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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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he responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture as this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah ah ah oh, this is debbie news live from charles 13 live pictures home to his murphy, our late sovereign lady, queen elizabeth the 2nd of bless aiden glorious memory by whose to cease
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the crown of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland is solely and rightfully come to the prince charles philip arthur george. we therefore the lord spiritual and temp row of this rome and members of the house of commons together with other members of her late majesty's privy council and representatives of the realms and territories. old women and citizens of london and others, do now year bye with one voice and consent of tongue and heart. publish and proclaim that the prince charles philip of her george is now by the death of our late sovereign of happy memory, become our only lawful and rightful liege lord charles the 3rd
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by the grace of god of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. and of his other realms and territories, king head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith, to whom we do acknowledge, o faith, and to begin with humble affection, with teaching god by whom kings and queens do reign to bless his majesty with long and happy years to reign over us given at saint james's palace, this 10th day of september in the year of our lord. 2022. 6 ah. 6 ah,
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this is didi of the news live from berlin. britain's charles, the 3rd proclaimed king and we were to show you my pictures from saint james policy in london where ceremonies are under way. i'll go back to them now and listen to the fair fair i. mm. ah
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ah. 6 cheers to god save the king as the crowd welcomes, ah, the accession of a new king, king charles the 3rd in st. james in london, and i'm joined by hannah cleary here in the studio. and what, what did we just see there for our viewers? who just tuned in and didn't start the showed normally wanted to carry things life . it's amazing us that i'm you, we've just oh
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okay, you can't interrupt a hit hit no. can you please go on willing to actually get back on now? yes, this is an amazing piece of very british pageantry. what we've seen is an official proclamation that king charles the 3rd is the king that queen elizabeth the 2nd has gone and he has taken over her position. we've just seen in the last hour, a very archaic televise for the 1st time because the last time this happened was 70 years ago, a proclamation of the succession king charles became king the moment the elizabeth, the 2nd died. and that's a very important kind of point of principle that there will always be that will, has always been a ruling monarch. so he's already king. but this is the beginning of the official
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acknowledgement of this and the official spreading of the word if you like, throughout the areas over which he is king. i have this astounding pageant tree which the world is going to be watching. everybody's going to be lapping up. so soldiers, people wearing a costumes designed in the last couple of centuries. and i think we, we are able to speak with co, he's actually on the call. we are going to, yeah, it's all part of brand britain. this is all what i think we all have in our minds when we think of, of the united kingdom and it's, it's pumping pageantry. carl, how did people in the steer stony outside the st. james powers was all occurred with a crowd out of you, but you told us before there's, there are thousands and thousands of people. how did they react to what just happened?
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okay, crowd here, although they're not allowed in sign. it is phil who dental or sorry, nick, please go ahead. oh, okay. i apologize. please continue. had a little bit of a technical hiccup goin karl. oh, no, that's all right. i think everyone you in the studio, me included. we're all doing the hip, hip arrays. this entire crowd here, which of it's behind our camera, we're all chancing there are people in the balconies above up in the windows. i've seen the even elderly people on the shoulders of their friends to get a better view. a lot of people here also anticipating a moment when they might see somebody emerge from the gates just over my shoulder. there, it could be the king itself is the king himself. it could be the officials who will be bringing the proclamation across the city of london after this ceremony is finished. this is called the principal proclamation. that is the very 1st time that
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king charles has been officially proclaimed or declared king that paul commission will be then taken across the city. we know it will be heading towards charing cross. it will be at the royal exchange as well, that the major spots in the old city of london, and that falls on with this tradition that we've been talking about this very long tradition that goes back into the ages before broadcast for social media. before smartphones, when the only way that the people of the country would know that there has been a new monarch declared would be with trumpets and with people shouting and saying, we have just proclaimed a new king. looks like we have some vehicles coming out now. i don't believe that there's any one of importance there, but every one at any time vehicle passes by they're looking they're trying to see through the windows. there's a lot of anticipation here. nick outside just steps outside of where this has been taking place. and even though folks here, obviously can't see what's happening inside, they just wanted to be here. they wanted to come here. there have been so many
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interesting moments. just this since the passing of the clean, many of them had been somber. many of them had been filled with sadness and remembrance. but this one today, especially as has an air in that feler, just going out interrupt you for a moment, as a cannon or fire to mark the occasion hyde park in london. sorry nick, could you repeat that? oh. 7 0, oh oh, so the banks, the tims are oh oh oh oh boy.
