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tv   Racism Down Under  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2022 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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behind margaret course, many in new york and all around the world will argue she is simply the best. ah, and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the last leader, the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev, has been laid to rest in moscow, proud lined up to see him lying in state before he was buried next to his wife verbage health was not given a full state funeral, and president vladimir putin did not attend. you're watching need of the news from berlin. i'm nick spicer. thanks for watching the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e. ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at
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a special country. he land from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah ah, march on the streets of sydney. these native australians are protesting against the death of a member of their community in prison. they want those responsible to face justice course the contrary. who starts the numbers off by 15, is that right? good. talk in less than 30 years, 474. aboriginal australians have died in detention or police custody. 6 and a half times more than white people over the same period. the relatives of those
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killed warrant closure lay tony dungy has been fighting for 5 years for justice for her son david, who was serving a sentence for robbery and assault. december 29th 2015. this body cam footage shows guards, trying to transfer david to another cell. he resists. the letters served to identify the guards, a nurse at ministers, a sedative with his breathing becomes labor. seconds later, david loses consciousness and never wakes up again. okay, good. we see the gap will help you. mm hm. it took family lawyers months to obtain this video. no one has yet been held accountable. now i got
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a letter that broke separate to reflect what they do every don't label. it wasn't fighting. i just rammed in olean. all 6 of them, pulverized him is flies the squashed in. when he come, i'm to man above him and i brought upon them. i shall be josh. the death of an indigenous australians in prison has never resulted in a conviction historian and human rights activist. by drake gibson, says, this is due to systemic racism within australian authorities to actually justify that sort of obscene leon. just situation, you need to day humanize the people you need to make out, you know, as die that die less than, than everyone else. and that plays out every die in all facets of society. more than 200 years after colonization by the british. many 1st australians still live like outsiders in their own nation. the hidden face of a country viewed by many as
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a paradise. australia has a population of 26000000. it's territory is $21.00 times the size of germany. a nation with a booming economy, a dream destination for immigrants. every year, 200000 applicants are granted a visa font. the idyllic postcards conceal a drama that's been playing out or 2 centuries. the tragedy of native australians, the countries modern indigenous communities are descended from the world's oldest civilization. they've been marginalized since the arrival of white settlers and the early 19th century. they were massacred in the thousands or forcibly assimilated into white society, placed in convents or foster families. indigenous children were taught to behave like good little white children. governments of used assimilation policies to try
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and create a single uniform white society for decades. many indigenous people to day have pale skin as a result, but whatever their color, they remain. second class citizens. i got no family who got my address live in a long garage. yeah, that's right. people come into this into a star, you think another to lucky country that way, living as person i believe, and i said well can for you and i are late as the conservative right wing has risen to or in australia. other minorities have felt increasingly marginalized. immigration policies have been tightened. australians of african and asian heritage, or those who are muslims, are worried. they're unsettled by increasing anti immigrant sentiment in certain sectors of society. many times i've been told to go back to my country ash
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and i love because i said on this is my country i was born he off the far right has gained traction in australia. in recent years, new xenophobic parties openly express their hatred of foreigners. china looks like china because it's full of chinese people. you know, what will this, charlie look like when it is no white people that it won't look like australia? the muslim community is also a target of the radical right ah. ban. muslim immigration. i may personally, i would a identify them. on march 15th, 2019 and australian white supremacist murdered. 51 muslims at a mosque in christ church. new zealand. 49. others were seriously injured. australia's minorities live in fear. they're especially critical of the country's
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justice system. it's notoriously repressive with young people and children in particular. despite his white skin, dylan is of native australian heritage. he's already spent 8 of his 21 years in prison for theft and armed robbery and went us to all these. all of the judges made an example. adam in sentence made it 22 months ago as a 12 year old kid. i've written it. it's not no more, i think it's really my law for i was able to get any of my of my luck, childhood and stuff like that that goes in and that childhood was difficult, marked by poverty, drugs, and bad influences. he ran afoul of the law as a minor prison was hell. this was in october
