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turbulent history ah, the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. a ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. that is, lilian, i saw the scenery is magnificent. the people are warm in our position is exceptionally ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah, today on read the auto and mobility show the nigerian so la beth's revolution, the v 10 engine lamborghini order can technica driven flat house as a race track. and we go back to the future with the delorean alpha 5.
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we're in my degree in nigeria, remote northeast, to travel on a revolutionary solar powered plus service. that could be a model solution for cities across the world. we'll meet with stuff a guy g bo, his vision has created a cutting edge mobility solution amid the troubles of a crisis region. and will hear from people about the surprise benefits the new bus service offers them as passengers clarence in collision of the county. i now say not will you, my quincy, the whole fridays of will is glenna crazy. so for transport issues are wayne oh, perry. and i would damage swung vapors of course. hello. how are
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environments we decided to come up with this as a solution to? so for all this new stances team reef hits, gasoline many buses with electric motor, some battery packs, charging takes about 35 minutes for a 150 kilometer range. the energy source is my degrees, plentiful sunshine captured by more than a 150 solar panels. they to so far converted 10 many buses and more than 50 tricycles that are in service on the roads with my degree. small flexible transport options such as many buses are crucial to life and many cities around the world, but most still run on heavily polluting gasoline or diesel. though nigeria is one of the world's biggest oil producers. people in the country regularly suffer from shortages and high prices at the pump or
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a ride on these solar powered buses is not only cheaper passengers have already picked up on other advantages that are more dana, that i got it. honestly, this one is far better than a regular car. dodie, that you medina. this one was about. it was like, makes no normal guys. gotta go to almost a 100 on my own, but you, i think that's. yeah. when i bought this got is it's like i'm going to the stage on getting to where like whatever i have to wait for the driver. i guess where, like for this one i just go straight to my business, whatever i want to do it in the city, it gets gamble to let you say i enjoy boarding this boss because it's silent and cheap compared to other transport that uses gas is rather than d, a y whenever i'm going somewhere in this town proposal. i wait for this bus to come because it's fast. without delay that that it was staff a currently employed, a diapers, team of engineers, mechanics, technicians, and drivers. a welcome sign of recovery in
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a remote part of nigeria that was plagued for more than a decade by the poco harem terrorist who the insurgency may have severely set back the regional economy, but must africa g bo is determined to realize his dream. he dropped out of the university to start an electric revelation and named his company phoenix renewables . after the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. the whole brain comes out of barnstead, where there is no electricity, where there is no security in security and access to raw materials is very limited access to her. the technical manpower is very limited. what are we able to come up with? this is such a technology and i believe that her whatever is been build and design out of problems, tends to even be more stronger because sir into
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a lot stand. almost all the challenges is staffing is already looking beyond adapting combustion vehicles. and throughout 2022 it's team has been working on its own 12 cedar pure electric bus. but they have conceived and built from the ground up earlier in 2022. he told us more about the project and sat down and design your full boss, which will be looking bewildered, fabricated here. so as you can see here, we are for a was to reach about 70 to 75 percent completion in this. so our new boss that we are when this book is fully finish is going to be a 12 c turbos which are and co world 200 kilometers. will one church and it's going to have all the futures latest vehicles in the world will have including even voice
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comments to see if it sounds like the 29 year old is dreaming big. it's because he is, for example, to properly harness solar power. he wants to build a battery, get a factory in africa. mustafah g bo aims to develop clean mobility solutions. not only for africa, but on a global scale. for this young entrepreneur, it looks like the journey is only just beginning. mm hm. mm. this is a super sports call. there is no doubt, but it might as well be the last of its kind. the new lamborghini who are a con technica and with that. welcome to laura check introduced in 2014 as
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a successor to the iconic i. otto, the hurricane quickly, and the reputation of being one of lamborghini, fastest and fiercest. and here's why. right here on the that carbon panel with the nice window in it. you will find the heart of the lamborghini who are a con technica the well known 5.2 liter v 10 naturally aspirated engine with 640 horse power. will propel the car from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.2 seconds. and there is not much more to say about this engine. you've got to experience it. ah. you have 3 different dr. modes, estrada sport, and gorda and co size. of course folder racetrack, the minimum amount of assistance systems and the maximum power of the car doesn't
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make sense for street driving. they can choose sport and sport will have you with e s. c, set to sport, so it will be safe to drive and it will also forgive you and help you. if you do minor mistakes, the hurricane weighs in at 1390 kilos, which certainly helps things when get mash, the pen. what i found interesting is the difference between this data and sport mode. so right now we're driving and strata and the car is yeah, you could say tame. the car will accelerate the little bit depending on how much you press the gas paddle and the sound would. that is okay. but then if you switch to sport mode, even the smallest press on the gas pedal work off the engine to try to give everything it's got. and the sal is simply incredible. ah, oh,
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i love it. i really love it. i do, i could listen to this all day long on a, for a con technique. it has real wheel drive and real wheel steering with direct steering refueling to work vectoring making for one heck of the driving experience . and you can get one in any color you like. because lamborghini has hundreds on offer to suit every taste. of course, the acceleration is crazy. what i have to admit though, i recently drove the am g e q, e, $53.00 full medic plus all the top version of the q e. and it has around the same amount of power. and it will also make the dash from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.3 seconds. so is 0 point one seconds lower than this car, but it's almost doubled the weight of the number again. and if i now imagine that
