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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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this is the 77 percent the platform with, you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to have delicate topic because population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w. a when princess elizabeth of york became queen elizabeth a 2nd 70 years ago. the world was a drastically different place. as the longest reigning monarch in the united kingdom history, she became a constant to even in times of political turmoil and social a people. now the queen has died at the age of $96.00. it's the end of an era in
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many ways. generations haven't known a world without queen elizabeth. tonight, we want to take a look back at a life dedicated to public service and ahead at what her death means for the united kingdom and the commonwealth and for the future of the british monarchy, now officially led by charles king charles the 3rd on the call further him, berlin, and this is the day. ah, queen elizabeth, the 2nd was the wrong on which modern britain was built. for the vast majority of the late queen her supreme simply look with the only well out today. the crown pulses,
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as it has done for more than a 1000 years to all new monarch or new head of state. his majesty king charles, the 3rd britons queen elizabeth the 2nd has died. she was 96. she passed away at ball moral castle, her residence in scotland. her family had gathered around her there as concerns grew about her health. the queen's death means her son charles succeeds her immediately king charles release. this statement, the death of my beloved mother, her majesty the queen is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all my verse of my family. we more profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much loved mother. i know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the rounds, and the commonwealth, and by countless people around the world during this period of morning and change
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my family and i will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the queen was so widely held. queen elizabeth had struggled with her mobility in the months before her death handing over many of her public duties to her son. but she performed one last official act on tuesday when she invited less trust to form a new government that was after the resignation of the outgoing premier boris johnson. shortly after the announcement of the queen's passing, prime minister trust spoke on the steps of downing street and the sum of what she had to say. we are all devastated by the news that we have just heard from ball moral. the death of her majesty the queen is a huge shock to the nation and to the world. queen elizabeth the 2nd was the rock on which molden britain was built. our country has grown and flourished under
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her reign. britain is the great country. it is today because of her. she ascended the throne just after the 2nd world war. she championed the development of the commonwealth from a small group of 7 countries to a family of $56.00 nations spotting every continent of the world. we're now a modern, thriving dynamic nation through 2nd thing. queen elizabeth, the 2nd, provided us with the stability and the strength that we needed. she was the very spirit of great britain, and that spirit will endure. that was the british prime minister speaking earlier today. let's look back now. at the life of the world's oldest and longest reigning monarch. o, no british monarch reigned for as long as queen elizabeth the 2nd. ah,
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she was a constant in time of dramatic change. ah, all was disciplined. all was dutiful. a life of public service. right? until the end. in 1926, elizabeth came into the world. she was not born to be queen, but when her uncle king edward the 8th advocated after less than a year on the throne, elizabeth father was crowned king. his daughter suddenly became the crown princess . she accepted the task and took it seriously. even in her youth, i did have before you all the time, whether it be no short shall be debated, the service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong . during world war 2, elizabeth did her military service as
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a mechanic. after the war, she married naval officer, philip mount patton, her great love, ah, one year later, prince charles was on the 1st of 4 children. ah, in february in 1950 to her father, king george the 6th died. elizabeth replaced him while on a trip to africa. the tragic news reached princess elizabeth and her husband, while in kenya and the new queen left immediately for london. elizabeth the 2nd was only 25 years of age. her carnation ceremony did not take place until the following year. in june, 1953. the ceremony itself was one of the 1st world events to be broadcast on television. an estimated 300000000 people who watched around the
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globe. the queen took the throne at a time when the british empire was losing its importance. many former colonies gained their independence while at the same time, a new global conflict began with the cold war. as queen elizabeth was not allowed to perceive her own political agenda, but she was the most important representative over the country and head of the commonwealth. 6 in that role, she tirelessly traveled the world in the decades that followed the ah ah, at home elizabeth was intent on boosting the royal family as popularity also with
