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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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channel mortality rate in some african countries and the burden of stereotypes. the mothers deal with 77 percent in 60. my. do you know you? sometimes books are more exciting than real life. rare ring to read. ah, what if there's no escape? do w literature list laundry german street. ah ah, ah. a duel on the water. what are jousting is back on in the south of france will take
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a closer look at their tradition behind this ancient sport. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max with meet your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we've got in store for you today. i'll look at some of the secrets in the fairytale capital neu, sean stein. and how was the portuguese artist with giving stucco? rolling a contemporary twit in the south of france, there's an unusual event that comes along once a year. water jousting. now this is when 2 rival boats approach each other and the joust tried and knocked each other into the water. well, it's a sport the dates back to medieval times and a little has changed since then. after a 2 year break, due to the corona virus, water jousting was back on in full force in the town of set. and we went along to
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witness the action. ah, these water joust ers, are having at it in the port city upset in southern france. the tournament is dedicated to the cities patron saint saint louis, making it to the next round requires a solid sense of balance. the event kicks off with a parade in the morning. there are $100.00 participants and the role men. one is sebastian, i belong. she did, you did as you guy got started with water jousting in 1976 and i take charge in the santa we tournament every year. the biggest challenge is to win. just participating isn't hard, but making it to the end is really tough. upgrade for follow up with your typical julia, i'm going to win this afternoon at the tournament opens with a leisurely ride down the canal coil. each red and blue rowboat seats 10 rowers.
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they play a supporting role while the joust ers try to knock their opponents into the water using a 3 meter long lance. the winner is whoever's left standing in the championship match. sebastian, i belong has already won the tournament twice in 232019 she was a good. yeah. i feel great. and so i'm not under any pressure with i'm not one of the favorite since they're a guy is younger and stronger than we wanted. what the competition as far from decided, yes, i said walter hooked up. the tournament gets underway. the downstairs all dressed in white. kerry wooden shields in lances. it's a fierce competition. and one after another goes overboard. the rules haven't changed since the port of set was founded in 1666.
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ah, you every once in good spirits. it's a very traditional spark with all the water jesters who come here and he did yesterday, and you know, we're happy to be here with our friends. so it's fun. we just don't know the rules like who's again, and we'll find out now with sebastian unknowns turn. can he defend his title as the 2019 champion? he tries to keep his cool no luck this year, his dream of victory has been dashed. he may have lost his round, but sebastian, i belong, isn't about to lose his passion for the sport. what it is up. so i'm really disappointed that was on now. i've spent 3 years eager to defend my title deposit and then this happens. it's pretty sad about a well,
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i'll just come back next years. stronger than ever had a post unit before night has fallen in set after 8 hours. the final round is about to get underway. 98 participants have been disqualified. the remaining 2 are the final is the row boats bear down on each other one last time for the final joust? the some 17000 spectators go while the sandwich tournament has a winner. benjamin i'll know from said now for the 2nd time, his trophy is a shield that will have his name engraved on it. the day ends in celebration. sebastian abalone is there too. and already looking forward to next year. it's also
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a good way to stay cool in the summer heat. moving on now to one of germany's most popular tourist destinations, the fairy tale castle neu, schwann's time. now maybe you've even been there and brought home a souvenir or 2 with you. well, the castle was commissioned by bavarian kingwood big the 2nd when he was just 23 years old. but he actually spent very little time there before his tragic death in 1886. and even though the castle welcomes millions of visitors each year, it was never intended to be open to the public. now that is just one of the surprising facts of this legendary structure. oh, nice feinstein was the favorite castle at the various fairy tale king ludovic. the 2nd, and hardly any one knows it better than this man who is here to reveal 5 little known facts about the castle. because gross got been, i'm prince leopold, bavaria cru. king looked like the 2nd was my great, great, great uncle. yet though,
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i'll let you in on some of the background in secrets of this castle fire, the cornerstone was laid in 1869 near the town of fuson bavaria. it said that up to $300.00 crafts people per day worked on the site, creating an architectural masterpiece that still enchants people. the world over. secret number one is o'brien's, or it's so impressive that even disneyland had a castle built that's based on it knocked about. so even walt disney realised this is the kind of castle that children and king ludovic, the 2nd would dream of kinda on polluting. ty ahl's home was that make the 2nd wanted noise feinstein, to recall a medieval nights castle, more than any other of his building projects. this one embodies the ideals and dreams of the fairy tale. king. i bombed evolve more interested in the arts than politics with one of my i admire him
