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ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. germany remembers mikhail gorbachev. lawmakers in berlin are gathering to commemorate the last leader of the soviet union. the man who helped bring down the iron curtain, allowing east and west germany to become one. we have live cup
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ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. germany pays tribute to day to the last leader of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev. a minute silence will be observed in the parliament and the bonus talks president will deliver a speech in his honor. gorbachev died last week at the age of 90. 1 is reform policy is led to the end of the cold war and want him a nobel peace prize. he is also considered a major player in the re unification of germany. he was buried the weekend in moscow next to his wife. and as we, as we wait for the collaboration event in the german parliament to get under way, we bring in dw political correspond it, nina has. if you know how unusual is it,
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i'm told we have, we have a live feed now from the bonus tag, speeches about to get underway. let's cost stayed over to that. he built the world and made it a better player. awesome rubbish. he made jojo possible on doing brushing things that seemed inconceivable for decades and wanted to find a peaceful end to the cold war and to overcome the division of our country and our continent. we drove as germans for done oh, michel, ga, batch of much bigger heater with london. he. 1000000 men changed the history of our country and the lives of millions of people. his courage, his resoluteness, were crucial for regaining our unification. this unique
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and amazing moment of our history and we won't forget that of our vic provide her here, paved away for german unification of in an annoying politic how did entering into a new kind of policy making in the soviet union glass spread to the people of east germany, glass nurses, and perestroika. why shouldn't these things be possible in east germany as well? his visit to east berlin in october, 1989 at b. buffy deutsche. and in the anniversary of east germany encouraged the people of east germany to rise up against the std dictators general when men and women in their numbers in plowing in leipzig, in east berlin in dresden. and she's very young in magda berg, and in many other parts of east germany hit the streets. bad men. i wondered if
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tanks would roll once again as of yet ocean's order. but the soviet soldiers, husband stayed in their barracks despite the uprising will the end of east germany afford and german unification took place peacefully with american shackleton, the u. s. in american journalist and applebaum wrote an i quote about shaw because gorbachev's most radical action was doing without violence and of quote, gorbachev looked at the end of the day imperial gorbachev was, you not trying to defend the soviet empire with the nuclear deterrent or with military means on the board to hang on to power himself with the use of forces on dispensing with violence with moscow, i was on his approach and you can sharpen using up the hold of you
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to moscow as grip on the soviet violet and sha satellite state. and i changed eastern europe and changed your been led to freedom for millions of people like michelle garbage of him said he himself said in 1999, 10 years after the fall of the wall. not here at this very detailed floher. but he was very huh. he said the very, the very fact that german unification took place. the way it did there is down to the people themselves, the voucher. it is their achievement. the warsaw pact states should decide about their own state. one from the 19 perspective. gorbachev, 89 in 1990 and gorbachev africa, exclusively into foreclosure, to him, supported him. that noise of the right to choose himself. his watch when he met george bush. he made this by the far monica from at home with court in his summit
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meeting with helmet, calling the northern caucasus. it is summer. night 99. he approved 5 nato membership of the future unified germany on 5 at the end of 2 world wars in nuclear and actually nuclear to terran, it defined these and decades. but there, we found a peaceful change, something that were there for me, for me either in the thought look like looking back historically was inside the something we are. so i'm very lucky and grateful for me. if i go about it was dunc bob lies something that we will remain grateful for. michelle. gorbachev always mid xining finance provides offline is a willingness to pull the sheet reconciliation,
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which one achieved reconciliation between germany and russia. but the future of germany not mine is associate relations were also very important to them. and the towns for helen cold spoke this as well. we had always wanted, if a partnership with russia, under partnership, on the basis of partnership. but let me say most sadly, that put relationship with russia on the basis of partnership is currently not possible. gorbachev describe trust is the most important thing governing international politics. and it was his trust that changed the world. the trust he had taught he, german chancellor, him 300 coal i and germany made german unification possible. and for me, he was one of my gun than young, great yellow on foot. people creating trust in the last log of zine with century trust was that the basis of what he did solomon,
