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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, ah. ah, business d w. news live from berlin. russia turns off the gas tap to germany, state energy giant gas from indefinitely suspense, the north stream, one pine blind shutting down a direct link to europe. also coming out,
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the united nations safety inspectors surveyed the russian occupied separation nuclear power plant and ukraine. they say damage from shelling is obvious and unacceptable. and returned to middle fans finally get a look at the new lord of the rings. prequel the most expensive series in t. v. history. he gets a warm welcome from viewers. and critics ah, i'm will azako a one will come to the program. rushes state owned gas, produce a gas from as halting the flow of gas through the key nod stream, one pipeline to germany. the company says it's discovered leaks in a turbine. russia temporarily closed the link earlier this week for what it's called maintenance. now moscow says more work needs to be done. germany is reliance
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on russian gas and accuses the credible enough, cutting deliveries in retaliation for western sanctions of ukraine. d, w is benjamin alvarez. groover has more details. it's not the 1st time that russian state owned company gas from announces that gas flows via the notes from one pipeline to germany will remain suspended over technical problems. this time, it says it has found an oil leak as a compressor station until it is resolved, the supplies will remain stopped. they say germany's economy ministry reacted saying that this is just another sign of how and reliable russia is. as a part, very similar to the criticism of the european commission that says that russia professed to flare gas instead of honoring contracts. the big difference now is that germany is better prepared for the situation and it was a few months ago is gas. storage is in the country now at 84 percent according to
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figures of the german government. it is uncertain how long the gas those will be suspended. but what is certain is that there is no trust between those countries. moscow has blamed sanctions imposed by the west after russia invaded ukraine, but brussels and berlin have repeatedly stressed that this is just a pretext, and that russia is using gas as an economic weapon to retaliate gas from shut down. nordstrom one asked, the g 7 group of industrialized nations agreed to impose a price cap on russian oil exports. now the aim is to limit moscow's revenues and ability to pay for war and ukraine. the kremlin has hit back by saying it will stop selling oil 2 countries, implementing the price cap, ukraine's president of quality. mr. lensky has welcome the cap and calls for a similar price ceiling on russian gas export. so will the g 7 move have the desired effect?
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has an a stacy feedback from the pressure group economists for ukraine? yes, that's the hope. and of course, the deciding factor here will be how $97.00 countries will react and how many of them will maintain the race. and what we're seeing there, i think, is quite promising. so for example, last week, when russia offered indonesia a long term contract and to buy well at a steep discount or 30 percent discount. and indonesia did turn that down because of fears of secondary sanctions from countries like the u. s. and that is going to be the ne lepper of the g $7.00 price gap is to get broader corporation on international inspectors say damages caused by shelling at the russian occupied separator. nuclear station in ukraine is obvious and unacceptable. some members of the un inspection team are planning to stay on once their initial survey of the
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site is complete. day 2 of the un inspection of the zachary ship planned nuclear specialists from the international atomic agency, spent several hours gathering 1st impressions of the facility. the head of the team says there will be more inspections in the next few days, of course that he's and now we hover with my team. here we have a lot of work in terms of a detailed analysis of some of the more technical aspects of what we saw. the plan is for at least 2 inspectors to maintain of permanent presence at the plant. their job will be to document possible irregularities, not stemming from the conflict and the implications for the safety of the site. so, you know, to least us cuz it's not necessary for the team to look over the whole side or just
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the areas that are essential for the safe operation of the power station. because i told costa this list is the inspection is taking place under difficult conditions. there are reports of renewed fighting in the area. ukraine says it attacked a russian supply depot nearby rosario, by attacking the palis station. ukraine is risky and nuclear, catastrophic europe. according to international law, this is nothing less than nuclear terrors you're going to ruin. you. crane accuse is rupture of jeopardizing the safety of the plant when, as mamma's otherwise, if we don't know what's happening in the north or where the russian terrorists have mindlessly laughter. i stress once again that this is a challenge for the whole world hello should go through or through the ceo. we click the un inspectors are expected to publish their findings in more detail early next week. let's take
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a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. officials since for lanka, say the former president, go to buy a roger pucks a has returned to 7 weeks after fleeing the island. roger packs, i was forced out of office after months of mass protests over the national economic crisis. the recalls for an investigation into miss management and corruption, india has shown office 1st local rebuilds aircraft carrier, the vic rance, is going into service as one of the world's biggest naval vessels after 17 years of construction and tests, india is trying to reduces dependence on foreign weapons and counter chinese assertiveness. pyrotechnics fans have enjoyed a dazzling display here in berlin. asked the fireworks world championship opened with a bank. crowns gathered to wash aisb exactly show light of the night sky to the sounds of classical music. it's the 1st event after
