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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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copies of the instrument, he made a short speech about his mother and about what he wanted to do. he confirmed that he would serve as king. he confirmed a deal that is ancient about surrendering hereditary revenues and return for sovereign crown. that's the funding of the monarchy. you now see, you did see prince william, his oldest son, prince of wales, signing this proclamation. his wife chose his wife. camilla will also, i believe, sign it. and this is really just to confirm what happened couple of days ago at the moment elizabeth died, charles became king, and this is now the beginning of the ancient process of informing everybody in the days before newspapers, smart phones, or twitter. this is the, this is how it would be started this, the official deal making between the crown and the people represented there by a whole or to politicians are also
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a heavy involvement of the church. and this is the kind of deal being made, everybody signing it. and now is the beginning of the process of telling everybody within the auspices of the monarchy, everybody who's, who sits in the monarchy will eventually be told this. if they haven't been watching the tv, i was struck by how much you talked about his mother, queen elizabeth, the 2nd to her lifelong love, selfless service, and unequal dedication and devotion. and i, i mean, you could hear his voice, those words, those were sincere feelings. i mean, he was a son in grieving, and these are also words that are perhaps helpful for him to begin is to rain as monarch. it's really important to anchor yourself in this history. if you going to have any credibility as an ancient or a representative in an ancient monarchy in a very modern society, you need to ask yourself in stuff that people either believe in all the people can read specs in order to then pull it forward and to justify the fact that he has all
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these, you know, the, these privileges the, these castles, these policies and, you know, what is he, therefore, this is him, anchoring himself in that everybody have this massive respect for his mother. he needs to anchor himself in that he needs to say, yes, i'm going to continue the stuff that you loved about her. i'm going to continue. i'm going to pull into the future. that's what you know it's, it's really significant that he's sitting there or standing there next to his son, william who's massively popular. and he needs to pull that anchor along with him with william in the future to secure himself as a popular king, which at the moment he is not massively popular, hasn't been for a long time, certainly not compared his mother or his son. but he needs to pull that forward. yeah, i suppose you couldn't think of a better legacy to build on if you're the next person in a hereditary monarchy than queen elizabeth the 2nd. but she's perhaps also
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a bit of a challenge, a very heavy burden for him to carry a person to match up to in comparison. absolutely, and i think he'll be mad to try to compare himself to her, although everybody else will. and i think that's what he's he needs to do now, and you'll see it over the coming days and weeks that he will have to acknowledge her. and mark that mark out there, things that everybody loved about her and try to claim those as his own. and you can see no other people coming up signing that proclamation that he just saw that the 1st minute of scotland earlier on signing it. all these different people representing different parts of the realm. and i say we're talking using really i archaic language, but this is a very, a modern thing to have to do if you're going to have a monarchy in a 21st century country to belong to king of an order in council authorizing your majesty's declaration to be made public approve draft of an order in council
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for recording the oath relating to the security of the church of scotland to be transmitted to the court of session. to be recorded in the books of severance. and afterwards lodged in the state papers of scotland. and in the council register, approve draft order in council, determining the form of proclamation for proclaiming your majesty in the realms and in the british overseas territories grew draft of an order in council, authorizing the lord chancellor to make use of the great seal for sealing all things whatsoever that past the great seal, until another great seal, be prepared and authorized crew draft of an order in council authorizing the lord privy seal. if need be to make use of the existing privy sale
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until another privy sale is prepared and authorized, approved drafts of 3 orders in council authorizing your majesty's principal secretaries of state, the lord, chancellor of the exchequer. and the chancellor of the dutchy of lancaster. to use the existing seals until other seals be prepared and authorized brew draft of an order in council. authorizing your majesty's secretary of state for northern ireland to make use of the existing great seal of northern island until another seal. be prepared and authorized. approved draft of an order in council authorizing your majesty's 1st minister of scotland to make use of the great seal of scotland until another great seal of scotland be prepared and authorized.
