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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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w, made for mines with this is the w news live from berlin. russia bid farewell to former leader mikhail gorbachev. crowds line up in moscow to see the blast leader of the soviet union lay to rest. there'll be no full state funeral for the man. some russians reject as a traitor. experts voice concerns about the safety of your biggest nuclear power plant. you, when you see inspectors describe the damage from shelling it ukraine separation power plant russian occupied facility restarts one of its reactors,
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despite me by fighting and a t as low as 20 free time grant sam taylor's champion, serrita williams bows out of the us open and possibly her career. she loses to australia is either not of it. ah, i'm been puzzled and woke up. the last leader of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev is being laid to rest at a ceremony in moscow. gorbachev died on tuesday at the age of 91 after a long illness crowds lining up in moscow to see the former president lying in state at moscow's hold of columns. but he's not been given a full state funeral, usually helpful for leaders. russian president vladimir putin will not attend, citing a full schedule. most western leaders are also staying away because of hooton's invasion of ukraine. gary and prime minister beetle albany is expected to be in
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moscow to pay his respects. he's often been critical of western sanctions against russia. i asked that corresponded to reschedule. how russia is being treated farewell to its last soviet leader. well after the ceremony that is now taking place mikhail gorbachev will to bury it in his her early afternoon at an of a david she cemetery next to his wife for a 2nd batch over. it's not unusual band in russia that the dead are buried to within 3 days. so we shouldn't be surprised why gorbachev is buried so quickly. although the impression could arise said that the kremlin wants to deal with this as quickly as possible because gorbachev, of course, stands for a completely different political system for a completely different value system than the current president of russia. let me puter stance and garbage of his not being buried in the kremlin wall, like in all his so soviet predecessors that was presumably his last veal. he was
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often seen at the grave of his wife. i isa who died of cancer in 99 to 9, and it was important to leisure gorbachev to be buried next to her a gorbachev i was seen as so much more in the west. ah, his legacy in the folk former soviet states is quite mixed. so let's have a quick look back at his political life. look it up at your brochure in mikhail gorbachev. first speech as leader of the soviet union. it was clear he was a stark contrast to his predecessors. we scored you was the old right. i live in peace and freedom is the most. am your ultima basic right to veteran widow for our kilobit. gorbachev wanted to change the soviet union to bring it closer to the people. he promoted glass, nah, st. openness and perestroika reforms to words that will forever be associated with
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him. his new outlook was popular with many his policies also applied to the military. despite the resistance of soviet generals issued to us, here we are voters almost. i'm convinced that we will also have to reform our military law. we have far too many weapons law, stately. we have to seek dialogue with other superpowers and reduce our arsenals to a reasonable extent, in that yourself. as a result of that dialogue. gorbachev and you as president reagan find the 1st of many disarmament treaties in 1987. it was the beginning of the end of the cold war in october 1989 when he visited east berlin for the g d r's, 40th anniversary celebrations. gorbachev urged eric hanukkah to implement reforms.
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he warned the eastern leader saying, life punishes those who come to late a month after his visit. the berlin wall fell and with it, the iron curtain that had divided europe for decades. it was gorbachev's, reformist policies that helped unleash a peaceful revolution across eastern europe. in 1990 gorbachev was awarded the nobel peace prize for his key role in bringing about a new peaceful world order. internationally. he was highly regarded. but at home, he was increasingly under pressure. the economic situation was dire. the soviet union on the verge of falling apart, communists hardliner stage to kill against gorbachev in august 1991. at the end of
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that year, mikhail gorbachev announced his resignation and the soviet union was dissolved with many russians holding him responsible for its demise. near he could you tell us more about why ah, there is such a mixed legacy at home as far as a gorbachev went in and what he achieved while elac gorbachev lay to the foundations of russian democracy. he created the atmosphere in which something completely new co to merge band, freedom of speech, freedom of press democracy, everything that russians before him could only dream about. but he also made mistakes. of course, gorbachev was followed by boris yeltsin, a man who didn't exactly lie. gorbachev, this was the beginning of the as it gig, beginning of the cow arctic nineties in russia ingrained in russian collective mind as a decayed of cows and lawlessness. but people mix it all up to day and to blame garbage
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or for everything are we talked to moscow, vice 9 people out of 10 sant he caused to the disintegration of their once. your great and beautiful country is javier t union. there is a lot of nostalgia for the good old days. and of course, a lot of frustration about the 1st years after the collapse of the soviet union, which were very difficult. and you see the kremlin and also russian president vladimir putin reaction to college of state wooten paid tribute to gorbachev through a he scrambling spokesman pis scoff, saying he was a great statesman. ah, he expressed his convalescence to the family today. however, putin, your sad into will not be attending the ceremony because of scheduling reasons, at least that's what the kremlin says. and it is, of course, ah const. because that putin who will not be present to there to day, ah, it's relationship between the 2 was difficult. actually. gorbachev supported put ins, policy special towards ukraine. garbage have said to the next station of crimea was