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because he had a vision that he was determined to make a reality perfect in both. that might be what connects me to him. as someone who comes from the house a bit and spock them at all said all the company. he was one of the best known kings. though he's also been misunderstood. edwards, about he was called crazy things like that, remote down there. but in truth, either he was just a person who wanted to create something very special. this on the shopping boy for the halls have many surprises in star. i. yeah, i just imagine of him, i really do. you go from the living room into a grotto and i need court. that's the kind of thing he dreamed of jolla boards. i am far, he wanted to create something extraordinary. i was like something that transcended riana. i'll say anything, oswald ah, and now for secret number 2 with ya noon 5 years now, i'll show you something very special that nobody has been allowed to see in,
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but at least none of the tourists was careful. and then there's a secret door here. i'm particular i'll opening markets of he could disappear through here, leaving the grotto. and so far he could get away from every one without passing by them a nick on he just vanished for by the comb pushing the death. there's also another door, the broken back into the castle. ludwig, the 2nd was not only a dreamer, he was a pioneer of technological progress. and that brings us to secret number 3 here my diet that here's part of the technology he had developed on this. and this is a telephone that was installed in 1884 to because he wanted to have a connection to hone sean gal castle gamer a day. he was always coming up with ideas and inventions early in the z. and boy, an electric bell system with a switchboard would show the servants where the king was at any time with its central heating and up to date kitchen appliances. the castle was far ahead of its
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time. i live said if i'd love to have a time machine and go back to the year 1884 and ask him why he did what he did out of i get off of the bedroom malls are covered with scenes from the offer as if they had bought now the castle itself is attribute to the famous german composer and that's where secret number 4 comes in. within here here we see rashad wagner is tristan and his old over them have few big worked with him a lot and was really impressed by his music dragon. and he had that reflected here . if you give you a feeling of kings, vick only got to spend $172.00 days that noise launched on castle. it had not yet been completed when he died in 1886. at that time, only the gate house at the entrance and the palace with the living quarters were finished, which brings us to secret number 5. just our noise
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bunstein castle was never completed keyboard, only the torso was standing here. now on these, according to this floor plan, you see here was going to be the chapel capella, give and back there. where that gordinez is where the castle keep was to be belong . is that up? unfortunately, it was never finished up if you wanted is not the location he chose. paranoia feinstein castle is unique and figure out surrounded by mountains and lakes. old within bowden. he planned to have a dam, build to create a lake here where he could go. boating mines either through shop where so he had fantastically interesting ideas of it. it would have been nice to see what that might have looked like as in oscar shows it even in its unfinished state. noise feinstein, castle fascinates people around the world today. it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in germany. now, one thing you notice when you tour castles like noise feinstein is the detailed artistry
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of the interiors. they are often enhanced to buy decorative mouldings, which is an ancient handicrafts seen in classical or baroque architecture. now hand, produce stucco moulding is associated with a past, but one artist in portugal is giving it a fresh new look. oh see all that one, that is it's something very special to work with this material because it's always such a great inspiration says that about every step in the process is important to me from the really big ones to the smaller ones. because i enjoy every step along the way the my skin last student fuss loops. this is so even the n. my name's even vienna, and i'm a sculptor. i work exclusively with plaster, which has always been my passion you by shown this simple vienna do crushed at about 75 kilometers north of porto. eva vienna lives and works here. in her studio, she creates stucco artwork in all shapes and sizes. her
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creations are a departure from traditional or nate stucco decorations they grace private houses, restaurants and hotels, the world over in to look seasonal past. so everything from the past services, great inspiration to me with through this there's a long tradition that i tried to draw on speed than i want to maintain, respect for what's gone before, but employed the technique and a more contemporary fashion to put any sh, every project starts out with a sketch like this one for a private client in the united states. lucas this, the, this for this panel. it was important to me to add the element of water, for example, into aqua. the client for this work is not from here. an ocean lies between his country and portugal bottle, please. the stories that i'm telling through the work or my own re interpretation thought is q, val vainly of a contend leave inc. tando, foreman,
