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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from burly on independence day. ukraine remains locked in a fight for its free. on the front lines in the east, ukraine's military spans its ground against the russian advance, president to lensky vows. ukraine will fight to the end. as he pays tribute to the war deck and as a grim tally after exactly 6 months of war, more than 5000 ukrainian civilians killed and nearly 8000 injured among those
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casualties. almost a 1000 children. on this sad half year anniversary, we look back at how russia, on least a wave of destruction, sending shock waves across europe and around the world. also coming up drought and dried de la, italy's river po, one of europe's largest rivers is drying up, causing a ripple effect of loss across the reach. ah, i'm glad elf is welcome to the program. it is exactly 6 months since russia's invasion of ukraine shattered a longstanding peace in europe. it also marks the day ukraine marks the anniversary of its independence from the soviet union. but instead of celebrating, it finds itself locked in
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a war of attrition against russian forces. the russian minister of defense says its forces and the armed forces of the don barza making progress in the car, san and donates regents. ukraine says it's army is stabilizing the front lines through small troops, independence, day celebrations, and keith, our mutates with ukrainian president, warning the public to follow safety rules and observe curfews as russian strikes are possible. but russia's invasion hasn't only devastated ukraine. it sat major repercussions on the rest of the world. it has produced the worse refugee crisis in europe since world war 2. with 7000000 people displaced inside ukraine and the un estimating that 5000000 have fled the country. a russian blockade has led to a massive disruption of shipments from one of the world's biggest grain producers affecting tens of millions globally who depend on that grain and a triggered a world wide energy crisis as disruptions,
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the global energy supply put governments everywhere under pressure. our correspondent mathias billing. i recently visited some keep residents who lived through the earliest attack on a residential building in the capital up in the sky there working to fix the damage at the bottom. but it was a rocket. it came from over there like this. and sliced off a corner of the building. you saw me it was the 3 of the war. this was the 1st residential building and keith to be hit . they've started reconstruction, even though the war hasn't yet ended. the city council is paying for most of the repairs,
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but residents like only natural makeover house or raising funds that you could send that was available. this is the api center of the explosion. there were 2 apartments here. and if you look over here, this corner, there was another room here at the rock at chick the corner off and the whole room after the explosion also hit the cure apartments above and below us. i've only with us, sir, who is the destroyed room was the one most families in the apartments use. as a kid bedroom, the block was relatively new, built for the key of emerging middle class. the rock had wrecked 4 floors, but no one was killed. they were either in different parts of their
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apartments or had left the city like one family who had fled to germany. on the video, they had a camera in the room and they could see on their full and heard their flat was destroyed. i can't imagine what that feels like. they were safe, but they still saw this happening. it's terrible here is the process to download them here. so roughly 4 floors for the down all in as apartment was on damaged, even the glasses intact. still, she's happy. she wasn't home when the rocket hit. some neighbors were there suffered a terrible shock and still have trouble returning. they stay in close contact. at the mercy of the calamity has united i will. many of us have become friends, your shame this. we understand how important it is to stick together,
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and when the war is over, i'm sure we will quarrel again. defiance from the people was building was the 1st and keith to be hit in this war. so ukrainian marking to very different anniversary is on one day, the w corresponded john phillip shots gave us his impression of the current mood in the capital. keith well, it's definitely very different celebrations this year here in here for as you can see behind me, there are some people on my dad's square about lodge gatherings are not allowed. if we had to pass several checkpoints to get here and they have been basically buried alerts all day, people definitely understand that there is the risk of an attack on such and such, such a symbolic day. i think in general, the moods of the ukrainian ukrainians is very mixed. their feelings are a mix. of course they're very proud that they have for
