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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah. this is deed of the news africa coming up on the program, facing the challenges of food security and climate change. how can africa feed itself an extended drought and the horn of africa has badly hit harvest's? food prices of rising and leaving people worried fail stove. you can't expect someone owning a dollar a day to buy mayflower for $2.00. children who are going to school hungry, we can't even feed them breakfast, which remained scarce around the world, but could locally source to crop alternatives, plug the deficit in africa, and reduce the reliance on food imports. also coming up following molly's pivot from the west to russia, would be to germany's foreign ministry on the future of the war. and you had asked
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in this a hell, but still forcing civilians from their homes. refugees from burkina faso crossing over into ghana, forcing their hosts to wake up to a security threat entering ever closer. ah. until me or laddie. well, welcome to the program. with over 60 percent of the worlds uncultivated, arable land, africa should not be importing most of its grain. right. 10 years ago, a world bank report said, africa's farmers can potentially grow enough food to feed the continent and avert future food crisis. yet to day that potential is still far from being reached. in fact, the u. n. is wanting that a devastating drought in the horn of africa could worse and as a 5th consecutive rainy season is predicted to fail,
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or that leaves 22000000 people at risk of starvation. even in some agricultural hobbs, dw corresponded. edith kamani visited farmers in kenya's bread basket to see how their coping with the emerging shocks. this was supposed to be a bumper, have asked for jonathan key bet. but things could not have gone worse for the king and farmer. first, the rains failed to come in much than an infestation of army ones attacked his crop . and most recently, a violent storm flattened his entire harvest will not be having anything to it. because it, if flare this from was producing a, let's the air 1815 preteen bath. now i'm predicting maybe i'll get that here to fail both. now you see that gap a gap will that on $10.00, that one will be a city, us, a city, us and
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a city us problem. tenure ranks as one of the countries with the highest food insecurity in the world. a serene fed economy. the country relies almost entirely on products from small scale farmers like jonathan, who simply can't keep up. we have been using their insurance model doing funding. we are not good then it may be more in later. mm hm. or now we can do as a manageable whistle funding on a neighboring farm. some santa lamb gets to tilling his land. the high cost of fuel has meant he can no longer afford to hire tractor. it's a lot of work with little return. he takes me to see this, he has harvest. it's not promising to indian beans. this had been another one. failure to another block, fear is the only one on other street this year. the 65 year old is now at risk of poverty, as if in his dairy business is threatened by the scarce animal feet. the impact of
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what's happening on the farms can already be felt in informal settlements. right? came the city. the price of means flour, which is the staple in the country, is now retailing for close to $2.00. but for a population living in extreme poverty, that can feel like a death center. and that was made evident in this viral video, showing a shoppers visceral reaction at a supermarket to the increased food prices on the streets. the view with similar was, and you can't expect someone owning a dollar a day to buy mayflower for $2.00. children who are going to school hungry, we can't even feed them. breakfast. food security expert and minor has been critical of african governments in ability to create crop and diet diversity. has suggestion, focus on climate resilient and nature driven farming. we need to harness our resources are already we have several huge dems that have been lands sorghum, a more drought resistant crop with a ready market. he's hopeful he'll bounce back when the rains come on
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the other side of the continent seeking crop alternatives could also be away forward. as wheat remains in short, supply, senegal bies, half of its wheat from russia and 6 percent from ukraine. but the ongoing war has hampered those imports and sent prices up is prompted a push in the west african nation for the adoption of more locally source to serials. in this region of western senegal, most farmers cultivate millet, a local high protein grain eaten for breakfast and supper. traditionally, farmers have kept the grain for domestic use, but now there is a push to expand production in a way that will benefit local economies and reduce reliance on wheat, regional agricultural associations and a local n g o are providing training and equipment to farmers like the gong may, sorry, they have also encouraged him to switch to organic farming mancha new younger. i'm