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the artist pores, the liquid plaster into a silicon mold fashioned, especially for this relief. to make the stucco more durable. she mixes sy, so hemp fibers into it. spreading the paste evenly is hard work. ah, it sets for about 15 minutes before the mold can be lifted off the dried stucco. in the end, there will be 17 separate stucco panels. each one a work of art in itself, measuring about 3 by 5 meters. about 5 months of work go into large scale reliefs like this. eva vienna prefers not to reveal what it will sell for, or who will buy it. he says sell man. so so saying the people who commissioned something like this have a taste for the unusual and a love for detail and build that done some places. these are one of a kind p says,
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and the price reflects valiant. the design is made especially for a single client. you and it's not repeated to know. so the kind of person who commissioned this wanted to invest in a work of art yet in the artist was born in vienna. do costa she wouldn't even think of leaving the area. she's far too intimately connected to it. and it's many stucco treasures such as the stairwell of this designer hotel. a singleton guiding the food. it's impossible to be indifferent to what's gone before. buildings like this one have been restored so well that it makes me happy just to see the care that was put into it. they're an important inspiration for my own work. so fish he thing, eat the my, someone could unleash fit a. so this took some of her clients live right close by the entrance wall of the house belonging to the entrepreneurs, isabel and josie. chateau is decorated by
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a stucco, florida ceiling relief of 2 white dear. he's about to show to remembers her 1st meeting with the artist or even the school. you all eva discovered a bit of the tenderness we feel as a family, something quite deep, very much her own. not eve, these 2 little dear and the vines around them stand for the tenderness we have between us and our 3 children will see the phone to receive either. and the mountain environment shows something of what we have all around us. that booky moves that i like you can austin thomas of old, the tradition of a craft, dating back centuries, reinterpreted for the present. it's this blend that makes eva vienna's stucco. work so captivating. well back here in germany, berlin is gearing up for fashion week. and in light of this we thought we would take a look at some of the characteristics of typical german fashion. now you might think
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of later hosen or a durned old, but in fact, there is so much more german fashion designers are making important contributions to the industry with modern looks like with this outfit that i'm wearing today. oh, my british colleague rachel stuart, dared to give us her a personal take on germans. and they're interesting fashion choices. what did i think of german fashion? really put me on the spot here? i don't want to generalize, but okay, here are a couple of things i've noticed. every day is casual friday in germany, a jeans and sneakers combo is acceptable attire, not only in the park or the supermarket, but also most offices in like labs. i favorite among men and women is the practical short preferably beige, an unflattering, an absolute classic that screen german dad on holiday is the short sleeve texture. something for the whole family, for sensible son,
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ben is devin points to keeping his song. studies show that despite having the highest gdp in europe, germans on particularly big spenders when it comes to fashion. and what they do by tends to favor functionality overflow boys. in the germans styles, definitely practical nic. simple, a bit reserved. it was nick. we, germans don't really know how to dress up anymore. it's you and seems on. if we go to the opera wearing genie, that should really be a no go oda, ethan or we got for dinner and our genes, and we just don't value fashion. he's a passion is a more doors are which would of diagnosis. i'd also say it has a lot to do with the 2nd world war head down back then the idea of discovering yourself for developing your own style was just totally crushed. i would i in room order 2 and beacon show him up on my grandma always says reus, everything over and over until it's completely worn out. and i think you can still see that attitude in the way we dress healthy and 5 younger spirit. so the germans
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are more back clack than clutch back, more high top than high heel. but that's not necessarily a bad thing. sure, the french might be chic, but the germans, a comfortable. the overall trend for practicality and thrift in us also mean that your clothes are less likely to mock you out with belonging to a particular social class. oh and the transition from day to night is a breeze. some say this hawks all the way back to when most of modern day germany was part of the kingdom of prussia. the so called percussion virtues include a sense of order, self restraint and pragmatism. in 2007, germany decided it wanted a piece of the international catwalk action and launched the bed and fashioned week . the event is known for attracting young designers and tackling issues like sustainability, but can compete with the big guns their guns because the berlin fashion week really shines when it comes to its focus on sustainability. but apart from that, it's 2nd or 3rd class in the lineup of international fashion, weeks home to my hot delta dental through non fish and weeks for longer,
