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tv   Covid-19 Special  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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his successes at noon in a weekly cove in 19 special next on d w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues. remember, all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. ah, ah, shattered dreams for the future due to the economic crisis that followed out on the heels of the pandemic. many people lack job prospects that can put a strain on mental health in mexico. an online platform offers free counseling
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in gonna one women's successfully led her company through the hard times and managed to save more than just her job. and also one new scientific study suggests that coven 19 vaccines can affect menstruation, should pregnant women still get the shots. with 1st to columbia, where one young college graduates can't find any work. and she's not the only one. amanda liber todd walks the streets of bogo talk like she used to as a student because she currently has little else to do. she's among the 30 percent of young colombians who haven't been able to find work since the pandemic. amanda scans, the internet and social media looking for job offers. she's exhausted pretty much every avenue places cuz we did. it is hard because you guys do the application
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process and i and i don't tell you why you didn't get the job. i'm even applying for jobs. i'm not qualified for because i don't know what else to do. okay. general, they always went to years experience, and i only have 6 months here. thing with the medical effect. mcguffey, nana columbia's economy is still reeling from the pandemic unemployment to settle 11.3 percent. well, 58 percent of those working only have a short term contract or casual labor experts. a young people on the worst effected coin must raleigh can have been with for years. yeah. because it was almost cal 1st time job seekers with no work experience, it's really tough numbers. and those who do have some experience already have a network of colleagues, alabama. so that's why young people don't have that. he's been there just starting to develop contacts in a holy north order of bizarre look at. so the situation is really hard for them. whether we go with them. the crisis is also starting to take a mental and emotional toll on columbia's unemployed youth. c. s
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can stand figure can okay, what is it a boy yet might have constant insomnia. now, as much as not just a few bad night. as i go, i go to bed at 10, the only sleep 23 a and then when came up and i get up to say, is elena if, but not the military, when i go to bed, i'm thinking, what am i going to do it for? what can i do? i have my money job, bowden, and all i can think is what's in store for me. okay, so i'm, when am i going to start my career? but out of how will i and, and income a here to say erica moriello it out of he didn't even get a saw. experts are alarmed by growing levels of insomnia and anxiety among young people. they say it's an emergency that requires urgent action. a study conducted by the world health organization and local psychologists showed that 70 percent of young colombians now have difficulties sleeping. and if you look his studies while he's and or, or as young people feel desperate and deeply insecure when they think about their future, will you yet or do they have no way of knowing with any reasonable amount of certainty
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what the immediate future holds. randall is that and they feel i have no power to change that angle. there are so now listen this i look estoppel to be needed. and so there again treme rewards and disappointed with their lives as he said to him, but he didn't put a phone. don't malice that will not get on this a song. most young colombians feel they're facing bigger challenges than those experienced by their parents. generation. that mean could a, i'll go at a record, i think i look back on my youth with great sadness when nicholas b. 20 supposed to be so fantastic. oh yes, but i think i just remember how sad i was in the yard. i remember me crying and being anxious and all thought my twenties would be awesome when we met. are you joseph? that mean, if given women moment is a very bad times who have just finish studying in columbia and have no work experience along via things are especially tough for young people who don't get any support from their family. the
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pen makers presented columbia with a whole new set of challenges in mexico, anxiety disorders and depression became more widespread during the pandemic. sandra vargas wanted to help and found it a po cuz it the initiative provides mental health care that everyone can access for free online. at the end of march 2020, prior to any lockdown measures in mexico, sandra vargas already predicted the emotional stress upon them. it would bring in its weight. the psychoanalyst responded by creating a po, covered all covered support. an online platform providing free therapy. just fill out a form and get a list of professionals available 24 hours a day. the immediacy and anonymity of the platform are key to people, overcoming inhibitions about seeking psychological health in law
