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tv   Afrimaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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break wesley in him? i speak in the name of shaw, longest father, son and holy spirit. our man alive lives in the service of others is a rare jewel. it is a chill. that her late majesty the queen wore as
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a crown to day we gather in this cathedral church with those across our nation, the commonwealth and the world with a profound sadness as we mourn her death. in doing so, we mark and celebrate the life of an extraordinary dedicate that it, which was dedicated to others. during her coronation at westminster abbey, almost 70 years ago. the young queen was anointed before god with sesame and olive oil containing orange flowers, roses, jasmine, cinnamon, and mask. her life was set apart for the service of others. this act of anointing was so sacred that she was hidden from view and covered by
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a golden canopy. a rare moment of privacy in a life to be lived in full view of millions. her majesty's sense of vocation and calling was not something she could pick up and put down again. it was deeply embedded in her understanding of herself. in the spirit of our reading from saint paul's letters to the romans. she did not live to herself, nor has she died to herself. most of us have not known life without the queen. when she ascended to the throne, the world and the country were both very different places. for 7 decades, her majesty remained remarkable constant in the lives of millions, a symbol of unity, strength, forbearance,
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and resilience. she has been this nation's honouring heart beat 3 times of progress, joy and celebration, as well as in much darker and more difficult seasons. in a message released on extension day, she wrote in this special year, as i dedicate a new to your service, i hope we will be reminded of the power of togetherness, and the convening strength of family friendship and good neighborliness. as we mourn her loss, give flanks for her life and re orientate ourselves as individuals and a nation to life without her majesty. may her words remind
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us of the power and strength to be found in coming together. all of us are grieving the loss of our head of state, head of commonwealth and supreme governor of the church of england. but the royal family are grieving the loss of a mother, a grandmother, or great grandmother. how we learn to live with death, the death of a loved one differs for each one of us. but we must all find a way to grieve. as the theologian tom wrights said, not to grieve, not to lament is to start slammed the door on the same place in the innermost heart, from which love itself comes. we know it may not know the power of that
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love until the moment of loss. for as the writer car eel shall brook bran wisely observes, laugh knows not its own death. that until the hour of separation. when we are bereaved, we need to make opportunities individually and together to face and absorb the death of depth of our loss. yet we are also invited into the healing love of god, which never falters and which is the deepest and why despise spect, if of our lives. it is his perspective, beautifully expressed by the writer of deuteronomy. who tells us that
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underneath our, the ever lasting arms. even in the midst of our grief, we are enfolded in that or in come passing love. as a christian, i believe that death is not the end. that gives me hope, even in the worst of times, to speak of hope is not to deny the fear. the loss and the anguish which death brings jesus himself stood with mer martha and mary of the tomb of his beloved friend, lazarus, and wept. holy undone by grief. but in that cameo we have the assurance of god's presence in the wells pain and a model for our response to human suffering. god is there for us and we are
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called to be there for others. the word of the prophet isaiah assures us that the spirit of the lord is at work and will bind up the broken hearted comfort, those who mourn and give them a garland instead of ashes and the oil of glad nes, instead of mourning, her majesty had a remarkable christian faith about which she had increasingly spoken in recent years. referring to jesus christ as her anchor and role model. here in this cathedral church. on the 3rd of june, we joined to celebrate her platinum jubilee. the archbishop of york spoke of her faith in jesus christ as a fountain and a well upon which she drew deeply and by which she was
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replenished through the challenges and joys of life. if christ was her anchor, her husband, the late prince philip, in her own words, was her majesty's strength and stay. yet even in the depths of her her own morning, we saw once again her courage and her instinct for putting the need or needs of others. first, at her coronation, all those years ago, she walked up the arm of westminster abbey straight past the throne and knelt at the high altar in silent prayer. she gave her allegiance to god before any one gave allegiance to her, the debt, the bread and the generosity of her majesty's self giving in service was an
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extra ordinary gift. i am certain, it has glad and at god's heart. no words can him come encompass how much we owe her late majesty the queen. she will be profoundly and greatly missed my prayers are with the royal family at this time, that they may know in the midst of their loss. that underneath are the ever lasting arms. in the words of simeon, when, after a long life lived in faithfulness, he met with god incarnate: lord, now lettuce, thou thy servant, depart in peace, according to thy word. on the note debaters
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ah ah ah let us pray go to photo you have called us to follow in the way of christ,
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even to them. by the victory of the cross. need you a faithful servant, elizabeth, through death to resurrection, where christ has gone before lot in your mercy, saving god, you have promised your salvation to all who trust in. bring her with all your savings to your eternal presence. lords in your mercy. here at our living god, you have promised to new life to all who are found in christ. clothe her with the life of christ, whom no to even death could hold. sloth. and you'll notice