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the help of the media. the spectacular wedding of her son charles to diana spencer in the summer of 1981 was the most watch tv broadcast the whole time when what appeared to be a perfect royal family life began to unravel. the tabloid press was merciless. in the 1900 ninety's, the newspapers feasted on the royal affairs and divorces. charles and diana's marriage failed. and in 1997, diana died in a traffic accident. the worldwide outpouring of sympathy was overwhelming, but the royal family struggled to find sympathetic words. she was an exceptional and gifted human being in good times and bad. she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to spot others with her warmth and hide. this was when the royals
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popularity hidden all time low diana's son's princes william and harry did not talk about the trauma of their mother's death until years later. ah, when harry's marriage to us televisions to megan, marco was repeatedly exploited by the tabloids the couple made a radical exit. they officially turned their backs on the royal family, ultimately moving to the united states there. and they complained in interviews about racism in the media. and also in the palace compared to the other members of the royal family, the queen led a quiet marriage. she was married to her childhood sweetheart, prince philip for 73 years. he was an important pillar of support for her, which made the moment of parting all the more difficult. ah,
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in the spring of 2021, philip died, age 909. owing to the corona virus pandemic, the funeral took place with a very small circle of mourners. elizabeth was alone. it was an image that touched many but only a few days later, she was again representing the country, receiving ambassadors via video conference, and participating in zoom meetings with scientists and his wonderful work you are all doing. so is great to see you all. but you say you must, you must be like you, your majesty, ah! in a world that has changed radically. elizabeth was a constant mainstay ah. committed to tradition, but not closed to the new and most of the critics of the british
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royal family paid tribute to the queen. for her long life in service to her country and to the commonwealth. i truly extraordinary life devoted to the people and i am now joined by d. w reporters alex worth whiting. who's with me in the studio and big mass in london. welcome to both of you. let's start with you beg. it would have reactions there and london been to the announcement of the queen's passing a lot of people in a very somber mood is something that really cut steep for, for a lot of british people just because the queen has always been there for them. 70 years are as the figurehead of the country and has left the country through so many ups and downs and has presided in the recent years over over the regs invade, which has split the country. but she was there as an a political figure. somebody
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who gave guidance and in the words of kissed armor, the leader of the opposition as, as a symbol of what binds the country together as opposed to what divides people a thing as such. she really will be missed because at the moment britain is facing political crisis, where a lot of people are seeing their wages fall. they're seeing inflation going through the roof and being hit hard by by the energy crisis. so, queen elizabeth has provided the stability for these all these decades, but not any more and, and, and she will really be sorely missed, particularly as the country is going through such a difficult political, tumultuous time. alex thirt, new prime minister, less truss, called the queen of the rock on which modern britain was built. what will her legacy be? she had such an extraordinary legacy which had spanned over 70 years, 7 decades, where she was, where the world has changed remarkably. and i think that really,
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her legacy boils down to an extraordinary sense of duty and sense of service, which we saw play down this very week where we had less trust or where we had baris johnson, the former prime minister, less trust. the new prime minister, both traveling to see the queen at bar morrow. and despite the obvious health problems that cream is suffering, she was able to meet both of them amid so a photograph of her meeting list trust. as this trust became her 15th prime minister, while she has been on the throne. so to me that is her real legacy and bringing a nation as big it was referring to bringing a nation together through it some extraordinary times. and i think that that's what will go down in history for the queen, bigot. the queen obviously died in her residence and balmoral in scotland. what are the plans for her remains to return to london where she'll then line state
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from what we now understand, the queen will go and 1st of all, be lying and say to ned and bruce, who to give the people of scotland a chance to express their condolences and then after several days, she will ar her board, you will then be carried to london where she will be in westminster, hall and people in london. i can then present condolences, sue in 10 days. this is what's always been envisaged on is expected to be her funeral and, and this will be until then the country will really be in morning where there were rumors if there could be a bank holiday that gives the country a chance to reflect. but also we know that some department stores are closing tomorrow that some businesses are closing tomorrow. and, and that really does show that this is not our in ordinary time. but this is
