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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that north divides and united with this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in oh a a c, w. news like from berlin, britain mourns it's longest raining, monarch, queen elizabeth the 2nd ah, hundreds pack saint paul's cathedral in london for a memorial service, marking her life and brain. her son giving his 1st address as king charles the 3rd
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echo to lead she made to serve her that promise of lifelong service. i renew to all today. we look at what's ahead for the monarchy or new roles for the younger royals, and we ask how charles can follow a queen who served for more than 70 years. ah, i'm nichol foolish. welcome to our special coverage of the death of britons, queen elizabeth, who died and scotland, aged $96.00 on thursday. a service of thanksgiving has been held at saint paul's cathedral to mark the life of britain's longest serving monarch. her son, king charles, returned to london to greet well wishers outside, buckingham palace where crowds of rather to pay tribute to the queen. the united
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kingdom has entered a period of public morning that will last until the day after her funeral. our course on encarnacion is in front of buckingham palace in london, where many are still struggling to make sense of the situation. you'd have to be in your seventy's to remember a time before queen elizabeth. she's been round for that long, and this really did seem like one of those days where when you wake up, everything is changed. this is been the end of a 70 year era in this country. and now the beginning of a new one with king charles the 3rd, you know, in speaking with a lot of people, they do feel some uncertainty around the, the situation course as a new prime minister here as well. but this has been something that many people have been trying to prepare for. they knew it was coming. they might be shocked, but they're not surprised at the death of queen elizabeth, of course, to day the focus has been on her, her life, her duty,
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and her service to this country and speaking with a lot of people. that's why they wanted to come out here today and to leave flowers and other signs of remembrance, ad blocking balance that was current as men for us outside buckingham palace in london. well, in his 1st address as sovereign, the new king paid tribute to his mother and pledged the rest of his life to the service of the british people in the commonwealth. he also said he can count on the loving support of his wife camilla was now queen consort. in a little over a week's time, we will come together as a nation, as a commonwealth, and indeed a global community to lay my beloved mother to rest. in our sorrow, let us remember and draw strength from the light of her example. on behalf of all my family,
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i can only offer the most sincere and heartfelt thanks for your condolences and support. they mean more to me than i can ever possibly express. and to my darling mamma, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late papa, i want simply to say this. thank you. thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations, you have served so diligently. all these years may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest? i can now talk about this to d. w's. hannah clever. hannah, the 1st speech of king charles the 3rd. now officially, what did you make of it?
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it was interesting was not the last bit that we've just heard was really quite emotional. i think that is a signal that he's really trying to become a little bit more emotionally open than perhaps his mother was. and to beset that signal that he's going to be a bit more modern. his speech was very interesting. he started off by going into quite great detail into that. the length from the depth of the service and the duty that his mother had delivered to the country as, as he put it. and then said that he had the phrase than i to now solemnly pledge in the time left me by god to uphold constitutional principles. at the heart of our nation, i think that's quite interesting that mission, that really should signal a change in his behavior. as a prince, he's been quite active. i'm quite politically active. he used to write letters to ministers, asking them to change policy on areas that he was particularly interested in. and i think that's going to have to stop now as an actual,
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the king. he really can't be meddling in day to day politics. i think that's a recognition of that fact. and then he was talking about his 2 sons, william, who as the eldest son, is now become prince of wales. also g cornwall, that she is worth. i've been told at least a 1000000000 pounds. it's a huge land owning dutchy. it includes villages and you know, half of dark more. and he also mentioned harry, who, you know, is a little bit of the black sheep of the family, of that generation, at least of the family. but he expressed what he said to was his love for his 2nd son and wished him and his wife megan all the best in life abroad. so he really wanted to, i think, to come from this very traditional duty driven or mentioning of his mother then through take that into the future and then potentially portraying the slightly warmer, more modern monarchy that he may built. so possibly setting the tone for what's to
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come, can we expect for his oldest son for william to be a little more involved in the royal duties because they are tremendously popular in the u. k. r. and it would be really smart move. charles is not half as popular as his mother was a, nor as popular as his eldest son is. i think he needs to take some of the shine from his mother and borrow some of the shine from his eldest son. and i think you'll be very smart to keep william close. william and kate have been doing more of the official duties over the last couple of years and they had before the children a slightly older they're all at school now. so they've got time. and i think charles is really gonna have to serve as this transition king to the next generation. although he did say in the speech that he would serve his country for as long as the god gave him time. so who knows whether he'll actually continue working till the end of his days? he is 73, isn't he? so can we expect a lot of modernizing to come from him more?
