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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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the listening place along the mediterranean sea, ah, it's waters connect people of many cultures seen it almost rock and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean, where has history left its traces, meeting people, hearing their dreams, a mediterranean journey. this week on d, w. mm. this is dw news, asia coming up to date, fuel price hike protests wrapped in indonesia. energy costs surging around the world at the rise for indonesians is huge, as the government cuts back subsidies alaskan economist if the move could backfire . and to fulfill the dream of building your own home,
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only to have it washed away. the cruel reality of pakistan's catastrophic floods. and the millions of people affected ah, i've been visible, i'm glad you could join us. thousands of people have been taking to the streets of indonesia biggest cities. there's widespread anger and despair. how to cope with soaring inflation, afford a meal, pay for fuel to demonstrate as a demanding another increase in the minimum wage for next year. trade unions on the protests could continue until december and could include strikes fuel price hikes, make ice cream. that's the message students here in the province of ha, one to send to their government. all across indonesia, labor unions, and student states protests against higher fuel prices,
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even occupying the regional parliament in archer is a huge burden. it would normally cost $1.00 euro 40 to use public transport for the holding obama. now it's only good for one way trip to school. many of our parents catch fish for a living and depend on cheap fuel price lapses, what i can margin, but if the fuel prices stay high, the price of groceries will go up june. people's income is still very low, shall we demand the government to reverse the decision of the money. the indonesian government has artificially kept fuel prices low for decades. the recent hike, the 1st in 8 years, raised the price of gasoline by about 30 percent. the government argues it had no choice, they say the cost of state subsidies has already tripled this year, driven by soaring global energy prices. now, ordinary people will have to deal with the consequences. this is though, worse moment to increase the fuel price, because as we see there's, there's
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a purchasing powers still recover from the pandemic of the 2 years. and the impact of the fuel price is not only affecting transport, is not only affecting manufacturing for them, but also our faculty. $64000000.00 small, medium and the price to fuel brands to receive state subsidies. initially, they were only intended for the poor, but everybody uses them. the government now acknowledges that develop subsidies was not well targeted. apparently 70 percent of the cheap fuel has benefited middle and upper classes rather than low income indonesians. a cash handout equivalent to 10 euros is now supposed to cushion the impact of the price hike on millions of poor families. the big question is, will this be enough to quell the anger in southeast asia? largest economy has run is an economist with a set of for indonesia policy studies in jakarta. welcome to dw news, asia,
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governments around the world as subsidizing energy costs. indonesia is taking those subsidies away. why? because it had been a huge part in the nation. national budget, we know that there has been increase in the global oil prices in the beginning. what that intended to, but because i'm assuming be saturday, july agency. so in the, in the major mentioned by the function for subsidy is the always the price to be like the $3.00 us dollar. but when the oil run increased, more than $100.00, and then you've already been huge. but nobody's been, i've been goldman and they don't enjoy it anymore. so that's why i think they take out the problems. so the systems become on affordable,
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but i find it interesting that they're only just working out now that a lot of these subsidies weren't going to the right people. we can ration every time i, every time they go about subsidies, people are the people we will get the benefit from that. but we cannot the pickup is because of the assumption if you would like to put the bridges, but to get to obtain the subsidies just like the people we have to like, i mean the money story in, in, in the gas station you just have to put more control in it, like you, you want to get stations. so the people, i mean, the rich people cannot get the subsidies. but when you fix the people, the people will be affected more because not only affected how they will get it, they get it or are diffused what will face consumption as well
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because the full price will be everything in asia will increase because of the subsidy. it will be affected, the people that will in denisia already has one of the highest property rights in the world at 9 and a half percent. could all of this back fire because these sorts of protests have brought down governments before in indonesia, every time they go over the field, they're always caught this because it will take there for people, for people in the l o k b, or data or consumption or food consumption, like 50 percent of the budget for food consumption. and now when it has been reduced by the golf course, the food price. no, they don't really increase and it will have favorite food because they will have to spend more money to buy the food. and yeah, we can be maybe in the future. i mean,
