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ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. it's the end of an era and a nation is in warning tributes. flo, following the death of britons, queen elizabeth the 2nd. the crown now passes to her eldest son, charles. he has flown back to london from the queen's home in scotland. the king will make the prime minister and later address the nation as it's the 1st new
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monarch in 70 years. and while outside buckingham palace, people line up to lay flowers and candles as they come to pay their respects to the woman once described by her grandson harry, as the nation's grandmother. and as governments all over the world paid their last respects across britain, a special gun salute with $96.00 shots to mock the years of the late monarch. ah, i am rebecca rich as welcome to our special coverage of the death of queen elizabeth, the 2nd britons longest reigning monarch, her success. her successor rather king charles has returned to london from balmoral castle in scotland, where the queen died. is due to mate the prime minister list trusts. and later
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he'll make his 1st address to a nation in morning. in a special parliamentary session, british m pays have been paying tribute to the queen and the country has entered a formal period of morning. let's go to our corresponded. com as when he's in front of buckingham palace in london. count, set the scene for us if he will. what's the mood there in front of the palace this morning? yeah, it really feels like a waking up to day. it was one of those rare days where everything seems to have changed to the end of an era of queen elizabeth the beginning of a new one in you can feel that here at buckingham palace, it seems to be turning into a bit of a pilgrimage. so many people coming down seemingly even more than yesterday to pay the respects you see many people are bringing flowers. and interestingly, it's as if every one in london coordinated and knew what to do. but you see many people wearing black as a sign of respect,
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almost as if there attending an actual memorial service or funeral. i've spoken with a couple of people, many of whom were elderly, and i asked them, why did you make the effort to come down here? one, a woman in a wheel chair and she simply said, i just felt like i had to. it's remarkable. i called the new king charles the 3rd has just now returned to london. we have seen those pictures of his plain leaving bow, moral, or leading scotland, where his mother, the queen, died yesterday. ah, run us through what's next for the new king. and indeed for the rest of the royal family, it's going to be a big day for the new king for king charles the 3rd, as you mentioned, he's on his way back to london, are probably just about to arrive and he should be making his way to buckingham palace here behind me, where he is expected to be meeting with another new leader in this country, the 3 day olds, the prime minister, liz trav. so a couple of new figure heads in the u. k. will be
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a meeting for the 1st time and they'll be discussing behind a closed door. so that's the 1st item on king charles's agenda. later on, we do expect him to be making his 1st televised address to the nation. ah, it will likely be a pre recorded address. we expect that around a 6 pm to nights. so it will be a chance for the new king to set the tone to agree to the nation and, and maybe to start to lay the foundation for what we can expect from him. of course, just enormous shoes to fill, coming in in the wake of, of queen elizabeth. and he will try to set the tone and, and really bring this nation into a new era to today. and tonight in day we are saying live pictures. now all the new king traveling through the capital. aah, carl. we understand that britain has now entered a long period of morning. what does that mean exactly?
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will public life feed put on hold and for how long? yet as of right now, the 10 days of national morning here, and of course the period for the royal family themselves will go on a even longer than that, extending beyond the funeral. a lot of it is ceremony. all the flags that you see around london are at half mast. um, but there's also practical implications as well. a lot of the political activity that had been happening at a very fast pace because as we know, england is, is facing a few different crises in terms of the cost of living crisis. the, the increase in fuel costs the, that activity has really ground to a halt. there won't be any discussion of politics at westminster that will just be discussions of the queen. of course, we know that there was a, the new prime minister list ross had led some remembrance to day in parliament and there'll be another special meeting to morrow. and again, just discussing the queen, no political activity as well as interesting is interesting to see that plan strikes. there was a rail strike and
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a postal strike planned for today. and over the weekend. those have been postponed, as well as well as the premier league. those matches have been postponed as well. so this is something that will be seeing the effects of this period of morning across the nation. carl, thank you for that update. every correspondent, con asmin. it for us in london. now while the death of the 96 year old queen wasn't unexpected, after recent health difficulties, her country is still filling the shock of her loss. let's take a look now at a nation in morning. on the way to school, a solitary visit to the gates of rainy bell moral estate. a moment for a parent and children to mark the day after the queen died. less solitary outside of buckingham palace in london, where police officers are providing flower placement and security. it's another logical spot for prayer and reflections. the day after the queen died
