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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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international gathering, this piece and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last on our worst fears the lives tonight. they are all gone . how i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this world shouldn't forget the long shuttle the 972 in big massacre start september 3rd on d w. this is the dublin news asia coming up today. ty, ones, moment of truth, faced with a new threat of invasion from china. taiwan is getting up to face any eventuality. but what he did strategy to defend itself. last, just
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a 100 kilometers from taiwan, residents of a japanese island, worry if they could be on the front line extensions to on to wall. ah. i british manager, welcome to did other news asia that you could join us to u. s. navy ships of sale through the taiwan strait in a passage, the white house described as being consistent with international law. the sailing comes just weeks off of the visit of us. how speaker nancy pelosi to taiwan. china objected to the visit and held its largest ever mandatory drills around the island to which taiwan responded with its own hands of exercises. all this has brought into shop relief. the question of how taiwan defends itself against any possible chinese. envision dw, zachary lee and cherry, cham report rubbing. she love unitary hot, where he said to
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a guide by day, but for the past 2 decades, he spent his spare time taking pictures of military exercise when taiwan responded to chinese 3 years earlier this month with me. so tastes of its own. she was right there, fill me in me a shout. when i got here more than 2 hours before the announced time of the test and i was worried that many people would come. i wanted to get the best spot. shan caught way at the full moon view. radar operator, she also listened to radio, macy's, and check movement by both the taiwanese and chinese armed forces around the island . he said high one has not done enough to improve its military strains all month long. they shall we have never wanted to attack anyone and how cold. yeah, we are only developing weapons for self defense. some way we should do more of that
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is not enabling. so he's happy to see that here in camden county, a weeping manufacturer is carrying out new sale and racket tastes. taiwan faces unprecedented publication from china, and now it is much more eager to develop its own metos. and this military base behind me, a tiny sweeping developer, is conducting a series of lo fi, me so tastes these next most. they are held here regularly, both escalating thirds from china. they carry more significant than ever. military experts say hi, one needs to establish its own defense to g, but now one based worley on how many weapons it has. so woman, we must get better at a symmetric warfare. if we try to compete on the number weapons we will be dragged
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to an arms race, a woman ha poor. that would be really bad for us to do a warm night. john simple leader. he saith taiwan. has tried to move away from buying weapons from just one country you ace. but it has proved almost impossible plant. she's not a good job though many countries. i did a variety of reasons for refusing to sell arms to taiwan. that how andrea is tang chanting job. for example, we have always wanted to acquire submarines from germany for rubbing she the message is clear, tie one needs to be more confident in developing its own defensive capabilities. only learn can he stayed up to learn trade from abroad and know ways that threat felt more acutely, perhaps, than taiwanese gym, an island which lies less than 5 kilometers from china coastline. and the most recent american editor, richard walker jones be now from jenman. richard,
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from where you are, give us a sense of the scale of the threat. the tie ones facing yet will be rash. there really is a sense at the moment that the threat from china is as big as his ever been. and that there's a sense of a potential kind of moment of truth approaching down the line. but just to give you a little bit of seen setting, 1st of all of where i am here, i'm on an island actually called little jin man, which is offered gen man. this cluster of islands are controlled by taiwan very close to the chinese mainland. and if you just look behind me across the bay here through the haze, you can see the chinese city of sharman across the water. less than 5 kilometers, just like you said, it really it's it feel so close at these islands, jim and they're no stranger to the china threat. so at the very end of the civil war, 1949. the p. a lay a we're, we're landing on these shores trying to take these islands at the very end of the
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civil war. and you still see these spikes, these defensive spikes, which are against landings taking place here a which had dotted all around these islands everywhere said these islands really exude this are a history of the conflict between china and taiwan. but just a very recently, during through chinese exercises that took place to complain about the visits of us speaker nancy pelosi. one of these items says the next one along a was buzzed by a chinese drone. and the chinese released footage from that drone, which showed taiwanese soldiers on the ground, throwing rocks at this drone to try to assure it away. and this really brought home some of the problems that taiwan faces at the moment that she approximately of china. but also the fact that all they had to show away these drones were rocks. so the time when his government has been rushing now to say that they're going to secure for next year, all sorts of anti drone technologies. but, but really
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a kind of a little palpable and rather embarrassing reminded their of the threat and of, or will most of you to the other question of, what is taiwan stroke to do to defend itself from a much bigger neighbor yet? well, i mean, this is really an ongoing debate that's been heightened this year, not just because of the policy visit, but also because of the ukraine war. that's been really something of a wake up call. not just for tie when he's politicians for tie when he's military, but also ordinary time in his people thinking, gosh, if it can happen day, it can happen here. and this is added to the debate and we heard referred to just in the report there about asymmetric warfare. the fact that taiwan will never be able to match up with the chinese in terms of numbers or in terms of military budget. so that it needs to be smart about using its limited military budget to buy the kind of weapons that it might be able to use or to fight a bit like the ukrainians in, in a, an invasion scenario. but even that is controversial with some people saying, well,
