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tv   REV  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2022 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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what are some of them breeding these disasters on themselves? nature survivors. the adaptability of wildlife. in 30 minutes on d w. a, she's got any issues with thoughts they will grade. he will be able to today on man b. o. so and mobility share the v w micro boss reborn, meet the electric id, bus, and race what you bring at the yankees. infinity. c
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and icon reloaded. that's the slogan b w has for its all new id, but the fully electric van is an homage to the old t one transporter or micro bus from back in the day. and ever since the prototype was 1st displayed back in 2017, there's been plenty of bud surrounding it. reads the manual safer. put it to the test. the general driving impression in the i, the boss is absolutely need. the car is very silent. it is very comfortable and here you sit raw the high and just like you did in the old t one of course you said higher than t one because car simply have gotten bigger during the year. so that's no wonder the modern twist on the old micro bus comes with a $77.00 kilowatt our battery,
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which gives it a range of up to 423 kilometers. how much of the swinging sixties and the original t one feeling is there in this new car driving the old t one was an adventure. it was allowed. the engine was way too small. it was under motorized. you would have a hard time accelerating. you need to shift, it was clunky, it was hopping around let's just say it had plenty of characters. of course, all of that makes the t one somewhat lovable. but you cannot do that in a modern car. people will say, what the hell are you trying to sell me right here? this is not a finished product and that's why the id boss is a very smooth bry. this,
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despite the fact that it doesn't come with adaptive suspension w's 1st car type, one was better known as the b 2. and at some point during the production of the beater dutch importer saw that workers at vol spoke used parts of the beagle to build their own plotting by a makeshift plot in bonds, so to say with pallets from the beetle. and he thought, if you put a box on to that chassis, you would have a neat little transporter, and that was the birth of the type to the t one. the 1st volkswagen transporter, tireless and always ready for action is how v w. describe the micro bus and it's at and these were no empty promises because even today, countless t once still survived cheerfully chugging along t one and t 2 model sold like crazy in europe, of course,
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people like the idea of the vehicle and it could be used for almost anything, tire truck, ambulance delivery. vehicle taxi, you name it? ah, i guess i can to deal with radical clapper, and movies in the rushes notice i know i was in bees disclosed but ever felt a human mention a decline, a factor and it could fit 8 adults without a problem with whether we will see the id buzz s pyre truck. it can be doubted. but what definitely will be seen is the id bus as delivery vehicle because it also exists in a cargo version. the id bus. cargo can fit up to 3900 leaders and
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can accommodate a payload of 650 kilos. it can also tow up to a 1000 kilos, engine wise, just like the old t one. the id bars is real, we're driven, but it has more than 6 times the power of the old, which had around 30 horse power. the bus comes with $200.00 and 4th power, $150.00 kilowatts always feels decently motorized. you will not have a problem that you had in the old t one, put in your wife, put in some friends and all the stuff you need for vacation. and then you will be really worried if you will make it up the hill. no problem with the id, but how fast can you get up that hill? the top speed of the id bus is tapped at a 145 kilometers per hour. putting the 2 cars next to each
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other less in larry's will become apparent. of course, the 2 tone colors and then the way the front shifts to the bottom. it's the same in both cars. of course, this one is a little steeper, but they changed it. so this one is more like appealing. and of course you have the big b w logo, which you can also find right here. with on the side, you have these small windows between the window at the side and the window and the windscreen. and they have the same thing with this car right here. and those are only some of the things that those 2 cars have in common. and just like its predecessor, the id, burns has short overhangs which make it easily maneuverable. the thing that made the t one so successful was its feeling of freedom. you would simply get into your car and drive wherever you like. fuel tank's empty, fill it up at the gas station and get going again. no problem whatsoever. with the
