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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy alice services. be allah guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by from bought lou with this is debbie news live from berlin, britain, moorings its longest. raining monarch queen elizabeth the 2nd. ah. um 2000 people gather at saint paul's cathedral in london for a memorial service,
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marketing for light and rain or sun giving his 1st address as king charles the 3rd echoed a pledge she made to sir. repeat that promise of lifelong service. i renew too old to day. with the country's longest reigning monarch gone and for 70 years on the throne. we look ahead at the british monarch. ah, i boy bullcrap welcome to the program with their monarch dead at 96 the united kingdom is remembering queen elizabeth the 2nd, the official morning period will last until her funeral. the date for which remains unconfirmed. right now, the queen is lying in her casket in edinburgh. the capital of scotland. well wishers are there to bid farewell. while back in london, 2000 people,
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bill saint paul's cathedral, to pay their respects in the historic saint paul's cathedral morning from all walks of life congregated to pay their respects to the you case longest serving monarch prime minister list trust and opposition leader king stammer were among the attendees, hundreds of others had queued up for tickets to the events to commemorate the queen's life and legacy. earlier in the day, the now king charles greece had well wishes outside buckingham palace, where emotions were still raw. on philly, robert bird, sal good joined. luckily thought i was a very precious place to come to emerged towards the rear. sure. a georgia room inside this bottle. so celebration king charles and his
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wife camila made their way through the palace gates for the 1st time. as king and queen consort. there's no doubt that to many the new king has big shoes to fill. king chose the 3rd. i will obviously roll ryan i to the very best of the visibility. i would like to thought about it from the clean. i think i was very, very special on it, and she wasn't only the longest raining more, not in virginia for i think she was the best, but more not likely in british history. buckingham palace announced that charles will be officially proclaimed king on saturday. a moment he is prepared for his entire life. many hope then you monarch will live up to his mother's image by keep
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a steady hand at the home. as the u. k navigates through turbulent time report or chrome asmin was in front of buckingham palace in london, where many people have gathered to confront the end of an era you'd have to be in your seventy's to remember a time before queen elizabeth. she's been around for that long, and this really does seem like one of those days where when you wake up, everything is changed. this is been the end of a 70 year era in this country. and now the beginning of a new one with king charles the 3rd, you know, in speaking with a lot of people, they do feel some uncertainty around the situation, of course, as a new prime minister here as well. but this has been something that many people have been trying to prepare for. they knew it was coming. they might be shocked, but they're not surprised at the death of queen elizabeth. of course, today the focus has been on her, her life, her duty, and her service to this country and speaking with
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a lot of people. that's why they wanted to come out here today. and leave flowers and other signs of remembrance as fucking balance feels like almost a city wide, a country wide pilgrimage. there been thousands of people coming here to the palace, arriving at windsor arriving at the queen's residence in scotland as well. it goes so far beyond flowers, i spoke with one elderly woman, she was in a wheelchair after why did you come today? and she said, i felt like i had to and that's the kind of sense of duty of being a pilgrimage. i met another woman who had actually walked here from bucking pallet all the way the saint paul's cathedral across town. after laying flowers here, she said, i just needed to be near that remembrance ceremony at the cathedral. you see everywhere though in london, the taxi cab drivers have flagged attached to their famous black cat. you see signs of condolences. in storefront, even the billboards have been changed for the most part to a picture of the this is truly the beginning of
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a nation wide morning process. it is just getting started on day one. and it will take awhile for people here to begin to process that the queen is indeed gone and that this is the end of the long n reporter there. karl naz been outside buckingham palace in london. and in his 1st address, his sovereign, the new king paid tribute to his mother and pledged the rest of his life to the service of the british people and the commonwealth. he also said he can count on the loving support of his wife, camilla, who was now queen counsellor in a little over a week's time. we will come together as a nation, as a commonwealth, and indeed a global community to lay my beloved mother to rest. in our sorrow, let us remember and draw strength from the light of her example. on
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behalf of all my family, i can only offer the most sincere and heartfelt thanks for jo, condolences and support. they mean bowl to me than i can ever possibly express. and to my darling mamma, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late papa, i won't simply to say this. thank you. thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations, you have served so diligently. all these years may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest you have you correspondence in india and hong kong have more on reactions from leaders there to the death of the
