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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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change doesn't happen on its own. ah, make up your room, mind you w me for mine's ah ah, this is deed of use live from berlin. pakistan asks the world for help with devastating flooding. flush floods kill nearly a 1000 people. hundreds of thousands more are homeless and a state of emergency is in force. zapper asia at the center of nuclear safety fears as russia and ukraine. again,
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blame each other for shelling the power plant international inspectors hope to get in next week. in bonus league of football, laver accuse and finally got their 1st points of this young season when they beat mines 3 nail will bring you that and much more from the world. of course. ah, i'll nick spicer. thanks for joining us. pakistan is appealing for international assistance as authorities deal with devastating seasonal flooding. nearly a 1000 people have been killed since monsoon rains began earlier than usual in june . hundreds of thousands more of had to leave their homes. state of national emergency is in force. surveying the damage, prime minister shabbas reese gets
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a 1st hand impression of some of the west affected areas. this year's monsoon was exceptionally ferocious washing away roads, destroying bridges and damaging hundreds of thousands of homes. this is the moment a hotel collapses into the flood waters. another angle says people fleeing and panic, thousands of people are in need of immediate help. the government has been delivering 8 parcels to those have been cut off and promised financial aid to affected families. but it's a mammoth task. some 30000000 people are set to be affected. ah, if viagra, if the flood of 2010 was one of the biggest in our history. but i feel that this flood has caused even greater havoc. ha! there is extreme devastation all around. also more than 900 people are dead, that it will grant this is the seen and will, rural baluchistan. villages here
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a living and makeshift tense. others sleep under the open sky along with the animals thumb would yarmouth of the hands are a biggest need? yes, we have a shortage of food items too, but tense are the top priority return. the united nation says allocated 3000000 jo. west all is to enable aid agencies to respond to the floods in pakistan . but the government says a lot more was needed to get 8 to all days he needed ukraine's energy operators warning. there's a risk of radioactive leaks as it zap arissa nuclear power station. the agency says repeated russian shelley has damage the plant. moscow in turn, has accused ukraine of bombarding the facility which it took over in march. the power station was temporarily knocked off the grid this week causing regional blackouts. the u. n's nuclear watchdog is hoping to send in inspectors next
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moscow and keep accusing each other of shelling around the nuclear power plant. i asked our correspond, mathias, billing, her and keith. we should believe. we don't have evidence for any of the versions. we can not for sure say what happened there. the only thing we can say is that shelling has happened there. now whom should we believe it's a good question because we have to her size that to communicate very differently. we have russia that has a track record of misinformation. the systematic lies and misinformation ukraine doesn't have that track record, but we can also assume that there might not disclose everything. so we shouldn't believe anything at face value that either of this. i'd say we should of course, take this information with the background to that i've just mentioned. and just to get to the people in the region and how their lives are affected, he imagined
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a nuclear catastrophe. taking place. authorities are already distributing iodine tablets to residents near to plant, which i guess helps deal with radioactive, an infection. how dangerous is the situation really? unfortunately, we have to assume there's very dangerous. again, we lack reliable information, but what we're hearing from the plan through channels here in ukraine, that means that people who work there or who are at on site communicate with the authorities here on the ukrainian side. what we get from the ukranian energy authority points to very chaotic situations at this plant, or we know that a lot of russian or military equipment is stationed there, that russia has used this plan as a shield to fire from there on ukrainian positions. and that's of course,
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a very dangerous situation. um, we would need somebody to go there and to check what the situation is on the ground . somebody from, for example, the international energy authority, atomic energy authority, emission that has been planned that would give us more clarity on how dangerous the situation really is. for now, we have to assume it's critical. that was good, amusement is brinninger reporting for us from keith. let's take a look now as some of the other stories making headlines. thousands of anti racism . demonstrators have commemorated riots in northern germany's city of raw stock. in 1990 to crowds cheered as neo nazis attacked a centre housing asylum seekers and a hostile review. that means workers, campaigners criticize the authorities response as to weak serbia and kosovo have settled an ethnic dispute over the movement of citizens across their border.