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id boss. however, it's not that easy. first of all, if your batteries empty, you get to find the charging station, which can also be a hassle in itself. and then you have to wait in an ideal state from 5 to 80 percent, it would charge in 30 minutes. but if it's not, it will take even longer. doesn't really sound like freedom to me. slits on the de pillar of the id buzz are reminiscent of the air intake mentor cool. the t ones engine. another thing that made a few one successful was it's price $5850.00 deutsch marks that was affordable at the time. if you put that into nowadays prices, they would be around $1718000.00 euros. and i would talk about the price of the id buzz more than 64000 years. so that's $3.00 to $4.00 times the price. and that is not exact. the affordable for every one
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was driving the t one. you had to do everything yourself shifting, adjusting the mirrors or adjusting the air flow of the windows. all of this can be done by the car and nowadays itself, you can adjust the mirrors electrically. the car does need any shifting, since it's an electric car, the climate control, you can set it to auto and then it will do it for you. and it also has a bunch of assistance systems that will keep you in lane keep this says to the car in front of you will also help you overtaking on the autobahn. a can even part the car itself. so you do it one time. and then by the press, the button, the car can repeat that parking maneuver on its own. no matter how narrow your driveway is, if you can do it, the car can do it as well. mm. you might, oh, might not be
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a friend of all of the help us, but they do really work at charm. personally, i'm not that much of a fan of the car taking over that many decisions. but for all the people, it's definitely a helper and they will appreciate it for people that like driving assistance systems, the id buzz has more than 30 on offer. the id buzz will come on to european markets already this year. you as customers will have to wait until the 2024 because b w is currently working on a bigger a longer version of the id buzz that will then have 3 rows of seats. unlike the 2 rows, this car has right now, of course, the bigger version will also come to european markets. but the smaller version we have right here will not come on to u. s. markets, as it's simply not made for that. it's too small. with the length of 4.71
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meters and a wheel base of almost 3 meters. the id buzz has plenty of space for passengers. and the cars interior is made from recycled and recyclable materials. with an integrated sim card, the buzz is always on and can receive updates over the air at any time. ah, touch operated buttons on the steering wheel are modern, but requires some getting used to. storage is synch. plenty of notice and crannies scattered throughout the interior. even with all passengers on board, the 5 cedar has plenty of room for luggage. with the capacity of up to 1121. leaders behind the 2nd row of seats. just like the old t one with the rear seats bolted down. the buds can be used for camping,
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with the width of 1.2 meters between the wheel arches. there's room for a decent sized bed to how much t one does the id been finally have? there are quite a few things may remind you of the t one, but there are also things that the id boss does completely different. so all in all a very neat called they will definitely find its friends and i'm excited to see how many of these v w will actually sell. the id. buzz is definitely an eye catcher and it's purely electric dr. frame makes it quite sustainable. on the downside, it doesn't transport as many people as the t one did. and it's definitely way more expensive than it's 4 runner back in the day. which in some ways makes it as much of a lifestyle choice as the micro bus once was for
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4 days each summer, but then his turn of pedal has one of the wackiest mer to sports events around at the 750 dr. is going to head to head in the you're, he's a race. what you bring event open to will, where the clunky of the call with leading up to raise the competitors with the brakes need to convert junk into racing. gold like moss, to paint a you got in bus guy here who is preparing hot for the event. that one putting in a new transmission spoke to the associate that the finished poke, racial hello is always full of good company and good cheer. we say it's a festival of motor sports. it's a lot of fun and it won't be as long as we've got the helmets on our heads that
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we're competitive, race drivers. but as soon as we take them off, we're all friends or we get together and shoot the breeze cuz it's a really great atmosphere. but ah, these junkets being raised might be highly tuned, but they're not road legal. even so they do need to meet the events safety standards, volunteers pitch in to prepare the race track to sandy stretches, have to be tapped down as smooth as possible. and teemer po yet, and i read the work on the track. he knows that like the back of his hand from his own red cross experience, void of quite well. actually, all the corners are well suited to passing bike. if another car leaves even just a little room on the inside of the corner, you should try to passage. i left a lot of it. all right now the tracks and pretty bad shape, but we'll fix it up with glow. that's what the trucks are here. 4th or does the fall of cancels it out of them?