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a fudge of the russian basin so well. but at the same time, of course, they feel the, sorry, that half a year of for war has brought with it. so let's listen ourselves to, to some of the statements of the people here. and as a formalism, i come from hoster mel, near keith, all the burnt tanks here are from there. my house was completely destroyed. nothing is left. we had decided i should greene with us. i'm very proud of our country's lucre. you know, i'm glad that we came back from europe salmon where we had fled to, to celebrate here. now on this day with our fellow citizens, mitchell and i feel nothing. no fear. i traveled almost a 100 kilometers here from near keith. nothing scares me. he do so you just have to do it even in a, it's a holiday after all, it was filled or food, very defined, ukrainian stay and film on a day where the iranian government has actually warned that russia may launch new
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strikes. how are you crying? is preparing for this or by avoiding city center and by avoiding government facilities at places closer to the front lines like a hard key, for example, has also an all day curfew. and officials have stressed that there should be a high level of alert is not only today, but also in the coming days because it could also be a psychological strategy to attack when some kind of a relaxation sets in. so the mood is tense, you can feel a tear in the air. people are careful, but they are not scared. now do you get a sense that that russia's invasion has rather strengthened ukrainian resolve and identity as a nation? yes, it has definitely a strengthened beer identity of the nation. you could say here it and president
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lensky is addressed to the nation. he said that the day that russia invaded the country ukraine was reborn, and thou will only be an end to this war. when there is victory, and i think this pretty much reflects the moods in society in general, the mood with many ukrainians. when i went to have a coffee this morning, i work as a cafe, were collecting money for soldiers at the front line, and they were absolutely convinced that they will be victorious. so yes, it has strengthened the national identity and there is not a lot of 1st signs of so called war fatigue here. all corresponded, jumped should, it shows their reporting from keith. thank you for the time now to have a look at some of the other news about russia's born ukraine that are making headlines today. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski denied his country's involvement in the killing of daria. digging up the daughter of an ultra
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nationalist intellectual allied with president vladimir putin. lensky said the car bomb that killed duke, and that was not ukraine's responsibility. russia and ukraine traded accusations over who is endangering does up or is she a nuclear plot? russia called the un security council meeting to discuss the dangers or fears that a damaged reactor could leak radiation across the region. the un urged both sides to stop any fighting around the past, i shall use one and a short solidarity. new york's mayor made a show of support with a joint ukraine us flag displayed. eric adams praised the country's brazilians on the day that celebrates 31 years since ukraine left. the soviet union o more than 3 decades of relative peace since the breakup of the soviet union and germany as pursued friendly ties with moscow. that even developed into
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a significant dependency on energy imports from russia breaking their dependency since russia's invasion of ukraine is proving costly. but it surprised germany as a willing to pay given russia's attack on iraq abs security or did abuse. simon young has more already the brutal conflict in ukraine threatens piece across europe. after 6 months, the ripples from it i felt far and wide. a few 100 kilometers to the west. almost a 1000000 refugees from ukraine have arrived in germany. they've needed places to live schools, health care for they also needed jobs and german industry needed the skills many ukrainians brought from a german viewpoint of an official effect of the war. but has germany been profoundly changed by putin's invasion of ukraine? for chancellor sholtes speaking just days after the attack began, it was
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a transformative moment. here, a limb and it's we are experiencing a watershed moment with us, but i just means the world afterwards. not is not the same as the world before. we develop the for the big break with the past is surely the government's massive spending increase for germany's armed forces. a special $100000000000.00 euro fund will push the annual defense budget closer to the nato target of tea percent of g d p. another symbol of the new military stance heavy weapons delivered, albeit after some hesitation to the ukrainian battlefield. sending arms to conflict, jones was once to boot politicians and public once allergic to anything that smacked of militarism. and now more ready to accept the import. since of a solid security strategy covered this up with it, i believe it has also become cleared civic german public that we are indeed
