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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2022 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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gangster assistance ministry said its soldiers, what leads is government and it's about a clear to instead concentrate on finding in that don't best reach it. been watching database news up next is our documentary series report. i choose for that topic. it will be more news at the top of the app. i'm anthony. how the inverse for me and the 20th. thanks my company and talk with them. when you work as an architect, like go online or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible? to the larger public we decided to ask them versus the what
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is the poetry, the secret of the house, and i'm calling about their motivations. the real goal of architecture is to create habit dads for human, about their struggles and dreams. responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. ah . ah. taliban fight us through the streets, armed with weapons once used by their enemies. we see them all over cowboys. the taliban returned to power has changed millions of lives,
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especially the lives of african women also can make a monday, a sum. if i li like a prisoner, nothing is in my own hands. any more one, before i could do whatever i wanted demands on the line with us. of course i am really much happy. no, there is no rob. you are living like other people in the war. the taliban are back and so is their ideology. but what's it like living in today's stuff, gone is done. ah. we had west out of cobble with into the root province of might on white duck, the mountain c, a where taliban lent, when you, i said nato troops square still in the country. driving is tricky,
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and slow roadside bombs and as strikes have left their mark. the whole area was the better ground, the damage lines, the wrote in a small mountain village. we have an appointment with dr. rush on not quite dock stroke to something and what it is was they were local civil. dr. russia not. it's not only a doctor. she used to be a politician and she has long supported the taliban. how's? i was and the forced for swallow month. $25.00 to $10.00. yeah. i'm the duck problem on the was brook vermani? no, not come up. i'm i, i'm proud of this. this is my health. in her latch garden, doctor roche, i knocked takes us down memory lane. she had believed in building and you afghan
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has done governed by parliament. she tells us working with a taliban, not against them. instead war engulfed the country and she quit parliament and disgust. rather than to want america. why they came to our country. we didn't want this, this is our country. i can't remember anything good because development of the country. ah, education, everything was stopped. and the villages and the provinces due to war her patients are still suffering. the deprivation of that war. doctor roche anake as a giant colleges and runs a small clinic from home. no one in my shoulders and neck heard. it makes no difference if i eat or not. you in a school because you have 10 kids. is there a cow?
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yes, but it has no milk. thought cody, beautifully may well, she sees more patience than before. i knew now that fighting has stopped. travelling is less dangerous to follow mother to reopen my master will all along with the taliban. things are good. now it's peaceful. health. radi before there was a lot of war and fighting. we always lived in fear level, but now it's quiet changed and you know, multiple or through every pregnant woman. we meet here once to know the sex of her baby. yeah. okay, let her rest. oh my god, this is also boy. you see this, this is one this, this, this is the other. this is been is you see? yes, mary. and boy is power off of harmony. he can fight under, you know, if there are more a boys and a family, that family is much powerful and the village,
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if they don't have boys and they have girls there to week, everybody cannot talk on them. some of the boys she helped deliver in the past anal fighters. she won't comment on taliban atrocities. instead she points to their routes. paula: bon god, autobody. the you know? ah, everybody has. they are all no judgement for me. thought it was african. all thought one will of them will blow when she's not treating patients here in her own clinic. dr. russia not also works for the taliban overseeing female and maternal health in their provincial health director it the abby, i'm tired of that. it's all ha ha. or thursday,
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before we leave, she takes us up the mountain behind her house, if fiercely beautiful view turns her thoughts towards the future. lowers falls fall upon purchase their minds about the girl's awe without her activities of girls and ladies, it's impossible to achieve developments. it's impossible, ah, back in the capitol, dr. roche on ox wish, evaporates. the regime is all male by the taliban. for the taliban. the drive thru cobble, we reviewed small drac uses and st. children than we've seen before. food prices, a soaring, more than half of the population is hungry. in
