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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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or cd managed by fraud lou ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. doctors concerned for the health of britons. queen elizabeth buckingham palace has been 96 year old monarch is under medical supervision. the members of the royal family. hurry to be by her side or so on, the show a renewed commitment to long term help or ukraine. we will work together to train ukraine fortress for the long haul. western allies meet in germany to plan lasting
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support for kings. ah hello, i'm claire richardson, a warm welcome to the show. we begin with concerns for the health of britons. queen elizabeth buckingham palace has been 96 year old. monarch is under medical supervision at balmoral her home in scotland. the statement says that the queen is comfortable, but without going into detail, british media or reporting that all 4 of her children are with her, including the air to the throne. prince charles, the queen, celebrated her platinum jubilee marking 7 decades of her reign earlier this year. but has increasingly handed over duties to family members and the speaker of the british parliament interrupted a debate to express lawmakers concerns. i will say something about the noise from
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which is just be made about your majesty. i know i speak on behalf of the entire house. when i say that we send over the best wishes to a magic, to the queen that she and the ro family are now thoughts and prayers of this moment . i'm going to take no more just to if there is anything else we should call him. thank you. let's get more on this from these baggage mass in london and from alex forest whiting. here with me in the studio a burger, i would like to start with. you heard best wishes from the british parliament to the queen. how big are concerns in the u. k. concerns are very big. buckingham palace does normally not really report on the queen's house. it was announced when she had coven earlier in the year. but normally they don't really comment much on the queen's health. but we do know that in the last well weeks really we have seen less and less of her. she did see the list trust,
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the new prime minister. she had to receive her ad bar morrow. and scott, and so not in buckingham palace, as she would usually have done when liz trust had a 1st visit us and huge prime minister just a couple of days ago. and also similarly with voice johnson, when he said good bye to the queen of the last time as prime minister, you also had to travel to scotland. so that was fairly unusual. but on the other hand, she was out and about there were pictures of her. she was on that when the walking stick, but she was there and she was greeting this trust, arm smiling at her, and basically doing her duty as, as we, as we know alpha. but that this is definitely a significant moment when our older children are traveling to be with her. and when there are these comments, as we've heard from the palace officially now. and alex, where you think the queen's doctors are saying they are quote, concerned or her majesty's health? what does this statement that was issued by the palace tell us? i think it is very significant that the palace has issued
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a statement at all because as beg, it said this is extremely unusual. we know that the queen has had mobility issues over the past year or so, and i think particularly since last august or we haven't seen so much of queen elizabeth are since then really. so we know that she had, there have been underlying problems, but they have not expanded and i think we need to try to speculate what may be wrong with the queen. it's very, you know, we can't do that at the moment, but it does sound extremely serious for the palace to do that. and even more serious is the fact her children are by her bedside with her grandchildren, including prince harry on his way to be with the queen. so i think that tells you everything you need to know at the moment. and i think this is very somber. mood and i think we just have to wait now to find out what happens and what the palace issues next and burger. as alex has just told us,
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we know the queen's health has not been great of late. i'm but we have also just seen those photos of her on tuesday, accepting the resignation of outgoing prime minister boris johnson and c, overseeing that transfer of power to liz trust. as the new u. k prime minister. so she still has been carrying out her official duties up until a few days ago. she has been indeed, but lots of them have actually been on zoom. and she would normally really try and go out and about the palace has said that she has carried out more than $21000.00 engagements over the course of array. and so she really did, you know, year in year out, she was out there. she was meeting people, she has met lots of members of the public during her reign, had this garden parties. and really there's so many people, even i know that have shook her hand or that have met her in some capacity and for her to be basically retreating. more of us in that bar morrow, where she's spend many happy months and years as
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a child. that is something that is unusual because we know that she really does want to go out and meet people in for real. and alex, do you have any official reactions coming into this news while we have had various reactions coming in? yes, including from the new british prime minister live trots. who said that the whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from buckingham palace and obviously wishing how well we've also heard from former prime ministers, including a tony blair. again, he put a message out on twitter on saying again, praying and hoping for her health and the osh archbishop of canterbury, who many people think is the head of the church of england, the head of the anglican church. in fact, the queen herself is the official head of the church of england, but he is the head cleric. and he has also said that the country and the church in particular are praying for her health and for the family at this time. and burger,
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you've mentioned that she is now surrounded by her children. do tell us more about what her family are doing at this hour. we don't know any details. these other sort of, this is the sort of information that buckingham palace normally doesn't really shout out about. i mean, this is time. i think also for the family they want to have their privacy and they want to, well they want to be with the beloved mother or grandmother. so we don't know many details. we just know that that more or less everyone are excluding catherine williams. wife there she, she had to stay in london because her children are attending school in new school, so she could not go, but virtually everyone that alex has mentioned is on their way, or is already in scotland. so that really shows that they all taking this very, very seriously. and alex, what you make of that. and we're also hearing buckingham palace using phrases like medical supervision, cause for concern with the family members on the way it does on very serious,
