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and what city managed by fraud lou ah, ah ah, this is dede, eveline is live from berlin. i renewed commitment to helping you crying in the long term we will work together to train ukraine's forces. for the long haul, we work together to help penetrate ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint operations. for the long haul western allies made in
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germany to discuss the way forward in military support for cave. also coming up, the u. s. says it has evidence that up to 1600000 ukrainians may have been forcibly deported from areas faced by russian troops. russia dismisses the charges as make believe ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. nato defense ministers and military officials from around the world. a meeting today in germany focused on the defense of ukraine. at the ramstein, ebay, u. s. secretary of defense lloyd austin renewed us commitment to the ukraine. defense contact group. the pact aimed to deliver critical military aid to sustain ukrainian forces for the long term among the issues to be tackled at ramstein. now the training of ukrainian troops and the challenges of producing and restocking
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ammunition for western weapons systems used by ukrainian forces. he has some of what austin had to say, and ladies and gentlemen were facial the wars changing. and so always the mission of this contact group. we will work together to train ukraine's forces. for the long haul. we work together to help integrate ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint operations. for the long haul, we'll work together to upgrade our defense industrial basis to meet ukraine's requirements for the long haul. and we'll work together for the port for production and innovation to meet ukraine. self defense needs for the long haul. we just had low at austin, they repeatedly stressing the need to support ukraine for the long haul. so what does that say about where the war is? headed that's the question i put earlier to mon correspondent benjamin alvarez grew at the ramstein advice. what is showing as is that the need to change the strategy?
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they say that's also what austin said during his opening remarks. as a war, evolves this, we need to evolve as well. the mission of this group that was created here in april, so a few months ago, is to have a joint support for ukraine to coordinate. the military held that they will give. we have this big a package. there was again the announced by the u. s. well, so a list of what ukraine is demanding of more heavy artillery to go away from soviet weapons to more western weapons. and to see if this brought coalition that wants to show him that they are still supporting ukraine, they're still preparing ukraine, especially for the winter months. as for example, nato has announced that it will help with winter equipment for the soldiers, for ukrainian soldiers. the conversations hostile and going were expecting a press conference to hear on what they will do to keep supporting ukraine, a defending itself against against russia and ukraine's prime minister. just the
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latest to call on germany to supply ukraine with modern leopard to battle tanks. chancellor shouts, not so cain. how likely is it? do you think that germany will approve that and not just that he's not keen. defense minister. christina lambert is also not keen. they just gave a small press statement. it's christine lambert with her dutch counterpart. but they spoke about what germany can do going into d mining. so helping ukrainian forces d mine broad areas in the ukraine. she was asked on this heavy artillery on leo part time. that half been also in debate for several weeks now. let's remember that it was a pretty long turn and it was exactly here. at this abbey's in germany were m. germany's defense minister lambert announced a 1st sending of heavy artillery. but for now, there are no discussions on if that could be any broader, heavy artillery like moderate, for example, this and so tank is systems that germany could also sent. but it's saying that it will not take this decision alone. and it will coordinated with allison,
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with france at a sentence. it doesn't chance a lot of shelters, repeated full several times more. i've been, thanks very much, that date of the correspondent benjamin alvarez grava. meanwhile, the united states says it has evidence that up to 1600000 ukrainians have been forcibly taken to russian held territory or the russian federation. the allegation appears to back up ukraine's long held claims of force deportations. un human rights officials say there's also been a campaign to take unaccompanied ukrainian children across the board to be adopted in russia in may this year evacuated, residents, flea, the besieged city of merrier pole. the u. s. now says it has evidence that some evacuated from mary paul and other occupied areas, as well as many people who stayed behind have been forcibly deported to russia or russian held territories. any united nations security council session,
