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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2022 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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and are sick and we have no work. i'm really worried about the wearing among the login as our now don't get a chance. there's no food and the family is having to survive on a few cups of tea a day that will not sustain them for long while you're watching d w. news. stay with us for business. had a look at the new i phone. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal
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unparalleled beauty that as well. yeah, i saw the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm in are cuisine is exceptionally ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah. well, today's the day for tech funds, apple's just unveiled it's new i phones. but wait for years of global recession and consume as tightening bad belts can the world's biggest company keep up? the record profits will get the expert view. also coming up putin has renewed his threats to block energy, grain exports. but what's his end goal for the russian economy and no sigh. as el
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dorado fell salvatore, one year after it made bitcoin legal 10. is that time again? dw business. welcome apple. as unveiled as new i phone 14 models along with new earbuds and watches. it's the same old story upgraded screens, better cameras and some cool new features. the real story is that despite price inflation across apple supply chains, it's kept the prices for the devices the same as last year. global smartphone sales fell 9 percent of the last quarter year on year. but the last iteration of the i phone is so far managed to buck the trend. so much so the apple is expected to reap a record $205000000000.00 total. this fiscal year from i phones alone, with fears of recessions and rich economies, consumers tightening their belts, even the idea of i phone saturation. the devices are so popular. i spoke to dan ives, managing director of equity research, wed bush securities. and i asked him what all of these problems mean for apple?
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it speaks to alternately, they're in a pent up demand cycle and them not raising prices was a shock, but it just shows them further questioning their muscles in the supply chain crashes. so it seems to be that apple is to go more in the direction of squeezing revenues from existing customers through software and services, and they're already positioning themselves in that direction. so how can they maximize their potential revenue? that book services business, you know, as you point out, i'm in service is going to be a $90000000000.00 revenue stream. and you know, be over 100000000000 jewel gallon 18 months. you know, i think that from evaluation perspective is actually worth 1.2 to 1.4 trillion. that's a big reason. the stocks don't where that. but if you look at the install base, they're still only 1520 percent penetrated, and they have an unparalleled install base in terms of monetizing. and it goes back to 99 percent of apple customers stay with apple. and that continues to be
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a big part of their success. ok, so very good brand loyalty there and room to go up in terms of how much money that they can get out of their customers. but their room is also the apple is looking for the next industry to disrupt where it can make i phone style gains could be virtual reality, a car, even top tier gaming. where could they or, or should they go next? you know, i think, and i think they've already started to build it. and in early 2023 we, we the release of glass which would be the a r v our heads. and i never can be significant in terms of next product release. dead dead ultimately is really going to go more and more in the metaphors for apple . and then i believe the big product in 2025. we think that's when they come out with the apple car. they like we partnered the wakes dw on one day or potentially
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other car. you know other players out there in the o. e. m space. but did you shoes the innovation is going to continue. apple and i think many continued to getting almost count them out, but yet again, again, they continue flex their muscles or suddenly the expectations are high for where apple could go. next. done. ives of what bush securities, thank you very much for joining us speaking. and we're going to head over the hudson now to join against quarter in new york as we do every day. yet. apple stock is actually down 14 percent so far this year. why, of investors fallen out of love of with the world's biggest company? well, i mean, then you'll, if you look at the evaluation of apple, the company is still worth about $2.00 trillion dollars. so that is more than all the big 40 ducks companies that bring on the table. and it is the most valuable company here in the united states, if not the their highest value added to
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a private company on the planet them. and overall, i mean, it has been a tough this year for tech stocks and partly because we do see some times that the global economy is cooling down. so that might be effect or that some tech stocks, all the in the via meant of higher interest rates are under pressure. but the not the composite, for example, has lost much more so far this year. then apple, apple just caught up in the wider cell off there, but the new iphone, as we mentioned, were introduced today. but we also talked with don, i just now about the importance of software. so all these events for these big new phones and fancy new hardware as pivotal is the one for well, overall, those events are still very important. but if you look at the stock price in the reaction on the wall street, usually there isn't such a big reaction, at least on the day when those new products are shown and are coming out. it will
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be much more important to see in the next couple of weeks the next ever we get the next earnings report to how well those products actually sell. and if we talk about this wind state event, the biggest news so to speak was something that apple did not change. and that was the price for the new iphone generation. so that at least for consumers, if a good sign, but we still take a nomic pressure in china, especially all to europe, we will have to see how well those products really sell. yeah, it'll be interesting to see if the current economic stock circumstance is going to have a big effect on apple sales in the quarter. as always. thank you very much. now to some of the other global business stories making news. the romanian government has offered to help bring back thousands of romanians stranded abroad. that's after the country's largest private airline. blue air suspended flanks. the carrier grounded planes after its accounts were blocked for not paying emissions. certificates, romania transport ministry is earmarked over