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accessibility that yeah, the accessibility was important for the different wiley, but if we have to talk to someone on the phone to make an appointment, we tend to push it out and look it up because it's embarrassing and scary it the lifeline was there. it is that bobby dust wick estella i in mexico, the number of people experiencing mental health problems tripled during the pandemic. a cell phone exotic disorders affected up to half of the population and almost a quarter of all mexicans developed signs, depression model, then it. pablo saver, who is in the program is one such case level. often it was the pandemic that triggered or worse and existing mental health issues. a, you grew up with him and he was doing it manifested itself in the form of anxiety. i started eating war and i gained more weight. i suffer from chronic depression and, and had a major break down and i didn't feel like doing anything,
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not even going to the supermarket. i all knew. i spoke with a ppo covey to quickly gained momentum. marco garcia is among its 90 volunteers. he feels the project is a good opportunity to overcome preventing taboos and mexico concerning mental health. any obstacles. doral ment, this appeal is deeply culturally engrained. that if you ask for emotional support, you obviously can't take care of your own problems and those as esl idioms. like selective stigmatization stops us from asking for help. it seem as a weakness in some of an effect. the case from melody that i haven't heard so far. the projects webinars have helped some to 1000 people. they've given individual sessions to more than 600 patients from across mexico and also from other countries . most of them contacted upper jacobi during a time of crisis. like monica savannah did when she called from the mexican state of war haka. the pandemic triggered the separation from her husband. yes,
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not in mississippi. i you know, is in crisis that day. i couldn't stop crying and i locked myself in my room and my children were in the living room. yeah. yeah. they helped me a lot at the time on a per year cove. it really saved me because i felt so lost and earlier, despite the increasing demand in the last decade, the mexican government has allocated only 2 percent of its total health budget to the treatment of mental health issues. and most of it goes into the maintenance of psychiatric hospitals. see, have been a system a lot on the other people in most colors. there were barely managing to deal with diarrhea and flu was who still have a long way to go with mental disorders. they're not priorities purely. that is the, the la they last on that right after her training at the mexican psychoanalytic association, sandra vargas, specialized in crisis management,
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she offered psychological support to those affected by the 2017 earthquake in mexico city. but philly's glad memory life is finally returned to normal in mexico and the appoint corbett platform is receiving fewer requests. but it serves to strengthen the network of therapists who are interested in reaching out to a population in need equal quantum compromised focus on them. and i'm willing amendment the has to come about in a very organic way. so enough is referring people to us who need low cost mental health care at these young people know hico. aha, coastal always has been somewhat good. good. sometimes we think does no one lie to hell them, us ecos listening to some one can really save lives. so we thought about to be that bill coming in on sandra of august on the point could have helped to improve mental health in mexico during upon demik. and we'll continue their work going forward. and now to a question that concerns roughly half of the world's adult population does the covey vaccination have an effect on menstruation?
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according to a new study, the answer is yes. d w report to hang when lee talks to one of the studies or says stop to catherine lee of washington university in saint louis high, totally. so, according to you study how to convert vaccination affect people's menstruation, what were the major findings? our study took place as an online survey. and what we found in our survey, which i should point out, is not representative of the general population because people could opt in to our survey. but what we found was of around 40 percent of people experienced a heavier period after one or both of their coven vaccines. around 40 percent, i had no difference in the heaviness of their bleeding. and the remainder of people
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were about the same or maybe slightly lighter. how about people who do not usually menstruate, for example, post menopausal women, or people on gender affirming homes. we also asked and well, who normally wouldn't have it here yet for any number of reasons, including line acting, reversible contraceptives like i, u. d. 's that suppressed bleeding. and people who are on gender affirming hormones . a lot of those folks noticed that they had breakthrough bleeding. and the 3rd group that we really focus on in this paper is the experiences of post menopausal people. so people who are at least 12 months past, normally having a period who noticed that they had breakthrough bleeding after getting their covet vaccine. so what is the mechanism causing these changes? of course, we have our hypotheses and we, what we think is happening is that the vaccine is making this big immune response.
