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ah ah this is the w news like from birth in pakistan, braces the more devastating floods, rivers of again, both their banks, agencies struggled to bring food and medicine to the millions affected by the weeks of heavy rank. joe biden says us democracy is under threat from donald trump is extreme, is supported. the american president stepped up his rhetoric in a speech ahead of keith, mid term elections. un inspectors say they are worried about the safety of europe's biggest nuclear power station at such plans to stay at the plant permanently in
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russian occupied crane. despite more reports of finding plus a return to middle earth fans of the lord of the rings. finally, get a glimpse of then you've made for tv. pretty cool. look at one of the most expensive series ever made. ah, i've been fizzle and welcome from bad to worse. after weeks of extraordinary monsoon, rain and devastating floods in pakistan. the humanitarian situation in the country is expected to get even more drastic. a wave of water is flowing down the in dose river, heading toward the southern province of cent. already the west effected area. millions of people waiting to be evacuated there. in the north, several cities remain inundated a week after the last reign stalked thousands bill without food and shelter. so far
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more than 1200 people have died in the funds that crossover too. as if surety he's the country director for pakistan of the agency is la mac relief, and joins us from islamabad in the north. evacuations in the south or underway, but seem to be difficult in some remote areas. what are you hearing? well, the situation is, is really was even worse than the expectations we have not seen such staple for mega is our stay, never recent history. 4.2000000 people are directly affected. it is reaching to the people, but it's the aide is me. good resources are tiny, so still there are millions people who are left behind because the problem is that they're out of notice or says, that is sources that started to come in after the b m on tuesday. but still there
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is a huge number which is not covered, which has not reached anderson. it's a race against time. and the situation is, is really bad and the organizations are trying their best. but no one has that associates guarantee. do not have the capacity to go with this situation. so 1000000 that help and even with the emergency, the things that are moving very slowly and i'm more worried about that. it got reef is which is which is coming. i heard, and it will be a big challenge as if from, from what you say how, how much was can the situation get situation is there is actually worst i can see the indications that it's not going to be improved very quickly. and especially in this stage, if the humanitarian assistance cannot reach very quickly, it can turn into another catastrophic because of the slow humanitarian delivery.
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because the flood has already been scheduled at the place, it has destroyed the livelihood assets. it has destroyed the houses. people are already displayed and if the humanitarian assistance has not been addressed and will become mod was like we are on the ground and start started of a response on 3rd august. so far, really 30000 people and we are scaling up. but we have our data sources and the challenge is to lead to the millions of the people and the usual big humanitarian actors are not seen. so they also need to scale up very quickly. the national philanthropy is national organizations, they are responding. but if, if wait, good, my years or not, it can immediately, things will be, will be was. and it will be another catastrophe. so as if, if, if you are finally getting through, if agencies are finally getting through to the people completely cut off. and the
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international community is responding well, where is the lack of aid coming from? is the government not doing enough the dead? the situation is unprecedented once on grants. it never happened in the last 30 years. this amount of that and then the month of spell was so long. so even if there was some repair mass or some disaster management frameworks of the go men these days, this situation is unprecedented. if they good, like this one 3rd of the pakistan is in a near dot in the need of humanitarian aid, it's effected by the flood is 4200000. it's almost like the area of the united kingdom. there does is a $118.00 the sticks are destroyed. 25000000 people are impacted by this situation. so that disaster is mega is a huge. so and then, you know, this disaster has started in the beginning of august end of july. but media just
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don't get to that tension quite recently. so when media to their attention and moment up august on line b, then i could see some panic, some sense of what again see. and not all i'm in the situation has almost out of control. so you need a lot of resources very quickly. there is no issue there that capacity on the ground, the organization, the government can deliver. but the problem is that his source is legacy hammock leave launched the appeal of the 1000000 in beginning of august. and now with this situation, we ream, increase it to 30000000, and we are aiming to initial half of the 1000000 full response and recovery. but so far i would appeal is just 25 percent funded. so that's the situation. the main problem is the funding. so at the moment, the donor governments, they just started on saying some of the, some of the assistance, but
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a van it will reach and read that. is it enough or not? because this is the loss of $1000000000.00 infrastructure people, all these people alive, really, it's the embed on the lives of the people, the areas which are infected. they're also hurt by the climate in phenomena like an april. there was a drought in the video made me responding to the road and in july, it's the mega flood unprecedented. i was a laudable and disaster. they're obviously a you heard of from as much arising from the agency is lamb relief. thank you very much for filling us in on a catastrophic situation there in pakistan. thank you. thank you, as president biden has given a speech on prime time t v telling voters that former president donald trump and his supporters threatened their democracy. the mid term elections are in a couple months, they'll determine who controls the house of representatives and senate. in his address by an accused prompt supporters of undermining the rule of law and rolling
