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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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in architecture, ah, why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them. what is the poetry the secret of the house and i'm housed about their struggles and dreams. responsibility is huge. they have so much julia. shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this is have to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. ah ah, ah. this summer here in germany and in many parts of europe, climate change seem to really hit home recent months have been so dry and hot that
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harvests have failed. forests have caught fire to right not witnessed in living memory. and river levels have dropped here. the famous rhine nearly ran dry. the availability of water is something we've previously been able to take for granted, but as awesome as become f m or extreme, a change in behavior may be an order. the conscious management of app. precious resources is a theme this week on mate d, w's, business magazine. the scarcity of water is by no means limited to just germany, as well as the problems on the rhine which may parts of the vital river difficult to navigate. other european rivers also suffered at least po, run with only 12 percent, its usual volume of water on the u. k. so it's hottest ever temperature topping 40 celsius for the very 1st time. europe's agriculture said that the hardest from the drought instead of burying our heads in the particularly dry sand about the impact
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of our changing climate. though it surely time to act. a good way to start would be to make better use of the water that we have. blue drought in europe harvests are at risk. the natural environment has been hit hard. after so little rain, farmers need water from wells or innovative irrigation ideas. ground water levels are dropping, rivers are drying out our storage reservoirs of solution. oh, this electrically driven cropped sprinkler system is watering a sugar bead field day and night. to cut the high energy costs 3 bleached car bodine is using his own solar power. but a far bigger problem is that he needs more ground water than he's permitted to
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extract. then get us probably him long. if we are to get this problem under control long term via here, we need a network of storage reservoirs here in the north, where some of the water that unnecessarily wasted is captured in bath and made available and fit for sprinkler irrigation. the anal looks like a mater, the sugar be that is harvesting can also help to retain water in the region. so how does that work? the beat is sent in huge quantities to the local sugar factory. in the northern germantown of olsen, 80 percent of the sugar is water. the sugar is extracted, but they aim to re use the water that is unable to bring us a substantial amount. you can imagine that if you irrigate a field with about 30 liters per square meter and not wood water, $4700.00 hector's blue, that's the equivalent in area of $6500.00 soccer pitches. the collecting basin is
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where the beat water from the sugar factory is stored. the farmers use it to irrigate their fields, and some of the water seeps down into the earth and replenish the ground water reserves. clouds pass overhead with they don't bring rain. the collecting basin was the idea of the district, the head of local water and land associations. we have an, an oil pond daughter with a germany globally in principle finished. and we will have to retain water in lots of places in response to climate change while that because ultimately water is pivoted when it comes to climate change, you ma, vanetta, they will have to hurry because groundwater levels are sinking. the pumps of farmer huntsville, him harbor land, reach some 50 meters down into the ground. he has already extracted more groundwater this year than is permitted. and the electricity and running costs of
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the 5 pumping stations have exploded. capital for my you have the phone for me in june alone, i've already paid 130000 euros for electricity just those 2 months. and july's bill is still to come in this order. you do fatality up let's and it's to cut water consumption. he's using equipment produced by an israeli company, specializing in desert irrigation, the drip irrigation, so supplies his potatoes with water explanatory cowboys. it saves me money because the drinkers lie on the crowley where the water is needed on the field, often beneath connecticut. oh, the district water associations head has other ideas about how to retain more water, a local waste water treatment plant. he wants to collect the treated output and stop it running into the rivers and out to see. it's another example of how they
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want to stabilize groundwater levels here. both, that's what i is infant. in principle, the water has been completely purified to meet the latest standards on his bed runs into the basin form. here it is pumped into a woodland area. that's why fi there. the water is filtered again and it seeps through the soil. this is the cycle. waste water from homes is taken by the sewage system to the treatment plant. rather than pumping the treated water into a river, it's diverted into a woodland area. there it's filtered additionally, as it passes through layers of soil. the clean ground water is pumped up to the service again, where it is sent via pipes to the farmers. they use the treated waste water for irrigation the water from the treatment