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the u. s. ambassador to the u. n. said up to 1600000 ukrainians have been detained, interrogated and forcibly to port it. the experience is different for every one, depending on how threatening may are perceived to be toward russia's invasion, and some are allowed to remain in russian occupied parts of ukraine. summer, forcibly deported to russia, and some are sent to prison. and some simply vanish. the u. s. says officials from the russian government a coordinating the deportations, but moscow dismissed the claims and said these ukrainians have voluntarily moved to russia. good lawyer, it's a new milestone on the disinformation campaign unleashed by ukraine and its western bacchus against our country, federal un human rights officials say there are also credible allegations of unaccompanied ukrainian children taken by force across the border. we are concerned that the rational authorities have adopted
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a simplified procedure to grant ration citizenship to children without parental care. and that these children would be eligible for adoption i, russian families. the u. s. estimates. thousands of children have been taken from their families or orphanages. the deportations part of what some western diplomats call a campaign to change the very demographic of ukraine. let us get you up to speed down some other stories making news. south korean president nunes hook, you all has declared special disasters, owns and 2 of the cities worst affected by a powerful typhoon. designation makes the areas eligible for tax breaks and government subsidies, typhoon hidden m nor has killed 10 people and caused widespread damage since it struck on tuesday, police in canada say the 2nd suspect in a stabbing attack has died after he was arrested. the suspects brother also thought to have been involved in the attack was found dead on monday. 10 people were killed
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in 18 injured in the mass, stabbing in saskatchewan province. thousands have taken to the streets in haiti's capital and other cities to demand better living conditions. they calling on prime minister ariel henry to resign following a spike in consumer prices. a severe fuel shortage and a rise in gang related violence. germany's parliament is debating new cove at 19 rules for the upcoming autumn and went up. in the past, there's been heated discussion on what measures a necessary and has been disagreement between members of the governing coalition on the compulsory wearing of masks in public faces. germany's health minister says new rules and needed to help prepare the country for the coldest months of the year was the us and it's bring in our political correspond, nina has the nina there won't be many restrictions any more in germany in winter still has been a lot of discussion about the measures. why was that?
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yeah, and what the german government does have now is a set of measures at the ready, if you will, in case the situation gets worse, this autumn in winter in case there is a new wave of infections or a new more dangerous variant or looming collapse of the health system, then the government can impose stricter measures and also germany, 16 regions have measures at the ready and that they can impose regionally or locally sort of get worse. the government argues that the pandemic is not over yet . we simply don't know how it's going to develop. we also don't know enough about the risks of long covert yet. and so it's true that here in germany, the topic of anti covet measures right from the beginning more than 2 years ago, triggered very emotional debates. and also, some populace and extremist groups have used it as a uniting factor, and that face mask became their symbol of anti government protests. but it also stretches that, that discussion about what the right balance is between having the state take care
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of it. citizens on the one side and the state potentially infringing too much on individual freedoms. that also stretches to ordinary germans. let's have a listen at all emissions. i don't think we need extra measure. i know there's a lot going on at the moment, but if everyone just takes a little care and does the test every once in a while, then i don't think they're necessary. you're just visual is finda. i think it's difficult to rely on people taking personal responsibility if we have fewer guidelines than every one will have their own approach on problems will have to be sorted out and personal relationships. yeah, i think that's difficult, really. so i'm in favor of measure that forgot gibbs, and so we should have faith in people so they can decide for themselves writers and pretty differing opinions. there are some rules that could get quite confusing. what's your assessment, nina? yeah, and if any of our viewers are planning to travel to germany this winter, or you know, somebody who will, there are
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a couple of things that you might have to know at the moment. if you're coming by plane, you don't need to wear a face mask. anymore on the plane, but say you arrive by plane in a big city like frankfurt and then plan to take the train to the capital berlin. you have to make sure that you have that high quality piece mask at the ready when you bought the long distance train and then always make sure that you check the local rules wherever you're planning to go. then wired and about you. but i'm certainly confused. all right, nina, thanks very much. nina howser, in our political studio, graces government has set up an inquiry into a phone hacking scandal that's rocked the conservative government. an opposition party leader and a number of journalists had alleged the government attacked attempt at robert to hack their phones. now, a european parliament committee is looking into the abuse of spyware by other a, you government on political opponents, the use of the pegasus software. just one example was revealed at last year. but as
