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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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audio, oh, any time, anywhere. the d w media center. ah, ah, ah, this is d, w is coming to you live from berlin, renewed commitment to helping ukraine in the long term. we will work together to train ukraine's forces for the long haul. we work together to help get our great ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint operations for the long hall western allies meet in germany to discuss the way forward in military support for
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kia. also coming up ukraine reports what it calls good news from the front lines with territorial gains in its southern counter offensive. and in the northeast of ca, keep region as well. plus the e. u unveils plans to cap the price of russian gas to undercut moscow's ability to wage war on ukraine. vladimir putin hits back saying europe will 3, if it follows through. ah, hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. nato defense ministers and military officials morale, the world are gathering it today in germany. focusing on the defense of ukraine. at the ramstein air base, the u. s. secretary defense lloyd austin renewed the commitment of the ukraine defense contact group today of of critical military aid to sustain ukrainian forces
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for the long term among the issues to be tackled at ramstein are the training of ukrainian troops and the challenges of producing and restocking ammunition for western weapon systems used by ukrainian forces here somewhat austin had to say, and ladies and gentlemen of face, so the war is changing. and so is the mission of this contact group. we will work together to train ukraine's forces for the long haul. we work together to help integrate ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint operations. for the long haul, we'll work together to upgrade our defense industrial bases to meet ukraine's requirements for the long haul. and we'll work together for the port for production and innovation to meet ukraine. self defense needs for the long haul. standing by force in ramstein is our correspondent,
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many mean alvarez grover. but i mean, we just heard the u. s. defense secretary there repeatedly stressing the need to provide military support for ukraine for the long haul. does that tell us about how the war is progressing? it definitely shows that they're changing their strategy. they said that that war is now into a milestone as we have this report of this count offensive in south and ukraine. he said as the warri wolf, we have to evolve to, to show the commitment to use this momentum as well. to gather with this allies that you just mentioned, not just nato allies. i saw that norway's also attending suite. and so to countries that want to be part of this defense aligns, he singled out some countries and said it's important to continue as we just heard him saying for a long hall not just with training the ukrainian soldiers, but also giving them the equipment, giving them heavy weapons and also the ammunition that they need it to fight back the russians. while speaking of weaponry,
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i ukraine's prime minister has just called on germany to supply ukraine with modern lever to battle tanks. how likely is it that germany will do that? germany is opening when he was asked that by german media, he said that if bought and if yes, president biden decides to do that. there will be open to do that as well. something that the german chancellor has repeatedly stressed that the germany will not take single decisions without asking allies and friends to it's open for them. we have to remember that the 1st time that this group met 4 months ago, it was germany's defense minister christina lambert to 1st announce this heavy weapon system. this anti tank is systems called gephart that will be sent. it's been a long process. it's open if germany will actually sent them, but from the chancellor re, they show that they're not really pushing forward to that the waiting for the allies to see which decisions i will take on that matter. many me thank you very much. those are correspondent benjamin over as gruber in ramstein or as that
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meeting takes place, president vladimir zalinski is reporting success in the northeastern hockey region saying the ukrainian flag has returned to several settlements. there is no independent confirmation of the gains, but russian media reports of ukrainian advances appeared to back up the statement. a spokesperson for the ukrainian military also says, forces have re taking control of more locations in the southern house. one region where troops launched a counter offensive last month. ukrainian troops, confident of victory. they've been advancing for days here in the southern hassan region. images like these are being shed on social media, purportedly showing recaptured areas like here and visa cordelia. wow. rob's law the ukranian counter offensive has been going on for days in the south, and in the east near hawk eve, where there's been fierce fighting over the town of bat. i clear. and it's
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strategically important railway bridge, which is key to russian supply efforts. plane on mine, i think the ukrainians are focusing on the destruction of the russian army supply routes. not if the russian army doesn't get more ammunition or more supplies, more man power. then of course it's considerably weakened. that's the main thing that's happening right now. you know, keeping the army moving at, at the same time, preventing it from getting supplies. national. the counter offensive seems to be having effect must go back to authorities and has san epis boned a referendum on joining russia until november. and 2nd, the u. s. putin is even turned to north korea, the ammunition, raising questions of just how we can do rushes. army is a theme of his e, from what we can see. the russian armies being hit very hard because all votes resisting it's still being forced back and really places on that. and that's relatively unusual compared to the situation in the don bassoon film for that's likely because they don't have enough ammunition there. if the west would stop
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generally supplying weapons, but instead supply specific equipment like tanks, the ukrainians might be more successful because they'd be able to move more rapidly, which they can't at the moment. shanella vegas. meanwhile, russian forces shells hockey again on wednesday. again, hitting civilian targets. russians, defense ministry continue to focus on it is claim success is ignoring the ukrainian counter offensive. ukraine's for missed on the other hand, is confident of victory or deliver together. we know how to defeat russia because we have no fear. the war taught us not to have fear of the enemy. eve, for other nations in the world would not be afraid of russia. we would put russia in its place much foster. while an official media blackout leaves it hard to judge the true extent of keith's counter offensive, for now at least it seems to have put russia on the back foot. well,