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queen who led the monarchy that once ruled over them. queen elizabeth came to that shone 5 years after india got independence from britain in 1947. during the long rain, she made 3 visits to india. in the 1st 201961, she talked about the hospitality in warmth of the indians. she said she was inspired by the richness and diversity of india. it was only in a final visit in 1997 when india was mocking. 50 years of independence. did she acknowledge? india's colonial past? she talked about dark episodes in india's colonial history. she mentioned one massacre in particular in the city of and it says that was a significant moment for india. she's been the head of state of 14 cottonwood countries. india was not one of them. yet this deep respect and regard for the queen indian prime minister that he ended in more the shorter for being
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a stalwart of our time. other leaders of a tribute your wisdom and to a carriage a day of national boarding has been declared on the 11th of september as a mark of respect. but those who grew up with her as a constant in their lives is a sense of solo to day. hong kong was flawed by the u. k. for over a 150 years. and to 1997, the queen and colonial rule as do fresh memories for people here. the queen visited hong kong twice before hanover local people gave her a nickname, the boss, lady in cantonese, showing a sense of special connection. and until today, because to see her footprints in hong kong like the coin with her phased her collating here and of the social facilities named after her. after her death, many people talk to social media and consulate to mourn and pay respect for many people on the queen represents the good old times of hong kong. because hong kong has transformed from a small town to one of the most successful international cities during her ring and
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hong kong people attribute on the success to the social infrastructure built by the colonial government. like the public education, our judiciary and financial system. and this kind of legacies has made our, the queen a very special place in hong kong people's heart. the british royal family is popular in germany, although the country abolished its own monarchy. more than a century ago. queen lisbeth came from a german line, the house of zach's, colbert gutter. but the english side of the family changed its name to windsor in world war one to distance itself from germany, which was at the time in enemy. ah, the germans and the queen there was affection on both sides. they clearly liked each other. over half a century, the queen made 5 state visits to germany more than 2 most other countries in the world. but the relationship took
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a little time to warm up. it was 2 decades after the end of hostilities that the british monarch set foot on germans soil for the 1st time since the end of the war . the queen's visit was considered a gesture of reconciliation by west germans. very early on the german public was very sympathetic with his young queen. she was a very modern woman at the time she had a love marriage, so she, she chose her husband herself and her husband, prince philip had german routes. although this was played down to the british public, as was the queen's own heritage, elizabeth the 2nd was also descended from german nobility. when the queen returned in 1978, she found a much more self confident, modern west germany relations between the 2 countries had by now normalized her 3rd state visit in 1992 was to
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a re unified germany the queen at the former border crossing checkpoint charlie, the queen's visit was seen as a positive gesture at the time when many britons were fearful of a german resurgence. she received a warm welcome in the reinstated german capital. germans are by and large, really not monarchists, but it's lovely to have a 1 o'clock next door. it doesn't cost anything at all, and you get all the glamour in 2004, she was back in berlin again. this time with a speech with an unusually clear political aspect in which she acknowledged victims on both sides in world war 2 to learn from history. to look beyond simplistic stereotypes, she rare nies how often we share the same. i took her final visit to germany was in 2015. as always, the queen emphasized the deep connections between britain and germany. we
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can seize a constant interest or between 2 countries, which had become again very friendly in 5 decades of i think, very stable and on franklin relationships between germany and united kingdom. queen elizabeth, the 2nd will be remembered as a friend of germany. sports to doesn't escape queen elizabeth impacts, she engaged in decades of athletics patronage in the united kingdom and the art on formula one race weekends. italy's mansa is usually one of the loudest towns in the country, but prior to friday's practice race, a respectful still reigned instead of the typical roaring bedlam. thanks to a moment of silence held her, england's queen elizabeth reactions were similar all over
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the world of sports. the international olympic committee, through their flags at half mast at their headquarters and switzerland. i oh, see president thomas buck pay tribute to the fallen monarch. whither passing all for matches the green, elizabeth of the 2nd. we are lost, a great supporter of sport and of the olympic movement. a mitch's the was the only head of state to declare open to editions of the olympic games and was already present at the olympic game. so london 1948 moments of silence were also held prior to europe, a league, and you 8th, a conference league matches on thursday night, shortly after the news of queen elizabeth steph broke countless british athletes and sports organizations like the premier lee kia have offered their condolences
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the usually unstoppable financial and cultural jagger not have british football will even be suspended in morning for the weekend. where further silence will signify the nations appreciation for queen elizabeth and her legacy. that is all for now or d. w. news coming up next. our news magazine world stories the week in reports. i am william co croft will have much more 5th top of the hour of course, until then you get you w dot com and and t w's variance rimple season. when you work as an architect, you go on.


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