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tv   DW Interview  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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and when he's not working, he questions to understand no holiness with 30 minutes on d w. they want to know what makes with the john love and batting thing that way. but i'm not even know how to work my own car. and everyone was laid. holden, every day, just getting are you ready to meet the german can join me, rachel stuart, until w ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah hello, and welcome to a new edition of check in. today we're showing you syringe in a state and central germany with
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a lot to offer. our reporters take you to picturesque old towns, places steeped in history. and one of germany's most famous hiking trails. lucas stig visits the claim, applica, the tourist attraction and effort. nicole clearly take suit of i'm on the small city a big thinkers. and lucas hike then stag. right through the ther in gin forest. we start with a journey back to the middle ages. ah . do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in the middle ages? will i do and bets,
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i am an afo to day. the old town here is typically many evil. effort is the state capital of their india and lives right in the middle of germany. about halfway between berlin and munich in the middle ages, several trade routes crossed here, making our foot rich and powerful city. he can still see that in the old town today . there are many beautiful buildings, but there is one place in particular that is known far beyond our foot as a tourist, an effort. this is the 1st place i must see. the came applica that came up lincoln or merchants, bridge is old. it has spent this river the giga for almost 900 years, and the bridge is lined with houses. something like this is rare from this angle. he can clearly see it's a bridge. ah,
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from above the came applica looks just like any street in the old town to this spot is a major draw for tourists, though many don't take the time to stop by the small shops, cafes, and studios. that's a shame because they're such a large part of the cable gast chart. as in the middle ages, the shopkeepers sell their products here. for example, small fine goods, such as spices, fabrics, pains, and books. the came up like a has undergone many changes over time. it burned down and was rebuilt, houses were merged. they used to be a church at either end of the bridge, but only one has survived saint giles church.
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i recommend climbing the tower like i do. the way up is an experience in itself. it's $128.00 steps to the top. and how's that for a view that's became a blinker from above. up here i can see that our foot has a lot of churches there. there and there is another one there. towering above the old town as cathedral hill, there are 2 churches there. the church of saint severus on the right and afoot cathedral on the left asked only to be expected. the architecture is gothic the epitome of the middle ages. and i take a look inside the cathedral, oo
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generations of architects have left their mark on the cathedral since the initial construction was started in the 8th century. ah, you can easily explore outfits, old town, on foot, past large, magnificent houses. you'll also find a lot of half timbered houses noon and cobblestones. it's fun to just wander around it every turn. you find romantic eli waste. i can hardly believe this is the city of over 200000 people. ah, wealthy people lived here. you can tell by the ornate portals they date back to the
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renovations, but the houses behind them are much older. this one year, for example, is a walk in monument, a residential and commercial building from the middle ages, around the 13th century. it's named the house of the crew. didn't include back in these days. we don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds kind of interesting. you'll find many other house names like it in the old town, some spots and the black wheels, ah, the white lily. the black horn, the red ox, the ion had well and so on. some golden and swan golden swan. well, sometimes these names sound a bit strange to day, but in the middle ages that was normal. these were like the house numbers. ah,
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the golden rule for alpha, the old town is that nothing is ever more than a 15 minute walk away. and sooner or later, you always come back to the cream up. in the late afternoon, the bridge white's down the tourists trouts thin out and there is time to enjoy the atmosphere in peace. ah, i'd like to know what i'd like to live in a house of the cream of work. oh, just try my luck. ah, hello, hello. hello. do you still hear me? yeah, yes or something. what do you have? what would you like to come in, arrive? the bill has been selling antiques and the came up blinking for 20 years. she's easy to talk to you and she lives right on the ridge. this room has a very like the dates back to the year 15 ac could use the run, the and so very old as it was in his songs. and what were alto dick,
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he does it. this painted breed motif here is typical of that time. this is an original as though we're going to live upstairs and move rhoda need you know? i live in the 2nd house over house clem. we'll take a look your shores. i am a little curious. yes, i can tell her this condition mamma. okay, this girl as his death, witnesses a living ruin? this is how we live under cleanup. i've come came up with a cecelia mendez, my little kitchen, where i feel at home much more if it's not very big. but it's another, it's christ. he hears the porch where i've got my flowers,
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which minute boom harbor for me and listen, i totally enough space. come in. we take a look at the balcony. yeah. it goes. i wonderful. oh, yeah. and years my this is my feel good or wasted him is mine with my tomato and flower was toma with mine in bloomington. are you there still a big green? yes but you can already see the blossom newton and this isn't a visual tomato, og. until march, or how does it feel to live on the came up with her book down below. it's often crowded with locals and tourists. it's been loyal f. what me to listen about in that rather not during the week. so you do have some peace and quiet, nice job aids. often after work i sit up here and read or have some friends over in did die as it does. it's a nice light wood and doesn't bother you that all these people are photographing your apartment all the time for about a month to fulfill the insight. stewart and that doesn't bother me. show you sneeze respect, did you hide when people start snapping photos?
