liquefied natural gas could play a major role in germany, shift from russian gas and bullets speaking at a business for him, the chancellor stress the canada is germany's partner of choice as it tries to end its dependence on russian gas before supplies, possibly dwindle. this winter schoultz is on an official visit to canada, which is a major producer of fossil fuels, but has not so far been launched suppliers to europe. i went all the disruptions. so how is germany preparing for the coming winter with reduced flows of gas from
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russia? as when i asked dw corresponded nina hossa, who's with the chancellor's delegation on this trip. gemini is trying almost desperately to wean itself off. russian gas applies russia as a it tremendously reduce the amount of gas that it's sending to gemini. so germany has to diversify and it is going on is hoping to around the world essentially to get supplies bought again, canada is not going to be part of this, not this winter and probably also not the next winter. the end, canada can almost only play a role when it comes to helping germany get through this winter by delivering more l n g a through it's west coast into the u. s. and to the asian market because of course, that would help bring the gas price on the international market down. and that in turn would benefit gemini as well. lebanon's, devastating explosion of 20 twenties, still wreaking havoc at bay road. 8 grains silos have collapsed as
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a result of damage sustained in the bloss. it's the 3rd such collapse this month. the sailors had been to stabilize the after absorbing the impact of the port explosion caused by negligently stored ammonium nitrate fertilizer. more than $200.00 people died, a correspondent was, simon is in beirut and told us more about the situation an emotional day here in bay to with after the northern part of the made with port, silas collapse this morning. right behind me, families of the victims of the made with 40 exclusion are blocking the road facing debated for it to pressure the government to quickly implement strategies to reinforce the remaining southern part of the made with fort silas. earlier today, prime minister designate parish and as you'd mccarthy asked the minister of public works and transport. i'd you how many to preserve the southern part of the sailors as and the more years of debate with for the explosion and the ongoing fire at the ruins of the made with ford that lasted for almost 40 days. and let this morning to
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the collapse of the northern part devastated the families of the victim. and that led to day to their boot dead. and the air rising, the bands of the preservation of the remaining southern parts civil war and oil boom, corruption scandals. recent events have been a rough ride for angola. on wednesday, voters go to the polls and for the 1st time in its democratic history, the long time governing party mp ally is facing serious competition. ah, music, dance and good mood. what looks like a massive party is infected opposition, really and, and goal us capital luanda. and despite the good mood, supporters of the opposition party or nita have serious demand i want to change this time because all bill but unity is that we don't have hearing on roller mentally has young hazel gussy a lot of guys who are forming bod. we don't have a budget to ward. i went up with nurse, i'm supposed to have a proper job,
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but i don't, i have to wash carson motorcycles to make a living. that's why we need change, done. and all that emotional does. angola is a country of stark contrasts. africa's biggest oil producer has one of the most expensive cap fills in the world. yet the majority of and goldens still live in poverty by the former independence movement, m. p l. a has been in power for almost 5 decades. 5 years ago, president rollin so took over branding himself as a reformer. now he wants to be re elected, nor the brown or bowl division. real man, the load on the phone. we had the courage to break it, had to and start the fight against corruption. we told the justice system to do what they are supposed to do, and this is what they did. so young viewed one quad, mary said,
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but many angolan say the promises when not fulfills corruption, remains the problem and the oil welf hasn't trickled down to the general population . people here are expecting the most competitive elections in the history of the country. well, at least at the surface, the country doesn't have a history of free and fair elections, and many doubt it will be any different. this time in the evening we meet hammond jade obasi, one of the thousands of unemployed graduates who lost trust in the system. his mother and father died years ago, but he shows us that they are still in the voter database. mannequins says, yes, complicated. is that a gather ashburn asap? i don't know if that process is transparent. if we have minors out there to people on the database, we can't agree with the electoral procedures that say ya, 9 dash one, ace. and these. but the government has dismissed these instances as technical issues saying they're no reasons for cancer. they can,
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the opposition really main candidate adobe auto junior is confident his party juanita will. when this time, despite tensions aim, it expected tight resolves so far. the campaigns have been peaceful to make as a limp champion. you. st. bolts wants to trade mark his famous lightning bolt celebration pose. just like michael jordan stunk. bolt wants to use the silhouette of his distinctive owes on a number of products. 36 year old, one multiple olympic titles and we'll championship golds during his career. and he still holds the world reco to the 10200 meter spreads. is reminder of the top stories we're following for you this. now. there are concerns that russia is planning to increase, strikes on civilian infrastructure in ukraine as the nation for past markets independent states. ukraine broke from the soviet union 31 years ago on wednesday. us has placed an additional $3000000000.00 in support to mark the occasion.
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that's all from me and you same here in berlin. after a short break out documentary takes a look at how much influence social media has browed lives in watching t w. news. i'm been physical and break off. we'll have your next news update next out of the greens and then you feel worried about the planet. on the old hosting, the on the green fence font goes to me, it's clear. we need to change. join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me for you for the plant.


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