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is this just a 1st step? maybe in a direction that he's then not going to pursue any further. i think it depends how much advice he takes from william. i think william and kate do have a kind of coterie around them that really would like to push the mana key into the 21st century. i mean, we're already 22 years into it, but it's time they try to catch up. and if you listen to them, i think he could take the 1st steps into a modern monarchy that's more open. that is, in some way, perhaps a little bit democratic but he does still carry a lot of his mother and she, although she rolled with the changes she was 96, she was born a very long time ago and was not a modernized or is we would think of it now, and i will get right back to you, but 1st we want to look at the ways that a nation is saying goodbye today. in the historic saint paul's cathedral
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morning from all walks of life congregated to pay their respects to the you. case, longest serving monarch prime minister list trust and opposition lead ikea stammer were among the attendees. hundreds of others had queued up for tickets to the events to commemorate the queen's life and legacy. earlier in the day than now, king charles greece had well wishes outside buckingham palace where emotions were still ra unfairly. oprah bird sal good, joined. luckily with it's a very precious place to come to. a murmur merged roger. yeah, sure. a joy, the sport old ro celebration king charles and his wife camila made their way through the palace gates for the 1st time as king and queen consort.
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there's no doubt that to many the new king has big shoes to fill king chose the 3rd one will obviously print roland ryan ah, to the very best of the visibility, i would like to thought about it from the clean. i think i was very, very special on it and she wasn't only the longish writing more, not infrastructure. i think she was the best, but more not i think in british history, buckingham palace announced that charles will be officially proclaimed king on saturday. and moment he is prepared for his entire life. many hope then you monarch will leave out to his mother's image by keeping a steady hand at the helm as the u. k. of a gates through turbulent times. an hannah clever is
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still with me and now we saw a lot of very emotional responses there to the queen's passing. how come all these people had such a strong connection with the monarch who is a person who lives in a sort of ivory tower arrayed far removed from everyday life? who yeah, i mean, maybe not ivory towers, but several different palaces and car. so it's really interesting and psychological question that has been fascinating me for a long time. quite frankly, as i've been looking at all of this, is that people are very genuinely distressed by the death of women that if they couldn't possibly ever have known. and yet they feel that they did, and i think that was part of the art, the queen elizabeth practice all the way through her cringe. but the 2nd practice of the way through her rain was to kind of give people enough of an opening to make them so to make them feel like they knew her. like they had a reason to emotionally engage with her. and it actually not show them very much if
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anything of herself. so they were then able to pick gomez project on to her. anything that they wanted, you know, people talked about how she funny, she is a pair about how dutiful she was and how they, she meant so much them. and then if you dig deeper, they often don't really have a reason of why they're so sad or why they loved her so much. but the feelings there are very strong and, and definitely not to be discounted, even if one might not share them. and she was a constant, right? she was an institution, she was there when she came to power. the world was a completely different one. well, yeah. and the british empire was still a thing. um, so yes she's, she's been there for ever. but how much does she have road? did she ever really play in people's daily lives? that's what i would ask is that why if, if she wasn't really part of your daily life, and yet you feel so sad when she died and gone? and i find it playing in a fascinating all at the same time and is very powerful. that's not to be denied. i
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mean, i was a very young reporter when princess diana died in 1997. and i was out in the streets talking with people see this sea of flowers outside kensington palace. it was astounding. but that's perhaps more understandable cuz she was a young woman who died in an accident. this is an elderly lady who, who died. oh, you know, as one would expect, she was daily a 100 years old and yet p plus, so terribly affected by it. and that's a powerful thing that, you know, if charles is smart, he will be able to tap into that into that strength of feeling and use that to help him kind of take this new path. i mean, you know, he and his mother that their prime aim is to maintain the monarchy and that has required a lot of sh, fairly small moves and will require some more modernization if he is to carry on. because she had that wait a 2nd to years of people for whatever reason, feeling like they loved her. like they knew her. he has been in the public high for
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almost that long. yes. that $73.00 so or longer than that. but he doesn't have that strength of emotional connection with people yet. he'll have to work to get it. yeah. she worked very hard to get a didn't she, she kind of transitioned the monarchy from, from the monarch being a ruler to being a servant of the people. how much did that help the monarchy survive through these turbulent times in the 20th century? well, it was a very smart rebranding, right. you know, if you look at some of the european monarchies that have survived, they've gone, you know, the, the way of the dutch monarchy, you know, they're the cycling, monica, they're not, we're not so much in the golden carriages and stuff. and yet the british monarchy has managed to maintain the castles, the money, the land that this kind of respect is distance from people were all somehow with the idea that they are serving the people. it was that very smart rebranding
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exercise. how much they really serve is another question i think which one could go into. but the idea of switching that i, that, that, that image for being the rulers, to the servants. that was very clever. thank you very much. and i clever st. you now for a business news with daniel winter and nickel, really for me and the entire team here in the newsroom. thank you so much for a company today. i am like when you work as an architect, like go all in or not at all. women in architecture, wires is so invisible to the larger public we decided to mask them versus.


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