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back the rights and freedoms of citizens. democrats are only narrow the ahead in opinion polls, but issues like inflation and abortion as appended the political playing field is mo, now, from by the speech. too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. donald trump, the miger republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. miger republicans do not respect the constitution. they do not believe in the rule of law. they did not recognize the will of the people. they refused to accept the results of a free election and they're working right now as i speak in state after state, to give power to decide elections in america to partner says, and cronies,
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empowering election deniers undermined democracy itself. mag of forces are determined to take this country backwards, backwards to an america where there is no right to choose. no right to privacy? no right to contraception. all right. to marry who you love and still about that virus speech from the president with our u. s. analysts, peter got a dog that was a real thrashing of donald trump, and his supporters was, it really was and i think this is the biden that a lot of democrats would have liked to see from day one. but keep in mind that bite and ran on being the canadian chief of being the, the person who could build on his decades of experience in the senate who could reach across the aisle who had a, a record of working together with republican. so he's been very careful to try to stay above the fray, but this is also bitin who is waking up to the fact that this is not the washington he came of age. and it is
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a washington where division has become so entrenched where a big part of the republican party has moved so far to the right that their main goal is really to block his every move. and it's also an american now where a majority of republicans are couldn't vince, that bite was not legitimately elected that it was not the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. and we're seeing, you know, rights that a lot of americans took for granted for decades such as a, the right to abortion access to the ballot. they're, they've been rolled back in. so that really is the extremism that bite me here is warning against and saying, listen up guys, if we keep or stay on this path, then this is not going to be the america that a lot of you cherish. and a lot of you grew up in will bite and said that this speech was about the soul of the nation. so let's have a listening to, to this part of the speech. we are still at our core
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a democracy. yet history tells us the blind loyalty to a single later and the willingness to engage in political violence is fatal to democracy. for a long time, we told ourselves that american democracy is guaranteed, but it's not. we have to defend it, protect it, stand up for it each and every one of us. what do you make of that? yeah, i think this is such an interesting part of the speech. i mean, it's obviously no coincidence that he's given a speech where he is in front of independence hall in philadelphia, which is where the declaration of independence was written, where the constitution was written. you know, we sing bitin there on the one hand painting himself as a commander in chief in the mold of a, george washington, america's 1st president who let the american army in the revolutionary war against
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the brits 250 years ago. so there is that the defender of democracy and on the other hand, we're also seeing a not so subtle, not i thing to what we're seeing in russia with latimer putin rolling back democracy. really? you know, strangling it almost some would argue in hungary. and he saying this is where men could be headed if we're not being careful. like i said biden's upping the bob. but what about the midterms? how they going to pan out? yeah, obviously this is the one of the main reasons for this. be to mean it, it's still too early to tell a day in american polish. it can really feel like a year. but we are seeing the pendulum beginning to swing back in democrats. favor after years of frustration with the bite, not ministration, not being able to get things done in fighting mung democrats. and now we've seen over the past couple months, some significant legislative victories that are convincing. some people to, you know, maybe turn out for a, for a bind in. this is certainly what he's hoping, looks like they could keep the senate. and that is going to be central to prevent biting from becoming
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a lame duck. the last 2 years of the presidency at honda. thank you very much for the analysis. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines. police have arrested a man for supposedly trying to assassinate argentina's vice president put it shows him pulling a gun on christina fernandez. but no shots, why it wasn't bad to fernandez, who was unrelated called it the most serious event the country's been through since returning to democracy, only me in my military court and sentence on songs which she 23 years in jail with hard labor. the closed honda accord reportedly found the else that lead a guilty of electoral fraud in the 2020 elections when you want to landslide victory. she's already serving an early a 17 year sentence, a ship carrying ukrainian grain there ran a ground in turkey's boat for a straight is now being towed to anchorage and his damsel. the vessel was transporting, calling to italy when itself it brought a failure. forcing the critical way to close. it's the 1st such incidents in
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exports from ukraine restarted in july un inspectors say ukraine separation nuclear power plant has been physically violated raising concerns about its safety. it's the independent experts 1st tour of the russian occupied facility following nearby shelling of ukraine and russia, jews each other of attacking the plant. several members of the inspections remained on site and plan to stay there. despite fresh reports of fighting in the region. experts from the international atomic energy agency being shown around the separation nuclear power plant by russian energy officials. on thursday, they made a 1st tour of the key areas they wanted to see with ukraine and russia. blaming each other for shelling near the facility, the agencies had said the physical integrity of the plant had been violated. and he emphasized that their mission is far from over. we are not going anywhere. the i e