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2010. i would have been let 12 years so and this is setting up my thought, right. and that this is the person that is telling me with another indigenous male officer, we exchanged words, a charged santa spot on him, and he fixing up by the show and takes him into the room and the flames, coming down on my shoulder onto the mattress. and i was one of the 1st time that i really had to go care and i have 16 restaurants here for about 2 and a half, 3 hours because that i'm asleep spent on prison officers before being manhandled from big people with me. i couldn't fight back, i couldn't push them off me. one of the ways that i could really get back to them,
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make them angry, make them feel of the way i'm feeling while they're doing that sort of stuff to me . i'm just being treated like an animal this footage was published in 2016 by an independent commission of inquiry. it tasks dylan as the symbol of a lot written off youth switching. i definitely think there is a rice issue and my son it does go to indigenous people with the really, with nothing and that rehabilitating to make us young people better. people with more about trying to break us. and it's drawn upon us as to what we've done. one of the guards was made the subject of a criminal investigation. but to date, none have been convicted. other minorities and also suffer discrimination in australia. nationalist xenophobic groups agitate against muslims. first and foremost, fraser adding is the country's most controversial politician in the wake of the
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christ church attack. his comments trigger a wave of outrage. this video goes by. they sort of things happen when, when people are getting attacked in their own frequency, rebecca tour fraser and became widely known in australia after he reference the holocaust in his 1st speech as senator for queensland, a final solution to the immigration problem, of course is a popular vote the senator is campaigning for his reelection. he has always denied referencing the nazi regime and his speeches. voice was taken out of context in the 9 years leading up to that 22 other politicians in parliament and use the same 2 words in speeches night and no one got upset about it. they'll put labels on you like me. i see white supremacist races,
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all those things, they're all law is. i can tell you now. i mean i fight hard for the jewish community, particularly the israelis it's election day. and the senator has come to support his candidate in a district just outside brisbin. disappointed by the other far right, political parties, fraser, and founded his own nationalist movement to day, he hopes to win a few more seats in parliament. and he has an unambiguous program to drastically reduce immigration and to permanently ban muslims from entering the country. it hasn't been a country on this planet that embrace the muslims and had them come in here that is not male file site or a muslim nation. i don't believe that aside, and people want to become a minority in their own country. and i'm speaking about it so that i'm being called a racist and i'm happy to be called rice if that's what they want to call me.
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that's fine. what's the band muslim? immigration? me personally, i would identify for them because they killing us in the streets like we do with any other criminals who are trying to kill you. you want to know where they're gonna me otherwise we're just going to lose more good. a strain is not, i think we need to proposals, rooted in hatred and fake news. only 4 people in australia have ever been killed and attacked by islamist terrorists. the very guy, lot endings program fines residency only like the many digits i 1st and foremost, immigration policy and 2nd, 8 tied into that is it is, is try you 1st and it needs to be yes, has tried it, not the rest of the world, but we need to solve our problems 1st, surprise, or any which is try you and astrology and space. that's more and the election
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results come in a few days later. unfortunately for fraser and none of his candidates are elected and he even loses his own seat in the senate to his former more moderate party. nevertheless, xenophobic political parties have proliferated and consolidated voter support in recent years. in order to understand this trend, we have set up a meeting with one of the foremost observers of australian politics and tim. so parmesan is a professor at the university of sydney. he also served as the countries race discrimination commissioner. problem of racism in australia has historical roots. it goes all the way back to the history of colonization, of the streaming continent by the british. remember the destroyer, when it became a political nation in 19 o one. this was a place that was defined by ideas of,
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of white racial integrity, the advent of a multicultural society and astray, lead dykes back only to the 1970s. it has been a successful society when it comes to multiculturalism and mass immigration. but there are still remnants of old attitudes about race. and unfortunately, we're seeing more and more political actors becoming emboldened to vent racist ideas in public in a way that we haven't seen for some time in an irony of history. these xenophobic ideas are often defended by australians who are themselves, descendants of immigrants. melbourne, in southern australia. in this small suburban church, the service is conducted by a pastor of sri lankan origin. here they pray to god and ask him to
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protect the country's borders. in may, i, me may, following the national elections, aster daniel nie leah and his congregation are in 7th heaven. the conservatives have just won a large majority, and the new prime minister is a devout christian, and an advocate of stricter immigration control. he's also says that there was again, private ah, a man of god. the pastor is 1st and foremost, a politician. he has founded a party to defend a christian australia in the face of what he calls a muslim invasion to day. all 307. his dad
