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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah written in the passing of the queen, you're listening to bells tolling in honor of the light queen elizabeth spells a tolling at saint paul's cathedral westminster abbey, and windsor castle. welcome to our special coverage of the queen's death. let's listen in they can faintly hear some of the bells that a tolling and honor of the lady, queen elizabeth
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bells. a tolling at saint paul's cathedral at westminster, abbey, and at windsor castle to day. in honor of queen elizabeth death in watching dw use now special coverage on the death of queen elizabeth the second's. this is date already news on rebecca riches and i'm here with d w's alex forest. why ting? alex, talk us through the significance of this moment and what's happening now? yes, so at this moment in london we have bells that are tolling, as you said at westminster api, and also at saint paul's cathedral. and we have this the best to bo bell at windsor castle, which is tolling for if we air of the queen. and that bell is
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very significant itself because it was captured during the 19th century crimean war . so it's itself has history just of course, like the queen and all that is now very beginning. the morning period for queen elizabeth the 2nd who died yesterday at her estate. moral in the north of scotland and across the u. k. bells or at churches will be ringing at this moment as well to mark her passing huge significance, of course, because she was on the throne for 70 years, 7 decades. and although this a will have been planned for many decades, the passing of queen elizabeth the 2nd it is obviously a very somber moment. and i think really reflects the fact that she made such and such an amazing impact on the u. k. over her 70 years. on the throne and of course
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across the globe. so at the moment we, these bells are still ringing and then we will, there will be other events as well. for example, there will be an event at hyde park, a gun salute hyde park is the big part right in the center of london. so there will be a gun salute in memory of the queen and other events that will be happening throughout the day. now you mentioned, of course, the 70 years the longest, raining monarch, queen elizabeth, just to take walk us through a little bit reminders through some of the, the high points of her rain. well, she came to the throne in 1952 when britain still had an empire and oversee she, she passed away when birth no longer had an empire. so there have been enormous changes across that whole the whole of the united kingdom, from having being a global presence to now being
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a middle ranking power. i think it's fair to say. so from that point of view, just what has happened to the u. k. the changes have been phenomenal, but also globally, i mean, she, she witnessed the rise in the fall of the soviet empire. the rise in the fall of the berlin wall was the vietnam war, 14 united states presidents, 13 of whom she met. 15 british prime minister served on to her from sir winston churchill, the wartime leader. right up until the newest prime minister list truss who only met the queen at bar morrow in scotland on tuesday. so the significance of her rain while she was, as was on the throne for 70 years, and so enormous changes across the globe. and i think had to you know, play a very important role of leading britain through very tumultuous change. all right, thanks alex will be speaking to you throughout the day,
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but for now we'll over there alexander, fall, forest whiting. and that's 10 to london. now in our correspond, big mass who's in front of buckingham palace, they're in london, bigot, bells toweling, across the u. k. to day in honor of queen elizabeth the very somber moment for britons it is a very somber moment for britain and throughout the morning here, people have been filing quietly in front of buckingham palace. people are going back and forth thousands of people. i think since i've been here very, very quietly, they are arriving to pay their respects into i guess. so can the atmosphere and just be part of this momentous day. when british people are really marking the end of the year off the 2nd elizabeth and iraq and are thinking of what might come ahead with king charles the 3rd suddenly is the end of an era. talk us through the next steps for the u. k. and for the royal family well,
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we understand that the british parliament is going to have a special session today as well as tomorrow, which is unusual. normally does not sit on the weekend, so this is chance for appease also to pay their respects. we also understand we expect on king charles to brought cost to the nation, so that would be his 1st bought cause as king charles. and he is due to meet with the prime minister list trust this afternoon. so they're both very new in their jobs. this trust has only been, ah, prime minister since a couple of days really. and king charles is the newest addition to the job when it comes to the most important physicians on, in british public and our political life. so we expecting this to happen to day, and then of course there will be a period really which will all be dedicated to the passing of the queen. she will
