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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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sponsibility is huge, they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, ah, this is d w. news line for berlin. germany ask is really families for forgiveness over it's handling of the $970.00 to munich olympics massacre. president hong fighter shine meyer acknowledges germany's responsibility for feeling to protect is really athletes at the games. 11 israelis died following the attack by palestinian
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militants also coming up. the u. k gets a new prime minister. this truss is elected by members of the governing. conservative party, replaced force johnson. and can you supreme court rejects challenges to the presidential election result upholding willing routines victory? ah, i'm aaron tilton. thanks for joining us. 50 years after the deadly terror attacks at the munich olympics, german president hung published i admire. as officially asked is really families for forgiveness for germany's handling of the events. in 1972, 11 israeli athletes died after palestinian milton stormed their compound in the limbic village. it was an apology,
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half a century in the making. germany's acknowledgement that it had failed to protect the 11 israeli olympians who were murdered by terrorists and mishandled the aftermath of the tragedy. speakers eod, stotts, who will help these as long as head of state of this country. and in the name of the federal republic of germany for gable. i ask for forgiveness, even within mangling for forgiveness, for the lack of protection of the israeli athlete at the time of the olympic games and munich on friday and for the lack of clarification afterwards. thus could she incur the fact that what happened was could happen this minute freshman man, it is my duty in my need to acknowledge our german responsibility and here and now here on and for the future on food. so conf, munich, 1972. by hosting the summer olympics, germany wanted to show the world that it was a cheerful, colorful, cosmopolitan country. and that it had overcome the shadows of its nazi past. but
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then a shock, palestinian militants took control of the israeli athletes residence in the olympic village. they shot to his railways and took 9 hostage, hoping to free prisoners in israel and germany. the west german authorities bungled the rescue attempt, and in the end all the hostages were killed alongside 5 of the palestinian gunmen and a local policeman. he and on mine, the stein meyers apology was a significant moment for the victims families who had threatened to boycott the ceremony after battling for decades for fair compensation from the german government. but shortly before the anniversary, the 2 parties agreed on a 28000000 euro compensation package and the families were in attendance. one survivor on cash spitzer, read a letter to her husband andre, a fencing master and coach who died in the massacre. i will never stop talking
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about it so that that will never ever happen again. and those who are responsible for it will pay the price. please forgive me, andre, that it took me so long. although we have finally, after 50 years, reached our goals. at the end of the day, you are still gone and nothing can change that didn't help. so and after all was said, there was a minute of silence as photos of the victims were shown. though they died 50 years ago, their deaths are as painful as ever. earlier d w spoke to chi schiller, a professor of modern european history at durham university in the u. k. who has written extensively about the 1972 munich olympics. we asked him why germany took so long to apologize. i think several, several things took so long for going to generate on addition to was in charge in the seventy's has now died. i think the last sort of living littlest off in terms
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of german politics. the mayor of unit was instrumental in bringing the game to munich a couple of years ago. but made it easy. i think it makes it easier for this generational change to apologize for something like that. the other big reason i think is, and you could say this is ab cynical. germany wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the games and without a german apology. without the sort of agreement that a german israeli historian's commissions would be set up without compensation payments, a significant compensation payments. i think the relatives of the victims with hunky spits and the lee, but it never agreed to come. and i think your point in basically, germany was put in a corner and then in a way, rightly so, because if the years it's a very long time, it was absolutely overdue for this to happen. after a bitter campaign list truss has been elected leader of britons conservative party
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and will become the u. k. next prime minister. the contest was sparked by the resignation of prime minister boris johnson. the economy said to be the new prime minister's most pressing task with the u. k. facing a cost of living crisis and soaring energy charges and her acceptance speech trust promised to tackle those challenges head on. i will deliver a bowl plan to cut taxes and grow our economy. i will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people's energy bills that all say dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply trust will also have to settle a series of industrial disputes and tackle foreign policy challenges that include the war, new crane, and last but not least implementing brakes it dw barbara visa reports, there's not a lot of choice when fiona's making sandwiches for children. but she has to be really careful when buying food. 5 cost of living have for lap. and everything is
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so expensive, like the bread, the mill is going up, at least by 5 percent. it's hard when you've got a family of 4, but it's not only food crisis. it bigger concern for her. her energy builds. i will not be ethan mike asked her car in the winter and to stay the fact that my gas is going to be a lot more expensive they share at. i'm not sure if i be able to afford it up to speed, easy food that doesn't take up too much gas and electric, but how to keep the children warm once colder weather comes, is worrying her even more. we have to wrap up in the house where extra kobe in the winter, instead of putting on the heat in a day trial, my full time bounced those to i still seem to struggle life. fiona is a fight, but she fears this coming winter things might be getting even harder for her and the children to look at this central london hospital. and as
