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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is a dw news wire from berlin. germany asked israel for forgiveness for its handling of the $972.00 munich olympics massacre. i'd come aberration at german president frank balter shy. myer acknowledges his country's responsibility for failing to protect israeli athletes after games. 11 israelis died falling on attack by
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palestinian militants. also going to the program, the u. k is getting a new prime minister. leave that trust is elected by members of the governing conservative party to replace morse johnson. she takes the helm as brittany faces a cost of living crisis and looming recession. israeli army concludes, there is a high possibility that one of its soldiers killed a veteran american palestinian journalists sharina block that was killed earlier this year, covering and is really army rate in the occupied west bank and canadian police hunt . 2 men suspected of stabbing 10 people dead in canada. ask a watch and province. the victims were found in a remote indigenous community and a nearby town. ah.
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hello, i'm claire richardson. thank you so much for joining us. 50 years after the deadly terror attacks at the munich olympics, german president frank volter stein meyer has officially asked israel forgiveness for germany's handling of events. 50 years ago, 11 israeli t members died after palestinian militants stormed their compound in the olympic village. at a commemoration, a ceremony attended by family members of the victims, shine mar, admitted germany, had failed to protect israeli athletes. leave against the wrong on his guests on that family members, president, head sulk is in fine. we are united in quiet remembrance of the 12 people who lost their lives than 5 and we are united in sorrow from those whose but let us not forget your smell. it is the old pain grew the pain of those who lost loved ones. you used to learn it also, it is ill pain which we have failed to adequately recognize for far too long. and i also know that the agreement we've now reached will not be able to hear all the
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open wounds, all of this of all. i therefore direct the following words, specifically to you, john, whose lives power have been blighted by loss, grief and pain for 50 years of good man, but we cannot make up for what to happen out of young. we cannot make up for the obstruction, ignorance and injustice you experienced that james, me hobby for whom john therefore mentioned no means 5 years ago. i ask your forgiveness here in munich, and to day 0, i add this longer than that as the head of the state of this country and the name of the federal republic of germany. i ask your forgiveness, marland, and so they say for the inadequate protection, the ahmad afforded to these rarely athletes at the olympic games and munich, you mongo plans now for the woefully inadequate investigation afterwards. listen to those questions for the facts. for more, let's bring in our reporter benjamin as well as kruger in unit
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a. benjamin what stood out to you in today's ceremony was a very emotional ceremony. so we had strong words, a boy german president, frankfort austin, may, who finally apologized as the had of said for the failures that we saw during this olympic games during this terror attacks. not only by not being able to protect the israeli delegation, but also by the failures by german police. poorly prepared a german police that had this botched rescue attempt. they went to prepare for that . and after that, all of the israeli athletes were killed. so we had that was really, really strong. we also it israel to president, is a cancer and on ky schmidt. so who's the widow of one of the israeli athletes? she said that many have asked if this now closure for her, but she said that the closure will never come. there's always will be a hole in her heart, and that it was important for them to continue pressuring the german government to
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finally find an agreement on not only compensation, but also on to see exactly to find out with the commission. what happened on that day and to finally take responsibility as a state of germany and it, we hear more from victims, relatives. how did they react to the apology? there were really moved by it and we could see some of them saying that then still needs to be more done. let's remember that they even threatened to boycott. this commemorative is ceremony today in 1st and felt what were on 30 kilometers away from munich, where this abbeys, where this is tara at sac, found a terrible ending when all of the athletes were killed. so they will, several of them here. they threatened to buy, caught, if there was no agreement between the german government and the family members. and they asked israel to president ice, a catholic who is in germany to do the same. so was basically a last minute agreement found between the german government and the athletes. and they would have been a massive fiasco for
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a germany 50 years after this terror attack. and benjamin i do want to come back to you, but let's get a reminder of how this tragedy unfolded at the new nickel and beck's 50 years ago. munich, 1972. mm. by hosting the summer olympics, germany wanted to show the world that it was a cheerful, colorful, cosmopolitan country. ah. and that it had overcome the shadows of its nazi past. but then a shock, palestinian militants took control of the israeli athletes residence in the olympic village. they shot to his release dead and took 9 hostage, hoping to free prisoners in israel and germany. they demanded a flight to cairo with their hostages on board as well. the german authorities appeared to go along with it. helicopters took off from the olympic village and flew towards an air force base outside the city. hans fergus was a german soldier,