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power off the electric engines in a car like this, that is rather light, of course it will be heavier because of the vanity. but as somebody imagine, i guess we're going to be talking about acceleration of below 2 seconds from 0 to anarchy long enough. this is simply going to be crazy. of course we didn't miss the chance to take the hurricane technic out on the race track for a few laps because this is where one can experience its full potential. put it into course a mode and the rear end is playful and would like to break free mm . aerodynamic efficiency in lightly construction or the driving forces behind the design of the hurricane technica overall, the technique is $61.00 centimeters longer than the evil. since the space in the
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back is taken by the engine, this is all you have left for luggage. it is not very big. you can fit 2 backpacks. maybe you might be able to fit to trolleys, but i, i doubt it. so there is not very much space in this car. this car's made for driving without luggage at the rear, that is islas decided to bring the apron in to show more of that massive $305.00 millimeter wide wheel. but that's the only thing about the real looking good. i mean, forget that small spoiler look at the hacks are gone. exhaust system a thing you won't see every day somewhere in the more less distant future children will not know these types of fuels to noise, convert us any more for them. cost like this will be purely electric and i said as
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that makes me, it is definitely the right choice for the environment. and i am excited to see what this type of sports guy will be able to perform once it comes as a purely electric version. ah, the interior of the who are account technica just yelled at, you are a sports car and you can definitely tell that everywhere. i mean those buttons. this is the window lever. it looks like it's taken right from a race car, right in the middle. you have a little infotainment system with all the functions you might or might not need in such a car because this cars about driving, but you could use it if you want navigation. smartphone, everything you could wish for. ah, what's interesting about the steering wheel is usually you half your indicators and wipers behind that. and in the lamborghini, and i've to say this is the 1st car that i drive where it is like that. it is at
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the front of the steering wheel. the indicator is right here on the left side and the wiper is he on the right side was also interesting. the start stop button, of course, somewhat like a fighter jet. if you open it up, then you can start the car and i think we're going to do just that gets driving again. ah, what should i tell you? this car definitely is a sports guy. you feel with every curve you drive. every little steering you do work directly affect the car and every little acceleration you give it will also direct the b put to the engine. ah,
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ah, of course a car like this also needs to be adequately stopped and that's why this car has ceramic brakes and knows we'll be able to stop the car from a 100 kilometers an hour to 0 in less than 32 meters. yet that were a contact ticket is also supposed to be suitable for a leisurely drive through the city. but let's be honest, we're really not looking for comfort from this razor sharp track. aysa, who are a con technica the last of its kind. somewhat yes and somewhat. no. no, because at the end of the year, lamborghini will show another different version of the who are a can. so it will not be the last who reckon with the v. 10 engine and somewhat yes, because in 2020 for the who are a can, will get a successor and then no more who are i can models. so you might be able to say,
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this is the last of its kind because afterwards there will be plug in hybrids starting from 2023 and in 2028th. lamborghini would show the 1st fully electric model, and from then on, probably cost like these will not be billed any more. ah, price is with a lamborghini. her technique has started around $229000.00 euros and germany. this puts it somewhere between the 185000 euro evil and the almost 300000 euro s t o. even though this is a lot of money, if you like people ogling in the car, you drive. it's worth every penny. if you want more rad, take out a youtube channel. if you want regular fi, kids about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world reads can make a very happy, ah,
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vintage classics and teach attack. i just some of the exciting content waiting for you. subscribe to us that you teed snack dw reads and you'll always be up to speed i. the legendary delorean is back with the alpha 5. the delorean motor company has presented the successor to the cult dmc. 12 1st built at the start of the 1980 after it appeared as the time machine and the back to the future trilogy, the car transformed into an icon of mythic proportions. legendary italian designer, georgia, john o, crated something eternal with these j. it's a very interesting product which has gained great artistic value over the years. i thought i wanted to come into value though
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it already converted one dream into reality, proposing a car that was contemporary, but also looked into the future will be a palo to manella renowned expert in automobile design. put the delorean under the microscope for ref. with it does look like really innovation. it seems to me that the new laurie on just a fits in a range of super powerful electric cars. we've seen the tesla model s desa most very good in finding out the exhaust knish for a luxury electric power to he. he designed
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a limousine plot. it gave it a sports car shape and then we've seen many other cars coming in that direction. and specifically the court date on the now we see the laurie on going in that direction. it's just following the market. it's not creating a new market. reloaded the past or terms of been orient going back to the future is almost kind of tricky. even so the new delorean alpha 5 has been unveiled at pebble beach. does it hold true to the roots of its predecessor to understand the lorianne, you must understand american automotive industry. they will be on the web medic brave the americans really were very concerned. now this guy john lauren, when he leaves general motors, he decides to america something you to dream about. and it boots together