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terry schultz found, the inquiry is uncovering some questionable practices. there's a scandal unfolding in europe that some say will make water gates wiretapping. look tame by comparison, is murky, is ugly. it's shady european union. governments are alleged to have been spying on their own citizens, opposition, politicians, journalists, e lawmakers to blackmail them, manipulate them, intimidate them. the surveillance was uncovered more than a year ago by a consortium of journalists and n g o's, called the pegasus project for european parliament set up an investigative committee to dig deeper. you parliamentarians, sophie intervals says what they're finding is frightening. there is a kind of market where semi underworld figure selling this stuff are meeting people, you know, are a government representatives or people who have been asked by the government. you know, it's the greek government admits hacking the phones of a journalist and
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a member of the european parliament saying it may have been wrong, but it was legal. that's one of the big problems for those who want to expose and eliminate such practices. some of the people whose approval would be needed to change the laws are the ones making use of the surveillance. even when it was found at the youth, justice commissioner and staff were targeted by the spyware. the commission declined to investigate, saying it's up to individual government. there had been public protests against the surveillance in some countries such as hungary, where journalist phones were hacked. but the outrage among you politicians is muted . other than in the european parliament where multiple members have been targeted, i was expecting quite some outsider about what happened. but what do we have the commission is here with neither the commissioner attack nor the commissioner in charge the council. they don't even bother sewing up for intervals, says the european police agency euro. paul was not enthusiastic about her recommendation to launch an investigation. so she intends to follow up with
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a formal request. it's squarely within their mandate. it is a cross border. they that they do have to powers to intervene even when it concerns only one member state, but it has an impact on the common interest of european union. so they have to act and they're not. intervals says she knows exposing excesses won't stop the use of surveillance software, but she hopes to curb it's abuse. a little early i spoke to data with his terry shall to fall that report. i asked a which a you government's have been found to be using this by software and just who they was buying on. well rebecca, this is so murky as sophie interval calls it, that you can't even really speak about just government's using this software. it's more accurate to talk about countries where it's been documented as being used. and in addition to greece, that's been documented in hungary, in spain, in poland. but one of the interesting things is that wendy's
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e. lawmakers on this committee spoke to the israeli company that makes just one example of this spyware, pegasus. they were told that there are 22 active contracts in the european union in 12 countries. so clearly there's a lot more to come on on this story on this expo say definitely, but they're claiming that it's all been done legally. how, how could this be done legally? well, the problem for a lot of these people who want to curb this, this type of behavior, is that you have to make surveillance legal in certain cases. you can't take this tool away from law enforcement, for example, where it's been shocking about the investigation even so far. is that political administrations are getting their hands on it sometimes saying, well we didn't buy it, we just happen to benefit from it. and so you've really got to try to try to curb the instances in which it can be used. and this is something that, that european parliamentarians are saying they're saying we know we cannot make this behavior illegal, but it has to be controlled. there have to be a limit on the excesses on the ways that people who would use it just for personal
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benefit. can i get their hands on it? and there was a hearing today in the parliament. what came out of that? and will there be any consequences yet? today the hearing was focused on greece, on some of those cases that we've been talking about. cases of, of hacking the phones of journalists, even a member of the european parliament. and next week the committee will focus on poland and, and talk to some of the same people who feel that, that their phones have been compromised by government entities, by official entities. and it's interesting that this is now starting to pick up piece. so as people realize what a huge scandal it is, what a huge problem it is and the entire european parliament plenary may actually address this next week in strasburg. right, terry, thank you. certainly a story to watch deed of what his terry showed for us in brussels to pakistan now where millions of people who've been affected by record breaking floods. and now confronting the threat of waterborne diseases. tens of thousands have fallen ill