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seeing all the advantages before we were using chemical fertilizers, but it's expensive. and now i also know that it's toxic. and with the new method, there are higher yields and fewer expenses than organic fertilizers last longer in the ground. and got, and even when you have 2 types of crops it's efficient for both the improved yield has enabled the gung need to better provide for his family. the mill it sold by farmers like him is bought by bakeries and other businesses in the community, including buy entrepreneurs such as r, y d, up. she is now using locally sourced millet and may is to make her fritters rather than imported wheat removal at oklahoma from i couldn't go back to wrinkle clients, have started to appreciate the 1000000 fritters ovens of our lives will time known for melodic to the will with our tradition, i'm with them, millison mays are replaceable, heard a lot in this also easy, it's digest than wheat flour, one of them. but one big question is whether people in cities and other parts of
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senegal would also be happy to switch from week to cereals such as millet. many single leaves prefer wheat, baguettes of the type sold in this bakery. the government is encouraging bakers to use local cereals because as the price of wheat rises, so to do the subsidies that they pay, this bakery is making gradual changes. but convincing customers here remains a challenge with bonsai among the informa. i think there's still a lack of information we're trying to sensitize people to say it's good for them. is it? and every time we explain this, it could be on the consumption increase like long as big off some one. when i started a mock on it represented only 2 to 3 percent of the total sales of the sample. today, it's a 20 percent. what is my objective is to reach 50 percent of sales for bread made with local serial work. when i'm going where i think i'm perform fuller brembo theorem. look on shifting away from weed to decrease food dependency is something
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bakers are determined to do even beyond synagogue representatives from 8 other countries in west africa recently came to dakar for the launch of a confederation of west african bakeries. a luxury the credit with the crisis in ukraine. normally we thought there's a need to find alternative solutions today, bringing bakers from west africa as a 1st year and decor. every new bully was a need for synergy. we want west africa to wake up if we want to make commercial exchanges. luckily, if i want banana flower for synagogue, or if it is that i can import it from the ivory coast and if an ivory and wines mil at flower, he will import it from niger or synagogue. and that's the purpose. anybody. and he will, i find the medieval empathy, new news yelled synagogue as well as others whether the use of local cereals will reach its full potential, remains to be seen. eating habits are slow to change. the hope is that at some point the country will be able to reduce its reliance on imported wheat. that's
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bringing debbie sierra bow, who is a visiting research fellow at the center for environmental policy at the imperial college london. welcome to the program. now as we just heard from our report from an dot com, people love their week by get now at a time when food security is on the thread should africans consider adapting their tates and the taste and opt for other available food crops. thank you very much. to me, thank you for having well, i mean diets of have evolved over time dias will always continue to go into the future. so the senegalese who have a particular who are required, so i guess we'll alter their taste into the future. so it's, it's a moot question, it has to happen, and it will happen whether or not it's forced on us externally or we demanded internally, considering africa has so much arable land. why is the continent struggling to feed
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itself? so that's, that's about a complicated question. however, when we think about the merit of challenges, that it takes to, to be competitive, global in food and agriculture, which is of course, a $1010.00 trillion dollar proposition. there are a few things that i think will really doing well as a confidence that we just need to double down. the 1st thing is we need to bet on ourselves. no one can want a more prosperous africa, more than africans themselves. an example is the technology for african agriculture transformation that is aligned science with public policy and private entrepreneurship. where you're bringing the very best of science from around the world, into countries aligned with national priorities and getting entrepreneurs to grow food. the green shoots of success are beginning to show in sudan, and that in the next i make season will both be self sufficient in week specifically. and so if we can extend this,
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these types of programs to other countries, we will start to see this, this mushrooming of prosperity across the continent. it's one thing, it's a lot of things. another aspect is finance. we need a lot of money to come into the agrifood sector. last year, i met released $650000000000.00 in special drawing rights to countries of that $33000000000.00 was allocated to african countries. now that $33000000000.00 is less than what the us, japan, china, and german individual, the receipt. so we need more innovative finance mechanisms to ensure that we have long term low cost financing to back to printers. a lot of youth coming into value chain, we need to be able to back them, especially those focused on market creating innovation. these innovations that target non non consumption in value chance. and that know what should african governments be pushing for on the global stage to be able to achieve this?