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stationed in the air bases towered that night to come and canal from from the hill, the helicopters came up from behind. if it is over that build a good boy to the rwandan that he turned around here and landed here and here and on hill, and here yolanda it circa was just working the night shift in the tower. the long no one had told him what was unfolding outside his window. claw, remove the shaw usual. i was here now and i looked down from this position until the shooting started. so and then i got down under that dollar and a rescue attempt on the airfield was a fiasco. the police lost control of the situation and the militants set off hand grenades. and as a mixed up, the east is the next day. they said that the games would continue. no one
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understood the record. she was still there, t rock all 9 hostages were dead. the german policeman and 5 of the militants died as well. nationally. the continuation of the games felt like a cruel joke to the relatives of the dead that he now could surely vanquish spitzer and ilana romano both lost their husbands. cindy, give them that 2 fresh and i can work. a bit of that room is a tough if his idea was a funeral service at tinney, and it was the real good. but he is 18 beth of a book on the way they are island left and right. and you said the where the athletes were training on the she made them know as if 11 members of the olympic family halls to law had not been murdered. a, it was her reflect howling beach ellen got get they on the law of me after the
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shocking events victims relatives fought for access to files and to compensation from german authorities, solano and every shack hussle my feelings have only gotten stronger over the years. me. she'll if someone says time meals all means i tell them your time heels, nothing much. it's as painful as if it happened yesterday. the car, it was shown information check when you use that. it's been 50 years now that it's just shocking me. all that a plaque in unix olympic village commemorates the victims of the killings. a memorial to horrors that for many have still not faded. i'm sure many of you will remember these events very clearly. i want to bring back
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in benjamin over as gruber from where today's ceremonies are taking place to get a bit more on this. a benjamin some of the victims families had in fact planned to boycott. today's events, can you tell us a little bit more about that? there have been several talks between the german government and family members about compensations. and what some of them said is that the amount that germany was offer was just a joke. so they had this financial aspects with something that has been repeated, not only today, but only over the past days is it's not just the financial financial thing. it's not just the compensation. there will be paid is by germany taking responsibility. and today we had several speakers here at the, at the event that already concluded we have the german president that i just mentioned. we had his rails president as well. we had but various state premier who took responsibility for what bavaria did. and that's important here because we have several actors who were involved may be also in an argument or something to understand why it took so long. and this compensations will be paid by the
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government by bavarian, also by the city of munich. so we had several politicians, israeli politicians, german politicians who were here in this our base, but also in the morning. it's around $9.10 where we had another commemorative event . there was at the park if the olympia park close to the village where this attack is started. early on, the 5th of september. amendment has been 50 years. why has it taken so long to get an official apology from germany? that's the question that many askin themselves and for the family members. it's also thanks to their pressure that they even made it to this point. and they pressured the government as many sand that it's for them, maybe not the last opportunity, but using this commemoration of the 50 years to pressure the government and say we really need to do something and kish bit. so the widow of one of the athletes that was kill, sat that back in the time there was
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a government spokesperson said that this was just something that interrupted the games. and they will, it will be forgotten in a few weeks and that they are still files that need to be disclosed shows that we still don't have all the details of what unfolded, of what led to this wrong decisions of why government officials did not react it more quickly, we know that police was poorly prepared. they tried also to stop that already in the olympic village. after that there was like a new police unit gears cannon. it's called in german, that was created after that because they were not specialized than that. but that's one event. one of them was the german government and authorities failing to protect the israel's israeli air delegation during this olympic games. there was an opportunity for germany to present itself after the past olympic games in 9036 where the nazis wanted to portray themselves during a there, there, lympics and berlin. it was an opportunity for germany to show itself that there welcoming m. israel's delegation. did this was 72, so only
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a 2022 years after the 2nd world war and after the holocaust. so it was pretty strong back then and all the failures that led to it as well. so something the both president said alton a statement yesterday, as i said, catholic is in berlin here for a few days now is this will not heal all wounds, but it's opening doors to continue working. continue to find out what happened on the day to give a little bit more off the piece to the family members entering of escrow. i thank you so much for that. well, after a bitter contest, lizard cross has been elected leader of britain's conservative party and will become the you case. next prime minister. the announcement that trust will be taking over follows 2 months of campaigning, sports by the resignation of prime minister boris johnson. the british economy is set to be the new prime minister's most pressing task with the u. k, facing a cost of living crisis, and spiraling energy charges. getting an update from our correspond in london in