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i know they don't see me here. they're taking pictures of the bridges. a whole lot of me said, i don't have any problem with that, leon damage. yes, it's beautiful here. yeah, i spent soon here on the warm summer evenings. the people of our foot on the came up luca and soak in the atmosphere. you could join them and imagine for a moment what it must have been like in the middle ages. next nicole foolish takes us to weimar or 2nd stop and thre india. even 200 years ago, the world had its eyes on this small city, considered to be the intellectual center of germany at the time. this was mainly due to these 2 poet johan voice gun fun, gota and sleepily sheila the worst of goods and silla
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a great german classics. but 200 years ago, they were considered extremely progressive. somehow, by my has managed time and again to attract pioneers and trailblazers, contributing to the mix of new and old classics that kenton day me found all around town. my tour a lima begins at good, his former residents, and the very heart of the city. the author and naturalists lived here for 50 years . the house was a gift to him from his patron grand duke, come out with good, your remodeled the home and had it furnished to his liking. ah, for instance, he put in this staircase built in the italian style. i wonder if this depths already squeaked like this and go to the day. it's possible,
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he wrote that it's a staircase one, never tires of going up and down. in the front part of the house you find elegantly furnished rooms. this is where goods are welcomed. his guests are dead. scholar is politicians and members of the royal family. a sculptures were to remind him of his time in italy as well as hadda and sheila beloved companions who died 30 years before him. the grudge of family lived in the rear part of the house. ah, this room is referred to as christiane. is room in honor of christiana will p. o skirt his wife. the couple lived together for 18 years before marrying something the citizens of weimar found scandalous. when they finally did get hit, their son was already 16 years old. ah, good to study was simple and uncluttered. he wanted nothing to distract him from
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thinking and writing. and it was here in his bedroom that good to died at the age of 82. ah ah, it's almost impossible to get lost and by month all you have to do is follow the enticing smell of grilled sausages and you'll end up at the market square with delicious also here on the markets where is the most famous hotel in town, the elephant which has been welcoming prominent guests for 300 years in definitely worth having a look inside this as one of the most beautiful room. hotel
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b, r manager, casting, dealing regularly organized concerts and readings here on the walls, paintings and drawings from the hotel's own collection. hotel with its own art collection. is that something unique or a standard practice environment? this isn't that hot seems it is unusual, a couldn't see what it is. as i'm long this arm collection was put together in the 1990s. i will, gazelle shaft, wouldn't gland. it is something of a pillow on which the hotel stands of demons, a house or steed koonce was not a music architecture design and literature. there all things closely associated with this city of i'mma. by my problem, the poor celebrities have always felt at home here at the elephant of how many guests are drawn to the hotels history and how many book a room just because it's a beautiful blaze right in the center of town for sureness. what hell is written by
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me is think of the wagner just had say, i think it's a mix vessel telephone, but the hotel elephant is definitely famous for its long history and tradition, as well as for its many prominent guests who continue to come and stay with us in music, sir? yup. spying on ireland. many of your prominent guests have signed a guest book. i've heard you have a few of them around here somewhere. gonna mind if we take a beating with him? i am on to help him again. athletes, actors, politicians, they all stayed at the elephant mikhail gorbachev. joe cocker, chris ria, robin gave of the bee gees filmmaker, vim vendors, writer, thomas, mun and fashion designer, vault gun, yelp. they've all signed the guest books. some even have works included in the collection
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another vi my classic is the bow house school founded in 1919 to day. it's a university back then it was a school of architecture, crafts and fine arts. it's director architect, months ago, abuse invited famous artists to the city like vassily contain ski publicly and leonor, finding up the bowels architects built their 1st model home and weimar house. i'm hon, which introduced a new approach to housing as of 2019, there's a new building about house museum and commemoration of the centennial. you can download an app to your phone that'll guide you through the museum. this is peter kayla's, famous cradle. it utilized condense, keys, color theory, circles must be blue squares, red and triangles. yellow. the design is still produced to day and can be yours for
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$1880.00 euro. ah, the museum center piece is about to go bias collection. he chose 170 pieces that were to stay in weimar when the bow house moved to death though in 1925. many of these objects became famous. the world over like this lamp by villain, bygone felt. this tea pot by manion in blunt or myself, lawyers can't deliver chairs all of them modern classics ah, after taking in so much culture, it's time to take in some fresh air in the thir indian forest. there are many hiking trails in this low mountain range, but none more famous than the venge tag. it follows the forest ridge right across the state. lucas steger is on the trail.
