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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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head before we go ahead, a reminder of the top story we're following for you. brush us the state own gas produce a gas problem is completely halting, supplies flowing through the key, no stream one pipeline to germany. russia close the route early this week for what is called maintenance. moscow says more work on the line is required, but has given no time table for exports to restock it watching d. w use lie from but in coming up next is wealth stories. that's it for me and the team here in berlin. i can take it with music 50 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of
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a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team. and immediately killed one man, and that this will be the last time i saw him in life. our worst fears realized tonight. they're all gone. how i witnessed his experienced the terrible events. and this, the world shouldn't forget the long shuttle, the 972 olympic massacre start september 3rd on d, w. ah, this week gone world stories urgently needed women, doctors in afghanistan under their own power, a village achieves energy independence. we begin in ukraine where millions of
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people are suffering the consequences of war. at a vacation camp and the south of the country volunteers give families from embattled areas a break from the violence yada is 11 years old today. it's a birthday like no other than i was you have happiness and a peaceful sky of both your head. i should i wish you that everything will be fine and that you can go home soon. this is summer camp for kids and families. web lost their ho refugees from embattled occupied areas. yadi and his mother fled headphone, which is occupied by the russian. that was to see you. it's the russians were standing where with tango, tango see next to the tanks where people are unable to live. and then they put people away unable to live his code word for
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just a few weeks. many of these kids have mostly the lifetime yard x. that is a soldier in the ukranian army. his mother decided to flee when the russians started looking for the families of ukrainian soldiers. the organizer is alexia laney. everybody calls him uncle yoshi. he wanted to create a space of soldiers if only temporary life. the war is always close. you remember as a 7 year old girl named marcia watched him to bring her friends. so he told us, different could come 2 weeks later. cedar street, the mosque, and one day she was sitting there in the hammock crying new. yep. it's. i approached her and asked for to blush what's wrong? and she said to sure, but that was quick when you said my friend who he didn't take on. i said, yes,
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i remember she's coming in 2 weeks. is one of these. and then she said, well, no, i was, and she's not coming any more yet has amused for you have to. i understand if not my fault does, but she would still be alive. well hi, this is too many have stories like yours, but uncle, you're shy, and the other volunteers try as much as they can to distract everybody with outdoor activities. it's the birthday boy's turn to climb the rock solid yard. it makes it to the toss it while you download. bravo. which good idea. get them done with that victory, at least to dave, when so much in his life, remains uncertain. ah, we turn next to latvia where pop starts, that lana,
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nevada delights her audiences. like many other intellectuals, an artist, the singer was banned from russia because she took a public stand against the war a sea of lights amongst the audience. in riga, we have come to see ukrainians. sing us with la la, la badani. i used to renew my homeland ukraine is currently going through a big, dreadful, unjust war. ah, leave atlanta, local, die used to live in moscow. she had millions of russian fans. but at the end of february, she publicly spoke out against russia school on ukraine and turned her back on the country. yeah, but you, i want to be on the right side of history on the side of good and truth. moscow's
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response was swift lobo. dar was prohibited from entering russia for 50 years. that is just one of many examples of how moscow punishes prominent people who publicly criticize the policies of the kremlin. singers actors and divvy hosts had been forced to leave russia. those who stay risk persecution or harassment like aloe vera from ya. katerina bork, with the bens, the singer, vera marcell on the used to be married to a well known rational position politician who's currently in custody because of his open anti war stance. she herself has publicly protested against moscow's policies and is suffering the consequences. ah said the more serious the political situation in russia becomes,
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the more openly the authorities been our concerts designated and said, no one is officially blacklisted. but the names of musicians seen as undesirable. a tear in the media rush, us low house of parliament is now going one step further. it glance to punish officials who employ or engage such critics as they even included the hat of russia . channel one and the ball size director. julia, these a civil servants are on the wrong side of history. we want to bring them to reason that i was. mm ah, the atlanta local dot is convinced to that she's on the right side. she thanks her fancy to europe for their support. but what about her hands in russia? last year, the still not m. russia has gone badly astray. she knew it. she knew what she was at a town is a man who led the country in the wrong direction, philip thought,