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just a moment. but 1st, let's take a closer look at the woman set to become britons new liter. let's try to 47 year old won a conservative seat in the british parliament in 2010 on her 3rd attempt since september 2021. she's been the u. k. foreign minister in the british government, although not without trouble humiliated in moscow by her russian counterpart, sir. gay, love rove, who said it was like talking to a deaf person. she campaigned for britain to remain in 2016. but since the vote to leave became a hard liner on breaks it during this leadership campaign, she insulted the 1st minister of scotland and the french president. but trust rejects accusations that she's modeled her style. a former british prime minister, margaret thatcher, austin, before 1996, she was a prominent youth member of another british political party. we liberal democrat believe in opportunity for all she switched though to the conservative party while
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still at university on the ongoing cost of living crisis cross promises tax cuts unloaded, cisco that will be no highlighted portage. all prime in is barbara hazel is our correspondent in london. barbara trust, i certainly had a huge list of challenges ahead and what are the biggest issues she's going to be facing their calling. it's here in omni crisis because pretty much the whole economy is touched by. what's happening here in britain. it's a rampant inflation. it's an exploding gas price crisis. the energy of the public health services is close to finally break down their strikes already under way of for our med train drivers and more strikes in public service from as their public servants demanding higher salaries because of the inflation. that's already hit 10 percent are threatened. this is going to be the big winter of discontent. the worst
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that britain as seen in decades and less trust really has her hands full and a mouth to climb this. she wants to sort of get her over even the worst aspects off this omni crisis. so trust taking off as at a very difficult time as she said, how she is going to deal with these problems as she didn't really say very much during and during that campaign that you referred to as she only talked about tech scouts, she says she doesn't believe in handouts, she doesn't want to give money to people. everybody is responsible for him and herself that sir, classic tory conservative ideology at. but she wants to cup taxes, it generates growth and a sort of try to grow the country out of this crisis. not this is a notion that many economists, hearsay is, is quite nonsensical. they fear that this is rather going to heat up inflation further plus tax care at their tech scouts of course. and they are good for richer
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and, and a medium, a medium and we're better owning a population. but they do absolutely nothing for the 1000000. so as scraping along on minimum wage here in britain as they really do need help heating or eating that . so what british papers are asking at the moment, and many people say, if if push comes to shove, probably we're not going to do either neither heat or how does not have enough food to eat. and so she really has a tremendous task and we don't know exactly what, how she wants to deal with and what she wants to do. and another big issue for the new prime minister, it will be i, it's neighbors in europe, relations between the u. k. and brussels have been tense to think that is going to change under las trust it, sir, if we're unlucky, it's going to change it to the worst because something that lists tribes has on her her inbox and on her list to do during the 1st weeks in office is she wants to
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strike down the northern ireland protocol for the part of the, of the breakfast contract. that would mean that brussels would really sort of finally get angry was britain and sue the country probably. and maybe even enter into a full grown trade war. now many people of course here are asking is this the point of time what you really want to annoy your closest neighbors and get into those fights and battles? was them about to trade in about the northern irish protocol and it, but this is also part of her ideology. she has promised it to the tory party during, at, during that campaign that she is the most ardent breakfast tear even harder than forest johnson. and she wants to go through with the body. as i said, we don't really know what she will do in practice as the, the campaigning is over. she is now voted into office, and she may as well be that have to be much more pragmatic than she has foreseen
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during the last 2 months of correspondent barbara fe, what they sell for us in london. thanks so much for that. we have to speak now with some other stories making news. at this hour, a court in russia has sentenced a former journalist, yvonne saffron of 222 years on charges of high treason and spying. saffron of pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying he was only engaged in journalistic activities and that the charges against him were groundless. thrown up, we'll have to serve his sentence in a maximum security facility. kenya's supreme court has upheld william root. i was narrow presidential election victory. his opponent rayleigh, on dingo, had alleged that widespread fraud had taken place in the vote on lucas night. at the court said that his allegations weren't backed by evidence, can ruta will be sworn in as kenya's 5th president next week. so an earthquake and china southwestern tissue on province has killed 7 people after the tremors
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triggered landslides. more than 500 rescue personnel have been deployed to the, at the center financial report say the 6.8 magnitude. quake has caused major damage to homes and cut off telecommunication lines and see the future. well, for the 1st time the israeli army has said there is a quote high possibility that a soldier killed palestinian american journalist sharina aqua nearly 4 months ago in an internal investigation into her death. it said the shooting was accidental and no one would be punished. the israel army prob, found that it was probable ob rockaway had been shot by a soldier who mistook her for militant. the al jazeera journalist was wearing a helmet and a vest, identifying her eyes press when she was killed, while reporting from the occupied westbank. in may and i'd like to bring indeed of you corresponded tonya cramer in jerusalem for more. a china is rails conclusions. follow a series of investigations by the united states and media organizations,