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okay, i think we're going to come back to carl, not sure how many times they're going to fire the cannon. i know the situation where you are people. as you said, old p, i love that image of a putting in more than an elderly person on your shoulder so that they could see what was going on. and just the excitement i of the people, i guess the, the feeling is they want to be a part of history as, as a new king takes over the throne. i'm not sure carl can still hear me. if not, i'm going to turn to my friend had a clever here in the studio and ask her to describe me what we just sort of saw there with the, the person who emerged on the bargaining for viewers who just turned in the top of the are believe is called the garter king of arms. he stepped on the proclamation gallery and what did he do?
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all these names a little bit. i'm kind of harry potter on there. yeah. no. he's basically starting the process of officially telling everybody that great britain and all it's realms has a new monarch and seeing pictures of some of those guns just been fired. big, big move from one place to another with some very nice looking horses. i must say, more guns being fired. this is all part of this massive pomp and ceremony that britain does so very well. i must admit and leave uniforms. everybody in the world is going to be watching this. and if he no members of the british military, they serve it, i'll tell you, they served a queen of a sort of the king. i mean, i've met a few and there's a, there's a traditional members of the royal family, particularly the men joining in the armed forces and the king and princesses and queens and so on or off, and the commander of this that and the other. so this is not just for show, this is part of the whole structure, the monarchy isn't it? this is part of the structure of embedding the monarchy into british society. and
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this is going to be really important to do over the next few years. as you know, we're in the 21st century. do we really need any of this stuff in real life? and it's, it's charles king charles now to make the case that yes, he and his family do have an important role to play in modern british society. and the way that the house of windsor has traditionally done this is to pull into the history to reach back to history. i mean, these guns that are being fired don't look like looking stuff. he would be sending those crane right. so this is reaching back into history, these old traditional a movements, these old traditions being revived him and him, him setting himself fair. next to his eldest son, prince william massively popular and the sign of the future. he'll be the next king and trying to pull this monarchy into the future. that's going to be charles's major trial now. and i would just like to see if are we able to join karl osmond,
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houston. okay, well, we'll come back to him when the technology cooperates. hannah were continuing to look at a horseman, i believe in hyde park, continuing the not sure, i think i don't know pissy and signal to attack, but it's a good like any attacking is going on. but yeah, but this is, this is part of this whole pumping ceremony. i know you're going to be hearing from heads and firing of artillery around, not any london, but the rest of the u. k. over the next couple of weeks as these are traditional and updated and ceremonies are held and out there adapted to that to the times. but yeah, you have this today is about the proclamation of the session, which means telling everybody we have a new tang and that's what's now being done through different parts of london and
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then out across the u. k. and to other parts of the world to kind of build by i think you told me from roy, it's a bit about the perpetuation of the monarchy and institution. the french have the saying, the king is dead long live the king because it's not an individual. it's an institution, that's exactly it, and that is a prayer that king charles is job. i mean that's what his mother spent her entire life. all this sense of duty. all these ideas about serving the people was all about and maintaining the monarchy. a sense of consistency for the country, but really maintain the monte date they saw. i mean, she must have seen dozens of different countries turning republican in her during her 70 years on the throne and something that she and her family have been fighting very hard to prevent. whether you, you know, whatever you think about republicanism or not. she's been very successful in doing
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this major rebranding when she took her the throne in 19 fifties. she was empress. i mean, if this was an empire and she's changed that over the last 70 years from a kind of a ruling party, a ruling, a body to this idea of service. and this is underway, this transformation before lisbeth that she kept this up. and this rebranding was fast and fast, the successful. okay. and, and just building on that idea of service. i'd like to play for our listeners. are the 1st comments that king charles a 3rd made when she had completed the accession council and been officially proclaimed king i laws listen gentlemen, which is my most sore of her duty to announce to you the death of my beloved mother, the queen.


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