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a shift is getting underway for the ambulance crews, every day they're bringing in more patients than the emergency room can handle, which are struggling to even get people into the doors of the i a. and we're having to treat them in the back of the ambulance. and some of these time critical illnesses, like strokes and heart attacks are just simply not being seen in time. this leads to waging ambulances sticking up outside the hospital doors in the end endangering people's lives. because of these delays a hospital, we're sitting here unable to answer the 999. cause that are coming in. i personally witness deaths where we have been to someone whom i uphold for chest pain. and 1215 hours later we turned up to the house and the person is diseased, understaffed, underfunded and close to breaking down. these professionals are dealing with the traces of the national health services on a daily basis. we're in the middle of the biggest staff in christ espionage. if
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it's ever seen in history, on top of that, this government has no credible plan to actually fix these proper. aaron himself is doubtful whether he'll be able to carry on the job for much longer. did he out on the beach for many londoners thus means a trip to brighton. but swimmers should think again, on rainy days, raw sewage is being pumped out of this drainage pipe straight into the sea. this is victorian technology. this is a 150 years old. what we're experiencing in this country is a lack of investment in our infrastructure, which means these are being used on a constant regular basis. this happens across the country for years now. he and his fellow activists have been fighting against the water companies responsible for this practice. so far without success, you're surfing with all of the things that come out of paper toilet. they know you've got sanitary towers, you've got a paper and everything else that goes in with it. and i know so you know,
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pcs as well. raw sewage on britain speeches. this is a nation that has more than one crisis on its hands. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. canadian police say that one of the suspects in a series of fatal stabbings has been found dead. they are still searching for his brother who may be injured. the 2 are accused of killing 10 people and injuring 18 others in saskatchewan province. sort of the deadliest attacks in canada's history . russian back official c. a referendum on ukraine's harrison region. joining russia is on hold. citing the security situation. ukrainian forces have been conducting a counter offensive aimed at taking back the area captured by russian forces in the 1st weeks of its february invasion. a court in russia has since former journals, even so thrown up to 22 years on treason charges. so for on
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a pleaded not guilty scene, he was only engaged in journalistic activities. so for all of, we'll have to serve his sentence in a maximum security facility. and in a similar case, another russian court has revoked the license of a leading independent newspaper. nobody is yet officially banning its operation in the country. the let's editor in chief to me 3 more of both. who was last years nobel prize winner has described the ruling as a political hit job. can you supreme court has rejected challenges to the presidential election result upholding william rooters victory router was declared the winner by narrow margin in mid august, but opposition candidate, royal dingo has pointed to irregularities, and presented a petition to the court. some members of the electoral commission that validated the vote at themselves earlier disowned the results would think it says he will respect the court's decision. even though he strongly disagrees with. the judges dismissed all 9 claims by royal dingoes lawyers saying they found no credible
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evidence that there was any tampering with the results. ah, people have been celebrating in various locations across kenya. also here in ken gimme now ruby. they are jubilant that kenya's supreme court upheld the results, declaring william router winner of the august 9th general election. i'm so so happy to be so happy with that. my router is now, ma'am. i'm glad you got me thinking i fully supported ryan as coalition. but how things stand now i have decided to stop supporting him and i have accepted that riley has lost bob. i could have got now the drama is old. he should retire. he should join the government to go to the garden shortly before chief justice called me had delivered the long awaited position at the supreme court. the prison. this is i unanimously decision of the court, the presidential election petition i he and by dismissed. as
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a consequence, really clear the direction of the facilities for dentist, president eric to be married and article 143 hope the constitution in a strongly worded judgment. the court dismissed all of the claims lodged by re loading and other petitioners and said they had failed to prove them. the chief justice even said that one of the allegations had, quote, turned out to be no more than hot air. in his speech addressing canyon's president elect william, brutal, thank to support us and said he would also serve those who didn't vote for him. i therefore extend a hand of brother to all my competitors until all their support us. we are not enemies. we are kingdoms. let us unite comic kino a nation where every one shall be proud to call home william router had won
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over canyons by emphasizing his humble beginnings as a chicken sailor. for many, he now stands as a shining example of the canyon dream. my election opens possibilities for all our children, irrespective of their background. it is quickly called where they come from. it is quickly called their financial status. meanwhile his rival rhino dingo, has put out a statement saying, we respect the opinion of the court, although we vehemently disagree with their position to day. this judgment is by no means the end of our movement. in fact, it inspires us to redouble our efforts to transform this country into prosperity. democracy, president elect to william router will be sworn in next tuesday, according to the constitution. this was regarding as 5th unsuccessful bid to become president. and at the age of 77, he said, this was his final attempt. incoming president william router won by
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a margin of less than 2 percentage points over railroad anger. his biggest task will remain to reunite a very divided country and you're up to date, say to him for doc film, where we take a look at the spanish flu visible enemy, which takes a look at the pandemic that killed more than 50000000 people a century before covered 19 and don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website. that's d w dot com. and of course we're on twitter and you too, as well. i'm aaron tilton coming to from berlin. we'll be back next hour with more news from around the world. the landscape a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty.


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