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approve draft of an order in council authorizing your majesty's 1st minister of wales. to make use of the existing welsh seal until another well seal. be prepared and authorized room draft of an order in council authorizing the public seals authorizing the respective pup public seals, lately in use elsewhere than in the united kingdom to be made. you solve until new seals be prepared, and there use duly authorized, approved draft of an order in council, confirming your majesty's wishes in relation to the sovereign ground to act 2011. to continue the tradition of surrendering the hereditary revenues, including the crown of state to your government for the benefit of all in
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return for the sovereign grant, which supports your official duties as head of state and head of nation accrued. drafts of 2 proclamations one appointing, the day of her late majesty's state funeral as a bank holiday in england, wales and northern ireland to appointing the day of her late majesty's state funeral as a bank holiday in scotland and of 2 orders in council. directing the lord chancellor to affix the great seal to the prox look, proclamations proved i now invite your majesty to sign both proclamations published. ah, do i have permission to publish this? i couldn't help, but think of town crier is back in the day before twitter and all the tv we have
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now. it sounds like that the language that she is here, she said i crave permission for publication of his speech. okay, it really is. and this is, this is the, the guts of the british constitution. he does on a table, if you like. and this is what has been going on behind closed doors for ever. and it is remarkable people love this kind of thing. this is tradition going back forever. um and you know it on the one hand you think will they could just send a tweet out and everybody would know who be king, but way would be the nasty concludes today's business for the counsel. while the expression appears to be complete, king charles a 3rd seems to be leaving the room. fafsa, is the proclamation now, and this does, yes notice will then go out. i think has, as of course, been what a good girl masked denita who's standing outside the building there karl,
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i don't know if she can hear me. it's nick and hannah in the studio here in berlin . any reaction from the crowd there? what's going on where you are? well, every one here waiting with baited breath. it's gotten pretty quiet. i lot of people are following along on their phones. they're watching this historic moment live on television, just like we are. and there is a definite awareness that this is something that very few people have ever seen before. and you can also imagine what it must be going on for king charles. he's has literally waited 7 decades for this moment. this is something that he must have been thinking about and perhaps running through his mind even practicing up until this day. it's interesting as well because we've had such moments of sorrow, of mourning over the death of clean elizabeth here in the u. k. and then these pockets of celebration of the new monarch of the new king. this could be one of them. that's the atmosphere here. there's excitement in the air,
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there's people waiting to see if they might catch a glimpse of the king. if he were to make his way outside, we saw those range rovers which are often the vehicles at the royal family travels and i'm coming up to the gates here. so it's possible that he could be leaving that way. but we also saw that yesterday or the day before as king charles met with those onlookers outside of the railing of buckingham palace. why even giving him a kiss on the cheek, which isn't exactly royal protocol. and so these moments of celebration and of out of joy mixed in as well with a bit of sadness, of course this week for the death of queen elizabeth. so do think i'm after the sadness in the shock of her passing, charles is perhaps going to be able to bring back some of the magic to the monarchy, even at his advanced age. i think a lot of people who are so invested in the monarchy and the royal family in this country that everyone is really looking forward to the pageantry and the ceremonies
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. i will be taking place. we know that there will be proclamations across the city today, announcing the official extension of the king. it's interesting as well, nick, after this ceremony, there are so many ancient traditions involved, and it just shows you as well the link between the royal family and governments in that constitutional monarchy that there will be as soon as possible, which is what is declared by history. a meeting in the house of commons, the m p 's, the ministers will be gathered and they will then sign their own pledges and make their own oaths to the new king. because government cannot proceed with the old oats that were taken to. of course, queen elizabeth, so there's all kinds of ceremony and pageantry happening today. a lot of it, based upon time, as we keep mentioning that were before the invention of any sort of media, besides being able to step out onto a balcony, blast your trumpets and tell everyone they're listening. that in fact there is
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a new king. and that's what we're expecting, hopefully and, and just a few minutes. but i wish you luck there under the people who are hoping for a glimpse of his majesty and gonna just turn now to hannah clever, amazing day. isn't it? to have this ancient ceremonies college joe saying, watched by people on their smartphones outside the building where it occurred, such a contrast, i found you mind just sending up what, what we went through for people who are just tuning in fright. this is the accession council that has met their political and religious establishment of british public life, meeting to basically ah, acknowledge in a document that opinion. prince charles is now king charles. ah. and he then had to announce that his it was dead and that he was taking on this new job and plenty of religious or mentions plenty of talk of duty. plenty of talk of how
