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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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an adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years and that would change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. ah . this is the w news line from berlin. world leaders pay tribute to mikhail gorbachev, who has died at the age of $91.00. the last leader of the former soviet union, he's credited with helping to end the cold war. are seen as a hero in the west view in his native. russia is more mixed also on the program,
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a team of you and expertise on its way to ukraine's f appreciate nuclear power plant. the head of the mission says the aim is to establish a permanent presence and to prevent a nuclear accident. we take a look at the devastation in pakistan, swat valley after powerful flood swept through the region, taking lives and livelihoods with ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. tribute to being played to mikhail gorbachev, who has died at the age of 91. the last leader of the former soviet union, he held to end the cold war by forging warmer ties with the west and introducing policies at home that encouraged openness and reform within the communist block. this ultimately brought down the iron curtain that as debit had divided europe
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since 1945 russian news agencies are reporting them to gorbachev. funeral will be held in moscow on saturday, november 30th imaquele gorbachev's. first speech as leader of the soviet union. it was clear, he was a stark contrast to his predecessors one year we had for you was the order, right, right. every piece and freedom is the most important basic right of each individual for our kilobit. gorbachev wanted to change the soviet union to bring it closer to the people. he promoted glass, nest openness, and perestroika reforms to words that will forever be associated with hen. his new outlook was popular with many his policies also applied to the military, despite the resistance of soviet generals into us here,
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we are for as long as i am convinced that we will also have to reform our military . but we have far too many weapons, love, sickly. we have to seek dialogue with other superpowers and reduce our arsenals to a reasonable extent in the yourself. as a result of that dialogue. gorbachev and you as president reagan find the 1st of many disarmament treaties in 1987. it was the beginning of the end of the cold war in october 1989 when he visited east berlin for the g d r's, 40th anniversary celebrations. gorbachev urged eric hanukkah to implement reforms. he warned the eastern leader saying, life punishes those who come to late a month after his visit. the berlin wall fell and with it, the iron curtain that had divided europe for decades. it
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was gorbachev's, reformist policies that helped unleash a peaceful revolution across eastern europe. in 1990 gorbachev was awarded the nobel peace prize for his key role in bringing about a new peaceful world order. internationally. he was highly regarded. but at home, he was increasingly under pressure. the economic situation was dire. the soviet union on the verge of falling apart, communist hardliner stage to crew against gorbachev in august 1991. at the end of that year, mikhail gorbachev announced his resignation and the soviet union was dissolved with many russians holding him responsible for it to my last d w political correspondent, thomas sparrow. if that was how mister gorbachev would be remembered here in
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germany as the man who allowed reunification. absolutely, that's certainly the case. there's a reason why go by troughs relationship to germany and to the germans has been described as a special relationship. there's a reason why he's being described as germany's most beloved russian, and that has to do with those reforms that he implemented in the soviet union, which ultimately also paved the way for the so called peaceful revolution in east and germany for people going to the streets and protesting which also then led to the fall of the berlin wall and ultimately to germany's reunification in 1990. important to stress that then chancellor him would call, wanted to have not only the united states on board, but also the soviet union. and when call went to moscow to try and get that support, he got it from gorbachev. and it's that support that is still to day referenced when people in the streets. but when people also, when politicians also refer to to gorbachev and the legacy that he had here in
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germany, one legacy is what he had at home in russia. a very positive legacy is the one that he has here in germany. and i do believe that that is something that will remain that role that gorbachev played in the fall of the berlin wall and also in germany's reunification in 19 night. i thank you for that tongue sir thomas sparrow added of the political correspondent. so let's take a look at mikhail gorbachev. legacy as viewed at home, where some blame him for the soviet union's collapse and even see him as a traitor. as day broke in moscow saw to did the news of mikhail gorbachev. death. russia's news channels reported that president vladimir putin had expressed his deepest condolences. but musk invites themselves were not united in mourning their former leader on weight always guys with i have a negative view of michelle garbage as time and power. still, he did a lot of damaging things to our country. we're the ones facing the consequences on
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your go up was gone. i think he wanted to show all countries and also the western europe. i would say all countries around the world that we are a peaceful country on. if she wore yearbook outlet that we are ready to desire last from last week, not a lot of those rather brittany, introduce ballistic missile reduction, et cetera, et cetera. wagner, in gorbachev's, homeland ambivalence reigns, kremlin spokesman dmitri pasco, of hailed him as a statesman who will go down in history, but dismissed his hopes, of a rapprochement between russia and the west. as romanticism that did not work out was in the face of what he called the bloodthirsty nurse of moscow. his opponents though, experts from iran's nuclear watchdog are on their way to the zappa ratio nuclear plant, a carrier long waited inspections to get there. i'll have to cross the front line between the city of zachary's, jo, which is still under ukrainian control. and the russian occupy facility admission follows weeks of tension over fighting around the site. arriving to conduct what