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i think that's a good question. i started with betting on ourselves and i think that's, that's where i'd like to african countries, and african economies need to better ourselves. we have to resolve to focus on making the right choices consistently. there needs to be a alignment, public policy, national priorities, private investment, supporting private entrepreneurship. you know, you need this public sector enabled, private sector lead transformation of the aggregate sector. if it happens when it happens, we will see a truly prosperous africa in terms of the agrifood baby, sarah policy specialist with a focus on environment and agriculture in africa. thank you for speaking to us. with still in west africa, there's growing concerned that she had as violence in molly and burkina faso and
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it's repercussions are increasingly being felt in neighboring countries. the crisis has displaced more than 2000000 people in book in a fossil with many of them now fleeing south into ghana. as the attacks continue, d w max also visited a camp hosting the refugees close to the border. suff. yes, i want to go arrived in this come in gonna early august. the poor she's cooking will be here with me today, but at least she feel safe here. she has skipped with children and looking up as to where do you, how do i tax i intensify? sophia says her life isn't a trait back home. we are zarbara. the terrorists came to attack our community and burkina faso. they killed our husbands and burnt our houses. so we ran through the bushes to the neighboring towns where we got buses to gone our beetle. was he a bit thinking eliza, gonna add a port? are we looking for?
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so like ships comes like this one, i become in common. authorities estimate that around 2000 people were moved here in the past year. with new arrivals almost weekly. to day, there are fees are waiting for water to be delivered. it is hard for fi shows to provide all the necessary eat as the numbers keep rising the way they run and keep even the occluded or what they had on them were the only thing that they had even towards them, very difficult. the children in sleep is very difficult, so does the need for us to intervene. and that is why we keep as a head of the district. i'm a title works relentlessly to find basic support. unicef and red cross, i provide intense and medication. title also tries to come to a local community as somehow uncomfortable who they are. a figure is sitting here. man. catherine with everybody in this community is worried because we don't know
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exactly where they are and where they come from. who knows where the terrorists will come from one place, i'd be more gunner has increased. you security presence in this region as jihad is continued to expand, the activities is porous. borders remain as subject of concern, not only for residents, their biggest threats rather is chrome, but those are pretending to be civilians flee in the clutches, coming into garner and preparing the gross. but the comp, da's who fled also she had a conflict with steve over the border to feed her children. sophia goes the by d, looking for work from surrounding farms. would you hope that ghana will remain a peaceful refuge about a little there is not enough food for us, are enough clean water and shelter. these are all problems to us. we need support on in the manner while it is generally see for the reducing discounts. sophia,
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is looking forward to retaining to clean up a su with their children to leave and as the displaced book in our bay, people ponder their futures. there are similar questions about the insecurity in molly, which is the epicenter of this crisis. for a decades g had, he groups have carried out frequent attacks, the stabilizing the central and northern regions of the country. and even interventions by foreign armies have failed to put an end to the threat following a 2020 military coup in molly relations with west and partners have crumbled. the new genta embraced russia. france has withdrawn its troops after 9 years in the west african country. and the future of the un peacekeeping mission minima is now under threat with major to contributors like germany, rethinking their involvement. we can now speak to catch a coil minister of state at germany's federal foreign office. welcome to
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d. w. news africa ms. coil. good. have you on the program now? how would you describe the relationship between germany and molly right now? well, good afternoon. at 1st, then. we are as german government, willing to keep on supporting the peace process. even though we have to admit that they have been some flight troubles and difficulties, especially between mineral smart and the 1000000 government. that so far the mind government has reassured now that our presence is welcome, which is definitely necessary. we need the money and government engagement to stay and help but so far is this the case and the difficulties with men, no smart seem to to be solved so far. we have some procedures with the rotations
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that seem to be working now. so hopefully we on a good way, why would you say it's so important to have stability in milan to suppress that you had is threat? well, 1st of all, it's important for the people of molly so that they can live in peace and stability . but of course, it is also a question off security for all of us also for europe is money failed, failed state in our neighborhood, that with the stand the lines, the whole region. so it is, 1st of all, for the mind people that is also important for all of us. and i was in my lead turned to russia for help and it's counter terrorism operations. and human rights groups have even accused both parties of committing atrocities. in particular, the killing of $300.00 civilians and the town of mora. now, is it possible to achieve your goals in molly, while the russian wagner group is also present all we are concerned about the