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that's why the vaccine is so incredibly effective. this is involving a lot of inflammatory processes as well. and we know that the uterus is already an important unit, oregon. it uses these inflammatory processes as part of the signaling for growing and shedding every month. and so it's not unreasonable to think that an immune response that involves a lot of inflammatory processes might disturb, in some people, these inflammatory processes for a, you know, a couple of cycles after the vaccine and what changes temporary ongoing. so we have just closed a followup survey that actually asks about this, that asked how many periods are for how many months people noticed any changes. we have not start to analyze that data yet. but anecdotally, but we suspect is that for most people, it's just 2 or 3 periods that they're noticing this. i would suggest if anyone is
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very worried, they're bleeding a lot or it's going on for much longer. they see their doctor because there's probably something else going on that is not just inflammatory response that we think is happening for some people at the vaccine. thanks a lot. what would you like to know about k vetting off science correspondent derek williams has been low. down on the latest research and analysis. just writing, coven produce at at d w delcom. this week we received a question from maria abdulla robledo. are there any risks for pregnant women who get vaccinated? it's really great for a change to talk about something where experts are in such broad agreement to start with. let's maybe approach this question from the flip side, and instead of asking whether there are risks to being vaccinated when you're pregnant, let's ask what the risks are if you aren't vaccinated,
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and there are all the evidence is really pretty unequivocal. many studies have shown that if they catch coven 19 while they're pregnant, unvaccinated women are a lot more likely to have severe outcomes than vaccinated. women are at this point, almost everyone agrees that getting the disease and having none of the immunity provided by vaccines. that, that compose a major threat to, to both mother and feed us. that's why, when it comes to coven, 19 most health care authorities now view pregnant women as a vulnerable group. but are there threats lurking in the background adverse effects that may be occur more frequently? or, or dangers. that's proven trickier to quantify because pregnancy is an inherently risky proposition,
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even before the advent of coven vaccines. miscarriages, for example, occurred about 10 to 20 percent of the time, all on their own. and women who knew that they were pregnant. but all the data that we have so far involving pregnancy and vaccination, and it's a lot doesn't show an increase in that metric, like everyone pregnant women can and do experience mostly minor side effects after receiving vaccines. but according to the world health organization, many pregnant women all over the world have now been vaccinated against stars. covey too. and there have been no worrisome signs that it has affected either their health or that of their babies. in fact, the opposite could actually be true. there are some studies indicating that the anti bodies that pregnant women produce after vaccination,
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that they not only help protect the fetus from infection with the corona virus during the pregnancy, but also after birth. and a fairly small one sided on the cdc website, for instance, it tracked levels of anti bodies in infants. 6 months after they were born and it found that the children of women who'd been vaccinated against cove at 19 during their pregnancy that they appeared to be even better protected from the disease than the children of women who were infected with covered 19 during their pregnancy . many questions remain open, of course, but the advice has, has really evolved and it's now pretty unanimous among health care authorities. if a pregnant woman hasn't been vaccinated yet, they say, then she should definitely take the step. ah,
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a lack of prospects in their own country is driving people around the world to look for work elsewhere. after some time in chile, a young mother from venezuela has been stranded in a town in northern spain. but he had to almost a 3rd of the population is threatened by poverty lease cassandra vow never thought she would have to cue to meet her and her babies basic needs. nevertheless, covered 19, let this venezuelan mother without a job in chile and forced her to migrate to spain. when im now she is one of the beneficiaries of an aide organization. there are no knowledge on how much i never thought of asking for help of any kind thing. if i, if they're not being upon danica, i wouldn't have had to come into the course. sheena economics as a help, we go and i do the catina economic a located in santander, in northern spain. is it charitable organization that meets the basic needs of societies most vulnerable? and i think of among their services such as social dining or
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a hygiene facility. they provide food to more than $1000.00 families, monthly seed up a naming can a month out. and on the webpage i was given the medical medical mon renovation escalades with it that i, when they come with us and says, the physician that he says was he guess i hit the cash a real but that up on them, you know, that goes from utah celebrating civil into sustan's, utah young push, because he had to that more than 1000000 people have fallen into poverty in the mediterranean country. a recent human rights watch report denounces the administration's failure to protect the most vulnerable people, working hospitality industry, single parents, older people on state pensions really suffer during the pandemic. as a result of the economic shock, those people found themselves in a situation where they desperately needed a state assistance to social security system. and that assistance was very, very slow, and coming was very difficult to reach. at the start of the pandemic,
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the spanish government, like other countries, expanded existing unemployment support programs. but the furlough support left out people working in the informal economy had did not adequately cover those working seasonally or paid in part under the table. another essential step was fast tracking the introduction of the minimum vital income of social assistance program introduced in may 2020 but it's only reached 9 percent of the people living at risk of poverty. it's a basic, very, very basic low level social assistance scheme for people who haven't contributed to social security systems. and what it does is it gives a very modest, actually a tiny amount of financial assistance to people between $450.00 to a 1000 euros a month. what people found, as they tried to apply for support through the system was a series of difficulties. first, in trying to apply in trying to document their need in the way the system