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he had the courage to leave the brit beaten track, got beaten tracks that had turned out to be dead and not on off. he built confidence and trust to you as president ronald reagan and he put trust in place of deterrence and confrontation with the product. and this was a radical change of political course. oh, and this one trust grew when gorbachev spoke of compromises crowder montoya. there compromises was hardly a term we had heard from moscow until gorbachev spoke them. and thus he broke down conflicts that seemed unable to move. he created for the appeal from bly, she could reach the new young balances, getting away from the nuclear deterrence. with the i n f treaty awful lot on the destruction of intermediate range nuclear tipped mess, marseilles. this lead to the end of either a nuclear arms race between the 2 blocks in the and this paved the
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way to a peaceful end of the cold war. after 4 decades of east west confrontation, ravendie europe for his own, for the policy of for dis armament, anderson will not know unsafe for his other efforts to end the cold war. he received the nobel peace prize in 1991 from 1 o'clock when in 1985, he reached the pinnacle of power in the soviet union. the soviet union was already declining. its citizens lived in a state of resignation, much offered to make a form with reforms. gorbachev wanted to improve the lives of the people in the soviet loan and to develop socialism further. give it a human face in there with you. he wanted to push up your dismantle the fear in the relationship between soviet power and soviet people i and replaced it with dialogue or human spots. my suddenly,
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this young statesman walked on the streets in. what was leningrad at the time? asking people what their problems were and promising change. often, his openness and his volume active attempts to win the heart of the people in soviet union was unknown until there won't be much until that time people had lived in fear of lows in power in the soviet union. glass nice and perestroika became terms that we use in all languages now and his new promises in the new freedom will not created new hope as well. people could speak their minds. one thing, bullock even talk about the gulags and about darlin crucial, the in the archives were open, new books in were written, published and john and criticizing this little. gorbachev could not stop the continuing decline of the soviet empire. the soviet union could not be reformed.
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the ships gorbachev invoice who wanted to take a step by step approach to changing the soviet union, lost control of his country in august, 91. there was a coup against him. my home, the people of the soviet union, aspired to freedom and independence on the 25th of december 1991. the soviet union was disbanded, hippo vinegar politically. there are few politicians in germany who have been respected as much as he is by had cable in and we will remember him as a great freedom fighter. they are thrown in woodland glitter want of very different responses in russia, central europe, and in germany to his death show the complexity of for what he has done in his life . but they also show, there is a fundamental,
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what he mis understanding of his political life, which is tragic. he died alone in his own country in russia as of yet imperial, 20, northern north ago yahveh under la where he is blamed for the poverty of the 1990s. and he suffered sarcasm at both the respond of the russians to his lifetime achievement. many remember the brutality of how revolutions, inter belushi we're squashed by john or quashed rather. and in as a by john as well and vision plan in vilnius as well. and all of these are brutal suppression of riots. oh, are down to him as well. and there was a certain alienation with the west of the art over the course of his life as well. for example, in the assessment of prudence, russian foreign policy form with god about shove of employees was disappointed by
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from the, by the west as well. but he didn't make it easy on analogy for himself either he didn't just withdraw. he continued in to be involved in political life. but on him and his legacy for us is the role of he played in the unification of germany. and this is unique. but the different responses to his death, as i nod fazer said last week in the f is a daily how much misunderstanding a disappointment there exists between russia and the west. and we as german and freedom from partner for too long lager saw the one with, with one gorbachev's aspiration about 2 of the piece order for light on the farm as the basis of our relationship to russia. but perhaps we overlooked. the fact that under putin, of russia had taken a completely different course than that said, implied gorbachev in dinah. hi, man. the developments in russia,
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the league worried gorbachev. he called the government's called on the government's in russia. want not to be afraid of their own people and not to suppress with the people's freedom. at the same time he be placed trust in russian civil society, particularly in the young people in russia. cottonwood them will come, he said, rushes future can only be democracy. roberts offered towards oliver actually, and he wrote that in 2019 despite all of the obstacles in its way. gorbachev was certain that russia would have to continue on the path away from its totalitarian passage. he was certain that only lung democratic developments would give his country address real future that. gov just a few weeks ago a few years ago, rather michelle garbage. i've said we wanted to bring down the walls of distress between the east and west and pulled down every wall between countries between