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are they got now you got invoiced because got his plunkett race ready. it might not look like much, but you guys driven this car in says he races so far. automobile but oh, i bought this car a few years ago and oh, lou at a race filess though, since then i've actually replaced almost everything in the car. the mom but looks can be deceiving when i go it will be bit often. you have cars that look like total reckless live and but they might have 10 to 15000 years worth of equipment built into them. they get, they can go out a more loaded goodman and not in this one here. at least not for this race sell to say, but some cars are like that. no single december bill left. before the driver's head out onto the track, every machine has to pass a technical inspection. it's standard for all the yankees races. not only is the
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race cars subjected to scrutiny, each drive is racing kit is to on prem. oh, come on, come know natal with. you'll have to well the piece of metal there. what i'm looking at, you want me to weld. notable but again, that's totally d as the most important. that's the 1st thing we check. we want to validate the always comes 1st. at last. the big day has come. gonna be a about $750.00 dr. is ready to dump the clutch and give it there all each individual he had 7 cons against each other. the winning qualifies for the next round. somehow risky all
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the yoke. he's really a lot of the race may look dangerous, but it isn't because we were an excellent protective gear. some crashes or collisions may look absolutely catastrophic are gone, but it's quite rare that the driver really gets seriously injured. blending some thought don't bob i equal you guys made it through the quantifying round but not to the final pick this little up was in was i was driving the last part of the race more for the fun of it just because i knew i couldn't pass any one else i can get back to you before the end. it was only about having fun, rob all made it, got lose. that's how it is sometimes. but the car is performing great. although below a special feature of the event in palo is that once the 5 braces, the denazi's, i'll put up for sale. cash for plunk is a if you want more red check out to our youtube
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channel. if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world reads can making very happy vintage classics and future tech. i just some of the exciting content to waiting for you subscribe to us that you cheats slash dw, read i. he'll always be up to speed what happens to e v batteries once they're too weak to power automobiles like us, s u, v. well, sometimes they get a 2nd shot at life, and it can light up and tire streets in india. usually they use between a 100 to 8275 percent, which is not very efficient. right? i mean, is like you have one little water water you drink happily to and you draw hopefully
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that way because they could still supply electric rickshaws with power for a full 10 years or the so called 2nd life batteries. the key to new mobility, especially in india, with the electric mobility thinking center, bit, bringing the thought everything feet into back to become a major factor after all. second life batteries don't just protect the environment . there are also cost effective if i could reap up those batteries. i extend the usable life of back these after around a 100000 kilometers, batteries are usually 2 week to power electric and c. v's. they need to be changed . the floor boards of electric cars contain dozens of battery modules and after their 1st life as the heart of an e. v. indo germans start up, newnan converts them into 2nd life batteries. and these portable batteries live out
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the streets in india. german born protein, chatty, co founded, new, nam, with darshawn bureau, puck shot in bangalore root, the started up, wondered, can batteries continue to be used in a 2nd life? usually the youth between a 100 to 8275 percent. that's where in the 1st life people are usually using it. and between that 75 percent and 50 percent threshold. there is still in most cases, some usable energy which you can still use. but in, in the frost live application, it doesn't get used, which is not very efficient. they started in 2017 with used laptop batteries. first, the batteries are dismantled, then each individual battery cell is tested to see how much energy can still hold. the functional cells are assembled into a small, portable battery which can become
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a valuable source of light for an indian st vendor. the project was funded by audi and, and cooperation with the auto manufacturer. the idea of building larger and more powerful 2nd life batteries for the indian market arose a perfect way to reuse the modules from audi e tron batteries. the german automobile group has been working on battery recycling for a while. in fact, they're already being used to supply power to their production plant in ingle shot in bavaria. you can see a rio car, batteries. they come out of the car really like this. would you pluck him and then put her in bertha, and then they are connected and can do something for the grid. howdy is currently building a series of exclusive fast charging stations in germany dubbed charging house in
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order to have enough energy for these to operate around the clock. former audi e tron modules are used as buffer storage and the plan is for used audi batteries to help electrify entire regions in the sun health zone in africa. together with the social enterprise, africa, green tech. the automotive group is planning large solar networks that can store energy within 2nd life batteries. we can bring on mobility and electricity together, where people do have electricity at all. the 1st time learned energy lot from a dealer generator from bought from funk power. but they also want to have energy at night. so then it uses used batteries to stored energy during the day and then can use it at night. new names, batteries and india are also powered by the sun. they get their energy from solar panels at various distribution stations.