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and as long is people there don't grasp that. didn't you play within? yes, as no, nothing good will come of this country hash with this plan. him with emotion. ah, and until then performances like this will only be possible outside of russia. ah. the taliban seized power in afghanistan just over one year ago. since then the islamic fundamentalist group has done everything. it can to restrict the rights of girls and women prohibiting them from leaving the house alone, attending school or going to work. but there are exceptions. though, what enhancing the meat doctor mal ally facie? she's a rare exception in afghanistan. why the taliban forced most working women from that jobs? doctor fight you see, got a promotion. she's now director of the country's biggest maternity clinic and cobbled female and neonatal health is one area where the fundamentalists rulers understand they need women from on a more the uh, on stone. as mazacco, chad,
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this is linked to the culture and tradition of afghanistan. when a woman is pregnant, she should go to a female doctor on a bike because a female doctor can better examine and treat her than a male doctor. a shocking hope was a lot of me than a go on a mother. you can mazata mc mill. doctor, many babies here a born prematurely more than 20 new borns have died in each of the past 4 months. the 1000000000 spent by foreign powers on development fate to create the lost in conditions needed to reduce infant mortality. 2 in my book, i am a doctor, i have not left the country for the past 26 years. and in all this time i've gone his ton was never stable and never piece of lucy. with that. when she gets home, after a long working day, darkness awaits her the electricity's off a daily experience for many families and cobbled as she sits down for tea. with her
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youngest daughter, we ask her why she doesn't leave off gone his tongue. dell is a mark than me of once done any. i am an african and i got my education from the blood of this nation's people have them. i want to serve my people. if all of us decide to leave now who will rebuild this country? my, my, the father, the guy, was eager for like your mother. marva is waiting to take the university entry exam to study medicine. she's clear on why she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps, him as homeless. never heard that again, because our society meets female doctors and every single province mobile app. after the recent earthquake, there were no female doctors in the field to help the injured women. only made doctors where they are, but not a single female. well, i want to help the women of my country as i make one home, where the marva will follow her mother's career will be up to the taliban. they
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where do you cite how many women doctors they want and where to apply a token? and i thought i would have a favorite want to give a short poem meeting. and with our last story takes place in germany. the small village of fell time is one of the few communities in germany that generates all of its own energy. it's heat and electricity come from wind turbines and bio gas plants. as a result, prudence threats to turn off the gas tap leave residents cold. this deluxe village in brandenburg is located just 80 kilometers from berlin, only 130 people a few, but they generate enough energy for thousands. fair time was the 1st bullet in germany to become completely self sufficient in terms of electricity and heat. it has existed independently of fossil fuels for 12 years. now. it all began with the construction of 4 wind turbines. in 1995 mikhail classroom and introduced this idea to facetime on leticia. it's in the end,
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the expectations were so high after the talk that the village is said, not so fast. if you want to avail yourself of what we have here in fail time and harvest electricity, and heat than we want to taste of the action to. in the meantime, 55 wind turbines produce electricity for more than 50000 households. but that's not all since 2008 by august plant and the village has been generating heat and even more electricity from liquid manure, ry meal, and corn silage. this saves fell time 260000 liters of heating oil every year. dizzy throughout zone von up to the situation was that we were getting low market prices for agricultural products that will usually sell ryan corner. but the federal government was also offering an incentive, a fixed monetary incentive for electricity generated from the bio gas plant. that was a reason for local pharmacy to say we will invest in exactly this type of a bio gas plant. so that we also have a sustainable source of income for our employees. but that was only the 1st step in
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making the village self sufficient. the people all fell time had to build their own power grits and eating network. there utley refers orga at the local utility company, refused to provide access to the grid for the local power plant and what they just didn't want it. and they said like this little gallic village, no matter what they do, when not giving in of influenced mas clanking loss. now, the villagers are relaxed about next winter and the threat of a gas shortage in germany. but for the mayor, it doesn't. and there could result in on the i could sit back and say energy transition done finished. but we don't want to do that. we want to show that we can still organize our self sufficient energy cycles that make us less dependent on all the putins and shakes around the world. and these other it sad time has shown how it's done and could be a model for communities own. oh, but the welt ah
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yeah, there's an old saying, show me how you live and i'll tell you who you are. visiting king luke fish, the 2nd varia, f noise. fungi and castle were given an exclusive tour by his great, great grand nephew. and get to see what remains hidden to most your romance, a d, w. oh, is it okay to simply make music in times with an encounter with ukrainian store conductor on a linear, celebrated by audiences in by a voice of sun only on balancing part and war
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