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ah. the instinct is one of the oldest hiking trails of germany. it begins that isaac on the vera river and ends the town of blankets dying on the debits river. it's customary to take stone from the river along with you. it said to bring good luck and when you reach the end of the gun strike, you throw it into visit habits. so my mission is clear, but from start to finish, their inside rich trail is about 170 kilometers long. i'll pill downhill. always along the crest of the ther engine forest. it's going to be exhausting. and maybe my shoes will look like this. ah, the 1st section of the gun strike is uphill. of course. fortunately,
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it's the low mountain range here in the ther engine forest. so i don't have to huff and puff my way up to 2 or 3000 meters. ah, all in all the trees stretches, 170 kilometers. some hikers do the whole thing in 6 days. others, and 8 or 10. ah, along the way i passed by the to the todd water. it's artificial. a small river has been dams up here and falls 58 meters to the ground. ah . by the way, the end steak was 1st mentioned in the 14th century as a border road between franconia and tooling. in many boundary stones are still standing.
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ah, and now i faced, my biggest challenge is its back mountain. the climb isn't easy, but it's worth it. especially on the day like today. ah, ah, here on the inside spec, there's also a fun park. ah, with anyone can take the alpine slide. i want to try the, the flyer ah
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ah, ah, the grange dyke is one of the most popular hiking trails in germany, around $100000.00 people, walk along these paths every year in the fall invite visited biosphere reserve. i catch up with a guided to a group. matthew nicholas has been off re dear, what she tours for many years. we walk deep into the forest, so hopefully we will see some animal soon. as quietly as possible, we all go into the observation ox. and then we see them ah, bread dear and the wild and so close. ready i didn't expect to see so many.
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ready ah yours, matthew nicholas here with visitors almost every evening. both houses miss false house. them that i did. i said that you've been doing this for 15 years. did you ever get bored or is there always something new and exciting? here in the forest morris, he invite, get them a little more, but there's always something new to see and discover in the forest. one says he and you never get bored of animals. every evening is different home sooner i think. read dear, such appealing creatures from guns, and i like the way they look and behave like now can watch them every day. i was in the on glue. my next stop along the end strike the hot house in the town off clientele.
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guys. schmidt was one of the co founders of this you funded pilot project 15 years ago. with the hot house is warmed, using heat from the local glass manufacturer. exotic fruits, coffee and spices thrive on the ranch dike without long environmentally harmful transports from asia. a south america and from a can you show me the most exotic fruit here? he thought us the most exotic for right at the moment is down than system council local. the giant granite dx galatea in columbia. it's called obadiah to home. we used to have seats here from columbia. lydia is the biggest passion fruit in the world. as of the, the gate and pumping to it, this thing year. does that think it's almost right now, but may i? yes. as it is most of as way as much as they do in that countries of origin,
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me at 4 to 5 kilos. who would bomb up your the fear papaya, you the papa. we've learned that the papaya is the plant that really flourishes. here we now harvest one and a half tons of papayas on an area of about 500 square meters, 20 and then who buys them? as all of the i visitors for one over then some is made into fruit sprints for food . some visitors prefer that to taking a one or 2 kilo papa home, or am we have customers in the restaurant business, for instance, a country in that's interested in the projects. if you would like to know more about this environmental project, it is best to join a guided tour. ah, the 170 kilometers of french dyke are behind me. i am in the town of blank and stine, on the sabbath river, and my shoes are still okay. hello. hello. hi kristen. how long have you been on
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the trail? for example, that makes the takes days. when i was a tough, you gonna say, well, yes, by the end of the day, your legs are suffering from snaps in by or is it, but you don't look that tired and your shoes are still looking good. what was the hardest part of the trail? i'm strength, i'm honest length. the hardest part was climbing up in this bag. that was hard going. he will. he was 40 to let the butter was worth the reward the next day when a red sun and clouds over touring in the mist was grain. wild at throwing their stones into the river. another group arrives on bikes. if you like, how long have you been on the road? 23 and a half days. here is the french take also good for cycling, or do you have to improvise english language? musician for that far, you know, the southern path is great. it's a bit longer and sometimes runs parallel to the hinge tag, but sometimes on it, it's a really lovely root. i highly recommend it and not to him pin. ah,
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the stone from the very river brought me luck. the weather was just perfect. i met interesting people and experienced a lot of nature. and like any other hiker on the again stake, i will throw this stone, it now into the zip it's river. ah ah ah ah, ah, with
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who can be man. we take a trip to scotland with the whisky vicar, the catholic priest, boyfriend who is a self proclaimed church rebel fighting for progress and change in his church. and
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when he is not working because do understand no holiness, who, whiskey ah, coming on dw, in good shape, don't be afraid for some that's easier said than done fear g. a question is, what are the effects of fear and how do we overcome it? in good change in 30 minutes on d w ah, i has no limit. love is for everybody.
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love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that this i have invited many deer and, well, i guess, and i would like to invite you to an end closely listen, carefully. don't know how with today. i feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. the
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landscaping reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah, there's a d w news and these are our top stories. nasa has called off the launch of its moon rocket because of a fuel leak hours before the plan left off. it's the 2nd time mission controllers have postponed, the launch. the ultimate program aims to return a human crew.


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