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russian president vladimir putin says moscow will halt all energy shipments to europe. if ross goes through with a plan prize cup on russian gas, his comments come as he who countries ponder ways to tackle the growing energy crisis with winter approaching at an economic form and the eastern russian city of blood of all stock. putin also blasted western sanctions saying they were a danger for the whole world. would you let them in? putin struck a defiant tone at the economic form in vladivostok where he had you, he said, any efforts to isolate his country with futile stressing that moscow now was looking to the east and iran for new opportunities. there was and not one to mince words. putin, with straight up about what he thought of the western sanctions against his country . so i hear russia is coping with economic, financial, and technological aggression of the wesley's. i'm talking about aggression. there's now the word for foreign currency exchanges and stock exchanges of stabilize humans
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. we're in the gracie that years with he said the sanctions were causing world wide instability and compromised europeans quality of life. economic growth. western governments began imposing sanctions on russia after invaded ukraine in february. since then, the european union has moved to cut its reliance on russian gas and oil causing energy prices to saw. the situation deteriorated further at the beginning of september, when russia state own gas company gas prom said it was closing a crucial gas pipeline to the e. u. again, the criminal since the closure is due to technical issues, contract obligations and international sanctions. placing the blame firmly on brussels, e. u officials refute his claims and accused russia of trying to blackmail the block. they truly say we are using energy as a weapon. they put themselves in the situation and don't know what to do now. they
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painted themselves into a sanction coroner's only took the last week, g, 7 nations, a grade to a russian oil price cap to rain in russia's revenues and stabilize energy markets. now the use commission president is also calling for a cap on gas. we aim at lowering the costs of gas and therefore we will propose a price cup on russian gas. of course, the objective is very clear. we all know that our sanctions, deeply grinding into the russian economy with heavy negative impact. but putting it's partially buffering through fossil fuel revenues. so here the objective is we must cut rushes. revenues, which put in uses to finance is atrocious. lauren, ukraine, while poaching has called the latest move, quote, stupid. the use intention is clear, even if the details are not yet. the plan is expected to be tabled at
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a european energy council meeting on friday. now to pakistan were millions of people who've been effective by record breaking floods are now confronting the threat of waterborne diseases, tens of 1000 or falling ill after drinking contaminated blood waters. doctors say field hospitals have been treating thousands of people daily for diarrhea and malaria. and other sicknesses. 3 year old at champ, has been feverish for days. ever since the floods badly damaged his family home. and they've had to sleep out in the open. he didn't get any medical treatment at the start because the family couldn't afford to go to the doctor by the look out out of my son fell ill a few days ago. but i didn't have the money to bring him here, but i found it. i got, the doctor says he's got malaria i did at the, he's getting
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a bit better with the debit. when i go either i can, i am i recorded. i've gotten alive for safety than the stagnant water means mosquitoes couldn't quickly spread malaria. but medical facilities are basic in this remote area of the southern sinned province at each. kumar runs a small practice and is always busy. most of his patients can't afford to pay some dic am or we can't really treat patients for free to live, but we do it anyway, but they still have to pay for the medicine a but there's a lot of disease starts out. most of the children often have several illnesses at once because they're drinking contaminated water, but you, it'll die again with money vinegar. it's not just medical treatment, which is lacking. food is also in short supply. most of these market traders of farmers whose fields are flooded. they also have to deal with the extreme heat
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aside yankee lay on my house and the harvest have been wiped out yet that a sudden there's no shelter from the heat in the water and the fields are still waist deep. they did a vine. my business will go bust and she hadn't to hear it hasn't rained in this region for about 10 days, but the water cannot run off because the ground is saturated. scientists fear the harvests and the next 2 years will fail. it jazz ali and his family are in a desperate situation. their house is uninhabitable. part of the roof has collapsed and they live in fear of the next rain full. and again, there are going without a government has to help us. our home has been destroyed or rocky, the children are sick again or but yeah, and we have no work. i'm really worried about you elena. monique, login as our now don't finish on it. there's no food and the family is having to
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survive on a few cups of tea a day that will not sustain them for long. your washing d w n is just reminder the top stories were following for you this our u. s. secretary defense lloyd austin has underlined the long term commitment of ukraine's allies to supporting it against russia. speaking at a meeting of the ukraine defense contact group, austin said that western military backing for ukraine was paying off on the battlefield. the contact group made up of defense ministers and senior military figures is meeting in germany. russian president vladimir putin has threatened to cut off all fossil fuel exports to the e. u at brussels goes ahead with a plan to cap price is on russian gas. the used plan comes as a founder's ways to tackle soaring energy costs this winter and waterborne diseases are threatening millions of people in flood hit pakistan. doctors say
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field hospitals are treating thousands of people daily for diarrhea, malaria, and other ailments. this is the w news from berlin. coming up next, we've got a documentary for you. i'm terry martin for me and the entire team at d. w. thanks for watching. a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and so far, abdul karim drift along, exploring the modern lifestyles and the editor ringing, he's ready to eat journey.


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