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the head of mission calls a very complex task un inspectors are preparing to visit bizarre parisha power plant on thursday for now. 15 remains in ukrainian controlled territory. but the head of the un mission was clear that they are heading to a wall zone, insisting his team house one job to prevent a nuclear accident. you know, we don't carry dimension thickly with is emissions that seeks to prevent a nuclear accident. and to preserve as it's important, the largest, the biggest threat, bowers and in europe, the whole of europe, not only in ukraine. so this is what we are concentrating. ukraine and russia had accused each other of shelling areas near to the facility last week. damage to a transmission line, not the plant off line with heightening fears of
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a radiation leak, or even a react to meltdown. ukraine's energy minister said the visit by the un should drive home the dangers posed by zakiria. the most important that this wizard should, ah, underlying the importance of nuclear security and that the russians should understand that they cannot play with this. any games. as combat continues on ukraine's eastern front, all eyes runs up parisha, hoping to prevent a disaster, but could reach far beyond the country's boulders. will they w corresponded missus pulling her is ins, apparition, he told us what he learned about the un nuclear inspectors chances of crossing into russian held territory. we are here in conflicting signals. russian officials have announced that they will arrive to morrow morning, indicating that it will be
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a speedy process either. on the other hand, the occupational authorities have said that they will not be handed a pass through the checkpoints and then that they will have to queue up like everybody else potentially delaying their arrival. it will be very important for them to reach the site and to figure out what's really happening. they are shelling a has occurred today again, and we really don't know how safe the situation is at the moment. but the original plan is that they will travel there to morrow and that they will get access to the plant. that is bullying. so take a look at some more stories making headlines around the world will start in the u. s. where health officials of approved updates to cobit 19 vaccines. the target, the latest strains of the comic con variance between booster shots made by madonna and pfizer, bon tech could be available in the coming days. they'll only be administered to people who all ready receive their primary vaccinations and germany has reached
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a compensation deal with relatives of israelis killed in the attack at the munich olympics. in 1972 german media reporting that the families will receive 28000000 euros. 11 israelis on the west, german police officer were killed when palestinian militants broke into the olympic village and took hostages. these are images from the town of bahrain in pakistan's, northern swapped the valley where hotels, homes, and roads have been hit by unprecedented flooding. the b u. n. is described as a climate catastrophe, was what valleys, normally a popular tourist destination at this time of year. now it's a scene of devastation. the overflow from pakistan, swat river, now churns through these city streets. when the flood waters arrived here, they came with unexpected force washing away roads and damaging bridges beyond
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repair. many of the hotels in this popular tourist region have been destroyed by the sub around 30 to 35 big and small hotels were washed away in the recent flooding. object suddenly today is 6 days in flooding started, but you can still see 20 to 25 feet of water inside the hotels by name rubio is, is the situation here in our town. people here have seen similar devastation before . during the last meter floods to hit the region in 2011 local residence as much of the rebuilding done since then, has now been lost. that this gift that we were badly affected by the 2010 floods on board and we rebuilt our houses with a lot of effort and difficulty with glut and sweat at the village. i come from at around $40.00 to $45.00 houses. 144. they've been completely destroyed over bud,
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obey local media, se sum 200000 people remain stranded in the swat valley and the worst may not be over with more rain expected in the coming days of the world's oldest sold festival. the venice film festival begins to day after 2 years of covered restrictions, the event will be mask free with an all star lineup of celebrities and films expected. it's also hoping to mark a return to the glitz and glamour of festivals past. oh, when it comes to old world movie magic, no one does it better than the venice film festival. for this year, the goal is clear to get film fans excited about going back to the movies in female figures and focus on the lido gibbons actress ana day,
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a mass plays marilyn monroe and blond showing the darker side of the whole wood icon. ah, the buzz around cape blankets, performance as a driven conductor in tar already has people talking about the oscars. oh. ready ready ready ready ready jafar: upon a, he won't be in venice. the distant director was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by the iranian government. his new film, which was shot in secret, explores the struggle of a band artist to live and work in iran, as for the odd with him. for yeah, love them eyes and as long as we can move in on them, was you a little bit? oh, today i'm not that in analyzing our house fans will play to watch in
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venice this year. the big question is whether the world's oldest film festival can get them off the couch and back into cinemas. with that set you up today to more world news at the top of the hour with brent golf and just a moment doc filled returns. afghanistan, the bull comes home. i'll take a look at us servicemen a year after the act of america's longest military engagement of the day. with munich, 50 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrors armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team.


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