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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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ah, it's waters connect people of many cultures. siena m a star and jaffar abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean. where has history left its traces, meeting people hearing their dreams mediterranean during this week on d. w. with this is he w. a news asia coming up to date, asian nations across the commonwealth and beyond more than the world's longest serving monarch tributes. florian from countries. queen elizabeth the 2nd had ruled over those she'd been at war with a brief moment of global unity in bidding farewell to elizabeth the steadfast, the end of an era.
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ah, i've been fizzle and welcome a constant in so many of our lives. a global icon of calmness and fortitude through decades of political upheaval and social change. the world has been paying tribute to queen elizabeth the 2nd in her role as head of the commonwealth of nations. the queen helped advance a new international order of peace and prosperity. she ascended the throne of the a few years after the petition of india. both pakistan and bangladesh were created out of india, all 3 members of the color wealth, but not without their differences. prime minister in from modi, met queen elizabeth twice during trips to the u. k. he warmly remembered the queen showing him a handkerchief given to her by mahatma gandhi, the p. m. tweeted she'll be remembered as a stalwart about times. she provided inspiring leadership to her nation and people,
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personified dignity and decency and public life. are deli bureau chief and read a chima joins us. so we saw modi's message of condolence. what's been the reaction in india then tributes have been pouring in since the news came in and the news came in in india late last night, so that most of the newspapers did will catch more than just a short headline. on the news of the queen's passing, but there's a lot of stuff online and the televisions are giving a lot of coverage. a lot of the comments are coming from politicians. my local on addition, described a queen elizabeth as a person who had shown courage wisdom and faced her services to the nation. and then he had another person talking about your she's a wonderful person. she was a true friend of india. so lot of coverage on the queen's passing, jo ann denney, the queen ascended the throne. joseph the indian independence. she really was the face of the evolving relationship between india and the u. k. wasn't she
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in many ways a yes or been because she became a queen 5 years after india, not independence in 1947. and she came to india 11 years later. now her 1st visit was the in a 1961 and she talked about the warned that hospitality of indians. and she also talked about the richness and diversity of in there. but she said was an inspiration to people like her. so the next visit then, once in 1983, and that's the day when the commonwealth heads of government were meeting here in delhi. and that was also the time that she famously gave mother theresa and ordered of married. and at that time, in the right dandy india's a female prime minister was a bear. and it was wonderful to see the speeches leaving seeing and recent hours of the 2 strong, competent and elegant ladies, obviously enjoying each other's company. and a final visit been to india was in 1987. and that was that india was marking 50 years of independence. and that's when the queen, for the 1st time,
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acknowledged the colonial history between the 2 countries. and didn't see talk to much difficult episodes of colonial history. and mentioned specifically a famous massacre, a genuine, a bang. so obviously she had acknowledged that and that meant a lot to be below india and breathe if you have any personal memories of the quick well actually i have to, you know, when i was of a little girl, i was obviously quite kind of mesmerized. but the whole royalty thing, so wrote a letter to the queen asking about her and asking for a photo. obviously i didn't get a reply back from her, but i did get a reply from her lady in waiting saying she'd been instructed by her majesty to thank me for my letter. and the 2nd or so it was actually a much later when i was a student and that's it. and the 2nd time or benefit of the student in england at oxford university. and she was our chief guest at a rod scanners function. so i remember that you came by and you know, we were all dazzled by have vain, neon colored outfit. she just won't ask me,
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but prince philip, he stopped by and exchanged a few words with me, but that wasn't good enough for me. i had wanted to talk to the queen and read or tell me what is the commonwealth now without queen elizabeth, the 2nd i think must be we will say quite diminished because many people felt in the com and was that she was the glue that held this grouping together because people had boston regard for, even though some people feel that this whole commonwealth things a bit outdated, but they felt the didn't she is there that this organization was what been a member of now, but things are changing also in india, as we saw just very recently, and the indian prime minister, you re named the street just behind me, was court kings way earlier, linked with the colonial bass. it's now been named the path of duty. and what he said, the prime minister was india has got rid of a symbol of slavery. so you see that there's a great desire here in this government to get rid of the colonial legacy. and i'm
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sure that will also have an impact on india's links with that. and with that, with the commonwealth, i made a jamie for us in delhi. thank you very much. reaction to the queen's passing have been pouring in from around the region, singapore leda, lease and long described. elizabeth, the 2nd is the very heart and soul of the u. k. taiwanese president, sy, in when said her country remembers and celebrates her life of leadership and service, which set an example for people around the world. and japan's prime minister whom yoke is shita also paid tribute to the queen for strengthening ties between his country and the u. k equal me. no, he not as this is a huge loss, did it not only for the british people, it will also for the international community. great colors for you know, japan will be with the people of britain in overcoming this deep sorrow. but when you leave us, china has also offer condolences, but the queen's passing is more acutely felt in hong kong. the british ruled the