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a time that, that really a death that really does touch a lot of british people alex, her passing was announced in a very brief statement by buckingham palace to we have any further information about the circumstances around her at her. no, i mean, all we know is that she was suffering from ill health over the past few months. that became clear, i think poli particularly dating back to last august when she was supposed to take a trip to northern ireland to belfast and that was cancelled. and then we saw much more of prince charles stepping in on and taking a sort of taking part, but taking head of some of the events that the queen herself was so supposed to preside over. we know that she's had serious mobility problems. we don't know what that means and what the photo that we saw of her with the new prime minister list trust on tuesday, we did see her with a stick. but we don't know if there was an underlying health problem with the queen
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has not yet been made public. perhaps it will be in in the end. but i don't know when i can't say when, but we do know she was 96 years old and she was frail. and although she wanted to keep going, i mean, your body sometimes gives up picky when you're that age. so or, or we know for the time being is that there was a, a statement put out by buckingham palace this morning, talking about doctors being concerned about her health and the family traveling to bar moral to be with her big an approval of the monarchy remains quite high, but many attribute that to the popularity of the queen is that likely to change? now that really remains to be cynical. i don't know how that will change, but i agree with you. i think that is definitely due to the fact that a majority of vast majority of the british people have for the queen. i've never,
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never met anyone who who had a bud bed were to say about her. even if they were not a more kissed people would respect have for her sense of duty and for what she is doing for the country representing it and, and in a way, i'm also also leading it so, so we will have to see king charles as he now is, is, is a more controversial figure than the queen, somebody um, who expresses his opinions much more than she has. but now he obviously also has a different role too. so we will see in what way he will be able to, to present the leadership to the country that, that the country really needs and, and, and adopt a time that is very difficult economically for lot of british people. exactly, because for many britons, queen elizabeth is the only monarch they have ever known. isn't she? some observers say that she was the glue that kept the country and its people
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together. so once of britain, now that queen elizabeth has died at the start of her 70 year reign, britain was still a world power meeting and albeit declining empire. 7 decades on britain's cloud on the world stage is much smaller. following the brick said referendum calls for scottish independence and irish unification have grown louder. united kingdom looks more dis united than ever. these are challenges that will have to be faced by the queen's successor, king charles. the men who had been nicknamed the eternal king in waiting is finally the actual king and 72 years. charles has spent longer than any other royal waiting to exceed the throne. in fact, he is the oldest for this monarch to ever take the throne. in recent years, he had largely taken over many of the queen's duties as li just heard like travelling abroad in her place. while elizabeth managed to keep the monarchy alive
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some doubt that the new king charles will be as successful. so back to you, alex, what can we expect from the reign of king charles the 3rd? i think he has a very difficult role and task ahead of him. obviously, britain is a morning and the role family, certainly a morning and we the next 2 weeks we will see a different britain, i think as they prepare a for the state funeral of the queen and it will not be business as usual. but after that, i think that's when it's going to be difficult for a prince charles. sorry, king charles, i have to remember that it's been so ingrained in my mind all my life. king charles, because he has got to step into very big shoes that the queen has been wearing for all these decades. and although he has, i think,
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along with the queen made huge strides and trying to slim down the monarchy in trying to make sure that he was seen to be a very loyal and dutiful prince. now king himself and also with his son, prince william, making sure that it was very clear what the line was going to be that prince william would be the next in line. i think he's done that well, however, there are still problems for him. not least, the state of britain at the moment. i think that he had a very difficult past. we can't forget the situations in the, in the ninety's with him, the breakdown of his marriage to princess diana. and the way that was handled his affair with camilla parker bowles, who is now his wife and will become queen whether she's co queen or not. she will become queen. so he's got that that is always in the background for him. and of course, he's got the other issue, which is he's now head of state of 14 other countries all states, principalities,
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across the globe or former parts of the british empire from australia to canada and the list goes on. and maybe now we will see some of those and him on a kiss, those, those people who really want their country's become republics on step up, their fight for that. and i think that will be hard for him. and he will have quite a lot on his plate, bigot, do you think charles, or usher in a new era that he will modernize the royal family a family or is he just as much a traditionalist as his mother was? well, who he has had the longest apprenticeship in history is what year in the u. k. have have joked and it really remains to be seen and what way he is now making his own imprint on this big, big job that he has at his hand. we know that he has called