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plant comes to this area of woodland does fossa couldn't be a hint, a turn years down the line of remove it from the ground water again for field litigation and name fleet, which car bodine will also benefit at some point his sons will take over his farm and for them to getting enough water for their fields is sick to remain a very hot topic and some encouraging examples that will hopefully catch on elsewhere. however, we also need to tackle the root cause of human made climate change if we're to stop it in its tracks. unfortunately, that's become less straightforward. since russia's invasion of ukraine, germany is rushed to end its reliance on russian gas has seen it. switch to even more polluting, coal fired power stations and environmental step backwards for sure. but how green
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is natural gas? anyway? i'll to rover common reports. we cook with heat with it, generate electricity with it, and also save the climate with it. natural gas is versatile and cleaner than other fuels, so it's really become the post the child of politicians proving that we don't have to choose between our environment and our con and fossil fuel companies, the cleanest burning fossil fuel. the world needs fuels that are abundant, affordable, and lower carbon fuels like natural gas. but hang on the minutes, should we really trust the fossil fuel industry that's responsible for half of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution to suddenly do what's best for the planet? i'm probably not. so let's drill down and see how environmentally sustainable
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natural gas really is. oh, broadly speaking, natural gas is a mix of different hydrocarbons. mainly methane. it's found in rock formations deep below the earth's surface, where it formed from the remains of plants and animals over millions of years. we develop techniques to extract it from there and have done so for decades. and global output has constantly gone up ever since. in the early 2, thousands refined processes like fracking allowed companies to access previously untapped reserves, especially in the west, the world's biggest gas producer. this spec to real boom. and behind this boom, there was one big promise that natural gas could clean up the power sector. if you burn gas, natural gas, that is meat dime. ah, you get half the c o 2 emissions of burning co. this is james henderson who leads the gas research program at oxford university. so natural gas still emits c o 2
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when burned. it's not entirely clean, but it's cleaner than it's alternatives like coal, well generate getting the same amount of energy. and so the 1st step for many countries is to switch away such as comb, particularly in college and ration. and you can imagine this like switching a color stove for a gas heater just on a much bigger scale. so instead of building a new coal power plant, build a guest power plant or retrofit acorta plan to run on gas kind of like the industry is showing up here. ah, so as a lot of relatively clean natural gas became suddenly available, it turned into more than just the fuel. it was now a bridge fuel power, our economy, with less than the carbon pollution that causes climate change. the thinking was this gas could be the bridge between fossil fuel power, past and future power by renewables. up until today,
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politicians and the industry pushing this narrative. and that's because it works in this sector in the us. typically, gas has been a boon for the climate knuckle naya is a gas market analyst research fun, bloomberg. and yet if you work a lot, us carbon emissions from the power vector from 2000 to 2020. the u. s. is, is probably in the leads in terms of the carbon to do carbonite power. and much of that can be attributed to the use of natural gas. it's no surprise them that much of the western world like the u. k. and the you have been following similar strategies, and there's great potential for natural gas elsewhere. you move to a country like china or india. black coal plays a huge role in the energy economy. they haven't really gone through that told you, gosh, which yet, gosh, that can grapple play a role as i feel like is a bridge view to a detox. nice feature,
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but all that is only half the story because there's one big problem with gas that those in favor of it don't like to talk about so much. lou. ready simply speaking, once gaskets extracted from the ground, it goes into a refinery, west processed. ready from there, it's distributed usually via pipelines to power stations, homes or businesses, or it gets cooled down and turns into l. n. g liquefied natural gas, and then shipped around the world. and at every single one of these steps, methane can escape into the atmosphere methane as a greenhouse gas. that's 80 times more powerful and warming the planet than c o 2 or a 20 year period. it's invisible, but with the help of satellites or very expensive special cameras, it's possible to spotted move, climate change is happening. and natural gas, which is by the way, also called fossil gas, ultimately is a fossil fuel that will make it worse. the science is clear on this. if we want to
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avoid catastrophic global warming, we need to be reducing now use of gas drastically not keep expanding it in countries that still use a lot of coal, particularly in asia, switching to gas can still save emissions. but on a global scale, we need to start phasing it out. that switch from tulsa, gas can be one of the initial stages towards reducing emissions. but of course, you know, ultimately as and when that switch has happened, gas then becomes the problem becomes the hydrocarbon that emits c o 2 when burned. in fact, if gas use were to continue to grow as planned, it would be completely out of line with our aim to limit global warming to $1.00 degrees, according to a recent un report. plus every bit of infrastructure we build now we'll look and gas use long into the future. new instructor, things like power, plant, or elegy, genders, have a typical lifetime of 30 years. this is avi rubbing humor. research is how to lower