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after drinking contaminated flood water. dr. so field hospitals have been treating thousands of people daily for diarrhea, malaria and other illnesses. 3 year old at champ, has been feverish for days. ever since the floods badly damaged his family home. and they've had to sleep out in the open. he didn't get any medical treatment at the start because the family couldn't afford to go to the doctor by the elbow got out of my son fell ill a few days ago on a burger. i didn't have the money to bring him here, but i found it. i got, the doctor says he's got malaria. i think he's getting a bit better. ok. when i go either i can i am i recorded. i got on alive for faith . either the stagnant water means mosquitoes couldn't quickly spread malaria, but medical facilities are basic. in this remote area of the southern cindy
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province, i teach kumar runs a small practice and is always busy. most of his patients can't afford to pay some damn more of that. we can't really treat patients for free as a limb, but we do it anyway. but they still have to pay for the medicine a but there's a lot of disease doctor. most of the children often have several illnesses at once, because they're drinking contaminated water, but you, it'll die again with money vinegar. it's not just medical treatment, which is lacking. food is also in short supply. most of these market traders are farmers whose fields are flooded. they also have to deal with the extreme heat aside yankee lay on my house and the harvest have been wiped out yet that a sudden there's no shelter from the heat in the water and the fields are still waist deep. they did a vonny. my business will go bust actually hadn't to hear it hasn't rained in this region for about 10 days. but the water cannot run off because the ground is
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saturated. scientists spare the harvests in the next 2 years will fail. it jazz ali and his family are in a desperate situation. their house is uninhabitable. parts of the roof has collapsed and they live in fear of the next rain fall. i know the morocco without a government has to help us. our home has been destroyed or rocky, the children are sick or not, but yeah, and we have no work. i'm really worried about the wearing a my unity login as our now to finish and i know there's no food and the family is having to survive on a few cups of tea a day that will not sustain them for long. now's test in breaking news. coming in buckingham palace says britain's queen elizabeth
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is under medical supervision after her doctor's reported, quote, concerned for her health. the statement says the queen is in a comfortable state, although buckingham palace rarely comments on her health. the exact concerns have not yet been disclosed. prince charles, who's the air to the throne, is reported to be with the queen, and other members of the royal family are traveling to her estate in scotland when it's cross straight over to london, where d. w is big mass is standing by big it or what more can you tell us? well, this is really it, buckingham palace has just issued a statement and normally they do not comment on the queen's health. that is really an indication that the queen is not well. also, we know that there was a debate in the house of commons underway, really important debate on energy and the cost of living crisis. and that debate was, was halted, and politicians have been informed of the state of the queen so, so there is really concern as to what's been going on with her. and of course,
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when you mentioned there that there, they don't often comment on her her on her health, but using phrases such as medical supervision, a cause for concern. these are quite signaling family members are on their way to bell moral. this does sound very serious, doesn't it? it really does sound very serious because it's the 1st time that something like this has happened were, oh really is it's a everyone, it's basically stopping what they're doing in the country and looking what's happening with a queen. so this are in all my years of reporting in the u. k, i have not encountered anything like this so, so really people are taking this very, very seriously. but at the moment we don't know anything more or anything more that is confirmed by buckingham palace. other than that, she is under medical supervision. we do know that the queen's health are, has not been great of late, but we did say photos just on tuesday of her accepting the resignation of outgoing prime minister barak johnson and then appointing live trust as the new prime
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minister. so she has still been carrying out some of her official duties. just a few days ago. she has been and, and lot of his has been virtually and the last month because he hadn't been in the, in her, in the best help of late. but however, as you said, we have seen these faces where she was been seen with less trust the new prime minister. and she was smiling at her. she was standing, she did look frail, but she did look on, you know, very, very friendly and, and like she was smiling at at least trashes. she was welcoming her to the new office. so i'm to hear something know that only 2 days later on is, is probably surprising for a lot in the long or i be it. thank you for that update will certainly be following this story very, very closely. big at mass forest in london. when i it's to some good news from the gaza strip in the palestinian territories for years. they had beaches