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morden is rootless, if fashion doesn't make it out onto the streets. or if it doesn't reflect the zeitgeist, the cross, then it's just a piece of article. and that's where german fashion gets stuck with the doors. it hasn't succeeded in being warned on the streets offer presents was on different cities in germany and 9 for particular fashion ticks. in hamburg. it's a passion for dark blue. everything and bright yellow raincoat, the shaking mikayla imbecile doth prefer the finer things in life. and in munich, every one with later holes and every single day, just getting as delightful as that would be for us tourists. it's just not happening. sorry. then we have been in. so you know everything i told you so far about german fashion tendencies. just look at it, berlin, kent, and when it comes to fashion in berlin, anything goes above it, vintage is key to the berlin, the style. what's typical of berlin is a layer to look with a mix of materials and the animal prints are always a head and i don't be afraid to mix and match them. check out the fetish section. you can't go wrong with latex in leather, in berlin,
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but i think i still need to help. nope, not one inspired by lady di and very berlin, a sporty sweater. yet, let's had a berlin techno club. this last look is perfect for sunday brunch. has been i, melina? ah, i so sure about that last one. all right, and finally, when is chef of pepper lavelle needs ingredients for her restaurants? she just grabs her basket and walks outdoors into nature, while lavelle now lives on the island of man, between the u. k and ireland, so she collects wild herbs berries, seaweed and plants that others might consider weeds. and she creates
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a menu according to what ever she finds ah, just walking along and seeing what there is and browsing the eye on that me is my see. oh my my name's fissile about i'm the shut the restaurant guys on the on demand. and i'm going to show you how far is my experience for the restaurants. ah, i need to be out of man, just a couple of years ago actually came to open a different restaurant and just completely fell in love with the place and the forge and opportunities and just decided, okay, my plans for the future. i'm just going to do them now. is the perfect opportunity and i did. mm. yeah, lemon is perfect for forages. it's literally
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a florida heaven. amazing. found cement, ground over. so it was like, well, got weeds and this is like really have ages kind of possibly play a nuisance with gardeners, though it's like really invasive and intrusive. god knows who is right, get rid of it and i'll use this in the restaurant in many ways. will make really nice oil for fish, and i'm going to dry load this out and then just use it with go different from available. this is really like to try me kind of on the speaker. no, not today with time. and then you hydrate such a bright green doesn't face like see with me. i will never leave behind of mine. it's of unesco buyers for everything just grows
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in abundance issues. so biodiversity is just, ah, so in regards to ethan vasa, i just wanted to start something that was solely about the ingredients. nature has to offer, i'm not going to use ingredients from here. every life is not available. it's not available. a lake which is public in mike's, and to be honest is not much gone into it just because efficient branch and that's what we do not wish cooking. just make also with the weekly tank menu. this goes handed handing to create an, an exciting thing for me and a staff which can be passed on to customers to get them excited about the idea. so just to round up tasty menu to see them. we've got some meadows, me cookies, and then we have some hard black cards on top. and just with a little bit of local green i think it's really important to socially for
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what nature you offer and what is about so that and they respect it. and they want to look after it, ah, on the big fight at the making each day, enjoyable and making all jobs enjoyable and actually enjoy and being a chef again with. so i really, really think that in the restaurant trade, sustainability should, should be at the heart of everything we do now. because fundamentally, the one thing to me that everybody has in common is that everybody has to eat. and it's something we can all share with. oh wow, what a glorious landscape. and with that we wrap up today show. now don't forget to
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who the 77 percent this week. so we'll be focusing on parents who it and they, you know, set of challenges that young people are facing as lead, try and raise the next generation, including a high maternal mortality rate and some african countries and the burden of
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stereotypes. mothers deal with 77 percent in 30 minutes on d. w. a tragedy with a dreamy backdrop in the aborigines. since the 1st white settlers arrived 200 years ago, australia's indigenous people have been murdered, oppressed, and prosecuted unlike them. whole ethnic minorities in australia are facing racism down under a in 75 minutes on d, w. ah, she's up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d,
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w dot com highlights i thought it's a journey across the entire continent with a variety of cod. so word on this. so we focus the movers, shake of visionaries, and made it when biting the meaning of modern africa. this is an egg and d, w. why the landscape? a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. not as well. yeah. the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm and are pacino's exceptionally ah.
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special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah ah. this is dw news live from berlin. russia bid farewell to former liter mikhail gorbachev. crowds lined up in moscow to see the last leader of the soviet union laid to rest. that there was no full state funeral for the man. some russians rejected as a traitor. also coming up.


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