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doesn't it? does it, does some very serious has no other way of saying this, claire. i mean, it is a very somber situation. and you have to remembered that queen elizabeth has been our head of state on the throne for 70 years. i mean 70 years as she has seen, i think this process has 16th prime minister. she is also head of state of 14 other countries including australia, canada. i mean, this is a phenomenal lady, a woman who has sat through so much change across the world. and the fact that now her family, a gathering in bar morrow at her house in scotland, where really she isn't supposed to be at this moment. she should be on, at buckingham palace in london, or at least at windsor castle. but she's there clearly very, very on well, and i think now we just have to wait and we have to see what the palace issues next in terms of what we know about how the queen is. and you've said she's the queen for so many countries. this news is going to be resonating around the world. alex
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she has though already handed some of her duties to her air. prince charles isn't that right? yeah, that's right. and particularly since i'm a august, really when she was supposed to be making a trip to northern ireland and it was canceled. so we have seen prince charles stepping in much more, for example, for the state opening of parliament, which is when the government issues and announces its new laws. the queen is always there, she was not there this year. it was prince charles remembrance, sunday to remember the dead from the great well, great, well one and well or 2 and other walls as well. the queen is always there and to lay a wreath, she was not there either. so very, very significant that we have not seen so much the queen in the past year. and i think many people have been really concerned about her health. i'm waiting to hear from the palace as to how the queen is. and now we've had this statement as saying that doctors are concerned for her health, although they,
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they stress that she is comfortable and remains are moral and burger as we're waiting to hear. i'm do you have a sense of how long we might be waiting to? can we expect any updates in the near future so, so buckingham palace typically doesn't really give a much of a commentary on the queen's health. so they don't really give updates. they would only, i assume if there was any change in the situation, for example, if she was going to go to hospital or you, if, if her situation deteriorates and, and, and it would be really about her death. i think this is when we would hair, but if she is at the moment stable and i have family members are surrounding her. i think we will just really have to wait how this develops. did these forget mosse and alex for his wedding with me in the studio? thank you both so much for that. we'll of course, be coming back to you as evening progresses. really move on
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to some other news now. and military officials from the united states and its allies have met at the ramstein airbase in germany to discuss how best to supply long term military assistance to ukraine report at the start of the meeting, u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin, repeated his country's commitment to ukraine. he said washington and his partners would continue to deliver critical military aid and announced a further $675000000.00 weapons packages to the military. leaders at ramstein discussed the training of ukrainian troops and the challenges of producing andrew restocking ammunition, calling for western weapon systems used by ukrainian forces. the democratically elected government. when you asked offense, secretary lloyd austin, said ukraine could count on america's enduring support. and ladies and gentlemen, look for you, so the war is changing. and so always the mission of this contact group. we will work together to train ukraine's force ish. for the long haul, we work together to help get great ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint
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operations. for the long haul, we'll work together to upgrade our defense industrial braces to meet ukraine's requirements for the long haul and will work together for the port for production and innovation to meet ukraine shelf. the french needs for the long haul and reporting for us from at ramstein airbase is our correspondent, benjamin avenue scrubber. and we've just heard a lloyd austin there repeatedly stressing the need to support ukraine for the long haul. what does that say about where this war is? headed it definitely shows how this group the was created here in april is tackling the situation they say, and that's what else. and also said in his opening remarks, we just heard a little part of that. he says, the war is evolving and we are evolving to sell that this group is changing its mission with all the needs that ukraine has. we have ukraine's
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a defense minister here as well. we have over 50 defense ministers and high ranking military officials with a clear message saying we are standing with ukraine will keep support to you. we'll keep sending heavy weapons. and the idea of that group is to coordinate it with several allies. we have nato secretary generals, also here we have the u. s. who, his hosting it this with other several in countries also pledging additional helps just said in the u. s. as it it's, it's bending with this new military package, $675000000.00, and we also have secretary of state antony blinking, who is in ukraine. so very 2 very important visits and ukraine's prime minister has called on germany to supply ukraine with modern leopard. 2 battle tanks. how likely is it that germany will approve that? that is absolutely right. you wasn't berlin last weekend and you met m chancellor, olaf schoultz, according to german media, schultz sat,
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we might discuss that. so the option is still open, but he sat, the germany will not take the decision alone. and that's something they've repeatedly stressed for many time saying that they will coordinate with ally. so if u. s. president joe bide says that they might send to germany might also continue sending. this heavy weapons is, has been a very, very long, a way from changing its decade old policy of sending weapons and exactly here and rumps and abby's in southern germany. what we all right now was the place were germany's defense minister. christina lambert, you also get the statement today set that germany would be sending heavy artillery systems. so sending the good pot and anti aircraft system that was announced here. the big question now is germany sending this lay apart it tanks. so as we know, the chancellor, he has been also really reluctant to sent this heavy artillery, but they're still open to m to it should. she gave her a short statement with her and counterpart from the netherlands, and they said that they will support ukraine in d mining. so helping there,