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islam is growing. why is it because people are struggling to judge and texas, i've been sold and they have gone into mosque all over europe. we see them if you get the message, then what a standing go to watch. we don't watch any of your did the nation and this to the enemy office does it with that? says ungodliness, not a style. i'm going to this as little come against it. that right now. don't read for something to happen. often. school late daniel ny leah was persecuted in sri lanka for belonging to a christian minority and sought refuge in australia 22 years ago. he soon became an ardent nationalist. he says he's not against the presence of different ethnic groups, but claims islam is incompatible with the values of his adopted nation. the pastor is conducting a religious war world. this is wally with his love gone ranita northeast. and their
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consent was supposed to been cut after saying this as well as this, it would be called races. my skin color was an advantage for me. i thought a thing i would have thought upon to have body to satirize upholstered f one, split up us to attack a poet, montgomery, sam, and keep australia, australia he has made his skin color, the banner of his own unrestrained opinion. since the early 2 thousands, he's appeared on many television programs, peddling his anti islam message. we have a choice nation of what's rally, a read again, foil the code on how to follow. you saw me shot me a lot of be placing this nation. all one of the bible and be a free and democratic society. every most is potentia police force that is him to breed, unfortunately destitute. chill, who opposed to mosque looting, thus be personally felt that there was no need for more moscow abuse in australia.
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i despite pastor ny leah and his message, there are now several 100 mosques in australia. most of australia's 600000 muslims live in sydney or more precisely in la camber, a suburb of the city, the largest mosque and australia is here. ah, during ramadan, it can accommodate 10000 people a night. but more recently, prayers have been tinge with fear. friday prayers are coming to an end at the la tampa mosque. off mont, and australian of lebanese heritage, ensures the safety of the congregation. boy, how are you? how's going? good, good. when you're praying here tonight, yet i was you,
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father was then i could come here. every night i got on was a lump sum household. the hoffman has called upon australian politicians to put a stop to the stigmatization of muslims. we hope that it would open the eyes and minds of people in the hearts to steer away from any defensive language. and that can lead to acts that people willing to act upon these while acts. everyone has their own agenda and sometimes they play into that rhetoric for the sake of their political gains. unfortunately, sometimes they just got overboard in the face of such hatred. some muslims have decided to act with a few kilometers from downtown sydney and association, is working to dismantle that cliches that have become synonymous with the muslim community. founded by sure, and australian of lebanese origin, this citizens initiative group comes to the aid of the impoverished ha. i was born
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in the country. my parents came here in, i, you gotta make me choke. my parents came here in the seventy's. and um, like insulin, once on country, the fact that i was allowed in i to be born in a public hospital for free. i went to a public school for free. ah, you know, i was able to have my children. australia gave us so much. i wanted me and the muslims that have migrated to his country upon his country to give back to this beautiful country cottage trail like selves, parents, many of australia's muslims arrived in the 1970s. but for them and subsequent generations, integration remains difficult. dealing with prejudice is part of everyday life for show of many times,
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many times i've been told to go back to my country ash and i love because i said on this is my country. i was born here. oh, where do you want me to go? when we got to grocery shopping, we got a lot of people say a very racist remark out loud. like i don't blow us up. all you terrorists? oh sama, what we're hoping that we break can that barrier and reducing his them a phobia in this country. steve is a christian, he became a volunteer for the association a year ago before that he too was prejudiced against muslims. i want to think what, what about are throwing through and 9 understand that not all of them on the bed in a positive example that counters the slogans of a racist minority. the christ church attack was perpetrated by brenton tarrant,
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a white australian supremacist. his actions were unanimously condemned by all political parties in australia. public outrage has since forced the most radical extremists to keep a low profile. we have an appointment in melbourne with a man who knew the terrorist. tom sewell is the founder of a small, far right extremist group, called the lad's society, as he's being closely monitored by intelligent services. sewell asked to meet us in the street. he didn't choose the place by chance. well, if you look around, you'll see that there is not so many australians. if you had a family home, how would you feel about all these people living in your basement? like it was some share house. you know, before i was born, this was a white working class, you know, and now, while we've been almost the only white people in this entire sub, you know?