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calculated that their level of need. it was a good system at some level, but it really failed on a number of bureaucratic levels. and in terms of implementation, spain is a relatively commer among european countries in having a nation wide social assistance program. the experts agree. it's closely linked to the increase of those who live at risk of falling into poverty called o castilla director of the human rights center clinic at the university of essex. affirms that poor social protection, his spain's achilles heel. there are gone associated eco come, will espanol ah, quite a thigh going on the other load, a son and a blip. and we did say gay, a business can nothing, an access won't even be that it was the input english us or the employer per stock . initial sentence that 1st i finished seamless, didn't think that she'll 15th is valid on the felony mand libby, that equal. i kept on her fina lester. i'm us would gladly go say capacity and i you that. and as i said, it will know, middle infinity or that,
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but i want us yet can be bad. it's just that i must have missed that they are seen which are was typically covered. 19, not only brought consequences for people's health, tend to pressure on their health systems, but also an economic storm that has wreaked havoc on the lives of the most vulnerable. now, bold government actions are needed to ensure a better and ferrer outcome. in the midst of the pandemic, a woman in garner has set up a training program for women living on the poverty line without any government support, tax, fashion designers, they now have the chance to make their own money. a real success story with been to barca, lives in shore quarter are deprived community in, gone as capital across. she's a trained fashion designer and had been able to earn a good income from the profession. but then the
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pandemic hit on her livelihood came under threat. losing a secure thought of income was challenging. she said though, during the legs, are you being homeless given in income? sure. what about you see these words you have to use and after you one, assume all what i have in a feeling that you and your family won't get anything to eat. and you have to eat a big someone who to talk little, fill out a way of vajella health issues. and i think and it was, it was not that easy. barker and other workers were sent home in the middle of japan demik after their employer and n g o run fashion business suffered a sales slump on a sudden dip in funding. patricia wilkins is the founder of that and geo,
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which is called basics international and promotes childrens and women's welfare. she faced the task of keeping backer and others in their jobs and keeping her organization from shutting down cove. it obviously hit every one on by surprise, by a storm. it's not something any of us had maybe lived in a lifetime of we heard about, you know, so many pandemic that was so many years ago by far as it was a shock. so nobody knew what to do. governments also had to rely on studies and we act so far as i think we went to a panic mode like every one. and we shut down despite the financial pressures and great anxiety, patricia wilkins was able to reopen the video after only a short closure that many women were dependent on her support and urgently needed food and shelter. packard work backer and her colleagues expanded their fashion
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portfolio and began to make face masks. they then ventured into making items like cloth bags and pillowcases, sales improved dramatically. today the business is able to sustain itself on its employees. i'm feeling okay i. so if i think when, if i that i lose my job and is still going on, cuz this is way for me, i get my money to take care of myself to peer my range. the other thing by myself. clothing with have i need still to take out my health as well then gonna the pandemic hit women particularly hard 92 percent of women who have a job are in informal work when an economic crisis caused dot sector to collapse. there was limited government support to keep people afloat. the angio action
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aid gonna recently conducted research into the impact of covered on the livelihoods of ghana and women. it's finding showed that they remain vulnerable naturally or women fall widia info ma sector. now this is a sex and that does not have job security. this is a sector where happenings within the country can cause a closure to a business. and so, if you have a high percentage of your population and been in that sector and be a women, it clearly shows that was a pandemic shots. they would definitely be the ones to bear the brunt of this epidemic. but patricia wilkins is not giving up. every day she works hard to keep their organization up and running without any government support. been to backer and the other women here can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that for now their income is secure.
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and that's it for this week. next week, we'll take a closer look at what side effects covey 19 vaccines can have, and whether in some exceptional cases they might last longer than expected. there are now years of research and analysis that can be drawn on d. w reporter stephanie. so both spoke with klaus kit, you tech, head of the polish institute, to find out more we look forward to seeing you next time. stay healthy. ah, ah, with
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who to the point. strong opinion, clear position, international perspective. russia, 614 on ukraine is up and did the lives of people throughout the region, driving a wedge between neighbor's friends and family. tragic triangle is put in destroying
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ukraine, bellows and russia. join us on typically, to the point in 30 minutes on d, w. in good shape, keep your feet fit. after all, you use them along the equivalent of about 4 trips around the world by the end of your life. how can we keep our feet healthy? so we say pain free. what should we know about them? how can we give them a break and what can our hands do for our feet in good shape? all 90 minutes on d, w. o. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corners check
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hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel off we go into the unknown today. this means flying to a foreign planet in the 16th century. it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route i race to military interests, a race linked to political and military proceed, but also linked to my financial and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. my jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d, w. this
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is the w news live from berlin. conflicting reports about the safety of the parisha nuclear power station in ukraine. the facility is held by russia and was off the grid for hours, causing a black down in across the region. and concerns about a release of radiation.


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