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if battery is implement connected as these batteries are internet connected, we get unwonted notification at that end of life and pick up the batteries for recycling. while we also provide a new one as the replacements, in the end, the new nan batteries end up in a recycling plant in colla put on at some ill india, the subsidiary of a self tori and group that specializes in recycling. the batteries are broken down into their various components. the metallic waste is sol to metal dealers. and the valuable black mass is sent to south korea for further processing. and some eel, india intends to work more closely with new now in the future. they want to make sure that they used e. v. batteries are recycled and reused effectively. the
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weirdo planning to set up for the dismantling unit with fin. um, so there are some they looked really good gun did, but he was able on a zillow. did he say liberal mentor? marry him. so whatever reusable they're gonna go to, luna, and whatever it is a global develop resistance and there's also a focus on sustainability in battery production. naga funny a to cody is the head of the research center for energy storage at the indian institute of science in banga luda. he has been analyzing 2nd life batteries for a long time re purposing back fees. really cost me maybe about 10 percent of the cause of the recycling about the energy cost, the cost and the environment in terms of chemicals are to be used for recycling and, and, and the costs and the environment in terms of ways that comes out of recycling batteries mm. the big advantage of 2nd life batteries. they're more environmentally friendly
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than new batteries and much cheaper. ah, if i can cut down the cost of shooting at the city to a common man, it probably will bring every single person in the country to have the same level of basic amenities that otherwise don't exist in some of the remote areas. and, and bringing that the clarity is, is in itself a big social reform. i think after all, it's this sort of battery that helped solomon sell his wares late into the night on the outskirts of bank. a lot of money for the benefit of this light is that things are brighter and helps when i need to. we're having light makes my store look better alive. you had to go at the tailor shop in tension. a holly women can now so dresses with electric sewing machines. thanks to a new non battery. they are faster and earn more money. so
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a bit of electricity creates an economic upswing in a poor region. and it's that money soon. i live in a small business at home with 4 electric subbing machines and hire other women. i can work at home and also take care of my children that. that would be great. yes, i really want to set up a business like that. and the big one kind of give me 2nd life batteries can have a huge social impact this in addition to the effect they have on the environment. because there are more and more heat cars on the streets. through the growing expeditions of electric mobility in india, guns, i'm fin of batteries that significantly increase the carbon footprint off battery production can be significantly reduced by the using them in states that he sold it in drops like just creating batteries without infinitely
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mining out resources from from the planet is probably going to decide whether this is a sustainable solution or not. so i see the publishing as clock and bottom of this ecosystem of electric vehicles and edification, gender. second life batteries, the solution for truly sustainable mobility. mo, tales of automotive repast and revivals for over the world next time on red ah, with
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thumb are prepared to evacuate to safety. others just let the situation unfold. but are some of them bringing these
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disasters on them? so nature survivors. the adaptability of wild life coming up on dw, we love euro, we love diversity and anything unusual? no mountain is too high. no road is too long. in search of the extraordinary we are the specialists of the lifestyle europe, your romance, 90 min on d, w. o has no limit, love is for everybody. love is live.
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i love matter and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divides and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end. mm hm. when you work as an architect, like go all in or not at all. women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them. and if women grow up with an insufficient low models, they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles versus i, what is the poetry, the secret of a house? and i'm house about their motivations. i think i'm
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a texture does so much to you in the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for humans about their struggles and dreams. your responsibility is hugely have so much to lose. ah, shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, this is, do you have any news? these are our top stories. ukraine says it's made sweeping gains and it's counter offensive against russian troops in the hockey region. season control of cities and towns rushes defense ministry said its troops or withdraw.


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