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peoples of the part and decision was london. oh, between russia and europe, we have an enormous abyss at the moment. i go, mine's arms or will you shit, holes and shield in place of gorbachev's vision of a common holloman like a mine from the shades i should pick. and the idea of a common security architecture between europe and russia, the through, by vin, no. this block of gorbachev wrote to helmet call that overcoming 2 of them blocks and guys between east and west was essential in order to pursue laporte in decent guys, a common spirit of humanity. it is quite clear that putin has turned his back on this spirit. and this is a tragic mistake. isn't woodland dusty, but you know, and why it is russia about that has attacked ukraine,
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crushed and destroyed our peace structure in europe and my with weapons, kin. gorbachev was a man of places and as a child, he experienced the 2nd world war with and he wanted to free the world from its greatest threat mom. again and again, he went, van cautioned that nuclear disarmament was the only way forward and admonished that a new war was a huge danger of if a new confrontation between russia and the west was his biggest concern till the diameter of his life. her provide garbage of stewart i for want to do them switched and doing without violence on her. i'm a piece for understanding the team papers he and he stood for august on world strategies based on dialogue and overcoming unsettling global problems together. schmidt, it is deeply painful for us that everything he stood for a lit has been destroyed so violently. gorbachev gorbachev's courage.
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however, his courage is something that wasn't, can give us optimism in these dark hours ever to tackle the questions facing us. he was a humanist and they believed and in human beings and what they were capable of achieving the 20 we can, if we wanted. he said again and again, even under very difficult lawyers situations, he always said we can find new solutions in the interest of the international community. we must not. you said mister bye and his life was the best example of this evading. miss ne, live with the will, does not have to stay the way it is, i believe, in what, not even after this brutal war,
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and least by russia and ukraine. more to morrow can be a better day by day, week. the day after tomorrow can be better than that, but it's going to take a long time to get there and it's going to be a rocky road there. we need courageous people fighting for the peaceful lying world based on of justice who are prepared to leave the beat and track noise and look for new ways of acting moving forward. as we really tightened been politicians. lake michelle said gauge got a bunch of mid him for the other. thoughts are fall in losing him morning. germany has lost its find a true friend for them gotten vote for in the law. i want him both artic mention bow. my head in memory of this person who changed the world is a fight wonderful person on the that the as a sign of respect and gratitude and grief, i would like to ask you to rise even in memory of michelle said gauge go batch off
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for a moment of silence is duncan bitten him, 0 plus i thank you. please take your seats. and if you are just joining us, we are bringing you special coverage of the commemoration event in the german parliament honoring mikhail gorbachev. the last leader of the soviet union,
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we heard a speech by the president of the german parliament, bella babble bus followed by a minute of silence babble bus said germany owes a lot to mikhail gorbachev and remains grateful to him. she recounted his role in bringing about the changes that led to the end of the cold war and to german reunification. she lamented the sad state of relations with russia to day. notice that russian, russia has taken a completely different course under president vladimir putin. so with me in the studio to talk about all this is our political correspondent, nina hoss. nina, what stood out for you in that speech bible boss in the parliament? i think what stood out for me the most was just how effective that generation of politicians here in germany really is by the life and the works of michelle garbage
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of deborah boss belongs to that generation who really believed that it was possible to open up to create a strong relationship again with what became russia then after the collapse of the soviet union. so this was a tremendous lee, personal address. it is also of course, and i've been trying to do some research, but i couldn't find a single event in postwar germany where something like this actually has happened. you know that the bonus tag, the german parliament pays tribute to a foreign leader in this way. that was a big deal. today. i've been covering politics in germany for quite some time myself and, and i must say, i don't recall anything similar. my either talked to us about the appreciation for gorbachev in germany, is it, does it carry across the political spectrum in this country, or is it more the central right and central that parties?