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a 2 year lay of during the pandemic. the humanitarian crisis caused by weeks of monsoon, rain and flooding in pakistan is worsening. areas in the south are likely to be flooded again from major rivers in the north. more than 1200 people have been killed and much of pakistan is under water. the un says the scale of the disaster is unprecedented, and officials are warning of the danger from the seas. and even famine has uri, debbie was forced to flee her home as pakistan's. floodwaters rose when they receded. she returned to a house cake in mud. the mother is trying to look after her newborn baby in unsanitary conditions. her husband is worried for their health,
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but that over the water has gone down, but the flood water was very dirty, very muddy. with all the children have rashes and their health is getting worse and worse. on northern part of the floods have created the perfect breeding ground for waterborne disease. with many areas lacking clean water children bathed in pools of flood water shed. with buffalo, the u. n. is wanting, there's a high risk of deadly diseases like cholera and malaria spreading rapidly. huge swathes of farmland have been flooded, washing away millions of acres of crops, nearly half the population already lacked reliable access to food before the floods . now there are fears, a humanitarian disaster is looming and mer barden as b r. i can see a very big family. they have very soon that out i am, i can see the initial stage is already
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a crown right now. there are people who have been hungry for a week or even turn day. i heard about our international aid has started to pour in that with an estimated $10000000000.00 in damage. it's still a drop in the ocean of what's needed. police in argentina have arrested a man for allegedly trying to kill a vice president chrissy enough. and under the cache, no authorities have identified him as a 35 year old brazilian t. v crews. witness the attack on fernandez the cache, not outside her home and bonus iris. this is the moment argentina's vice president narrowly escaped in apparent attempt to assassinate her. christina hernandez, the cashier, was greeting supporters near her home. when a gunman emerged from the crowd, he was then overpowered by her security officers. argentina's president gave more details in
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a tv dress guinette bit of money. christina remains alive because the gun which had 5 bullets in it did not fire even though the trigger had been told. there are due to a reason that has not yet been technically confirmed. he said that if you look at the heather, if this is extremely serious scenario, it is the most serious incident that has happened since we restored our democracy. hello morgan. i see the police have arrested a suspect, who they have identified as a 35 year old brazilian national local media say some 100 bullets were found during a police raid on his home. thousands of protesters have been gathering outside fernandez the carstairs home for days now in a show support for the vice president who faces a corruption trial. she stands accused of defrauding the state out of an estimated $1000000000.00. while she was argentina's president from 2007 to 2015,
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she has denied all charges to attack me boost support for her, as well as provoking shop in a beer. christina life value, if something happened to her, i die with her. his oh, gaiety, i just can't believe it. it's really difficult. but a bo, i'm concerned and i meant the sentiment that being rationally, i think there was always that possibility, but a fellow supple celia the almost as him put it to him or 6. we were always exposed with, she was exposed to the almost i cannot believe the level of violence may of morgan. okay. are you in the you, linda, this a parent assassination attempt has shaken argentina while the police carry out their investigation. many are waiting for answers. now the wait is over, it's the most expensive series in television history. the rings of power has
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finally started streaming to lighting both fans and the critics. the 1st 8 episodes of the tv show cost nearly half a $1000000000.00 to make the show is a prequel to the popular lord of the rings and hobbit films are days of peace. begin. the waiting is over for the lord of the rings. fans. this series is not based on a particular j. r. r. tolkien novel. but on the writer's extensive background essays, we thought our choice would be an ending. we thought allen, like we've never seen the skies are strange. the actors say the offer is still very present. everybody in this, in the job very so passionate about told harry norman gilmore, we could talk about him all the time. i know i but so many conversations electron doubt, in fact, i'm not upset the legendary many long because my fellow classmates roll their eyes and i said the al,
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word the mount between the less reliance on c g i is that in the movies and some terrific attention to detail we're safe yesterday actually had on, on the wall is massive chart about how scale works and how tall and characters my half what characters are. and then we had to learn about how i'm perspective. so i could be acting opposite you about where they place you in, where they really give the illusion that one of the smaller, one of us is to a lie beyond the darkness, tempting shadow for years old, the man to the filming of the 1st season, a new zealand reportedly cost over $450000000.00. if not, then,
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if you had before we go ahead a reminder of the top story we're following for you. brush us to stay don't gas produce a gas problem is completely halting supplies flowing through the key, no stream one pipeline to germany. russia close the route early this week for what is called maintenance. moscow says more work on the line is required, but has given no time table for exports to restart it what you need any news life from but in coming up next is world stories. that's it for me and the team here in berlin. i could take it with


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