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art her, her body will be laid out for the public to pay their respects fast in scotland. and then here in london, we expect the funeral to be roughly in 10 days and hasn't really been confirmed as yet. but this is what we're expecting, which will be just a period of morning really when and british life is, is more or less coming are to some sort of stop. and when this her passing of the queen will really dominate what's on the agenda for the u. k, in pay it. thank you actually mentor, stay in british history. big mass for us in london written has entered at 10 days of national morning following the death of their sovereign with 70 years on the throne. queen elizabeth has one of the world's longest reigning monarchs and heads of state. she is succeeded by her eldest son, charles. he will address the nation in his 1st address. as king late this evening, world ladies have been offering their condolences us president joe biden said she
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was a steadying presence in a world of constant change and a statement to the german parliament chancellor, olaf sholtes said the queen embodied at the best of a common european legacy democracy and the rule of law may, while in england itself, buckingham palace has become a focus of morning with the gathered in their thousands to pay tribute to their queen. it's lost, the country knew would come. yet the sense of shock and softness is palpable. and profound and withal known to swarm queen is here, she's feared, repass there. we've always looked up to some. oh, is this i do this for everybody sat there and show fledged provide country. and she lived in this country with great reverence and duty and respect and honor. and
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i just don't know of another like from multiple wireless, but i think she was a mother. and she she was amazed. one ish sure. being here today, i'm on to so for the specter she just was leading as an inspiration for women. you know, the bedrock of british public life was for the last 7 decades to know the country and the commonwealth have a new king. and a new history to be made loves his governments priority. but today is a time to reflect to mourn the death of her majesty. queen elizabeth the 2nd oh. and the queen died at balmoral castle in scotland and her coffin will be brought to london in the coming days. but we can now cross to aberdeen airport in scotland,
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where dw correspondent emily gordon is standing by. emily, you're about an hour away from bow moral castle at the moment where the queen died yesterday. tell me what's happening there. will king charles expect to shall have any minutes? photographers almost parked a cub already been moved around to spot him. he will be in a silver dagger and you will then as soon as he arrives, he will board a private jet just behind me. and that plane will take him down to london where he will meet a prime minister list troth and in the evening, he is then expected to give a speech. emily, thank you for that update. we'll come back to you later in the program. but right now, i'd like to cross to the british parliament where the new prime minister list trusts is making a speech to the parliament as head of state. and she loves them all. her words of wisdom gave us strength in the most testing times. during the darkest moments of
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the pandemic, she gave us hope that we would meet again. she knew this generation of britons would be as strong as anna. and as we meet to day, we remember the pledge she made on her 21st birthday to dedicate her life to service. the whole house will agree, never has a promise been so completely fulfilled it. her devotion to duty remains an example to us all. she carried out thousands of engagements. she took a red box every day. she gave her assent to countless pieces of legislation and was at the heart of our national life. the 7 decades is supreme governor of the church of england. she drew on her deep faith. she was the nation's greatest diplomat. her visits to post apartheid south africa and the republic of ireland showed
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a unique ability to transcend difference and hill division. in total, she visited well over a 100 countries. she meant that she, she met more people than any other monarch in our history. she gave counsel to prime ministers, a minister across government. i have personally greatly valued her wise advice. only last october, i witnessed 1st hand how she charmed the world's leading investors it with the council. she was always so proud of course, and always embodied the spirit of all great countries. she remained determined to carry out her g t's even at the age of $96.00. it was just 3 days ago about moral that she invited me to form the government and become her 15th prime minister . again she generously shared with me her deep experience of government. even in