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justified. at the same time, he must have been increasingly frustrated with the developments of a recent years and months. a gorbachev never commented directly on the white crane as he was already very ill. but one of his closest friends, however, said he believed the war had greatly disappointed mikhail gorbachev. okay, but just looking at my pictures of mourners streaming in to pay their last respects an open coffin ceremony. as you can see there, i'm a big question, of course is just how much interest is there? how big are these crowds going to be? is this going to be used as some sort of protest against a vladimir putin in his war, or what he calls his special invasion of ukraine. and it's been 3 decades uri since gorbachev resigned. and the cold war ended. what would you say is the legacy that he left behind? well, it all depends, i would say on who you are,
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who you talk to people in western europe, especially in germany, but also russians who are coming to moscow's house of unions to day to pay their last respects to got a bunch of these people certainly think very highly of him. at the same time, a people in the baltic states reacted quite differently to gorbachev. i for many here he was a symbol of the soviet occupation and gorbachev didn't wanted the baltic states to be independent. we know that, especially in neighboring lithuania, there is a negative attitude towards god. about charlotte, when you was at the forest of the baltic states that declared independence, what followed to war, bloody protest with many deaths. when soviets special forces, tried to suppress the v. these protest anti plenty as president compared garbage of even with the prison warden who only decided to reform the prison partially by the prisoners. wanted to get out. and so they did, but against gorbachev. sybil ah lithuanians foreign minister. long's baroness has
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reacted quite harshly and to be totally so any and so will not glorify gorbachev is there will never forget the fact that his army murdered, he said civilians to prolong his regime location. and he and riga had got a 3 cabbage loudly asked for, a minister stressed that the collapse of this a sad was the best moment of the 20th century. but the killing of people in venison, trigo was a part of gorbachev. legacy or the mixed legacy of mikhail gorbachev. the last soviet leader being late to rest, we can see more as their streaming in to say their final farewells. thank you very much for timing in your e ratio there are from riga, and we will keep you up to date on any developments. operators of the separation nuclear power station in ukraine say they've restarted a reactor, which had been halted due to concerns about nearby military activity. that concerns
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remain about the safety of the rational to plant exits from the international atomic energy agency of describe, sing, building damage, and impact holes during an inspection. you kind of rush or blame each other for the attacks on your largest nuclear power facility, e. i h plans to release a full report on its findings next week is the head of the mission. rafa grossey speaking to reporters about his preliminary phonics. i worry, i worried, i worry and i will continue to be worried about the glance. i think we have a situation which is more stable, which is more predictable. it is obvious that the plant and the physical integrity of the plant has been violated several times by chance. by deliberation. we don't have the elements to assess that, but this is a reality that we would, that we have to recognize. and this is something that cannot continue to happen.
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let's take a look at some other stories making headlines. gas problem has shut down gas supplies to germany indefinitely. the russian energy company says the note stream one pipeline will stay offline blaming maintenance, european lea to say that's a foss calling this an extension of brushes, warren ukraine. in pakistan, the humanitarian crisis caused by weeks of monsoon. rain and flooding is worsening . areas in the south or under threat as water surges from major rivers in the north walden, 1200 people had been killed and launched. pants of pakistan remain under water. india has showed off its 1st locally built aircraft carrier. the be con, is going into service as one of the world's biggest naval vessels. after 17 years of construction and tests, india is trying to reduce its dependence on foreign weapons and counter chinese assertiveness to the us open way, hopes of a fairy tale farewell for serena williams have been dashed. the american went down
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fighting, but couldn't stave off a defeat, that she says will likely be her last and she's expected to retire. i tom the out of it should been says to the 4th round, but in new york when lose old rule, this was always going to be about serena ah reader, she entered the arena like a prize fighter and it wouldn't take long for her to realize that a fight was exactly what she was going to get ah highlight homeland, which was clearly not interested in fairy tales. she took the 1st set with a heavy blow and forced williams to do what she had done so often. fight back. the 2nd set was vintage williams, as the american conjured a moment to savor, as she said about leveling the match, all the qualities that and made her 23 time grand slam champion were on display. there was the power that determination. and eventually,
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the precision she brought a most raucous crowd to its feet, but it was to be one last stand. the 40 rod had been racing her body to equal the grand slam record of 24 titles. but in the 3rd set and the 3rd hour of the match, it soon became clear that time had finally caught up takes a lot of work to get here, clearly and still capable, but it also it takes a lot more than i am a like the a mom and explore different version of santa ah, and technically in the world i'm still super young. so i, when i like have a little bit of a life. i'm still walking just re says she has the
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2nd best grand slam breaker behind margaret court. but many in new york and all around the world will argue she is simply the best. ah, couldn't argue with that. this is the w news live from berlin up next. margarita cabrera talks about the line between life and death. a journey across the entire continent is a variety of cars, so we're on this so the focus the move was shake as visionaries and made it when bonnie the meaning of modern africa this is an egg
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