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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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an adventure full of hardships, 3 years and that will change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d. w. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, b u n's nuclear watchdog calls for a safe zone around ukraine's upper region nuclear plants. it warns that ongoing shelling poses a constant threat to nuclear safety as russian and ukrainian forces battle nearby.
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green on the show was trust, delivers her 1st speech as the british prime minister valley to rebuild the economy and addresses soaring energy costs. famine is up the door on today. we are receiving a final warning showing words from the you went about water and food shortages in somalia, where drought and conflicts have combined to leave half the population facing extreme hunger. ah low, i'm clear, richardson, thank you so much for joining us. the united nations nuclear watchdog is calling for a security zone to be established around ukraine's embattled operation nuclear power plants. the i a's as the current situation is untenable. this after a team of its experts visited the site last week to assess the damage and conditions for the workers there. since russian troops took control of the facility
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early in the war. chief and moscow have accused each other of risking a radiation disaster by shelley near the site t w's. and when that chat is in chief and has more details on the i e. a report well erred international atomic energy agency report has just been published with conclusions that are not very surprising from here in kia, with the agency urging into a measures to prevent a nuclear incident that would be caused by a physical damage due to a military means at the agency also calls for the immediate establishment of nuclear safety and security protection zone. knowing that of course is so nuclear, a central nuclear power power power plant. there was already a security zone and that has been violated since the beginning of the war. oh, so are the experts who visited the power plant or over the past few days say that
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they have seen damage caused to a building where a fresh nuclear fuel as well as roger active waste is us toward earnest damage to a building where we find a central alarm istation of their power plan, they also said they saw a repairs were already being carried out. my day said that day so. so, russian military personnel, they're also a vehicles, equipment, me, the to equipments at various places where none of those should actually be including within the holes or where turbines lie. so it's an unsustainable situation. thus the conclusion of this report, as i said, it doesn't really come as a surprise, but at least it's official. now. absolutely concerning updates there though. and what is the situation like for people who are living in the area around was operation plant. well, they are very worried of torrison people living around,
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you know, many of them have a family members working other power plans for them to the situation is unsustainable because they have to work under high pressure under constant observation by military occupants, by russian occupants which can lead and also heard international atomic energy agency warns about that which can lead to a human error that might indeed lead to a nuclear disaster. and the while there are developments elsewhere in ukraine to stay with us. i, we're going to talk more about this after this report beginning in harkins heat by rockets again and again. hockey is ukraine's 2nd largest city. it's position in the east, near the russian border. has made it a target throughout the wall. there was an explosion on dar apartment shook pieces of tile. hit my child's back on the seat
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and collapsed on my head. very thick smoke immediately filled the room. we wanted to get ice, but our door was blocked. it was blown into the corridor. ha ha ha, keeps governor said rescue as us still searching through the rubble for survivors of the attack on this apartment building in the city center. several people were killed in all the strikes in the region and air raid sirens rang throughout ukraine on tuesday morning. but in the countries south cave says it's successfully pushing back. ukrainian troops launched a counter offensive last week and say they've already regained territory. this video appears to show soldiers raising a ukrainian flag in a small town in the house on region that had been held by russia since early on in the wall. and everyone's had a manuel has a still with me from keith. i can you tell us more about the latest on ukraine's
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counter offensive in the south? it's very difficult to know exactly where things are happening on the counter offensive fraud. because the army, the ukrainian army, is keeping very quiet. we've reached out and several times to try and find out exactly, you know, which places were liberated. they do not confirm anything so far. but of course on social media, you see in abby turns from or to places that have been liberated, sometimes large respecting the, you know, the, the wishes of the ukrainian government to not share pictures. and so from there and also from experts, for example, does of the institute of study of war, or we have confirmation that indeed they are someplace is being liberated. but perhaps the main, or, you know, the main or a giveaway of dis going well for the ukrainian side is the fact that russia has announced that it wouldn't hold a referendum right now in the region of had
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a son of occupied had a son. it says that it's, it's on hold for the moment due to the situation due to the counter offensive. it doesn't say it completely abandons, decide, dear. but that was very much aimed at it, you know, making official di annexation and actually annexing to region of her son just as they had done in 2014 with crimea. and given the fact that they don't want to do that right now. well, it shows that a death you knows a floating moment, therefore the russian command on the front, lined out very busy like trying to deal with that counter offensive and they cannot hold this referendum any longer. did up you corresponded and welsh has for us and keep thank you so much for that update. and the u. k. new prime minister list trust has given her 1st speech in the role, pledging to boost the economy, tackle the energy crisis, and improve the country's national health service. he can trust promised tax copy