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those last days, everyone humana will remember the moment they will speak of it for the rest of their lives. even those who never met her. her late majesty's image is an item for what written stands for the nation on our coins, on our stamps, and in portraits around the world. her legacy will ensure through the countless people she met the global history she witnessed, and the lives that she touched. she was loved and admired by people across the united kingdom and across the world. one of the reasons for that section was her share humanity. she reinvented monarchy for the modern age. she was a champion of freedom and democracy around the world. she was dignified, but not distant. she was willing to have fun, whether emission with w 7 or having tea with paddington back. she brought the monarchy into people's
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lives and into people's homes. during her 1st televised christmas message in 1957, she said to day we need a special kind of courage. so we can show the world the we are not of fate of the future. we need that courage now. in an instant yesterday, all lives changed forever. to day we show the world that we do not fear what lies ahead. we sent our deepest sympathy to all members of the royal family. we paid tribute to all late queen and we offer loyal service to our new king. his majesty king charles, the said baz an awesome responsibility that he now carries for all of us. i was grateful to speak to his majesty last night and offer my condolences. even as he
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mourns his sense of duty and service is clear, he has already made a profound contribution through his work on conservation education and his tireless diplomacy. we owe him all loyalty, unavailing. the british people, the commonwealth and all of us in this house will support him as he takes our country forward to a new era of hope. and pray gress on you, carolyn, age, the crown and jewels on nation and jewels. and in that spirit, i say, god save the king. oh, i don't cold the lid of the old position. you saw. thank you mister speaker. to day, i'll country ah, people, this house,
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all united in morning. queen elizabeth the 2nd was this great country's greatest bonnet. and for the vast majority of us, it feels impossible to imagine of britain without her. all our thoughts are with her beloved family, our royal family. at this moment of profound grief. this is a deep and private loss for them. yet is one we all share. because queen elizabeth created a special personal relationship with us, all that relationship was built on the attributes that defined her reign, her total commitment to service and duty, a deep devotion to the country, the commonwealth, and the people she loved. in return for that,
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we loved her. and it is because of that great. shad love that we grieve to die for the 70 glorious years of her reign. app queen was at the heart of this nation's life. she did not simply rain over us. she lift alongside us. she shad in our hopes and our fears. add joy and now pain out good times and out bad. our queen played a crucial role as the threat between the history we cherish and the present. we own a reminder, the child generational battle against the evil of fascism or the emergence of a new britain out of the rubble of the 2nd world will do not only belong to the past. but all the inheritance of each and every one of us. a reminder that the creativity, the hard work, the enterprise that is always defined,
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this nation is as abundant now as it ever was. a reminder that the prospect of a better future still burns brightly. never was this link more important. that when our country was plunged into, looked down at the start of the pandemic, a simple message that we would see family again, that we would see friends again, that we would beat together again, gave people strength and courage when they needed it most. but it wasn't simply the message that allowed a shake coordination to draw upon those reserves. it was the fact that she was the messenger cove. it close the front doors of every home in the country. it made our lives smaller and more remote. but she was able to reach beyond that to
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reassure us and steal us. but the time we were most alone, but a time would been driven apart. she held the nation close in a way no one else could have done it for that. we say thank you on the occasion of the queen's silver jubilee in 1977. philip lock in wrote of her right. in times when nothing stood but wes and all grew strange. there was one constant good. she did not change. it feels like we at once again in a moment in our history where as luck in put it, things all growing strange where everything is spinning, a nation requires a still point. when times of difficult, it requires comfort. and when direction is hard to find it requires leadership.
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the loss of our queen robes this country of its still his point, its greatest comfort at precisely the time we need those things most. but our queens commitment to us the life of public service was underpinned by one crucial understanding that the country she came to symbolise is bigger than any one individual or any one institution. it is the sum total of all our history and all our endeavors. and it will endure the late queen would have wanted us to redouble our efforts to turn our colorado and faced the storm to carry on. most of all, she would want us to remember that in these moments that we must pull together.