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cooperation with the russian troops and about the presence. since we know about responsibility for the un mission, we'll watch this closely and it's for sure that the government has to be very careful not into any cooperation with the russian troops. speakers. then the decision would be a different one. and what would you say about the, the timeline for the presence of german troops, german military involvement in molly? is that ending soon or, or is that long term? well, depends on, on the developments and money. well hopefully when with my can reach its goal and we can find some stability in the northern north of molly and we are there to protect civilians. so as long as that is necessary and will be part of the the
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mission. but of course, as i said, the safety of our troops needs to be secured. if that is not the case, then the mandate that the one that i gave to our troops. the also foresees the stroll partial, this withdraw if the security situation is not guaranteed any longer. okay, miss, go out to stay with us. we'll come back to you shortly. but we want to look at what a will become of local staff. if germany decides to leave as france has done, we asked molly, i'm translator for his views on what a german withdrawal would mean for him. and he's asked us to change his name and conceal his identity. this man who were calling guzman has worked for foreign forces in molly for almost 10 years. his latest job as an interpreter, has been for the german military working with the troops out in the field. he
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translates local languages into english. despite wanting us to conceal his identity, he says he does not fear reprisals. the german military is well liked already the little zalman. in fact, the german troops are very much appreciate in gal. they do a job where very often representatives of the marlene state in a venture source. they are often in the nooks and crannies where the state is not often represented on their past. we who come with the soldiers are appreciated by the population. many of them, la mas on mall, appreciate allah, populous all. obviously not everyone feels as warmly as, as men about the presence of german troops in molly. but he fears if they withdraw completely security, especially around their base of dow, could deteriorate. less all set and great gun at the moment it is quite calm, substitute on the body. it is
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a precarious comma that could unravel at any time, but unhealthy. so with the possible departure of the germans on or i think to day that the situation risks turning negative. lassie does all these lear devonie negative mom and the osman? there's more in play than just the security of the country. if the germans go, then he will lose his job and means it's supporting himself and those dependent on him. well, if at the one party release, so if they leave us then is going to create a vacuum in a vacuum that takes us away from our jobs. you know, i will have difficulties to feed our families on that. if our children and do other things with our fall, it will chills. so for osman and his dependent, there is much at stake. german minister of state carter coil is still with us. and what happens to people like was a man, if germany were to pull out,
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do you feel responsible for them? well, she's responsible for our partners. and the reason is that we are there is the protection of the civilians. so what we just heard, that's exactly what people tell us the, the civil population in the north, on money around gout. they appreciate very much the presence of min no smart because they know that we have them where they ask for purity. and so we would know that if we would leave enough my alone, then nobody procured that security anymore, and we are trying to take care of them. what about an option, for example, of moving german troops to another? so hell, nation like new air is that still is that on the table? well, we are already engaged in new year and we'll keep doing what we do in the year.
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so there is no question about ending our engagement in new share, but we cannot just move true from molly to new hair. we are doing what we have been doing and but continue it. so we are a reliable partner for new year and the money and government is responsible to, to make sure that corporation with minimal mark keeps on working so that we can stay ok katya, coil minister state at germany's federal foreign office. thank you for speaking to us. you're welcome. ah, well, that's it for now, but be sure to check out all the stories on d. w dot com. ford slash africa are on facebook and twitter. when i leave you with these pictures of farming across africa, more than 2 thirds of the population is involved in agriculture. even with rising prices and food shortages,
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they're pushing hard to feed the continent. we'll see you next time about 3 .
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you back to the future with an iconic car of the eighty's for the delorean, one so flop for its manufacturer. now it is reborn as a visionary, electric vehicle. sustainable and sexy. delore. red. in 30 minutes 5 d w. to the point in strong opinions, clear positions international perspective. ukraine says its forces had broken through moscow's front line defenses at several points in the southern region near tough san ukraine counter offensive kind of push the russians back. find out on to
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it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route the world famous c. voyage of ferdinand magellan expedition now then became a scientific expedition. as many new things were being discovered, it was in fact an adventure in the and part of a race for weight power between spain and portugal. a race linked to military interest, a race linked to political and military prestige, but also linked to many financial changes. and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world for ever. la jillions journey around the world. starting september 7 on d, w. ah,
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this is d w use and these are our top stories. russia state own gas producer gas problem is completely halting supplies flowing through the key note stream one pipeline to germany. the route was temporarily closed this week for what russia called maintenance. moscow says more work on the line is required but has given no time table for exports to restart the finance ministers from the g 7 group of industrial.


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