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threatened militarily in europe or as canvass full. we unfortunately have to revise our assessments. i are that i was no longer a conventional adversary in york for the german armed forces, which is what we thought it would be early, 2, thousands, 12 for almost 25 years. we've emptied the cupboard. we close depots and dissolved units. that's why it's very important that we spend these 100000000 euro sensibly and sustainably in the war has also forced a change in germany's energy policy from getting more than half of the natural gas it needs from russia. it has pushed that down to a quarter and pledge to reduce it even further. the green part is economy and climate minister robert hardwick has even allowed some polluting coal fired power stations to return to operation to keep the lights on through the winter. these are pragmatic responses, allow shots as coalition came to power promising balanced budget. instead,
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they've opened the public coffers. they wanted to tackle climate change, but the war has pushed the focus on to energy security. and yet, despite these changes attack many are still asking where the germany is ready to step up as a leading nation. the american paradigm that we say, we don't really want to lead, we would rather be in the middle, even if we are the country. we have to put that aside now and grow our concerns of security policy is really mill that i would like to see germany play an even stronger role in europe, which come before i can imagine that in terms of sanctions and also on the question of which individuals in russia should still be sanctioned who bear responsibility for this war. germany could take on a stronger role are a leading role at all over there in the uni. oh, love schoultz himself was accused of having the wrong instinct on vladimir pu technical from seeking cooperation rather than confrontation. some say he has still not committed himself to ukraine's victory. but it is not the chancellor alone
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whose position has needed to change across germany. attitudes are being shifted by a not so distant war and from or we can are bringing jordan to teen is a member of the german parliament for the green party, which is part of chance all of shots coalition. and he sits on the parliaments of foreign affairs committee, mister t. what in his independence day speech to day the landscape said his country, it would fight to the end. will germany stand by ukraine? until the end? yesterday the chancellor announced half a 1000000000 new or military material like her and anti messiah, or weapons, and so long. so we stick to our commitment that we will support ukraine. but the,
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my question was whether germany will support ukraine until the end then you have to define what's the end. and i think this is a very open question. i fear that we are standing half a year after the beginning of 2 on the day of the independence of ukraine in a situation where we have to face a very long war between russia and in the ukraine. that is the bitter message of the day. but earlier you asked me to define till the end, but zalinski said he means a 100 percent liberated ukraine, including crimea and the eastern territory that russia and pro russian forces occupied years ago. so do you share this definition of the end of the war and ask you again,
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will germany support ukraine till the end the chancellor had to very compliance her and that, that the answer was russia is not, cannot be allowed to win. russia must be stop at what point it is possible to stop them and what point it is possible to push them back. that's an open question and i don't like to define public wording that is calling something like victory and song that is too complicated. the end of this conflict will be the question of political negotiations on the basis of what happened on the better not germany and many of its allies. i support a ukraine with money and weapons at the same time as financing rushes while we're spending billions on russian gas. so how long can this continue? well,
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you see that in germany with the christian democrats and the social democrats in power for more than 16. yes, had done a very, very simple business model de catched and competition advantage by buying cheap gas from russia. and this basis of the german economic model is over now. and it's a question of this government. it's a question for the minister economic we're going to have it now to bring germany out of this dependency from higher import and we stopped it on the cobra coast side. we will stop it to the end of the by him boating oil from russia. and we are now in a protest to stop in port of gas totally. and to 24. this is ms.