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a few passions. he's very concerned with the environment. i could imagine that he will be continue to be vocal on this issue and, and if there are any other sort of more formal reforms that he will, that he will usher in that really remains to be seen. we don't, there hasn't been a hint of anything like that, but then, you know, we will only expect to morrow to have his 1st speech to the nation. so i think very, very soon we will see what, how he plans to to rain the country really. and if there is going to be any change, not just sort of in tone and an appearance, but also in substance. but for the time being leaders from around the world have been reacting to the death of his mother. the queen, here is a selection of the attributes in a complicated world. her steady grace and
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resolve brought comfort and strength to us. all canada is in morning. she was one of my favorite people in the world and i will miss her so little book in salon just with deep sadness. i have learned of the death of her majesty, queen elizabeth the 2nd much after all, it is a heavy loss for the whole of europe and the world immune shore from all ukrainians . i express sincere condolences to the royal family. the whole of the u. k. lane and the commonwealth in our thoughts and prayers are with you. he does vol, clinic in elizabeth line of how queen elizabeth was a woman who defined a century and in the united kingdom and beyond liver. he knows that advice. she witnessed history side kasey and wrote it herself once had good shift tinkersly, her majesty was held in greatest in la guns and veiled and was respected around the
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world here in germany, and she was admired and venerated at on for it. will yonah daughter of millions of germans are united in sorrow and sympathy and toner with the people of the united came danish in chronic irish for bond like some truly heartfelt tributes there from around the world. how will the queen bee remembered internationally? i think is somebody who didn't ever want to give up the job and always put duty and service 1st. and i think also with somebody who was above politics. so despite the fact that she had presided over 15 british prime ministers from so winston churchill all the way through to live trust, who just on tuesday became prime minister. she rose above it all and you know the u. k. has, has been through some pretty difficult decades,
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but so has the world. and i think that there are many across the world who have appreciated almost had guidance that i mean, maybe she wasn't particularly vocal about it, but i think they, there was a real sense that she, she had wisdom. and i think many, i mean we saw it just, there was just intruder for example, that he was always quite emotional. but i think people really appreciated speaking with the monarch who had been on the throne for 70 years, who had seen so much who had gone through storms herself within her own family and had come out the other side. and i think that's how she will be remembered and thanked. and even just within germany, i mean, we heard there from the president, but the chancellor, ala schultz and other german politicians have also talked about, you know, how great it was that, that, how she had tried to reconcile germany, british relations following the war. and i, so i think it's, those are the facts. those will be the reasons that she is remembered. alex forest
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whiting here in the studio with me and beg it mass in london. thank you both so much for being with me on this truly remarkable and historic day. and many questions remain to be answered and only time will tell how big a hole queen elizabeth the 2nd will really leave in the kingdom and beyond. for me, entire team here, auntie w. thank you for spending parts of your day. ah ah, with
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who i owe her rain was the longest of any british monarchy. queen elizabeth the 2nd she largely stayed out of politics. ah,
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but met with the british prime minister every week. we look behind the facade in memory of her majesty the queen and her prime ministers. in 15 minutes on d. w. is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult with success in our weekly coping 19 special. 90 minutes on d. w. lab has no limit of love as for everybody. a blog is live a matter. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char,
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mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more survive and denied this. i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in mind when you work as an architect, like go all in or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger publisher? we decided to ask them and for women go up with an inefficient model. if they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles versus what is the poetry, the secret of the houses and i'm home about their motivations. i can fax you guys so much to you, it moves you. the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for human about their struggles and dreams. that sponsibility is huge. they have so much to
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lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture to so this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on dw. ah, the state of news live from berlin, britain's queen elizabeth, the 2nd has died at the age of 96. the united kingdom's longest reigning monarch passed away at her scottish own bo, moral. she died surrounded by her children and grandchildren.


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