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a is now. there is at the plan and he's not moving, it's going to stay there. we're going to have a continued presence there at, at the plant with some of my experts. my still the head of the power company that runs the plants and they are working to restart the reactor and expressed hope that the un mission could help we believe it would be like her, my empirical. so this mission for us is just to did militarize the tutorials, apparently a power plant and surround and our air. if this mission helps to do that, then it will be success. in the short term, the i. e, a plans to keep a group of experts at the plans for the next several days to continue their assessment of the damage already done to the facility. a dangerous unprecedented mission. in the midst of a war zone. ukraine's new school year has begun. for many children,
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it's the 1st time back since rush are invaded in february, just the half of schools are reopening for in person classes. we sent along our corresponded young philip shots. there's an almost festive mood at this school in the center of boucher. just like every september students, all over ukraine are heading back to class. but this year, many haven't seen each other for more than 6 months. an interval of war time, all those viciously, we show him. well, i'm glad we can go back to school during such a difficult period though. i haven't seen many of my friends for a very long time. i've missed them so much. i just want to hug them all, she quit so or be at the full set. everything seems to be normal. everything seems to be well protected. she know alice attempts to a little bit afraid had teacher larissa says that only around 60 percent of students are returning. some are still abroad. the fate of others remains uncertain
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. larissa fled to germany shortly after the war began. in june, she returned and spent the whole summer preparing her school for watch and education. i'm unable on a stick and i really felt motivated when i came back and thought i wanted the children to be able to continue their study. who is still all worried, of course, but even if the low continues will make sure the children are safe for the now granted, that was spread. only schools that have bomb shelters are allowed to re open estimate suggests that only half of the schools in the country had think it's where classes go during eric alerts in boucher teacher, students and parents all work together to converge unused basement rooms into a shelter that is and her colleagues even set up proper classrooms down here in the shelter. the rule is that whenever there's an error alert, those cent bags have to be placed in front of the window. but ladies,
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i admit it's probably going to be very difficult for the pupils to be concentrated down here which i was particularly hearted by the russian invasion the 1st month of the war. almost a 3rd of the town has been destroyed. headmistress larissa hopes that students who have had traumatizing experiences will get their help they need in her school. all we need texting, we have to find specialized therapists. our own school psychologist has been heavily affected by the war herself talked. of course, this may be additional professionals could help the parents of teachers and pupils come or she didn't fill out for today, the air rate alerts they off and the show to us in the basement, remain unused. it almost feels a little like normal school life. but even the youngest to, you know, that this can change at any moment. ministers from the
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g 20 group of major industrial countries, a meeting in barley, indonesia, to discuss the changing energy landscape is, comes amid an energy crunch that seen prices for fossil fuels skyrocket. there are 2 main reasons, could the 19 and the war in ukraine as major countries emerged from coven lockdown last year, demand for energy creased sharply and allowed companies to put up the prices and rushes invasion of ukraine is having numerous spillover effects. the us band in ports of russian energy and many european governments are looking for ways to cut consumption of russian oil and gas making alternatives. more expensive. the international energy agency says, natural gas costs $10.00 times what it usually would. the price hike is also driving industries to use more coal, which means more carbon emissions. a major setback in the quest to produce emissions overall. let's go over to barley now bye, and we're joined by our asia pacific bureau chief gail matters. galle,
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people around the world know what these problems are all about, but what about the g 20 ministers that they tackling this in, in the, in the right way? or one of the key bullet points on today's agenda here in bali, it has been accessed to energy equal distribution or rather more equal distribution . and if you take asia, for example, that is badly needed it take, for example, a gasoline you already have in lauer. so shortages it same for goes for thailand where there is a shortage in, in pakistan, you're facing a power crisis. and indonesia is already used up 80 percent of the subsidized fuel that was foreseen for the entire year. disagreements are the climate targets prevented a joint communique from being put out on wednesday. what are the sticking points then? am which countries aren't on board? why keith sticking point here a was the war in ukraine which has basically overshadowed those 2 meetings. the
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majority of gee, 20 nations here insisted that any joint agreement includes a paragraph condemning this war. whereas obviously the russian delegate here was not ready to sign off on that in some countries or even back tracking on previously agreed goals. that doesn't sound promising. no, it doesn't sound promising. indeed you have to see that 80 percent off of global emissions come from gee, 20 nation. so you actually a do have the people who could change things here at this, this meeting. but the reality is that, as you have pointed out in the video, voice before a, with a post covered crisis with an energy crisis, a lot of those nations are forced to burn more coal. is there a sense of urgency though among g 20 leaders? i mean, we were just talking about the devastating floods in pakistan, but the situation is described by our people there as being out of control.