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so it shows that the colonization is almost complete. authorities have been watching the group since christ church sewell had actually tried to recruit. brandt and terrence. several years ago, i had conversations with him online because i noticed that he displayed similar beliefs to us. he didn't want to be involved in what we're doing. and he said that he was moving to new zealand and that was the last communication that i had with him. this was several years ago. the government considers that enough of an association that were to be treated as terrorist. we have to keep our meetings and locations secret. this is where the land society usually meets. in this video, the organization is presented as an ordinary private sports club for men only. in reality, it's a secret society with very clear political objectives. so we need fearing what they call the great replacement
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sewell and his group dream of an all white state. our goal is to create an ethno state. our goal is to create what australia used to be, and we need to organize ourselves so that we have our own parallel institutions around land, around cities. so that when the conflict does come, when the geopolitical instability does come, we're safe and preserved. and we have all of our things already in place to create a new nation, like soule, the australian, far right aspires to create in apartheid state based on racial segregation. although australia has never actually seen such extremes, whites and indigenous australians have lived a part for years. the district of red vern and sydney is home to indigenous and migrant communities. it has long grappled with poverty, crime, and drugs. it's also experienced police violence and riots. the streets of redfern became a bloody battlefield on the 14th of february, 2004,
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a 17 year old aboriginal boy had died earlier that afternoon. he was impaled on a fence, leading police on his bike. hundreds of protesters took to the streets, armed with paving stones and molotov cocktails. they battled officers all night long. the situation in redfern has improved in recent years. partly thanks to the efforts of shane phillips, one of its community leaders. this former boxer collects his protege at 5 in the morning 3 times a week. he believes discipline will keep them on the straight and narrow. musk is going to be asleep for them. got in the morning. if you definitely fourish 3 a to be picked up at 1 o'clock. we want them to learn about the strength of lp, one of the lawn, routine and discipline, and focus and doing this early in the morning. lots of government. graham's also
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the program. i've driven by deficits to what's wrong with athletes programmes designed by us. and it's driven by strength as what these kids with many of them have a police record. the hope is that mutual respect and resilience will prevent relapse is james joined the program a week ago. but 21 year old has just served a 2 year sentence for robbery. atmosphere with
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a a few years ago. police and indigenous youngsters would regularly clash in redfern . so to ease tensions, shane invited the chief of police to put gloves on superintendent andrew holland and his men now come every week to train with local youngsters. with what with
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crime has dropped 70 percent in redfern since 2010. sidney's former slump is slowly getting back on its feet. while many indigenous people struggled to find a place in society, others have achieved success. miriam corolla is a prime example, daughter of an aboriginal mother and an english father. she has become a household name as a journalist, how long miriam presents the t v news for a b c, one of the biggest australian broadcasters. her program is regularly watched by