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a boucher, i will aqua death last may a what can you tell us about this investigation and why it has taken until now while it took the military no 4 months to come to this conclusion what they call the final findings of the investigation. and they told us today, in a briefing for reporting that they took into account, you know, the, the soldiers were there all the materials to have forensic evidence, audio video matching era and also reports in the foreign media. now as you mentioned, they have concluded that there is a high possibility that mississippi it's a quote, was accidentally hit by idea of gunfire and quote, but they maintain that this could have happened while there was an exchange of fire with palestinian met militants. although this account was numerous times a question by palestinian eye, witnesses on the ground,
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other colleagues and policy journey says where with her on that day when she was killed and also by those media investigations and other investigations and video material. now the officials said that she was not intentionally targeted as a journalist, that the soldier likely to be involved could have not properly seen her. now, she and her colleagues had, you know, the blue that's labeled with the price on it. when she was hit by a bullet. now what follows all of out of it is that the israeli military advocate general's office also released a statement saying that it would not open an investigation into any soldier likely to be involved because they don't see. or there's no suspicion that's criminal offense was committed, so this is likely to be expected to be the end of the military investigation. for now, until you have, we have to respond to these findings from the family or more from employer al
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jazeera. well, this is sharina over atlas hemley put out a statement today saying that they were at deeply hurt that they were, i'm just quoting here, frustrated and disappointed as well. that the announcement by the military was trying, as they say to obscure the truth and avoid responsibility for killing sharina barclays. they also said again, which i have said also several times before that this doesn't come as a surprise and i think they speak a lot also word, palestinians. i talk to here in recent month. oh to they don't believe what they don't think that the israeli military can investigate itself as sharina blacklist how many also a colds on the u. s. uk ministration. sharina was a you, as palestinian as citizen to continue and to call for accountability and to open
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the an independent and thorough investigation by the u. s. administration also by the international criminal court. and they met with the secretary of state antony blinking in july, a calling for that investigation. and of course they said they won't stop until they get justice for sharina barkley, of course one at tanya kramer. thank you so much for your reporting. lay series of stabbings in the canadian province of saskatchewan has shaken the country and left police on a man hunt for 2 suspects. authorities are looking into a motive for the killings which they say appear to be partly targeted and partly at random. our community in shock and on high alert police now combing through 13 separate crime scenes this remote region, the scene of one of canada's deadliest mass killings in recent history. the
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attacks happened early sunday in the province of saskatchewan, on james smith cree nation, and the nearby village of weldon the 2 suspects have been named as damien sanderson and miles. sanderson, let me be clear. we are still looking for the 2 suspects. we are asking residence across a scotch one and our neighbors neighboring provinces to be vigilant. at this stage in our investigation, we believe some of the victims have been targeted by the suspect and others have been attacked randomly. canadian prime minister justin trudeau called the killings horrific and heartbreaking. it happened almost a year to the day of a shooting attack at james smith, cree nation, which killed 2 people. the community is in morning again. one resident says the
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sense of safety is shattered. just before we go, let's get a reminder of our top stories. at this hour. german president frank vulture stein meyer has asked israel for forgiveness on behalf of his country for failing to protect the israeli olympic team at the $972.00 munich olympics. 50 years ago, 11 israeli athletes died after palestinian militant storms, their palm found in the olympic village. shy, mire, describe germany's investigation into the attack as woefully inadequate. he also acknowledged germany's responsibility to the victims, families and in the u. k. of liz trost has been elected by members of the governing conservative party to replace boris johnson as prime minister process takes the helm as the country faces a cost of living crisis, industrial unrest, and forecast of a warm recession. and coming up next in at dw news, asia,
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indonesia, new sexual violence law is meant to stamp out bright abductions. but some men are trying to keep the tradition alive. and a 130000 pregnant women caught up by pakistan's floods. many are due to give births that in war coming up next on the deed of you use asia to forget. if you do want more news and analysis, you can find that on our website at d, w dot com or full was on social media, s. d w news. i'm claire richardson in for lynn for me and the team working behind the scenes. thanks for watching. ah ah
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franklin may, i already know that with hackers and paralyzed me, try your societies. computers that i showed you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for greener, but how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube. with this is the w news, asia coming up to date, abolishing bright kidnapping in indonesia, a sexual violence. lori is meant to make adoptions a thing of the past, but some men want to keep the tradition alive. i'll talk to a gender activist. cut off from outside help, 130.


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