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and security at home and abroad. we de britain's 4th conservative prime minister in 6 years. she's facing a raft of challenges, including a cost of living crisis, labor unrest and storing energy prices and we called, let's listen in to some of what she had to say earlier. we will transform britain into an aspiration nation with high paying jobs, safe streets, and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve. i will take action this day and action every day to make it happen. i will take action this week to deal with energy bills and to secure all future energy supply. burger masses are correspondent in london, and i asked her what stood out to her from liz trust his 1st speech asked prime minister. luckily, it was a very short speech and her supporter, so saying it was a no nonsense speech and indeed we haven't seen any of the bluffs that we've heart
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from forest johnson, the previous prime minister that we few come used to in the last year. so her speech was quite pragmatic. she centered on 3 points. i, it was about growing the economy. that's really for how the most important thing and she's stressed that and everything else for her. i'm seems to follow from that . so she wants to cut taxes. that's really her main agenda. she also needs to tackle the energy crisis. she needs to help people with energy builds. and she's saying that this, there will be a more detailed plan that she's going to now's nouns in the next 10 days. and also another priority was about doctors appointments for people not to have to wait forever. so really a speech that was mainly centered on domestic issues. and she was of course, chosen by conservative party members as prime minister, and that is a fraction of the u. k. electorate, she think she will win support among the broader public working for them. well that's really that going to be the test for her because she was elected by the
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conservative party membership. so less than 200000 people that thought that she's the best person to leave the country. and now she really needs to persuade grady the rest of the country that as she has got the plan and she needs to really flush it out 12 years, the conservatives have been in power and the countries facing an array of problems . the wages have been falling, real wages have been falling, inflation is going through a roof, and on top of that, people are being hit hard by the rising energy costs. so less trust. the conservatives are trailing behind the opposition party because i think most people are blaming the conservative foot for the problems that the country is facing. less trust, obviously only now has the platform to shine. now she's got the opportunity, but at the moment she's trailing quite far behind the a, the labor party, the opposition party. and can we expect the, you case ties with your up to improve any time soon?
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relations with europe are not at their best and less trust has played a part in that because until now she's been the foreign secretary. so she's really been responsible for relations with europe. she hasn't really said anything conciliatory since she's become piano indeed, even since she started running for the office of prime minister, she has threatened to unilaterally withdraw from the breck that agreement. that voice johnson had a hamlet out with the european union. so she's kept that threat on the table, and critics are saying that that will be unlawful. we haven't really seen that her, she's extended an olive branch to you, but and again, it's very early days and there are some deadlines coming up when it comes to relations with you. so watch this space. i can, i can only say our correspondent berg at mass in london. thank you so much for your reporting. and was her now to some other world news stories at this hour. a powerful tyson has hit south korea, leaving at least 2 people dead and 10 others. missing. thousands have been forced
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to evacuate typhoon hin, i'm nor battered the south of the country and left thousands of homes without electricity. the storm has now moved back out to sea and is expected to pass north west of japan. rescue workers are searching for hundreds of people still stranded by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. that struck southwestern china on monday. at least 65 people are confronted dead. the quakes set off landslides, any mountainous area on the edge of the tibetan plateau. person's current, navient police say one of the suspects in a series of fatal stabbings has been found dead. they are still searching for his brother who may be injured. the 2 were accused of killing 10 people and injuring 18 in the province of saskatchewan. is one of the deadliest attacks in canada's history. and nasa has released new pictures of the tarantula nebula, captured by the james web space telescope. a stunning images, a show young stars distant background galaxies,
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as well as detailed structure and composition of the nebulous gas and dust. just fantastic. the nebula wise in the large med magellan at cloud galaxy, some 161000 light years away. while the united nations says that in the 1st half of this year alone, more than $700.00 children have died in nutrition centers across somalia. the country is now on the brink of famine, almost $8000000.00 people at about half the population are facing crisis hunger levels. the worst hit area is the by region in the south. the u. n says, barring a massive influx of assistance, that region as likely to see a full scale famine in coming months. southern somalia, this is what the worst drought in decades looks like. people displaced by climate change and conflict. their only source of water is this distribution center in a displaced persons camp with the united nations. humanitarian agency has been
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sounding the alarm for some time. i been shocked to my call these past few days by the level of pain and suffering. we see so many somalis enduring famine is up the door unto day. we are receiving a final warning. it's been for failed rainy seasons in a row. and now the u. n says a 5th one is on the way, but the problems in somalia run even deeper decades of civil conflict, mass displacement, and one of the lowest standards of living in the world. what's happening in the horn of africa is a threat to a way of life which has sustained families and communities for generations. it's not just a lack of rain for full seasons, for many families,
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but it's an end to the way they've lived. a search in food prices worldwide and a grain shortage triggered by the war and ukraine have made the situation worse. this entire region is on the brink of extreme hunger, waiting in vain for the drought to and as he update at the sour stay tuned for da fell coming up next. taking a look back in history at the spanish for the painting. if worse, there is more news on our website at anti dumping dot com. i'm clear richardson in berlin from the whole team here we're here behind the scenes. thanks for joining us . a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and to far abdul karim drift along with.


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