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he was going to be a governing with, with love for the country and the deal about the funding for the royal family was mentioned. and then really you saw at the political establishment asking him for permission for a whole row of things for the people of the, for the minister of northern ireland to be able to use the privy seal, which is basically the authority of the king. so he's been dulling out the authority in different pieces to different parts of the political establishment, so that government can continue. because now he's the king. the promise is that his mother made needs to be renewed by him. and what we'll be looking forward to later in the day are we now having this proclamation of the stuff that is going on in london. everybody will be told we now have the new king and that will ripple out through the u. k. and beyond that, everybody will be officially told if anybody's been living under
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a rock the last couple days, this might be where they find out that we've got a new king. and if i understand correctly, that will be safe to say to the d. w. of course, dealing with lots of fanfare in a matter of maybe around 20 minutes. ok, thank you so much, hannah. thank you, carl. aspen for your contributions. we have just witnessed the exception council for claiming the new british king last night, a remembrance service for queen elizabeth took place at saint paul's cathedral in london. and get a reminder of that. and when we heard from king charles yesterday, at saint paul's cathedral, mourners from all walks of life congregated to pay their respects to the u. k. longest serving monic prime minister less trust and opposition leader kiss donna were among the attendees. hundreds of others had
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queued up for tickets the event to commemorate the queen's life and her legacy. earlier in the day and now king charles greeted well wishes outside buckingham palace where emotions were still rule. unfeeling open. bird sagged with georgia. loving mother. i was very precious place to come to an emerged woods diarrhea. so there's a joy, the inside most bottles o celebration. king charles and his wife camilla made their way through the palace gates for the 1st time as king and queen consoles. and charles bowed to follow his mother's example. as monica as the queen
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herself did with such unswerving devotion, i too no solemnly pledged myself throughout the remaining time. god groan smith to uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation. and wherever you may live in the united kingdom, or in the realms and territories across the world. and whatever may be your background or beliefs i shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty, respect, and love. as i have throughout my life, many hopes and new monica will live up to his mother's image by keeping a steady hand at the helm. as the u. k. navigates through turbulent times dw correspondence. an indian hong kong have more on reactions from leaders there to the death of the queen who led the monarchy that once ruled over them. queen
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elizabeth came to the throne 5 years after india got independence from britain. in 1947. during the long rain, she made 3 visits to india. in the 1st one in 1961, she talked about the hospitality informed the indians. she said she was inspired by the richness and diversity of india. but it was only in a final visit in 1997 when india was mocking. 50 years of independence did she acknowledge india's colonial father. she talked about dark f. u. so as in india, calhoun, in history. she mentioned one massacre in particular in the city of and it says that was a significant moment for india. she's been the head of state of 14 cottonwood countries. india was not one of them. yet this deep respect and regard for the queen indian prime minister that he ended in more the short of her being a stalwart of our time. other leaders of a tribute to a wisdom and to a carriage,
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a day of national mourning, has been declared on the 11th of september as a mark of respect. but those who grew up with her as a constant in their lives is a sense of sorrow to day. hong kong was through it by the u. k. for over a 150 years until 1997. the queen and colonial rule as to fresh memories for p ppo . here the queen visited hong kong, twice before hanover local people, gave her a nickname, the boss, lady in cantonese, showing a sense of special connection and, and to today because to see her footprints in hong kong like the coins with her face dark, elating here. and of the social facilities named after her after her death, many people talk to social media and constantly to mourn and pay respects for many people on the queen represents the good old times of hong kong. because hong kong has transformed from a small town to one of the most successful international cities during her ring and hong kong people attribute on the success to the social infrastructure built by the
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colonial government. like the public education, our judiciary and financial system. and this kind of legacies has made our, the queen a very special place in hong kong people's heart. and we'll have continuing coverage of king charles's proclamation ceremony. but now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. record blazes are burning out of control in brazil to amazon rain forest after farmers set fire to clear land. resulting cloud of smoke is covered rio blanco at city of over 300000 scientists. 850000 square kilometers of land are threatened by the fires high school students in chile had classed with police and st. protester manning better facilities for public schools. water cannons dispersed crowds after hood, a demonstrator threw rocks molotov cocktails at the police. the country has seen a surgeon civil protest doctor to lanes rejected a proposed new constitution. ukraine's counter attack in the south and
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east of the country has put russian forces on the defensive keith, as it has liberated dozens of communities. but as his troops advanced, they found new devastation and new evidence of russian atrocities, portable just 3 days ago, this village in the hockey region was under russian control. now it's back in ukrainian hands, but signs of its recent occupation are everywhere. including evidence of more potential russian war crimes against civilians in the area where heavy fighting to place. early in the invasion there slid ship parts to reflect. the investigators are working on the site and have inspected it and the zoomed. the bodies of 2 people would have been, the people had gunshot wound to the back of the head, and the ears were cut off a weird reason walker, the village is just one of dozens. keith says it's taken back within the last week