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even when she didn't touch us personally. it means a lot from no to royalist, but i think she was a mother she. she's been a randall malloy, so i've never known anything different. that last of course with a monarch on the throne for 70 years is a common refrain. with o nom de swan queen, here she's here to pass there. we've always look to them crane og. now and she's just been a constant through everything. everything that goes on bad. she's really reminded us of what it means to be ha, putting something you know, taking a vow and taking it seriously. the queen vowed to dedicate her life to public service and stuck to her promise, even in the last days of her life,
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smiling as she formerly appointed liz trust as the 15th prime minister under her watch. but thursday evening, the formal notice at buckingham palace, the queen had passed peacefully at her scottish estate, and the country now has a king. this will impute charles at 73 has been standing by as air to the throne for decades, assisting his mother, especially as she aged now, king charles, the 3rd, you know, things going to change and i will probably add some different currency. now, you know, with pneumonia on there and a lot is going to change with a new king. a lot is going to stay the same. but the day after the queen died and in the weeks to come, it's still about her date. any reports. hannah clara is here in the studio with make sure hannah was saying a lot of outpouring of great frida. are you surprised by that reaction from so many
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britain? no, i'm no it's. it's fascinating to see all these people who genuinely are very touched and very sad by the death of a woman they couldn't possibly have ever known in any real sense. but people, i mean, you seen it there, people weeping in the streets. um, but it's not, not surprising. i was a very young reporter in 1097 when diana died. and that was astounding. sees of flowers out outside of i think i think anyone hell is alive, remembers where they were when they heard that news. yeah, really big deal, but the, the outpouring of grief then was amazing. you know, there were people like to day weeping in the streets and that speaks to the kind of the special mark. one might say strange place that the wall family does have within the identity of british people, you know, that it's become, has been for a long time. and i think the queen elizabeth, you know, added to that is the avatar for lots of people's hopes, dreams,
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and wishes and the project that i have projected onto quinlan for the 2nd for 70 years. and now she's gone ass, sad day for so many, hannah stay with us. we're going to take a closer look now at the new king charles the 3rd who were of course, decades to prepare for his new role. and take a look back at charles as long white to be king. ah, he was done the perpetual prince waiting to be king longer than any other air to the throne before him. charles philip arthur george, mount patton windsor, was born in 1948. the 1st son of princess elizabeth he was who years old at his mother's coronation. queen elizabeth the 2nd authors from the abbey, consecrated and dedicated to her life work. after attending boarding school and
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graduating from came it's university. charles continued toil tradition by serving in the royal air force, and royal navy at 30 to the wells most eligible bachelor announced his engagement to lady diana spencer. 13 years as junior was delighted in habit. i made the cheese of being brave enough to feel the couple married in july 1991. it was the wedding of the century and captured the world's imagination. thousands came up to cheer and around the globe. hundreds of millions watched the ceremony on the tv screens. again, the couple had 2 sons, william and harry gave me a chance, but the fairy tale wasn't to last. to me for charles and his wife seemed
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increasingly unhappy. notwithstanding the tress published leaked phone conversations that showed charles was having an affair with a former girlfriend, camilla parker bowles, 5 minutes in 1992, they made their split official. it is announced from buckingham palace that with regret, the prince and princess of wales have decided to separate a year after the couple divorced diana was killed in a car crash and paris. after being founded by pepper antsy. charles accompanied her body back to britain. there was an outpouring of public grief for diana's death and with this scandal surrounding their marriage, not yet forgotten. public opinion of prince charles and the royal family had never been so low. charles continued to dedicate himself to his royal duties and his charitable causes,
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most notably the prince's trust, the charity he set up to help improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. his relationship with camilla parker bowles continued to develop and in 2005, the couple were married innocent ceremony together they've carried on charles work and sustainability. he has always been passionate about the environment, promoting organic farming and biodiversity on his estate. but also on a global stage at the cop $26.00 climate summit in las go, he urge global leaders to do more to limit global warming. the close to the nation is far greater than the cost to prevention. climb has quite literally run out. this will impact his mother stepped back from some of her