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you can't just go for the sort of weapons that allow you to fight that want someone to invaded. you also want to deter that invasion to really what you need is the sort of balance between big ticket military items and the smaller scale ones. but this does bring us also to a certain amount of tension between tie one of the united states with a sense that i've been getting from some people talking to time. i've been talking to privately here in taiwan that they get the sense that the americans still been dragging their feet and providing some of the weapons that they really need. so all is not necessarily particularly well also in the relationship between the u. s. and taiwan. in dealing with this threat from china, your last walk of a moment of truth for approaching a richer because that her, her moment of truth arrived there because of man to spur, man, super lucy's recent visit. what i, i don't think so. i mean, there are all sorts of different take some nancy pelosi visit and what the chinese exercise that took place after it. mean some people i've been talking to here to
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say that they do feel that the chinese did show degree of restraint in those exercises. but what they also did was establish what we talked about as a new normal, that china's a fighter jets, for instance, now go further than they did across what's called a median line. at the line sort of in between taiwan and china. on the, in the taiwan strait. but the kind of moment of truth i'm really talking about here is the fact that china says that it wants to re unify as they put it with taiwan. and a great charity of the people of taiwan. say that they simply don't want that. how do you resolve that then without going to war? richard walker labrador can duplicate so much for joining us from goodman island and tensions and what i want to having an impact on other countries in the region as well. japan, for instance, it's western most island yacht agony lies just a 108 kilometers east of taiwan. it is in fact closer to taipei than it is to talk
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your, and that has its 1500 residents. what'd it could become a new frontline? if hostilities break out in the future, fisherman is she not a tough she to go makes everything ship shape for his next big catch. he needs one urgently because he hasn't been able to fish as usual. after the recent chinese military drills around taiwan, the 32 year old was banned from heading out to sea for 5 days. it was deemed too dangerous because of the proximity to the contested islands nearby. so you have chosen. the rockets fell into the sea just 80 kilometers. from here. we could hear it happen. and how did the government in tokyo react month with a silly piece of paper? they sent us a fax to inform us about it. what am i can make of that? the island of yonah goonies some 2000 kilometers from tokyo,
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but it feels like half a world away. fishing and pony breeding are the economic life blood of the island which rarely receives visitors. are cameras are a cause of interest straight away. i walk a lot fear here because of tell you on right. i couldn't think of another reason vehicle the so that because i do actually on many skunk. ok. normally i don't think about this about taking to thought, but i recently started worrying about the future. can you see the did the future of the island, or rather the protection of it has traditionally been entrusted to the so called shita mythical guardians made of stone that keep evil spirits away. but the mayor isn't happy to rely on them for protection against china. he wants to be able to evacuate the island in the event of an attack, which is a challenge, considering the small harbor and short runway. while still it's all about
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saving lives and it's crucial to avoid a scenario like in ukraine delano where civilians and soldiers haste for bundled up together. but rena shook them because the island is home to a radar station. and 160 defense troops have taken up residence to monitor the air space and the sea. but nobody on the island really believes that they can prevent a potential attack by china. taking to full massage, he says sato sits in the japanese parliament in tokyo. sure. he understands the concerns of unit one, his residence, but says it's important to look at the big picture in the whole area is a battlefield. he says, not just taiwan. all of this area you let me go over that group juma. it's not just about univ uni money, but also about the hundreds of thousands of residents of the other. i one,
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the vicinity i wrote about the evacuation on the taiwanese, japanese americans and europeans who lived there. i mean, you can also have the difficult task, one of them approving our defense capabilities in the region. we're in the meantime, the fishermen of young agony are still waiting for their next big catch. hoping that piece prevails on the island and beyond. and as in depth articles and analysis on the tension between and i and taiwan on our website, did the bill dot com forward slash issue back tomorrow. at the same time you been, ah, people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families on the tax in the reason for the credit on it is with people being screened
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around getting $200.00 people in around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge as to why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, a quarter of a century of netflix from dds in the post to making its own blockbusters. we'll look at how the streaming giant has changed. how and what we watch and discuss the problems. it's now facing as a weak layer of lights,
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turkeys manufacturers will also talk about the countries deepening trade deficits. this is the real business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. it went from mailing dvds in envelopes to the world's leading streaming provider. today, netflix marks it's 25th birthday. however, the milestone comes as the company struggle is to cling to it's 220000000 subscribers world wide. it lost nearly a 1000000 of them in the 2nd quarter of this year. that's been blamed on it's withdrawal from russia and also concerns about potential advertising on the service . now netflix is looking into new business models including cloud based gaming most to discuss a quarter of a century of netflix, android by 2 guests we have and attainment correspondence, scott rock, tspra, and international business expert allison stewart allen, great.


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