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more than 1000000 australians. i still pinch myself when i think about what i do and where i am, can have an idea of what you want to do. but sometimes you might be reluctant to give it a go, so it's always nice to think that you can help people understand that it's not impossible. it is still unusual to see average and people on t v. craig, her director, has worked for a b, c for 20 years, but he has rarely worked with native australia these days. we are seeing a little more diversity. miriam is still very much an exception. 9 it is getting better and certainly it's getting better in the media as opposed to say drama for instance, which is still very much a typical morning to strike. yeah. look, miriam is a respected journalist to day, but her career has been an uphill struggle. if i hadn't read even despise
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discrimination at school, bullying, racism and things like that, i wouldn't have gone on to finish high school because i wouldn't have gone on to university. and without those things, then my options for even having in korea would be really, really limited. sensor divorce. miriam has been raising her 6 year old son alone. he like his mother, is growing up between 2 cultures. his father is a white australian, and i mean he knows he's aboriginal, it was quite funny. and it just shows how innocent children are because he was asked about it last year. he said, yes, i'm abberation, my dad's aboriginal and you in studies background in irish and german. so it's quite fair with blue eyes and everything. i just all it's funny while it's kind of cure because he doesn't associate with a particular appearance. miriam grew up in the 1970s. in those days,
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it was uncommon to see mixed couples in australia. for a long time, she grappled with her own identity. hi, this is mae with my sister. my mom will little little little little. this is my mom when she was go for a long time, i really struggled with this idea of i'm not accepted by mainstream society, but i am i am really aboriginal because, you know, i am highly educated. i've been teen of as fee a work in the media. you know, i don't leave necessarily in a community such and those sorts of things that people typically associated weeping operational. i'm not necessarily fitting that box, but some united times gone on. we realize that, you know, you can be aboriginal and all the rest miriam hopes her story will inspire other young, aboriginal people. how people
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a think what you and she's optimistic about the future stories. damn. no, we still have extraordinary problems. we've in our economic disadvantage, we've incarceration, and we have one of the world twist rates of youth suicide in indigenous communities . i'm sorry, it goes to show that it's something very wrong to have high. yeah, i do. yeah. already my life is a world away from that of my mom and my grandmother. i'm able to have drains and great size goals, and i think for my son, even more say so. yeah, there is heart. we'll see how we guy for miriam, grew up in sidney. a large urban area full of opportunities. but the further you get from the big cities, it's a totally different picture, primarily in the north of the continent. over 4000 kilometers from sydney beyond
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the australian bush and the wild plains lies darwin. it's the capital of the northern territories. the country's most northerly state darwin is the drop off point for native australians hoop left the bush and come to the city. often without work or a place to stay hundreds and up on the streets. there looked after by an aid organization called lira key, a nation after the regions largest tribe kyle and his partner patrol the streets every day. i guess come in from the communities and sometimes on the house. you know they come here so which city area? well, my wallclear over there. yeah. morning. how are you, brother? i'm well, thank you. from mark nation. you ok. right on the streets today.