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responsibilities in recent years, and especially after the death of his father, prince philip. charles took a more significant and active part in discharging royal duties from king and waging to king and training. now, charles will take on the role that he has been preparing for his entire life preparing for his entire life. and do you think that charles is all or perhaps could ever become as popular and beloved as his mother unlikely? he 73. so he's not going to have 70 years to do it and, and he has had, as you so in that report a couple of dips in his popularity, but he has done a fairly good job. i think of a rebuilding his public public reputation. i think marian camella and kind of taking this role of kind of, you know, active grandfather to william and kate's kits to, to in particular, i think has been clever. i think what's also been very smart is this alliance that
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he has built with his son william and his wife kate and his car holding them very close. they are very popular and that will rub off on him. and i think that you will see that continuing, although he has his own agenda, he has things that he wants to do. i think he will be very smart to keep william and kate for a close. yeah. to appeal to the younger generation. for example. i mean, we also saw in that report, i will just say quickly that we are seeing live pictures now of the new king greeting people in london, greeting taking, ah, you know, many wishing they're, they're sending their well wishes to him. no doubt, shaking hands there. and we were just talking about trying to, you know, build relations with the next generation we saw in our report that charles is of course, very passionate. many will know about the environment, climates, early high, polluted, highly political issues. is it likely that he'll remain as vocal about those topics
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now that he's king, this is going to be really interesting because this is where you can a ceremonial role as king now kind of crosses over into an area which is not supposed to go into. and he has been active not only publicly, but also sending private letters. i'm quite a lot of them to governments in the past who cash of them from 2004, 2005, he wrote tony blair's government urging him to take action. various different ministers, not just tony blair, on agriculture, on medicine related issues and environmental questions. these are made public and we're very embarrassing because it's not really a line that the british monica supposed to cross. so it'll be interesting to see now years the monarch, whether he, what kind of balance he can strike and how much of that he can do in can, in concert with the government. because we've got a brand new government as well. and so you've got these 2, are
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a big movers coming into powerful positions within the u. k. at the same time, at a period of massive uncertainty. it's all to play for, for it. it's really, it's remarkable. now we know that king charles will be monarch, not just of britain, not just of the united kingdom, but also the head, a state of 14 other commonwealth countries. what is his standing like? i'm a strategy and obviously i want to have some opinions there myself, but you know what is standing like within those countries? i think i it's, it's difficult to tell from, within those countries, what was very interesting though, was last year when using bel, barbados and barbados declared itself republic. and he was there to relatively humbly for a prince to accept that and to wish barbados well for his future. and there are movements is, you'll know, from australia movements within the commonwealth to pull away from the u. k. and, and within those countries that still have the british monarch as their head of state to, to change that to become republics. i,
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i can only imagine that he plus william will, will be happy to accept that and to who knows, maybe even encourage it. all right, i thank you very much for that database, honey clever for us. who president prime minister's monarchs and world leaders have paid tribute to the life and service of queen elizabeth remembrances of pouring in from all around the globe. ordinary people have also pay their respects to the woman who was the face of britain for more than 70 years. and she was the monarch of 14 other countries. o a moving fair will war cry for the queen. new zealand pays homage to her majesty with a ceremonial mari hacker dance. 7 $9.00 to $6.00 shots to mark each year of elizabeth the 2nd life in australia's
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capital camera in sydney warner's cue to pay a personal tribute to her. many are shocked and saddened the world today has lost a true gem. a world leader who was not in it for herself that you know her family in the country was what came 1st and yeah, i think with alberto, be sad for her for her passing. i remember her long ryan and she'd been a great example to the world of dignity and grace and faithfulness and nothing. somehow that has left the world. you know something we've lost something that might be we'll never again, they'll never be any one like her or for that length of time. the queen's death was
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felt from africa to the pacific. in the hours following the announcement of her death, city landmarks across the globe were lit up in her honor. others turned to darkness. and flowers were laid outside british embassies and consulates. chuckles baton. i have always associated britain with the queen and it moved me so much when i heard that she died and that surprised me on is mazique women. i would like to send my condolences to the british people. once of yanine, we shall, sorry for her death. oh, lord huh, we wish your mercy we unfortunately all we have lost them one of the greatest queens of the times we live in that we saw the landlord to review blacks have been lowered to half mast to mark the passing of the monarch. tribute are