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but not referring to is sending moder or sending this leopold tongues that ukraine's prime minister specifically asked for when he met german chancellor shows how likely do you think it is that europe will be able to keep up its pledge of unconditional support with an energy crisis looming at home there is definitely an energy crisis, and if we look at the em voices saying we should not send more weapons. we should somehow try to find a dialogue with vladimir putin if that's even possible with moscow, with other voices calling on the reopening of m. nordstrom to the was a pipelines sending russian gas to germany. that was never open saying that there should be no additional sanctions than wavering support is also seen with other measures that were taken a were announce over the past days, we have nato that sat that they will support ukrainian soldiers for the winter months when it's getting colder for them to be better equipped to the front,
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the country against a russian forces. but you see that the support is fading, and that's also important for them to say this war has been going on since february, but they want to continue. is supporting ukraine with the needs. we already saw this with ukraine. what they are looking for. think that they need more western weapons to go away from the soviet weapons that they usually got there to germany. has it kind of the mechanism we're it sends weapons to other european countries and they than sent their weapons to ukraine. something to germany has been doing, but we see that support is fading. so the message that the military lead us into defense ministers at a meeting here are saying is that we'll, we'll continue it, continue supporting them as long as it's needed. our correspondent benjamin alvarez . grover reporting from rom shine airbase. thank you so much for that. and the united states a says that it has evidence that up to 1600000 ukrainians have been forcibly taken to russia or russian held territory. the finding backs up ukraine's longstanding
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claims about forces deportations. united nations also says unaccompanied ukrainian children have been taken across the border to be adopted in russia in may this year evacuated, residents, flea, the besieged city of merrier pole. the u. s. now says it has evidence that some evacuated from mario pole and other occupied areas, as well as many people who stayed behind, have been forcibly deported to russia or russian held territories. any united nations security council session, the u. s. ambassador to the u. n. said up to 1600000 ukrainians have been detained, interrogated and forcibly to port it. the experience is different for every one, depending on how threatening may are perceived to be toward russia's invasion, and some are allowed to remain in russian occupied parts of ukraine. summer,
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forcibly deported to russia, and some are sent to prison. and some simply vanish. the u. s. says officials from the russian government a coordinating the deportations, but moscow dismissed the claims and said these ukrainians have voluntarily moved to russia. good lawyer, it's a new milestone on the disinformation campaign unleashed by ukraine and its western bacchus against our country that are un human rights. officials say there are also credible allegations of unaccompanied ukrainian children taken by force across the border. we are concerned that the rational authorities of the doctor does simplified procedure to grant ration citizenship, to children without our until care, and that these children would be eligible for adoption by russian families. the u. s. estimates. thousands of children have been taken from their families or orphanages, the deportations part of what some western diplomats call a tam pane to change the very demographic of ukraine. let's bring up to speed now
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on some other world news headlines. the european central bank has raised its key interest rate by an unprecedented 3 quarters of one percent. it's the 2nd time the e. c. b has raised rates this year to tackle soaring inflation in the euro currency areas on its south korean president. you and so your has declared special disaster zones in to cities hit by a powerful typhoon. the regions will be eligible for tax breaks and subsidies. the storm has killed 10 people and caused widespread damage. and thousands have taken to the streets in haiti to demand better living conditions. their calling on the prime minister to resign over runaway inflation. a severe fuel shortage and rising gang violence and millions of people affected by record breaking floods in pakistan are now confronting the threat of water born diseases. tens of thousands
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have fallen ill after drink and contaminated flood water, doctor se field hospitals have been treating thousands of people for diarrhea, malaria and other sicknesses. 3 year old are champ, has been feverish for days. ever since the floods badly damaged his family home. and they've had to sleep out in the open. he didn't get any medical treatment at the start, because the family couldn't afford to go to the doctor. writing a book out of, of my son fell ill a few days ago on a burger. i didn't have the money to bring him here, but i found it. doug, the doctor says he's got malaria. i did, i think he's getting a bit better. i don't, i don't, i can, i am i the credit i got analyzed for safety that the stagnant water means mosquitoes couldn't quickly spread malaria. but medical facilities are basic in this remote area of the southern sind province. at each kumar runs
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a small practice and is always busy. most of his patients can't afford to pay some damn more of that. we can't really treat patients for free as a limb, but we do it anyway. but they still have to pay for the medicine. a but there's a lot of disease that's out. most of the children often have several illnesses at once because they're drinking contaminated water, but you, it'll die again with money vinegar. it's not just medical treatment, which is lacking. food is also in short supply. most of these market traders are farmers whose fields are flooded. they also have to deal with the extreme heat. i say yankee re on my house and the harvest have been wiped out yet a sudden there's no shelter from the heat in the water and the fields are still waist deep. they did a vine, my business will go bust and she hadn't takia. it hasn't rained in this region for about 10 days. but the water cannot run off because the ground is saturated.