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have been off limits for swimming because of pollution. now internationally funded storage treatment facilities have changed all that. and as dw correspondent tenure kramer reports, it's opened up a whole new world for gardens who love the water. the beating garza city is one of the favorite places for gardens to relax and this isolated territory . in recent years, life got which on my law has often called and people to stay out of the sea because of severe pollution. but now most areas i safe enough to swim again about the vehicle on the low. bah, we always go to the beach for fun. while the hollow, because economic conditions for people in the gaza strip are so tough, they have nowhere else to go for recreation, but the c army because the water is clean, the number of vacation is has risen. and so has the number of those are swim on the wall,
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the z. this with another untreated sewage water used to flow directly into the sea . but now garza 3 internationally founded sewage treatment plans have stepped up operations. partly because the electricity supply is a bit more reliable. these plans treat tens of millions of cubic meters of sewage every day. it reduce the pollution to its lowest level in years, at least in some areas. 70 to 80 percent of the beach is liam. ok. we are dreaming now to have a mother, a treatment facility for our for that what meals then the holy it treatment will be and her are very advanced technology building. the treatment plans also took a long time. israel tightly restricts to movement of people and goods such as cement or spare parts in and out of the hamas through territory, across the highly restricted border israeli environmentalists from a co peace,
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an organization that brings israeli palestinian and jordanian ecologists together have long pushed israeli authorities to allow building dose treatment plans were able to show that the water security that the in that the health, the public health and environment security of both peoples is at risk. if the storage on one side is not being treated for these sisters from garza city, a day at the beach is a welcome respite. from there every day. troubles with hello and the law is so is beautiful. the weather is nice to see mcgary with the pepper ourselves when we come to the sea, so there's, there's no sewage there either in the water as clean and uncluttered b bassinet them up. while the political situation in the isolated
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territory remains unpredictable. residents and garza hope their precious speech and see will continue to recover a win win for people here. and for nature, you know, will change daily news as a reminder of the top stories were following foyer sh at breaking news, just coming in. the buckingham palace says britain's queen elizabeth is under medical supervision at her home in scotland and it concerns for her health. prince charles is reported to be with the queen now and other members of the royal family are also traveling to have balmoral estate in scotland. and he was secretary of defense. lloyd austin has underlined the long term commitment of ukraine's allies to support it against russia. speaking at a meeting of the ukraine defense contact group, austin said that western military backing to ukraine was paying off on the battlefield. the contact group made off of defense ministers and senior military figures is meeting in gym class and use headlines is our don't go away. coming up
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next after a short break is conflicts on an appointed tool with congest goldschmidt, president of the conference of european rabbis. and for the chief rabbi moscow, tom rebecca, written from a on the entire team here in the newsroom. thanks very much. oh thank
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ah with who into the conflict zone with sebastian russia? jewish community has been watching the war in ukraine with mounting alarm. but most of the island fearing state reprisals, the senior figure in the community help but silence was immoral. the thinkers coach met and he was all jews in russia to get out. now. the conflict zone
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next on d. w. o . the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm and our position is exceptionally a special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d w. imagine how many portion of love us heard out in the world right now?
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the climate change is very hot. the story. this is my flex, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going with some scribe for mornings like rushes. jewish community has been watching the war in ukraine with mounting alarm, but most of kept silence, fearing state reprisals if they spoke out against the kremlin. and yet, as the fighting intensified, a senior figure in the community felt that silence was immoral. so he fled moscow after 30 years of the city's chief rabbi, in order to speak freely. and he joins me now from berlin. he's pink as coach met president of the.


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