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expected to continue as the u. k wakes up to a new era nearly a british prime minister less trust spoke to a session of parliament. sh, here's what she had to say about the passing of queen elizabeth. we have witnessed the most heartfelt outpouring of grief of the loss of her late majesty the queen. crowds have gathered flags had been lowered to hoffman. st. tributes had been sent from every continent around the world. on the death of her father, king george the 6th, winston churchill said, the news had stilled the clatter and traffic of 20th century life in many lambs. now 70 years later, in the tumult of the 21st century, life has paused again. her light majesty,
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queen elizabeth the 2nd was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. she was the rock on which molden britain was built. the german chancellor la shalt also gave a statement paying tribute to the queen, calling her a role model and inspiration for millions. here's the chancellor statement for the one. britain has lost its queen and the world has lost a figure of a century ago over 70 years. she reigned, it seems like half an eternity, but the queen embodied the best of our common european legacy democracy and the rule of law. elizabeth elizabeth, despite against him doing some lunch, elizabeth, the 2nd devoted her life to the service of her countrymen and women. one week to follow dunc barcode of the, and we looked with gratitude at the life of the queen who stood among other things
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for you to also overcoming amnesty after the 2nd world war. her many visits to germany because of her strong presence and interest in the people she met will stay with us for a long time. but the ladies among those paying tribute to queen elizabeth is the beloved children's character. paddington bare paddington bears twitter account tweeted simply thank you ma'am for everything. and the video was saying, here is of the queen with paddington bear from her platinum jubilee celebrations earlier this year. and it's gone viral again. everything that's very kind here to discuss more is my guess finance and date of the culture mark 70 years on the throne. all of them televised, mind you and yet this image of the queen and 96 year old woman having take the
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cutting there is, has really stuck with a lot of people. why is that? is so wonderfully playful, isn't it? i mean, is another cultural icon, paddington, bad, many people killed make many british people will remember from their childhood, revitalized, in this new incarnation. and it gave the british people a sense of who the queen might be the smile. this playfulness this, you know, 2022 were very relate to billet, relate ability of the queen. whether it really is the real queen that we see there . of course, we don't know in some ways her acting role there with paddington is part of her life that began with the very 1st televised coronation with her in the, on the throne. and under the media lens for the rest of her life, really following her throughout her trials and tribulations that, of course, the 1969 controversial documentary about the royal family christmas messages as we were talking about before. and then of course, the fantastic bond girl moment with daniel craig for the 2012 olympics where
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she's sort of stood alongside him in plato regal role, appearing to jump out of a helicopter showing a real sense of good fun. and i think, yeah, absolutely, really. it was all part of a kind of an image make over to make a scene more relate to like, after seeming somewhat harsh at the death of princess diana. the question is now whether king charles, the 3rd, the monarch, formerly known as prince, can fill the screen in quite the same way. in keeping with the queen, want in your view, has been her contribution to arts and culture in the k. but of course, she's a great patron of the arts. all of the charities, all of the foundations, all of the arts councils and so on, that use her name, use the rule families name to generate funding for their productions from theater to films and so on. but i'd like to focus on an interesting point that i find interesting is that as a cultural icon, she represents the establishment. and that's something that for youth culture in particular, can kick against ortiz or rebel against the beatles in the final song of their last
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album. that they recorded together abbey road. paul mccartney, gently river the, the monarch with his own majesty. and then in the seventy's, the sex pistols. god save the quote. you know, god save the queen and in the eighty's the smiths with a quite, quite always shocking album. title, the queen is dead, so it's kind of shows you how deeply but even in the fabric of culture pop culture, the life of the royals is almost out of time. but what do you think will they have cultural legacy on it? that's i think it's vast, but as the funeral takes place, even in her death, we'll see this theater in the patch and tree of her funeral like the weddings in the fuels before hers really display what britain does amazingly brilliantly it stages these national shows that show her and what she meant people, the color that has inspired many film directors go on the record saying when i saw the coronation, that was what you know,
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put me in mind of what images can do and how they work on the screen. so i think her legacy is huge in so many different ways. it would be hard to pinpoint that i think her place in the role family is that suddenly left him a combination. mark estrin from d w cut culture. thank you very much. you're watching daily news in berlin and our special coverage off the death of queen elizabeth the 2nd. we'll have more for you at the top of the hour. rebec, written thanks for watching with with
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