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emissions in the energy sector. so when you build a plan right now, you make $22.00, it's operational lifetime will extend to 2015. and the question is, you know, we do need natural gas. now we are using natural gas now, like will that natural gas and will that the structure be useful? 30 years from now. but despite all these warnings, it seems to be pretty much business as usual. a recent investigation by the guardian revealed that oil and gas companies have plans to massively expand that production. again, we put us to the gas industry. the i o g p said using gas to replace coal is a no brainer. and that it's the job of energy companies to meet demand and the job of governments to change that demand. the agent, you set that gas is critical for an achievable, affordable, sustainable, and secure the carbon ization of the global energy system. they also respectfully
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disagree that there's no room for more natural gas. that's the thing that the gas industry completely overlooks. this is lauren stockman, who had the research at oil change international, the climate efficacy group that they're, they're locked into this kind of fantasy that their fossil fuel is the one m is okay and, and, and can grow and, and still has room for growth. um, and that the others will, will, you know, carry the burden of, of getting us to, to our missions goals. and there's really not a credible climate scenario in which gas can grow. but that really begs the question. if we need to use less gas, what should we use instead? well, most importantly, we should tap cleaner energy sources like wind and solar, which are by and large also cheaper. however, we do it, we need to cross the gas bridge sooner rather than later. because that's the thing
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with bridges, they have a beginning and an end. more cars are of course, a major emitter of harmful gases as well. thanks to the continued dominance of the internal combustion engine. that's why there's been much talk of alternative biofuels are made from wheat or rape seed, for example. over the past 30 years, their production has increased significantly last year, output reached $1700000.00 barrels of oil equivalent per day worldwide. there's put that into context. united arab emirates produces almost double that amount of actual oil each day. recently, food prices worldwide have been soaring, driven up as a result of the war in ukraine. now the question is being asked, should we be dedicating farm space to fuels or to food? but gas tank is no place for food. environmentalists
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have hung a banner on the reap seeds shiloh in the port of hamburg. they are angry that more and more arable land is being used to produce biofuel rather than to grow food crops. jocasta. im outing, biofuel and car tanks is environmental nonsense. i. we are facing a global foot crisis and turning valuable grain into gasoline is responsible for the german government has to stop this nonsense immediately. land food belongs on our plates and not in the tank. got often tell our mission and tank biofuel is mixed with conventional fuel to reduce c o 2 emissions in light of the energy crisis manufacturers believe there is more need for this than ever. be a kernel mayor. we could produce more biofuel, but we would have to focus on that one out in focus. but the moment i think germany is caught up in great change and impulse, but that's the challenges that we are facing. those are gigantic history and isn't
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decanted. farmer court anchor also has no time for the proposed ban on biofuels. he supplies grained to a biofuel factory near the eastern german city of leipzig, but it's low quality grain that isn't suitable for bread making about 20 per cent of his harvest is destined for the gasoline tank. thus the squeaking wheel get head more for wheat that can be used for bread after all, over the humour for high quality wheat with a lot of protein for the past industry, get an even better price. i've got, and last of all, there's the wheat that is used for animal feet. and by you ethanol. so let's gun foot. all right, so the, i don't know if he sells his low quality grain to crop energies. the company uses it to make bio ethanol. did when they entered the market 30 years ago, they got subsidies from the e. u to take the surplus grain off the market. now they have become whipping boys
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because they produce fuel rather than food. the managers feel misunderstood, they say they're not destroying anything that could go on people's plate. yeah, he has it's and for being primarily we use animal feed wheat, which is not suitable for baking. when we use barley and corn syrup, which are also not suitable for baking, as they are of animal feed quality, or quality. a lot of c o 2 is produced as a byproduct that can be used in the food industry. for example, to make fizzy mineral water under the product is protein that's used to make animal feet seeming the need to import soybeans from south america, where rain forests are often illegally cut down to make way for so i plantations. the biofuel company sees itself as a reliable local producer that can ease the pressure on germany during the energy