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. and then each has boring. so as of today, the armed forces of ukraine have liberated and taking control of more than 30 settlements in the hockey region. and some villages, security and safety checks are ongoing. that authority or gradually taking control of new settlements only from everywhere, we return the ukrainian flag and safety to our people. and i shall throw my gun. moscow has said little about ukraine seemingly rapid advances in the north east, the liquor, but its top official in the hockey region admitted on russian stay t. v. on friday that keith had scored a significant victory with russia rushing reinforcements to the region. there's likely yet more fierce fighting ahead i spoke to dw, correspond nick connelly and keep a short while ago and asked what more he could tell us about the gains made by ukrainian troops in the northeast. well indeed in just the last hour that be report
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see frame media that you can enforce. now taking the strategic town of coupons. so fully confirmed yet. but we have seen pictures and social media of rush of ukrainian troops rather and from the town hall there that is a long way away from the previous positions from the previous towns that ukraine taken in recent days, dozens of kilometers. so really does seem like ukraine forces are making very fast progress. this again, situation where in dumbass, russia has been taking a couple of 100 meters at best every couple of days. so a real contrast and a sense that the cranes have caught the russians of god. all the talk in previous weeks months was about the south about her song. and maybe that was a distraction tactic to get rushed to focus its efforts. there. it seems like lots the troops in this part of ukraine on the russian side were a mobilized from new hans to next is what regular army units. these were people often in their forties, fifties, with no military experience and very poor equipment. and ones who of see are in a situation not in any kind of shape to stand up to this ukranian advance. and it
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is now seemingly the case that ukraine is looking to encircle. a large number of russian troops, ministry of is doom and their retreat would be quite difficult, given the geography, given some rivers in the way and bridges that are very vulnerable to attacks, of a sense here in ukraine that the army is on a role. and that there is the potential take lots, lots of russian prisons war. now the details are all very, very light right now. the ukrainian armies basically put a kind of media embargo out. so this is all based on social media from the front lines, from people who live there and from russian bloggers. but it does seem that this is going better than anyone hearing care of really could have expected his good news for a key for the ukranian army. but a worrying news from this apparition, nuclear power plant, the situation there seems to be getting worse. what more can you tell us all the for this is a very dangerous situation. this is your biggest nuclear plot, one of the biggest in the world that is now cut off from outside power supply as
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any one of the 6 rec, still on. and that's basically just operational at a low level to keep the plant going to keep the cooling going. this is the big risk at all. the experts talk about the risk of a direct hit by otter re fires of sit there. but that is they say less of a real threat because these power plants are quite well protect, in terms of the structure, the real risk. they say the most likely risk is a lack of power, a lack of ability to cool directors that could really lead to some very dangerous situations. if that last rector is shut down, they will be totally dependent on diesel generators to keep the cooling going. and in a situation where this is basically a huge power station on the front lines with daily shelling, getting in enough diesel to keep that cooling, going is going to be very, very difficult. the city around it where the people who operate the station live is without power, without water. so the situation desperate for the people still working there under russian of the patient. we've heard in recent days from top ukrainian officials that they say the russians have been abusing the staff,
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their talk of stuff going missing, being killed, being tortured so very difficult situation for people trying to keep the situation safe. they're now 6 months into this innovation. very worrying indeed like nick a quick last question. if i may, the german foreign minister we understand returned to keith this morning for a 2nd visit since the beginning a war of the war. the relations are a lot warmer since a few months back. are they not? and so what changed while germany has finally come good on some of the promises in terms of supplying weapons, the anti aircraft tanks, the gephart tanks of arrived. some radar systems arrived. some anti aircraft systems are expected to arrive in the coming weeks, but it's pretty thin in terms of new promises in the pipeline to further supplies, i think. and in a bare book, the green party for mr. is a very welcome guest turnkey of her party, has been very outspoken in its support for ukraine and for supplying more weapons. the situation is bit more difficult with the social democrats of chancellor sholtes, who been a lot more reluctant to promise. and to help you claim militarily,
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so i think there's that kind of coalition difficulty there. the greens alone don't get to decide what gemini does, but definitely things are a bit better and is a lot less in the way of open criticism from ukraine inside. okay. did of in a correspondent, nick connelly in key reporting for us and our coverage of king charles. the 3rd proclamation continues after a short break, your watching dw news fly from berlin. i'm a spicer from the entire news team. thanks for watching. with
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responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture. does this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah ah ah ah ah, it says dw, from charles for 13 live pictures home to his murphy lake sovereign lady, queen elizabeth, the 2nd of blessing didn't glory.


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