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i think you do have that sense of urgency and you do have some agreement. for instance, i take the bullet point of energy transition, which is a big one. today, that is where all g 20 nations are signing off on and it appears to be a no brainer. if you look at the natural catastrophes around the world, particularly in europe, the droughts the floods in pakistan. but if you talk to insiders and they actually say this is actual progress that everyone acknowledges. we have to move away from, from carbon fuels and into green energy gilbert as far as in bali. thank you very much. looking at some other news now. poland says it's something over $1.00 trillion dollars in damages during the 2nd world war. it wants to use this as the basis for massive reparations claim against germany. so then close the matter, closed, arguing compensation was paid in the years after the war. years up again,
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them. yeah, you case conservatives are in the final stages of choosing their new leader and prime minister. today's the last day, members consent in that ballots and choose between liz trusts and richie so not response. the result will be now. so monday, with the winner replacing force. jones to get on my death valley and california has recorded board. it's thought to be the hottest ever september day anywhere on the planet thermometers. briefly hit 53 degrees celsius in furnace creek on thursday, exceeding the previous september reco to 52.2 degrees. reco temperatures attracted some tourists despite the dangerous one of the most expensive tv shows ever made has finally had it stay view the ring of power. the rings of power is the prequel to the popular lot of the rings and hobbit felt that the story has moved to the small screen and takes place 4000 years before the events in those adaptations of tolkien snobs. the series was filled in new zealand during the pandemic lockdown.
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culture. critics have given the 1st episode, rave reviews are days of peace. begin. the waiting is over for the lord of the rings fans. this series is not based on a particular j. r. r. tolkien novel but on the righteous extensive background essays, we thought our choice would be an ending. we show it alan knight would never dean disguise the act to say the offer is still very present. everybody in this, in the job is so passionate about talking and we can talk about him all the time. i know i, but so many conversations electron doubt. in fact, i'm not upset. the legendary mini mom is my fellow classmates if you roll their eyes and i said the l led me to mount between the less reliance on c g i that in the movies and some terrific attention to detail
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. we're safe. yes. so they actually had on, on the wall is massive chart about how scale works and how tools set and damaged characters. my hapless characters are nice and then we had to learn about how i'm perspective. so i could be acting opposite you about where they place you and where they really give the illusion that one of the smaller, one of us is to lie beyond the darkness, tempting shadow for years old and the mountain. the filming of the 1st season, a new zealand posted lee cost over $450000000.00 in here
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looks good. el salvador is festival of fire bowls has returned. the pandemic extinguished the traditional event for the past 2 years. local and tourists help each other with tiny, rolled rags, french, and gasoline participants, white gloves, and mosques, and it's not a safety police trying to make sure no one taking part is intoxicated. local agent has at the event commemorates eruption of local volcano in the mid 17th century. like something fun to work on a friday reminder, the top story way. following foyer sch, parts of southern pakistan bracing for even more flooding. a huge amount of water is moving down, the induced rivulets would sit province, forcing millions of people to evacuate. northern cities also remain inundated from earlier reigns. old and 1200 people have died in the flats of coming up next level. $3000.00 and report on builds. dumping in the world's oceans
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. don't forget you can get more use on our website. the w dot com. i've been phys, woolen. i'll see you here next out. ah. with ah, with
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