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if we cannot predict what was happening right now, because i've been talking about the big a little bit longer. calculated needed. i showed that the pharmacy level or the number of people in the property like we did in the next month. how can i ask you, is it time for a rethink in indonesia, how public transportation and transportation is done? because average fuel consumption in indonesia is 13 percent above the global average because of the millions of motor vehicles that zip through the cities. well yeah, regarding the bobby competition, most people are using a cycle in the league, especially for, for a station like boss,
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people use it and also a people use it. but in another crossings, like in a matter, people use their own site. so when the prices p a petition, maybe they will use us, but i think people with in, in, in, in a lot at stake, environmentally and health wise for the indonesians and also asians. what else has, what i thank you very much for being on d. w. 's asia today. ah, the damage bill for pakistan could top $10000000000.00 recovery funds are tight and
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experts right. and it could take months for the flood for him to receive homes and businesses as a bud store don't even exist anymore. reconstruction is impossible, right now. thousands of the small factories and kilns across the country have been extinguished. the supplies of bricks needed for rebuilding are also under water rashana lee and his son, the mom have lost everything. they put their savings into building a house which they finished only 2 months ago in the sudden province of sind, the floods have wiped out their home and all their hopes less than mary will, medical da, i worked my whole life to build his house. nigger failure yet, i've never owned a house before yet. who was so happy when we finally managed to save enough to build it? i don't know whether that will ever happen again. he heard me again. ali and his
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son are both carpenters. a man bought some materials and started building a workshop, but his hopes were quickly dashed. it re nonstop for 17 days, and the walls were overcome by flood waters. no matter this did that in america. luckily we have relatives nearby. and we are living with my cousin there 4 or 5 other families there. we'll get that. they're just simple laborers. he got he been missouri, but they help us to look because they have family up and i am a d. m, that happened they had on the way into the village with the families now staying, the scale of the destruction is clear with the water here is also waste. deep 8 people normally living there temporary accommodation. now more than 30, a crammed in my life. my kids are sick,
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the can't get any medicine. we can't even leave the house. i know that i'm in the family needs medicine, food and clean drinking water. but there's little prospect of any improvement. char, her son is the agricultural minister in a region which is 90 percent flooded that many residents of farmers who depend on their harvest, that the food means that's likely to fail this year now, but it that also didn't, didn't fit by the water in some houses is a meter deep brown, but it wasn't. the wheat harvest will be devastated this year. and next year he ran nails. i got the next awards in the field. has to drain away? yes. likely there'll be no harvest one for 2 years so far. okay, ugly albany looks at me. why that it with many, here she'll the floods will main shoot shortages although it's one of the countries
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with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. pakistan is a victim of climate change. but able to get angus or salvage the village elders say, it hasn't rained this hard in a 100 years. of course, it's linked to global warming and climate change, practical use, pearson and other. what's happening is the government says more than 30000000 people are affected by the flooding. the authorities a promising financial help for those in need, but they have not received anything so far. rashana lee doesn't know how he and his family will cope yet, moves him up, which please don't ask me whether i'll ever be able to build another house. yeah. yeah, i'm sure i feel helpless and completely overwhelmed. i've never cried before in my life at royal and i'm just trying to stay strong and be grateful for what god has
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given me. your lesson mayhem may was said because you'll rashana alleys. big hope now is that for his son, at least the dream of owning his own home will one day come true. how to take and it's going to take a long time rebuild in pakistan. for more on our stories on dw use asia today go to our website, d, w dot com slash asia. i'll see you tomorrow, bye bye. fur . i'm just kinda, i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this?
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with the smudges were lions of the what's your story with. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence, cna labs and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, britain, get the new prime minister with the painful price of energy has consumers worried? the government is out of touch with their concerns. also on the show, we take a hop around the block to see how e u. countries are preparing for high gas prices and cold and the cold winter ahead
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. we'll hear from our correspondence. welcome to the w business. i'm christy flotsam, a new prime minister and the same old problems as she moves in a 10 downing street live. trus inherits a country in crisis from her predecessor boris johnson, a week economy, massive supply chain problems and skyrocketing prices for food and energy. and many brits are worried about the upcoming winter and wondering how they'll pay their bills. lincolnshire in the east midlands of england. it's home to gary and natasha waterhouse. she has been needing around the clock here since a cancer treatment. he has quit his job as a cabbie to provide gary shows us their utility bills. their costs have recently gone up from $36.00 to more than $200.00 euros per month for making plans of which rooms we can hate. at the moment.


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