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difficult question. because if we put nearly all of the global gas production out of production, and that is the case, if you stop all pipelines ending in germany and delivering gas to europe, then there is no cost substitution. so a strategy energy saving of opening the industry for more energy efficiency. that is one of the things to bring down the demand on natural gas. been germany. mr. tina, how do you see to look at the other side? germany's relations with russia. can they be repaired in our lifetime? i did. there is bavarian comedian, who said, i don't like prophecy cause it's in the future. but i think what we have to understand is disputing different to the decade before was not an anchor of
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stability. this was the misunderstanding by the other parties at that time. they thought russia is the soviet union. but russia is not the power status quo that the soviet union has. b, russia is a rivers in mystic force. did want to change the landscape and i'm to this idea to change the map of europe by force will not end. there will be no normalization between europe and russia. that is the bitter message also from the 24th of february, 2022. you can sit in german lawmaker with the green party. thank you very much. thank you very much. now the drought conditions that prevail in parts of europe this summer have left some regions reeling where once there was plenty of water for every one, water shortages have had
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a knock on effect that was unimaginable for many europeans, a case in point, the po river in northern italy, which was once known as the king of rivers, is usually spreads out far and wide over the neighboring country side. but not anymore. they read the po has reduced to a trickle in italy's lombardy region. it hasn't drained here properly since spring . stephanie crappy is keeping an eye on the red sand banks, which are growing wider by the day. sam, only of a lot of my case or the water levels under 3.68 meters, man mon main, they live and usually it's much higher here at the black line. when i last year the with you, it's a this in your near, that's where the water was limited in for the aqua. not only farmers are affected, some 90 percent of the small hydro power stations lead line. the robust channels have shut down tanks. ah, empty one of the big plants either as it, i feeney,
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close down back in june. there wasn't enough water to power its turbines. usually almost a 5th of italy's electricity is generated through hydro power. now production has been cut by 40 percent. far, much and luca tech heaney is concerned about the poor quality of his corn. the plants on his fields simply didn't get enough water. he harvested this field will most t months early. rena me again. then as the importer, our situation is tragic. we had to harvest her 20 days ago, which took because i ran out of water and everything dried. oh, why savage garden, in order to save a small bit of the harvest? oh, well i have to cut everything dieting where school crystal cancel. the regents thomas are losing half of their grain and rice crops. all no super v real baby was survivors loss. was she a little or we'll have to close up shop at the end of the year is in the book i belong to fuel day. picturesque lake garda is where the river po gets
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a part of its will to from. but the lake only has 60 percent of its usual water 1000000000 locals are worried. tourists are making the best of new swimming spots. we'll find out about that, but you can have a nice holiday it get. i mean, it was somebody to say that the quality of the water is, is fine. here, there was at least some rainfall a short while ago where the focus to say it'll be september before more is on the way. well for more on this, when our joint by dr. matina clements from the stock on international water institute and her work focuses among other things on climate and security. doctor claim, if your position is adviser on water and piece how tight is this relationship? it was actually very much tighter denby was think and we are looking into when we have too much water to little water or to dr. water can lead to conflicts can be, may decrease and opportunity for cooperation. as you can see in many parts of the
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same diseases and other issues that's not recognized, one of the borders. so just it's really up to a human. can we make up something to be seated as an opportunity for better corporation or bo? this really leads to more complex. now we just saw that we thought about italian farmers actually suffering, and many of them are simply hoping for rain and a better harvest next year. if rain does not come, could hopeful farmers turn into rioting farmers. so 1st i would be better off to things that we will see water rights in europe, but on a 2nd, falls water is something very emotional. if we compared to other parts of the world, it's not, it goes much more beyond library books. for example, it's a place where their families funder for generations. so it raises a lot of emotions. and i think that it's, it's not be surprising. we really do see, because it's not only about livelihoods it, this is really about hope. this is
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a future. it's about hope for future generation. some people actually take it beyond riots. the people paints that picture over a global water. boy, how realistic is that kind of scenario? i think i can, can you hear the scenario of probably 2 words a miss, but what can happen is that shortages or flux and other disaster can actually pure conflicts that are already existing and be seen in many parts of the world than when we have a not stable government, we have those other challenges and then on top of the water shortages that can really bring additional problems. so this is really some think we need to keep an eye on. okay, so what can we do to, to stop any of this to that, to stop conflicts, real arm conflicts arising from the lack of water? i think everybody has a wrong to play and for the general public something that we can do because really
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i think when we go grocery shopping, not to buy a produce that this comes from area affected by water shortages very think very or for months from think your i will kind of comes from and really they can make these decisions. we can also think going to be by or clips very, very well that might, doesn't come from this also. so i think everyone can make a difference by debate by the choices we make. dr. martinez cleaner staff from the stock home international water institute. thank you very much for your time. thank you for having me. good afternoon and that's it from me and then to his team from i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour, of course with don't go out next made looks into the how the super rich do disproportionately damage the environment. you're watching dw news from a berlin, i have more at the top of the,
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with $2.00 oh, $3.00 or not to own whatever sharing economy. instead, a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. the economics magazine made in germany next on
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