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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2022 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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oh this is dw news lie from berlin, ukrainians are mourning their dad, after russian rocket attack on a railway station on ukraine's independence day. we visit the small town of shop, lena, as it varies, a 6 year old boy who would have started school next week. also coming up burning off gas satellite images, point to evidence that russia is wasting large volumes of its stalks in a huge flare. close to the finish border and an unseal legal document shed light and wide. u. s. federal agents rated donald trump's florida home. they suspected
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highly classified information was kept improperly improperly on trumps property. ah a michael ok thanks for joining us. residents of a small town in eastern ukraine or burying their dad after this week's devastating russian attack on the ukrainian independence deck. at least $25.00 people, including 2 children, were killed by russian rockets in the small town of chop lena. our correspondent yon phillips sholtes, attended the funeral of one of the children who was among the victims. awe madly would have had his 1st day of school next week. in peaceful times. the 6 year old boy will not live to see this day anymore. the whole neighbourhood came to say good bye, ah amador o him, he was nice, precious thing in my life. no,
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it's all so incredibly sad for my daughter, there's nothing left. she doesn't even have a home any more might be, was a quiet boy. his grandmother says his home was directly across the street from the towns train station. the family was just getting ready for dinner when russian rocket started to strike the neighbourhood. much me was playing in the living room when the shelling started. and then he ran over to the kitchen where some other family members where and that's when the rocketed and killed the little boy. immediately. russia claimed responsibility for the attack. the military said it wanted to destroy a train that was supposedly carrying ukrainian soldiers, and they apparently considered the death of mcvee and many others as acceptable collateral damage for their operation. it's the worst tragedy that has ever happened in the small town up to plein of them may act healthy,
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but it brought the community to get what you say. the parents of the dead children have gone through an incredible amount of stress. we know it's very hard for them to go on with life, but least we try everything possible to support them with the vomiting again. besides motley, an 11 year old boy from the same neighbourhood died in the attack. the war has already cost the lives of more than $1000.00. so when the 2 boys from supp, lena, probably won't be the last the you ends. atomic energy agency says it's ready to send a team of experts to zappa regia, nuclear plant in ukraine in the coming days. but there's no agreement yet on how to reach the site. president zalinski warned overnight that the situation at the plant is jo, quote, precarious and dangerous. the power station was temporarily knocked off the grid. this we causing regional blackouts, nuclear experts,
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fear that fighting around the plant risks, a radioactive catastrophe. russian forces took control of the facility in early march energy analysts say russia is destroying natural gas stocks. they claim massive burn offs at a plant near the finish russian border waste $10000000.00 euros worth of fuel every day. finish, residents have reported seeing large flares and feeling much warmer conditions. the facility prepares russian gas for transport to germany, a valuable commodity, vanishing into sin air. while the rest of europe struggles with shortages of natural gas, russia seems to have too much of it. analysts have taken special interest in this russian gas terminal located in port to via bay near the finished russian border. the north 31 gas pipeline to germany, starts in puerto via and, and u l. n. g plant has been built at the site. satellite data collected by
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a norwegian energy consultancy suggests that the so called flaring of gases taking place here at unusual levels. and we've observed that russia has been wearing ever since july 11th of mid july, which coincides with the maintenance that occurred or began on, or, and shame on. but interestingly, flaring actually continued despite the operations being resumed. women are sure one back in late july. russia has reduced gas exports to europe, leaving it with a large surplus of gas. that could be one explanation for the burn off. experts said at western sanctions could also be to blame. they say flaring might be a sign of russia lacking the proper equipment to operate. the facility bearing does come at a cost for both economically and environmentally. and there is a loss associated with flaring, obviously,
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because you're burning off those valuable products that could otherwise be sold. so i would say flaring isn't, you know, it is only done if necessary. and that's why we've seen widespread, minimize glaring over the years. but i would say it's if russians doing this, it's possibly due to, you know, geo politics. but it could also very much be technical issues and possibly even safety issues from russia. energy company gas problem has not commented on the burning off of gas at the port to buy a facility. the u has accused russia using gas is a weapon to fight back against sanctions imposed over the war in ukraine. t w's russia analyst konstantin eggers, joins me now from vilnius in lithuania. constantine, why would russia burn off? millions of euro's worth of guess? well, your guess is as good as mine. ah, oh, i see that the probably bugs i do think that, ah,
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when you hear the words guess russia and putin in one sentence that, that does usually politics and that i think that even if the portfolio facility ah, can handle such a lot of up such a big amounts of gas, which is a possibility with the u. ah, decreasing it's embossed from russia. it still could have probably sent something to storage. it could have warned the neighbors. but this very demonstrative flaring does have a very, very clear with of the gremlins sort of, if you wish, or p r stunt. and frankly speaking, as far as i know, putting is very well very well informed about all the intricacies of the functioning of the gas pipeline systems, pumping station stuff like that. there's a lot of information about the lots of testimonies that he does really immerse himself in that. so i suppose, i don't want me to put an order that, but definitely i'm sure that this has