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he wants to get it in just for the $911.50. that that money will come back in a bunch more better for you. if you can check it back, the wagon with the organization can only offer emergency health. it doesn't have the means to provide shelter for all of the cities homeless. we've been here with us and years and that's how we live in dallas. when the day's over kyle and his partner head back to their base in the early morning, another leora key a team takes over its mission is to find those who spent the night in custody and bring them back to
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a safe place. good morning with soon as we start taking them away, we'll come and pick you up in texas. and deborah are just like, what were you out right now? kevin has been doing this for 20 years with well, he's watched his community gradually deteriorate. some of them bad drugs now that i've come here like arson, stop lover, some of them now taking that stuff to in this part of to, for them to get back to normal or what month with the ones that are being taken away from what it was still running way from well clear freeze rests are most often made for the
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public consumption of drugs or alcohol. and most of those are native australians that we're ready to go. critics say the darwin, police fun fairly target. aboriginal people with drugs, alcohol, misery, in darwin, many aboriginal people seem to be lost between 2 worlds, between their own and the one imposed on them by white settlers colonizing their lands. in the late 18th century, the new arrivals from britain tried to eradicate the aboriginal people. first,
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they used weapons, then they organized a breed out policy. for decades, ruling powers tried to sometimes quite literally whiten the black population. aboriginal children were also forcefully taken from their parents, placed in convents or foster families. they were taught to live like good little white children. this practice continued until the early 19 seventy's, more than 100000 children are believed to have suffered this fate. these young victims are called the stolen generation and history is repeating itself. why? why don't we want hundreds of people take to the streets of sydney to protest the actions of the authorities. they're demanding their children back. why don't we want? why don't we? why? today, aboriginal children are 10 times more likely to be removed from their families than
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white children. half of them are placed in institutions or in white families, far away from their own community. hazel collins is a victim of such forced removals. why don't we see organized this demonstration outside the regional parliament? this aboriginal grandmother is battling what she considers to be cultural genocide . what do you have? what clinical setting up they. c dictating to us as this. c nation paypal. what is best for us? how we should live? well, they must say, oh, thank goodwood ever you babe land that are doing well, i'm not like, oh, certainly our children want that they call jo. tiger, why they heritage takes them to read something that they're not
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ah, like thousands of other aboriginal families, hazel hollands has been separated from her grandchildren. one of them, ryan was placed with different white families. why? i hoping he'd never mind. i guys are already more label mobile. i had my recently my mom had everything in the well and it all to have a kid until then. no, i come in to fight you from reading. are everyone you know that would your complaints join nottingham fuel not. i do chuck me, there's a light on no, very hard for them because they're drawing up non non infringing warriors aboriginal visual repair differently. we. they are non just as mom and dad . but as a community i bride that got all the children grow up,
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losing their identity, that i know they're relied to where they come from and how long did you stolen? in just 10 years, the number of aboriginal children placed in foster families has doubled to 18000 across the country to get a better understanding of the reality. behind these figures, we're meeting a mother who's been separated from her children for 6 years. she lives in newcastle, a coastal town northeast of sydney were not allowed to show her face. that's forbidden by australian law. her anonymity preserves the identity of her children. so these pitches of my youngest son and this is one of my daughters when, when she lived with me. and this is my daughter,
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the actual father was taken. the very last contact that i had with the full kids. it sort of makes me sad because even though my daughter's quite happy with the last memory that i had to say my kids together. and i know that they were happy to say me and i, when they did say me, her children were all taken away from her because at the time she had a drug problem. that was 6 years ago. now she leads a normal life as a job and a house. yet she still forbidden any contact with her children. my children live 20 minutes from me up the road, so i know where my children leave. i know what school i go to. so the system will not let me see, my children will not let me speak to my children on the phone. they have completely, ostracize me from my children's life completely. the foster carers have convinced the children that i'm afraid to them. so this is the image that my children have of
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me. even though i work in child protection. i'm a social worker, i'm so you know, a lot of completely turn my life around and it has made no answer difference. like many aboriginal mothers, you know, she was herself removed from her family as a child none of my mother's children were removed, we were all separated in the system. we all ended up with addiction problems, all ended up with incarceration problems at children removed. so the cycle has not been broken, just put under a different policy and called a different 9, but it's the same generational genocidal practices happening. basically we have no decision making power in this country at all. so we are completely vulnerable to these institutions to exploit our rights. she could very well lose her children forever. their foster families have started adoption proceeding. a law was
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passed in 2018, allowing them to do so after 5 years of custody. and denying the mother an opportunity to appeal i with making the headlights and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show that the issues in the continent life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. on the street to give you enough reports on the inside our cars on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. my talk to you in 30 minutes on the w o.
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a is just a thought say well, crazy for no one has no limit. no love is for everybody. love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end
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ah ah, this is deed of your news live from berlin. another setback for now says moon rocket. the space agencies launch team castles, a 2nd attempt at a lift off citing technical reasons. we'll ask an expert why nasa is our to miss moon mission keeps getting held up. also coming up, russia bid.


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