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crisis. somebody the of on them and 2021 for example. i replaced 1400000000 liters of the fossil fuel gasoline lines with renewable by with and all that is a basis, i'm for further reducing dependency on russian oil. wasn't at a vital to find the p. c. k refinery in eastern germany was supplied directly by a siberian pipeline up to now. but at the end of the year, that's due to stop with the biofuel manufacturer could partially plug the gap and further expand local production. but opposition is growing much to the annoyance of verbiage o c. e. o. so we, i'm in dodge dental junction. plants are in germany, asked us, but we are not dependent on our product remaining in germany. as i can deny, i can only repeat the naivety in germany is so indescribable. only do i know what
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else to say. the foot mechanics in other countries think about themselves much more . and in the current situation, that is what we should be doing to that we have to have a rethink biofuels, and bio energy are not just positive in terms of the climate. they also ensure security of supply for solemn cia critics are unimpressed and are calling for farmers to cultivate food crops and nothing else. they want biofuels to become a thing of the past and on the, on the lose all we have the solution all to his feet. electric cars are much more efficient than conventional ones or to some they are more claim at friendly lisa, we have to speed up the phasing out of combustion engines. latoya slowing, but biofuel manufacturers have a different idea they could gradually switch from grain to energy rich straw and min, newer from livestock pens. while
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they say that necessity is the mother of invention when the need is at its greatest, that's when we start to innovate. as you just saw. another pressing requirement is the need for new ways to build 14000000000 cubic meters of concrete. al produced each year, but at enormous cost to our environment. so what else could we be building with? let's take a look. hey, ever heard of this? you can build houses with god. 5 ah no joke. you can make concrete out of carbon dioxide. well, that's what i heard from a start up in canada. wait, did i hear that? hey madison, can your company really make concrete out of thin air? we can, it's actually me concrete, out of, out of thin here. what we do is we have
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a c o 2 embedded or enhanced supplementary material, the very long word. but essentially it's an additive that can replace a portion of cement in a concrete met. okay, not really a concrete odyssey or 2, but something that replaces apart of the cement. confused. let's break it down. concrete is basically made out of 3 ingredients, cement, sand, and water. and it seems to me that it is everywhere. right madison concrete right now is the 2nd house you substance on earth, other than water. currently, the rate of growth emitted the built environment is about equivalent to building one new york city every month while building houses and infrastructure is a great thing with a little problem. this is the bad guy. the production of cement,
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emits enormous amount of c, o. 28 percent of all greenhouse gases are caused by the construction industry. that's huge. madison said her company has a solution. a substitute made out of surprising ingredients. industrial waste like ashes and c o 2. when you have time to, to process technology and that kind of comes in the form of a very large reactor, especially how it works is we put our solar heat into the vessel. and then we pressurized that with c o 2. and we rotate the vessel for a number of hours. okay, let's go industrial wrist like asha and your to ah, okay. what's happening in the chemical process?
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the c o 2 molecule men of the lives with the industrial arches. it is as if the greenhouse gas fossilize is a completely different material comes out and it can replace up to 40 percent of the cement the production does not emit greenhouse gas, it absorbs it. in other words, the climate damage in greenhouse god is trapped in the concrete madison. you want to build the future with a waste of today me project that i 2030 will be able to achieve 600, make tons of carbon reduction. good luck. using simon substitutes can make the construction industry completely green, but it can at least make it a bit greener left some more ideas like that place we're going to need them. that's all for this edition of made data,
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we use business magazine until next time. with ah, with
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who he go africa you can only protect what you know is the motto for new. maybe as you're ref, conservation is as many people know or to little about these animals and doesn't get enough of kids. and when they see any was for example,
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you can use them infant. the giraffe conservation foundation wants to change this eco africa in 30 minutes on d. w o . in the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty, a special look at a special country. she ran from above, start september 16th on d, w. a. in many countries, education is still a privilege. hummadi is one of the main causes. some young children walk in mind troughs. instead of going to class,
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others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world can't go to school with. we asked why? because education makes the world more. just make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines. niko is in germany to learn german lloyd pinnacle. why not learn with him d w e learning course, eco's fake. ah, a ah.
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hi, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. you ends nuclear watchdog, horns military safe zone is needed around your clients. for asia nuclear plants, we are playing with by the head of the international atomic energy agency addresses . the un security council pointing that is shelling around the facility.


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