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scientists fear the harvests in the next 2 years will fail. it jazz ali and his family are in a desperate situation. their house is uninhabitable, part of the roof has collapsed and they live in fear of the next rainfall. oh, and again, there are obama that the government has to help us. our home has been destroyed or rocky, the children are sick and our birth and we have no work. i'm really worried about the wearing a, my unity again as our now look at is shanna is there's no food and the family is having to survive on a few cups of tea a day that will not sustain them for long. let's get some good news now. from the gaza strip in the palestinian territories for years it's beaches have been off limits for swimming because of pollution,
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but now internationally funded sewage treatment facilities have changed that and as daily correspond, tonya cramer reports, it's opened up a whole new world for gardens who love the water the beating you guys, the city is one of the favorite places for cousins to relax in this isolated territory. in recent years, life, god, who each of my law has often called and people to stay out of the sea because of severe pollution. but now most areas i safe enough to swim again. and again, the vehicle has the low baja. we always go to the beach for fun while the hollow because economic conditions for people in the gaza strip are so tough on the job. they have nowhere else to go for recreation, but the c army because the water is clean, the number of vacation is, has risen. and so has the number of those are swim on the wall of the z. this with another untreated sewage water used to flow directly into the sea. but now
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garza 3 internationally founded sewage treatment plans have stepped up operations. partly because the electricity supply is a bit more reliable. these plans treat tens of millions of cubic meters of sewage every day. it reduce sea pollution to its lowest level in years, at least in some areas. 70 to 80 percent of the beach is liam. ok. we are dreaming now to have a mother, a treatment facility for our for that what meals then the holy it treatment will be and her are very advanced technology building. the treatment plans also took a long time. israel tightly restricts to movement of people and goods such as cement or spare parts in and out of the hamas through territory, across the highly restricted border israeli environmentalists from a co peace,
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an organization that brings israeli palestinian and jordanian ecologists together have long pushed israeli authorities to allow building dose treatment plans, we're able to show that the water security that the in that the health, the public health and environment security of both peoples is at risk. if the storage on one side is not being treated for these sisters from garza city, a day at the beach is a welcome respite from there every day. troubles with hello and the law is so is beautiful. the weather is nice to see mcgary with the pamper ourselves when we come to the sea assemblage. there's no sewage there. how can i get the water as clean and uncluttered be misled at the law? while the political situation in the isolated territory remains unpredictable.
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residence in garza hope their precious speech and see will continue to recover a win win for people here and for nature. you're watching t w news before we go, let's get a reminder of our top stories at this hour. buckingham palace says britain's queen elizabeth is under medical supervision at her home in scotland. the palace says doctors are concerned for the 96 year old monarch's health. british media reporting that all 4 of her children are with her, including the air to the throne. prince charles and western military leaders have been meeting to agree on long term help or ukraine. u. s. a. defense secretary lloyd austin, says washington and its partners will continue to deliver critical military 8. he announced a new $675000000.00 weapons package. and don't forget, you can always get d w who's on the go, just download our app and google play from the apple app store. don't give you
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ah, with or a more enemies on the russian border lies the finished village of their center, where the residents are deeply divided. some of them want nothing to do with their russian neighbors, while others see them as human beings, not warmongers focus on europe.
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in 60 minutes, d, w, a migrant habitat, ended the listening place of longing. the mediterranean sea, it's waters connect people of many cultures. seen it almost rock and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean, where has history left? its traces, meeting people, hearing their dreams. ready to read this week on d. w. and what you work is an architect that go all in or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public?
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we decided to ask them this and what is the poetry? the secret of the house? and i'm housed about their struggles and dreams if i respond, facility is hugely, has so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. it's with this is the w news, asia coming up to date, the challenges facing aid agencies in pakistan. the floods disproportionately affect children. their homes in school swept away disease on the rise. but some anteaus trying to help the band from pakistan and rescue operations intensify and south west china after a major earthquake. but strict coven lockdown rules and a residence prevented from leaving buildings.


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