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interestingly, it does add. michelle. gov was hugely influential and deborah bassetti herself that he was one of the crucial initiators of the end of the cold war because of his ability to open up. also to the u. s. he opened up to europeans. he essentially led all the former countries belonging to the soviet union decide their own pass, and he wanted to reform the soviet union. but in the end, of course, that led to the soviet union's collapse. but this is something where bab abbas was very clear. this is something that cannot be forgotten and it is something all germans understand without michelle garbage of german reunification wouldn't have been possible. it's this is just a fact and the fact that it became a peaceful process is also attributed to him. this was not a collapse where some violent force went in and essentially said this is it. the wall came down peacefully. it was brought down by the people. and this was because
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of that special atmosphere where you had a leader in the soviet union called mikhail gorbachev. that created that atmosphere and that gave the people the confidence that it could be done. i think for some of our younger viewers, it must be difficult to imagine what the time was like the time of glass norsen perestroika. these terms that shaped our, our discourse back at the end of the eighty's when they were leading up to the berlin wall falling, which symbolized very much the end of the cold war. and the, and the collapse of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev is not remembered. the way it outside of germany, the way he is remembered among the german is politicians, as we just heard him, honored their in some countries, particularly in russia. perhaps they were very different view of him don't they do indeed. which is why today is also not just the day to commemorate a big historical figure. and michelle garbage of to day was also m this activity.
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this action by the german bonus tag was also sending a signal to today's moscow to the kremlin today saying, if you are not given your foam a leader, the respect that he deserves, then we are going to do that for you because we understand that without him many of the current developments here in germany wouldn't be possible. so this is very much a day to day current day and topic. it is very topical and germany was struggling in the government was struggling. how to deal with fact that he was going to be late to rest in moscow on saturday and many people said, well, maybe somebody should go there and actually pay his his or her tribute. 2, go bunch of there and then in moscow, but that is at the moment, not possible because of russia's actions in ukraine. germany has made that very
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clear that putin and bab abbas repeated that the president with the german parliament putin has destroyed every thing that me here. gorbachev stood for. and this is why at the bundle i decided to take such a highly unusual step to day and sent a signal to moscow that this is something that is very, very up to very, very current thing. she verbal vasu in her speech, she drew a contrast between mikhail gorbachev and between president putin today. she suggested that it was what she called in her words at a tragic mistake. to turn one's back on the spirit of mikhail gorbachev. if this is sending a more a message to moscow, how do you think that's going to go down with diplomatically? it's not going to help, but it's also not going to make anything worse. i mean, both sides know where they stand, and this is not a big surprise to vladimir putin either. victor alba was the only head of
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a government in the european union who actually went to moscow on saturday, vic to oberon, being of course, hungary and liter. so prudent is very much aware that at the moment, and there is no real dialogue between him and the european leaders, the european leaders have made it clear unless you change your stands unless you show some willingness to open up. and to also let go of your ambitions in ukraine. we cannot have a proper dialogue. we cannot have normal diplomatic relations. nina, thank you so much. our political corresponded nina hasa and you are watching d. w. news from berlin. just a reminder of our top story, the german parliament has been remembering mikhail gorbachev, the last leader of the soviet union and the man credited with bringing the cold war to a peaceful conclusion by enabling german reunification. lawmakers held
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a minute silence after the buddhist. i present babble boss paid tribute to mikhail gorbachev. st. contribution and opening up the soviet union and implementing reform . you're watching do i'll be new. so up next we've got our current affairs documentary close up for you with a look at finland, spit to join nato. i'm terry martin from me and all of us here at the w news. thanks for watching. ah, with with
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good buy a new tragedy. hello nato. finland wants to join the western military alliance. the association of reservists is in favor of the move. conscientious objectors,
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reject it. what are their reasons? and how does the rest of the population view the end of neutrality close up next on d, w. e glaciers. ah, provide nourishment in baton for both body and soul. ah, but climate change is threatening this balance. ah, the balloons are adapting to these shifts with innovative strategies. he to india. in 60 minutes on d w. o. did you work as an architect, go away or not at all?
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women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them, messes, and what is the poetry, the secret of the house i'm housed about, their struggles and dreams. responsibility is hugely, has so much de leon, shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this list has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. b . the dice. com. finland has applied to join nato. 20 year old. really no. me and his fellow pacifists believe this is a mistake and a dangerous one at that. no me is a conscientious objector and can't understand why.


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