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id holders from both sides will be able to travel freely between the 2, west balkan states. european union foreign policy chief jo separate announced the deal in a tweet the netherlands is moving hundreds of asylum seekers from a makeshift camp inspectors have condemned the sight near the german border as a health hazard. the agency doctors without borders as conditions are so inhumane that they violate you law. at least 12 people have been killed as rival groups exchanged gunfire in libyan capital, tripoli. tensions between 2 organisations voting for control of libya, have been rising for months. there are fears they could escalate into an all out nationwide conflict. the party that has ruled the west african nation of angola for nearly half a century is claiming victory in a closely fought election. official say the m p l a 151 percent of the vote. the
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opposition are disputing the count, a low voter turnout and accusations of fraud marred the pull, did abuse age increased reports from the angolan capital luanda. ah, there's a strong police presence, ian who under a, with years of protests by the opposition riot, police can be seen at several places in town, trying to nip any form of protest in the bought several people were already arrested. when did it? did that, and i think when the fact that we have the right to demonstrate, but we're not allowed to do that. that's clear what that, that's what these are as people live on 4th floor plan. they thought i was clear over there, m lpa, we were born under them and grew up under them and they can still be in power. and when we die, that's not fair. we need change to make the country democratic more here is getting increasingly tense. the electoral commission published 97 percent of the results 24
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hours after the votes. but up until now there are no finer results without any explanation for the delay. the critics of the government are saying that they're still very much under control of the electoral commission. and this is the reason why the major opposition party, the biggest one, started their own votes count saying, according to their numbers, they have won. the opposition is now calling for an independent body to see why there's a difference in numbers of both different vote counting processes. ah, labor crews and have finally won their 1st points of the new bonus league a season after beating minds away from home. a shot from exit crill. palacios was deflected by mountain mines is jonathan jonathan burke. steve laver choosing the lead. 10 minutes later moose at the abbey tore through the most defense before setting up jamie for him pong. and the dutchman then secured the when rounding the
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keeper to make it 3 mill labor chosen with a convincing. when put there for start the season, but let's take a look. now the bonus, think of results overall so far. union berlin destroyed newly promoted shaka. 61, there is labor occasions when against mines, dormant, kept her to berlin, windless, often hunt down ox berg and arby leipzig beat whilst berg to nil leipzig got our penalty early on after a handball by max austin aqua, christopher goose slotted home to make it one nil and with time taking away in cuckoo pounced on a deflection to make it to no. it's like 6 1st. when of the campaign coming after 2 drawers and a defeat on friday, fryeburg snuck past bolcom, byron, munich,
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and glad back are still battling it out on sunday. cologne. take on stuttgart and breyman battle frankfurt. let's check out some other sports stories making headlines. american sprinter lay a hobbs has ended jamaican track dominance at the diamond league meet in switzerland, hobbs one the women's 100 meters sprint and 10.87 seconds. she becomes only 2nd, non jamaican to win women's 100 meter title in the diamond league. this year, former u. s. basketball star shaquille o'neal has agreed to help australia's new government implement reforms aimed at improving the lives of indigenous people. for time n b, a champion, o'neill, greeted prime minister anthony albanese in pledging whatever help is needed. and in tennis, us open champ, defending champion m red, who can, who says she feels no pressure in the run up to the tournament. the 19 year old
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hasn't had a win this year. the british player seated 11th will take on frances, at these corner in the opening round on tuesday. and speaking of the us open practice sessions, have we got to new york ahead of the last tennis grand slam of the year. and this year's tournament will be a special one. it will be the last act of serena williams, trophy laden career. she's announced she will retire after the tournament. the american has one at 23 grand slam singles titles, a record for the open era of tennis that includes 6 championship winning at flushing meadows last coming back in 2014 and professional football has returned to ukraine with the 1st top flight matches since the invasion of full set of fixtures is taking place this weekend and there is both pride and trepidation from players and fans alike. and one game already. air raid sirens force players to run for cover ukrainians have been waiting for this moment with
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a football fans or otherwise the resumption of the men's ukrainian premier league. 6 months after the russian invasion began, was a sign that daily life could go on. a message from president vladimir lensky was broadcast to the players before kick off. the resumption is especially significant to those involved. it's very important or emotionally earn socially or aspect earn you seen president zalinski told us some are phrases, you know. and from all that her, the football must go on that the visual, the people that really that the or craner or was to show to the world that we are alive. and the don't forget us. spectators are not allowed at present because of the obvious dangers. even the players are taking
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a risk. if an air raid siren sounds, they have to run to the nearest shelter immediately, which he is and then pick stadium is in the underground copper. that's exactly what happened for 2 teams playing in the viv. their match lasted over 4 hours because they had to shelter 3 times. no strikes were detected in the area. seems like that. have many fans weighing the pros and cons of the situation. alas, but divine we hope our country is safe, that the air defenses will work. oh, but for now, but i would not go to an event like that that as yet. not for the length. exactly. i would not play. i would postpone it islov. it's difficult. these i hit on the one hand, it is very important that we show all the different sides of ukraine and even in such difficult times for us. on the other hand, it is danger elizabeth walker said in that respect most matches are taking place
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and give and in the west of the country, away from the main fighting top club shacked antonette sc. have been playing away from their home city for years. anyway, given the situation in easton ukraine, they moved their club shop to the capitol. now the rest of ukrainian football is trying to get used to a new normal and this is to give you news live from berlin unexpired. sir, thanks for watching. ah ah. i'm skilled that i work that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot us to you and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this.


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