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the evenings, women sit in front of the cities, bakeries begging for a loaf of bread. yet that they can myisha, i take the bread home and eat it with my children. gonna cut out. but it's not enough to fill our stomachs. what i divide the bread in pieces and give it to my children so that none of them died and i, but our stomachs are never wholly me muddy minay theatre make on him. you have ministers both in asking the will go, how do the taliban plan to help the people they ruin. we meet the spokesman for the ministry of bice and virtue during that. come to see you. this was suppose i cave more g or blame the crisis on sanctions. the freezing of assets and massive 8 cuts
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and post since the taliban took power that she shall garland look. oh, i'm to call not really to the women for 20 years, america and it's nato allies killed us with vamps and artillery. we did the now they're trying to kill us like this. know, they are responsible for this. the hunger crisis is on them. how the wind allotted other his ministry makes sure people behave according to the tally, binds vision of islam or is harlow jasmine, relatively small millet. we built the kind of state our nation policy that our nation fought for islamic rule for 44 years. and now we want to enforce it, buddy did the, the good yard, the yo leave us alone to become a part of the world. stop killing us. martin were denied, give us the rights of a free country and let us make the decisions for our nation directly to the holy mila, probably below gold when he was particularly well. okay. oh,
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those decision seemed less focused on the deepening economic crisis than they do on polishing the lives of women. the taliban want agenda, segregated society and yet girls who are still at school dare to dream of you went to be a doctor, raise your hands. it will but these girls will be out of school long before they can study medicine. the taliban leadership has effectively banned them from secondary education. ah, on the street, a rare sight, a group of women demonstrating for the right to education and work.
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suddenly taliban fighters shoot life rounds in the air. young women like ayesha and her sister are trying to find their place in this afghanistan. my thought was what? i have lost myself since the la bonded on to pause. i'm no longer the girl. i used to be in the boston crowd looking at myself. i gave myself the name just getting the ball one. but now i have lost my spirit. my homes are gone under donald bon and it doesn't feel good to the plan that the lol is in my home. i used to make coffee in your country, use it for me i. she used to work for a un project. she also studied journalism at a private university. now she has lost her job and had to leave university because she can't pay the fees how many cups of green cheese usually have
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a day. the sisters still go shopping without amazed family members to check her own them. but that could change if the taliban gets strict on public gender segregation, it also can make on monday, i feel like a prisoner, my hands are dialed for comic on the some must thus i shall says she is largely withdrawn from public life. she used to be politically active, attending a lot of meetings now, she really sees people outside her family. instead of talking in public, she writes in private my country is tired, tired of betrayal. my country,
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you are song less and voiceless. i shes angry. she blamed the west for abandoning afghanistan to men who limit her life. my girl is emma's alin calling me as kit. fatima. if i have a president on, the 1st thing i would done would be to form an old female government, which sounds not a single man would be brought to put about her hon. i would make sure that women could choose any job they wanted to again laugh that they would be allowed to study and they didn't have a really long color open on bass. bohannon wasn't a club base or little mother miss upon them, but some of them left the men with a stay at home for a while to learn what it is like to be a woman van to be prevented from walking and study on encore at home. they would understand how difficult it is to be confined to a life of raising children are qualified before they would understand what kind of life i've gone by. men half to tolerate alone, cadillac escalade up,
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his urine with blue. what's making the headlights and what's behind them? dw news africa, the show that was the issues shape in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets, to give you enough reports on the inside of our correspondence on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. the mazda you next on d w ah, our produce worker is getting squeezed. brazil dominates the global market for orange juice, but free pickers on the plantation are complaining about low wages for working
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conditions and illness related to pesticides. why do they pay the price for our breakfast? beverage in 45 minutes on d, w. these places in europe or smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on your back. youtube and now also in book form versus did the news africa coming up on a program the queen elizabeth has died after 70 years on the throne. how will she be remembered across africa today like shock? i'm the reef. i follow it since i was a child. so i must say it's very sad news. she's live.


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