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this house is a place where ideas and ideals are debated. of course thought leads to passionate disagreement. of course, temperatures can run high, but we all do it in pursuit of something great. we do it because we believe we can make this great country objects, people greatest still at this moment of uncertainty where our country feels court between apostate cannot re live on a future yet to be revealed. we must always remember one of the great lessons about queen's right that we are always better when we rise above the petty, the trivial the day to day. to focus on the things that really matter. the things that unites us, rather than those which divide us our elizabeth and age may now be over. but her legacy will live on forever. and as the children of that era,
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it falls upon us to take that legacy forward. to show the same love of country the love of one another as she did to show empathy and compassion as she did. and to get frightened through this dark night and bring it into the dawn. as she did, we join together to day, not just to say good bye to aquila to sharon our morning, but to say something else employed. god save the k. because as one error ends. so another begins. king charles, the 3rd has been, i devoted servant of this country his entire life. he has been a powerful voice, the fantasy, and understood the impulse of the environment long before many others. as he ascends to his new road with the queen, come so by his side,
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the whole house. indeed, the whole country will join to day to wish him a long, happy and successful rain. dare mister speak of the emotions we see across the nation today? ah echoed across the commonwealth to which our queen was so committed in the church to which our queen was so devoted and any armed forces which she led and her family said around the world, people will be united in mourning for her posse and united, celebrating her life we've already seen beautiful tribute flow from across the world. it would be impossible to capture the mole head. but each one is a reminder of the esteem in which she was held of what she achieved on behalf of her country, of the shed values we treasure. the reason i lost feel so
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profound is not just because she stood at the head of our country for 70 years. but because in spirit, she stood amongst us as we move forward. as we forge a new path, as we build towards a better future, she will always be with us. for all she gave us and all she will continue to give us. we say thank you. my up queen, rest in peace. don't say a i don't call on the father of spiritual bolts from what i have been watching. british opposition leader kids darma and before him prime minister less trust address the british parliament honoring the late queen elizabeth. we will talk about those statements in a moment, but 1st let's go back to aberdeen airport in scotland, where dw correspondent emily gordon is standing by emily. i understand the king has
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arrived and is just now actually in the plain taxiing on his way back to london. tell us more. yes, he is almost ready for lift off. as he said he's bought the train or the plane, sorry. and he's accompanied by his wife, the queen, consort camilla. together they will travel to london, where he will with a king will needs come in to set his trust in the evening. he set to hold the suites and tomorrow you will, you will be officially proclaimed king and ultimately step instead of very big footsteps. that's pretty level of elizabeth leave behind. there we are seeing those live pictures now. all that royal plane taxing at the, on the runway, they're about to take off and make its way to london. emily, you mentioned a few of the new kings or priorities. what he's going to be doing,
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but talk us through in little more detail. the next step you mentioned he'll be proclaimed to morrow big shoes to fill. what is he going to be doing in the next hours and days? well as soon as he arrives in london, i mean he will, like i said, he won't leave the prime minister you over then tomorrow you will meet the accession council and that will let me send this confirmation to the king and then formulations will follow london around the country and it will be, you know, it will be a very well be a few days of, of morning here and am am, i think he will, you will join the british people in remembering the queen and in and, and, and then you know, on, in the we cannot forget that of course, this is his mother. it's not is not only the queen,
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but of course are king. charles is like mother, so no doubt during some personal morning. as you mentioned, charles will be formerly proclaimed king to morrow, but although it should be noted that he technically is already the king, he became the king, the moment of the queen's passing the ceremony. as you mentioned, emily will take place at saint james's palace in london, and in front of that ceremonial ceremonial body, known as the accession counsel. or can you tell us a little bit about some of the changes, the sort of momentous changes that this changing of the sovereign brains? absolutely, i mean, you will on the one hand of course have simply the change in character. i mean, the queen was nice being quite a political, whereas prince charles has been known to be more vocal, especially when it comes to environmental causes. and at the same time, you will then have changes only
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a name. so obviously the british people will now be singing, god save the king and not the queen. he will become the face of currency and post sumps and offices that bore the name of her majesty will now become his majesty. and while these changes seem quite minor, bear in mind this has been, you know, these, these, this has been in the queen has been the face of so many things to 70 years. people are used to saying god's saver cream people are used to seeing her on coin, so it will be it, i mean, your british, i'm a trade in evelina as long as we've been alive. we've seen the queen on the money. it's going to be such that sounds like it's something small, but i, i mean, i really personally feel that's quite momentous and it just in itself. absolutely. i mean there are, you know, i know my grandparents grow up with the queen. i know to.


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