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a concept that is very brave, but also very interesting. it spoke of an ethical. you wanted a car to be sustainable. so he thought of plastics and stainless steel, so that a gun and a ross, it was a kilometer to drive and it was about going to be designed something you would love . and you would love to kid that even for your life. but technical and financial issues meant that only 9000 delorean were built between january 1981 and december 1982. then the delorean motor company filed for bankruptcy to the car phase, but will sticking over into movies 1985 by back to the future. and the movie was a huge success. the car wasn't existing anymore. so be basically because with your virtual super object it was chosen because of its patristic design. ah,
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you john design the delorean back in the wild seventy's. at the beginning of his career, the italian designer caught attention with his beautiful designs like the alfa, romeo julia, and the mazda roddy gib lee. he revolutionized car design. people belonging to a new society sure knew where you live and you need the new shape to involve the oldest values. john became the symbol of this era. he had to strive for a different language and degree. and then barry and you are a glassy and sharp edge design that the immediately implemented in. ready old because we've seen from unit to 7. if you have done to read up your golf, which came out to the market in 1974. your jo ju, john o warmed up with the v. w head early masterpiece. before
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a series of impressive sports cars. which included the delorean the big trade was that it generated out of a series of concert cost that john had designed a round about also the portia payroll. and then, funnily enough, if you'd like to the only cool with dreams to dream off and delirium converted one dream into reality, proposing a car. it was contemporary, but also looked into the future of automobile. and it's more relevant today than ever at a time when mobility is radically changing. the old delorean is increasingly becoming a symbol for the new automobile. spanish star designer on fail getta is trying to continue. the story with this delorean vision goes on the racial ration. but
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celebrated that the lower in rent, i believe there is really a loss for future. now, the future becomes sexy again and going back to the go around. it certainly gives direction or sustainable mobility or enjoyable mobility. classic car enthusiast dea. lemme has installed an electric drive train in his old delorean. it's propelled his car from 981 right back into the future. but if you like to alter ego, i love electric cars and i don't drive any of the new staff from america anywhere else because i just don't think these cars look good and i don't want a giant computer in my car. i just like cars and i've all those toys. and i mean, boy hasn't just electrified his delorean. he's spiced it up with
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a whole host of new tech 3 d hello graphy instead of a standard display. and several functions are now operated using gestures. a contactless wiggle of the fingers to control whatever you need. in the lori and lori and stands for the user vision state, we've installed a tracking camera here, which i'd scan and read gesture as it had movement that are made in the 3 dimensional space in front of the display, and then interpret them. listen, conway done into cliffy. it's under posed supervision, gesture, control virtual reality and electric power trains all combined in this extraordinary machine. this delorean is essentially an experiment on 4 wheels that is constantly evolving. speaking of the latest tech, this new concept car from who died is also chalk full of it. the envision 74 is
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powered by a fuel cell and intended to give a glimpse of how the korean car company will design its vehicles in the era of e mobility. and it's heavily influenced by the pony who pay the basis for the 1st car that the company actually produced for sale designed by none other than george owed you john. exactly. at the same time he designed the delorean originally they did the lawyer came out together basically the same year to job now didn't you? the concept is so much closer to the original gloria idea that you would be misled to think that now cube i really was able to. ready reinvent the design of the gloria as it was a powerful and complicated way
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that it is vision of an ethical, sustainable economic, safe car on or to look was incredibly powerful for those days. and it would be wonderful if a company this could very well be, you know, which take over these values because the values of today's automobile are weak. they're going to be live today. it's become heavy, fat, slow. and basically, although over a little bit were designed by the notice of the new model and all his competitors the battle for the title of 2 successor to the legendary delorean is eating. we've been waiting too long for the future to come. there is
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a need to redesign the automobile in values and ensure, ah automotive time travel at its very best, more machine and use nostalgia in one day coming your way on the next episode of red. ah, with
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who h. so i've come to tie want to speak with foreign minister. joseph lou. d w reporter richard water in taiwan. the bay is china following russia is lead and planning to take its neighboring state by force. it's region on
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a slippery slope towards a a. do we resolve the exclusive interview? more in 30 minutes on d. w. with a little help from his friends, the re election of boris yeltsin. russia 1996. the players of the legal president, a group of aspiring oligarchy, communist agents from the soviet era, and the u. s. government, the stuff that meet them at the political thriller in 75 minutes on d. w. ah, what is the issue when i arrived here? i slept with people in a room as a 9th and it was hard. i wish bare i even got white hair is learning the gym and language hit me
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a lot. this kids to me and they built much trinity to interact with. you want to know their story, migrant verified and reliable information for migrant departure into the unknown. today, this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sale to discover a route. the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand magellan. part of a race for all power between spain and portugal. a race linked to military interests erased, linked to political and military places, but also linked to making financial changes and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world
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forever. jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. ah . this is the w news life from berlin. russia bid farewell to former leader mikhail. gorbachev. crowds, why not the most go to see the last leader of the soviet union like to rest? there'll be no full state funeral for the man. some russians reject as a traitor.


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