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territory for over a 150 years before handing it back to the chinese. in 1997 people have been gathering outside the british consulate, the union jack, flying at half mars elizabeth visited hong kong twice during her reign in 1975 and 86 when it was still a british outpost. here are some reactions from hong kong, s y, lima. i miss the queen very much and i'm very grateful to her for the many years. she rolled over hong kong i'm seeing a lot with out of her passing away this morning. i felt a pang of sadness, l. it's possible that with always had a firm handle on the circumstances of the british royal family. as i grew up, this few spoke distant and close choice up. i'm gay. as a lawyer, i remember her visiting hong kong in the early days of her reign, denisha grandiose and influential. oh, the general public felt she was beautiful and wonderful. i don't see my love doctor carla hole made me. and over to dw correspondent phoebe cong. tell us more about the reaction in hong kong. ah whiles quin this
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vest and the royal families of course no stranger to hong kong residence and late just last night when the new stroke, many people talk to social media to mourn the death of the queen. anne a to day my, my p paul online offline and are paying tribute to this are legendary faker that i many people went to day. our british, a consulate general in hong kong to a leafs are flowers and also messages thought had a book of our con dahlin says this and i met people saying that they pay a respect and also gratitude to de queen that hath our black root, hong kong of for decades before hong kong was handed back to china and are or so there are some like reaction from the government that despite at a time, so some kind of the tensions between china, hong kong government and also the u. k. ah. but then our hong kong, a chief executive john the gave a shout statement saying that she
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a he expressed her, thow sadness and condolences on to the death of the queen and our he described that the queen was greatly respected and praised by the british people said as to reaction from the hong kong government. and when we look at the media coverage that like of course it is it, this is a one of like the biggest news to day in hong kong because people feel so connected with on the u. k. and also the queen herself, but then because of the political climate here and also kind of like a sensitive or matters of covering about the new k r royal family that some of the media like he had to have some self censorship that i've heard from the some of the friends from on the newsroom, barking in hong kong, they said they, some editors will, i have to sell sensors. some of the news coverage to tune down on the cartridge and not to lay play a to bake it can you describe to be in more detail that connection there at the u. k. in the monarchy, especially for the older generation i,
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as hong kong had been like a late and the british war for over a 150 years. and. and the most important era that is to post war era was under, or the ring after queen elizabeth and are interestingly, they people in hong kong called the queen as, ah, that the boss lady that is the nickname given to the queen by the general public. that is like a cantonese neck name so so, so we can see what a sense of lay special attachment and special connection between hong kong and p poor and n r and and to the queen herself. and then like up but, but that's not only limited to the older generation is or so on. did the younger generation. they feel that like that they're great. that's legacy left by the queen . and the colonial government set has, are she led? is that only making hong kong from a fish village to one of the most successful international cities by lay out playing late are important infrastructure to our,
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at the society. i'm say the judiciary education or the medical system and, and, and very important lay administrative of system that, that have. that's hong kong. so successful in many aspects. so are for many people on the call your efforts ends on those up good old times of hong kong that especially when the hong kong is facing light politic upheavals after hendo far so many people like a miss those times late. and that the colonial rule and like even and do today we were see or see some like on site footprints of, of the queen like are many, are important facilities like the hospitals. some public schools are a named after queen elizabeth and, and even some coins lay with our her face annette still satellite until today. so she is kind of late, still living memory is poor for many residents to hong kong. phoebe kong on the boss, lady, and her footprint in how cold. thank you. apart from the u. k. queen elizabeth was
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the monica 14 countries. one of those was pub when you're guinea, which like nearby australia and new zealand, woke up today with a new head of state, king charles, the 3rd is b, n, g prime minister james morabe. from the mountains lilies appliance, the islands and the lowlands. welcome. and the $600.00 plus island, what we call property entire nation. stan siler all because well that's it for this week. more coverage on the queen's legacy. on our website. we leave you with many trips to asia during a long ray of tooth
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with him. when you work as an architect, like go online or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them versus, what is the poetry,
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the secret of the house and i'm calling about their motivations. in goal of architecture is to create habitat for human, about their struggles and dreams. a responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose. shattering the glass ceiling in architecture. does this have to be really, really good? storage september 30th? oh d, w. ah ah, europe tackles a vicious circle of energy prices and consumer prices. ministers come together in prague to try to break that cycle with many pinning their hopes on a price cap will ask if that will help. but as ministers talk, companies suffer like a glass maker now paying 20 times,
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it's normal energy bill. and it's got lots of sun and wind and it is connected to the grid. so why has it taken so long for this spanish island to turn to renewable energy? welcome to d. w. business. i'm christy plats and it's shaping up to be a big week for you. economic affairs. after the e. c. b announcement. unprecedented rate hike yesterday. you economic and finance ministers are gathering and prague for an informal meeting at the top of the agenda . the looming recession caused by high energy prices and record high inflation in europe. finance ministers will also be discussing financial support for war torn ukraine. german finance minister kristi and linda announced he wants to push for the oil price cap agreed on by g 7 countries. while i'm joined now by d w band li got who's at the conference in cog band. good to see you. a lot of chatter about how to bring down prices for consumer.


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