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a very clear political message to be sent to europe. the terminal at to put a via is the starting point for the north stream one pipeline. remind us how this relates to the energy crisis in europe at the moment. well, a rush has been use a north stream pipeline as a lever to, i'm sorry to impact your european attitudes towards its aggression in ukraine. ah, just a few days ago got prom stopped. i'm sending pumping guess through no 31 pipeline, which is one of the central pipelines going into europe. citing technical reasons. it is part of the pre typical kremlin sean tarsh. a blackmail all of the europeans in order to basically change their position. these are the rushes war against you crying and when europe promising to get off 2 thirds of russian guest by next year . i'm sure that putting that was is in quite
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a hurry. let's put it like that. we have half a minute constant, tina, but it strikes me, it's very difficult to see images of this enormous burn off without also considering the environmental cost. yes, but that is exactly the message and knowing that ah, the nordic countries, northwestern europe is very, very sensitive to environmental issues. a put in a sending a message. i really do not care, read it like that. that is the, at least my reading that his, our konstantin eggers in vilnius many, many thanks as always. constantine. thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines at the shower, an air strike, his hit, the capital of ethiopia to guy region, killing 4 people. the army has dismiss claims fight to going forces that he carried out the attack in the calendar. the united nations has condemned the resumption of fighting in the region. the u. s. pharmaceutical madonna is suing pfizer in by in
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tac over ledge, hatton infringements or during a claims pfizer and it's german partner by in tech, copied it's technology to produce a cobra 19 vaccine. both shots use pioneering gene technology to help patients fight off the crone of ours. election officials in angola say the ruling party has won just over 50 percent of the vote. with nearly all ballots counted, that would give the empty away a majority in parliament and president dwell lorenzo. a 2nd term, the main opposition party received 44 percent. pakistan has declared a state of emergency as authorities deal with some of the worst flooding in its history. or the 900 people have been killed since monsoon range began in june. hundreds of thousands more have had to leave their homes. pakistan has appeal to international help to deal with the disaster.
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surveying the damage. prime minister shabbas sharif, gets a 1st hand impression of some of the west affected areas. this his mom seen was exceptionally ferocious washing away roads, destroying bridges and damaging hundreds of thousands of homes. this is the moment a hotel collapses into the flood waters. another angle says people fleeing and panic. thousands of people are in need of immediate help. the government has been delivering 8 parcels to those have been cut off and promised financial aid to affected families. but it's a mammoth task. some 30000000 people are set to be affected. ah, if you hadn't, if the flood of 2010 was one of the biggest in our history, but a feel that this flood has caused even greater havoc. there is extreme devastation, all around. more than 900 people are dead. this is the seen and
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rural baluchistan villages here, living and makes if tents others sleep under the open sky along with the animals them would jam the lucky tense. our biggest need. yes, we have a shortage of food items too. but tense of the top priority the united nations has allocated 3000000 jo. west all is to enable 8 agencies to respond to the floods in pakistan. but the government says a lot more was needed to get aid to all those who need it to the us. now, where the justice department says 14 boxes containing classified documents were recovered from the florida home of former president, donald trump. in january, those details are part of a heavily redacted legal document that explains why the f
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b. i searched the mar logo property earlier this month. agents are investigating whether sensitive government documents were removed from the white house and stored at trumps estate. crossed out in bold black lines, page after page. this affidavit hides more than it reveals, but it has made clear that the f b i in the u. s. justice department are carrying out a criminal investigation. the f. b. i searched donald trump's estate and motto lago earlier this month, and left with 20 boxes of documents, many containing classified material, some labeled top secret. trump is suspected of having taken these documents with him after he lost the 2020 election and he was keeping top secret documents all went by the federal government in his private residence, meaning an unauthorized location for this type of document. so under the presidential records act, removing official records of this kind may constitute
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a criminal offense the former president say the polity, the targeting him for political reasons. many people expect him to run again in 2024. but us authorities are concerned that his actions may have threatened national security cotton president joe biden is staying out of it. we feel that it is not appropriate for us to comment on this. this is an independent investigation that the department of justice is leading. that's something that the president finds is an important thing to do for the department of justice to have that independence. we are very hard so far. no formal accusations have been made against trump, but the affidavit has revealed why the thought at mara lago was necessary in the eyes of federal investigators. well, that's all for now up. next, a documentary looking at how they're search for validation on social media can
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become an addiction. stay tuned for that and don't forget, you can always stay up to date on our website, d, w dot com. and of course you can follow out updates on social media platforms, from instagram to youtube. thou handle is at the w news. a michael o coop. thanks for watching. ah, a vibrant habitat ended go listening place of long in the mediterranean sea scene of muster. and so far, abdul karim drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and the mediterranean, he's ready to journey this week on d. w. ah.


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