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eternal god, all our days depend on you for you are the giver of old good, get bron taz with her the life of your eternal joy and peace. lords in your mercy, i trust thing in the compulsion of gold. let us pray with confidence us. i will save you hostility ah, going on give us all day and forgive us 3 for him. and he does not deliver. uh
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huh. eternal god. we pray for ourselves as we pray for elizabeth, our departed. so friend, we stand where earth and heaven meet when life is brought to death and death is made, the gate to glory. deliver us from fear and doubt from despair and unbelief and bring us all to the lights of your presence. granted that peace which the world cannot give so that we with her may trust in you and find our life in you. we may call prayer through jesus christ, our savior in life and death, who lives and drains with you in the unity of. so the spirit gone horrible and as
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and that was life coverage of a memorial service at saint paul's cathedral in central london, commemorating the life and reign of queen elizabeth and with me here in the studio is de w's. hannah clever hannah services is the 1st of many events that will become commemorating the queen. we could see there were many members of the public in the cathedral. how important events like this in the morning process in morning. queen elizabeth, it's interesting is that, you know, with the 21st century country in the u. k. and yet we go back to these very traditional ceremonial and religious a. and i think it's one of those things that people need in times of
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uncertainty and britain is in this massively uncertain situation. we've had this queen there for 70 years now. we've got a new king. nobody really knows what he's going to be doing. we've got a government, i think, 4 days old or something and not even fully formed. and so our and, and province within the country are enormous and many and, and this kind of grasping on to ceremonial things is going to be going on for the next. at least a week and i think that is very important psychologically for the country ceremony and tradition. now, queen ledger elizabeth was the head of the church of england. now it's king charles, who's the head of the church of england in can you tell us what role religion plays in the monarchy for the monarch king charles spoke about earlier? and in the, in the u. k. in general, it's interesting also you don't really think of the u. k as being such a religious country. it's no longer catholic, a large degree. and yet you do have the monarch being head of the anglican church,
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which is not just the church of england anglican church globally, which is huge. and, and yet, charles said it king charles, that in his speech, you know, talked as he is of his deeply rooted faith. and in her speech in the cathedral just now the best bishop of lung london, spoke of queen elizabeth when she was in her coronation. going and dedicating herself to the church before she allowed anybody to pledge themselves to her. so you do have a very old fashioned traditional family that has at call this protestant effect and this deep link to the church of which they are in charge. and you know that the bus is there as well. and king charles of this, he made the point that this will inform his reign as well. and, of course, the morning process is, is so important. but of course this and all the other events to memory, seeing the queen in the coming days and weeks there, paving the way to
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a new era aunt lay where we're heading for a completely new start here. yeah, this is a really interesting transition period. and transitions rule is fascinating because you've got a combination of looking back and looking forward and deciding what you're going to take from what has gone before. what are you going to take there and how are you going to use that into the future? and that was what something that charles really did in his speech to the nation this evening. you know, he spoke about all this dedication and duty that his mother had done and promised to continue that into the future. and yet, i think he also gave some strong signals that he's, you know, really going to be trying to modernize monarchy and that will have trickle down effect through the country, i think. and a clever thanks so much that analysis you're watching d. w. news live at from berlin, and we end this hour with a look back at the life and reign of queen elizabeth the 2nd. ah,
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with ah, ah unimaginable terror attack changed the world 911, a date brandy to human memory. once earlier,
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when afghan had warned of the imminent threat, mud show my suit, miss it and saw my blood in the terror for the kiddos murdered him for it. 911, the unheeded warning. in 15 minutes on d, w, somalia has been hit hard by community change with a issue, but there is a way out affordable desalination of sea water and initiative by somali business men demonstrates how it can be done. eco africa in 90 minutes on d. w. o, in many countries, education is still
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a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world can't go to school with we ask why? because education makes the world more just i make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines a vibrant habitat ended glistening place along the mediterranean sea. it's waters connect people of many cultures seen of almost rock enter far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean,
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where it has history a legal hearing, their dreams ready to meet this week. d w ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. britain mourns it's longest raining, monarchs, queen elizabeth, the 2nd ah hundreds packs and poles, cathedral in london for a memorial service,


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