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a 1000000 euros for state airline tarren. to bring home the stranded travels. russia's top lender spur bank expects russian gdp to contract by 4 and a half percent this year. so bank c e o says the banking sector has started to recover from the impact of sanctions. the bank expects to post a profit at the end of the year. and oil prices have fallen to the lowest level since russians invasion of increase in february, rent group dropped below $88.00 a barrel of mit looming recession risk to the global economy. surging inflation and rising interest rates are weighing on consumption. i'm going to stick with russia. russia's president has put up a defense of his economy and the eastern economic for men, russia's pacific port, city of leduvo stock. but the more prudent branded europe's claim that he was using energy exports as a weapon. nonsense. that while threatening to stop export altogether if brussels introduces it's proposed price cap on russian gas imports. instead,
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he's looking to asian nations for comfort. swarm godwin fulton downplayed the impact of loss revenue if russia cuts off natural gas deliveries to more countries . he said russia will have no problems sewing, it's gas. second, insisting that global demand for russian energy supplies remains high. as i shrugged him. thus does the post up a sum of all you have to do is look at a man poison. actually using our natural competitive advantages. we will continue to build our transport capacity, expand our network of roads and railways, build new approaches to see terminal snell and increase their capacity with yet the pollutants said the kremlin had already made a deal with china for deliveries of gas via mongolia there to say the english that the what the reality of the situation is what the war of ukraine. russia has burnt all, bridges to the west, and is now really much very much relying on, on china and india to export its energy. despite putin's optimism,
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an internal russian government report obtained by bloomberg news warner about the true impact of western sanctions. it says russia could face a long and deep recession. once the sanctions start to bite, bitcoin is still seen as a haven for investors who want the thrill of a high risk that but that didn't stop. i had kelly el salvador as president from making the crypto currency legal tender last year. it's fair to say, but kelly's bitcoin bet has not gone to plan out. monica diaz doesn't remember the last time a customer paid with bitcoin. she says no one here cares much for the crypto currency. as for herself, she spent the $30.00 in bit kind that the government gave out to every citizen and that was it. for sure, i bought something for myself with those $30.00 i'm about. i mean, asked to that. not much happened in her app. it's a far cry from the economic miracle precedent night book kelly had promised.
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turning himself into an avatar for his fans, talking about investment wealth and a huge vision, but considering bit coin, city, and nearly tax free community run on energy from a near by volcano to a mission. lucille lee complex didn't so far, none of this has happened. bitcoin has crashed and people still prefer u. s. dollars. most of them barely have any savings any way they earned just enough to get by with nothing left to invest in shaky bushel currencies. but, but allow our policy and salary. the instability of bitcoin is a problem for people. a drop of $0.25 a day can make the difference between a leading and not eating, or not matter. in as sante tourist hotspot an hour from the capital city, people were looking forward to the bid con project, expecting visitors to pay for their coffee using crypto easy. i run to get done,
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and we thought they would all come to be part of a big con, revolution. turns out the revolution never started. hotel owners were early adopters, have become weary as bitcoin value dropped, the live boy fussing thinking, oh, it's not easy to understand bitcoin, i think there's potential and long term investment. but that would be my personal risk as an entrepreneur, if it me reaction the can 2nd go lot president for kayla has invested public funds and bitcoin and it's unclear how much were the laser sweets gives some hints, economists, ricardo castaneda puts his estimated $225000000.00 and expect a loss of $60000000.00. hey, cool. so suppose the young that money could have gone into education or into feeding people less half of the population doesn't have enough to each other and say, what do you have any min? 30 monica diaz had invested $20.00 in bid khan,
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and lost half of that. like most people in el salvador, she prefers to stick with us dollars now. and that's it. you're up to date with d. w. business. thank you very much for watching with with housing from air vapor real what sounds like a joke at 1st i can medium started up, wants to make reality soon. find out how they came up with this idea of how it works and how it will help the environment in made in germany.
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next on d, w. o me, birds are enemies on the russian border lies the finished village of their sinner, where the residents are deeply divided. some of them want nothing to do with their russian neighbors, while others see them as human beings, not warmongers focus on europe. in 60 minutes, d. w with free climate. oh, ready news with hackers?
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paralyzing the tire societies. computers that are some are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for a group, but how they can also go terribly. watch it now on you tube. ah ah ah ah, this summer here in germany and in many parts of europe, climate change seem to really hit home recent months have been so dry and hot that harvests have failed forests of court.


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